=== xTEMPLARx_ is now known as xTEMPLARx
cyberangerJuzzy: Not sure I care about it personally, as much as I advocate for the right04:13
cyberangerand like the idea of being able to04:13
cyberangerxTEMPLARx: how's it going?04:13
xTEMPLARxNot awful cyberanger how've you been?15:09
xTEMPLARxFinally switched to Android since my iPhone died15:11
xTEMPLARxGot the Nexus 5x15:11
xTEMPLARxDigging it a lot so far15:11
cyberangerxTEMPLARx: I like the Nexus 6 myself22:26

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