chesedohi all05:04
superflyMorning chesedo 05:31
thatgraemeguymorning all05:52
cal_pymorning thatgraemeguy 05:54
chesedomorning superfly thatgraemeguy cal_py, how are you all?05:54
cal_pygood thanks and you chesedo 05:55
chesedogreat ty05:55
magespawngood morning06:08
Kilosmorning inetpro anton_may cal_py magespawn chesedo dlPhreak Padroni superfly thatgraemeguy and others06:08
Kilosanton_may you might want to /j #freenode sometime and ask for a cloak then your IP wont show06:12
anton_mayshhhhhh.....honey trap06:13
Kiloshi spinza 06:13
anton_may /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER anton_may cwccwktbekdf06:25
Kiloswhat went wrong06:29
chesedoleading space me thinks06:30
Kilosah i dont see that06:31
Kilosdid the command work anton_may 06:31
Kilosit shows here so you can change your password sometime06:32
anton_maywhat did u see?06:33
anton_mayoi vey06:33
Kilosthe register command06:33
anton_mayhold on06:33
PadroniGood morning06:34
superflyanton_may: open a query with nickserv06:43
superflyanton_may: then you don't put your passwords and verification codes into public channels06:43
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
* Padroni waves @ superfly & Kilos 06:46
Padronihow are you guys this morning?06:46
Kiloshi Padroni 06:46
MaazKilos: By the way, Padroni on freenode told me "tell Kilos I am sorry" 11 minutes and 16 seconds ago06:46
superflyhey Padroni, tired.06:46
* superfly didn't sleep well last night06:46
Kilosi greeted you early Padroni 06:46
Kiloswhat are you sorry about06:46
Kilosaw superfly tough day ahead then06:47
PadroniI wish I knew how to remove bounce messages via SSH06:48
Padronifrozen = easy06:48
Padronican't seem to get bounced messages to flush with one command06:48
PadroniI will be back a bit later06:53
Kilosbe good06:53
mazalHi all09:56
Kiloshi mazal 10:44
Kiloshi Langjan 10:58
Kiloswhat broke?10:58
LangjanHi Kilos, my wallet! Any news?10:58
Kilosno news yet10:59
LangjanEish man! Going three months...10:59
Kilosfew years backs application took 2 years11:00
LangjanWell while youre here you may as well help me some more...lmga11:00
Kilosthey have another meaning for in a timely manner when it comes to me11:00
Kiloswhat you need help with sir11:01
LangjanDid they eventually actually issue the visa after 2 years?11:01
Kilosyes and made it a valid for 2 years multivisit11:01
LangjanBig deal!11:02
Kilosthey even foned me and apologised11:02
LangjanGuilty conscience11:02
LangjanDid you remind them? 11:02
Kilosthey bang ill corrupt them11:02
Kilosyes i put all that in every mail i send and every query i make11:03
Kilosgave them last visa number as well11:03
LangjanThick skins those kangaroos have...11:03
Kilosall means nothing11:03
Kilosif they want to mess around they do11:03
Kiloswhat do you need help with sir?11:04
LangjanWho's the network fundi? My printer is still messing me around only wants to print from Juanita's  machine11:04
LangjanSince the router was reset11:04
Kilosbut ubuntu sees it?11:05
LangjanI suspect its a dns setting, theres an alternative of but dns is to something big11:05
LangjanYes ir ses the printer but does not print11:06
Langjanit sees11:06
Langjanthats what I thought11:06
Kilosso printer ip can only choose
Langjanprinter ip is
Kilostry make it
Kiloswish the clever peeps would jum in11:08
Langjanthen it will fall within the dns range with potential conflict11:08
LangjanAs far as I know it must be set to outside the dns range11:09
Kiloscan only conflict if something else is usi ng the specific ip11:09
Kilostry it with 15 or anything in that range that isnt same as something else11:10
Kiloscan always change back again11:10
Kilosif you want to put a square into a round hole it takes lots of hammering11:11
LangjanWhere do I alter those settings?  11:11
LangjanIn router?11:11
Kiloscant you set ips on printers?11:12
Kilosyou know more than me11:12
Kilosimo it wont print for you because its out of the range you have11:13
LangjanIt used to work fine on with range set from
Kilosoh my11:15
LangjanAt the time I was advised to move it out of range, it worked - no possible conflict11:16
Kilosjust try putting it in range11:16
LangjanI have two WAN's, one is not working, was wondering if I should delete it11:17
Kilosif no good go back11:17
Langjanok let me try11:17
Langjandont know where! lmga11:17
Kilosif one wan is unused then deleting it should do nothing bad11:18
Kiloshow come its a fixed ip and not auto from router11:18
Kilosnetwork setting up is major work11:20
Kilosneed brains for that11:21
LangjanWell it was supposed to be auto from router then it gave a setting which caused conflict, crazy! 11:22
Kilosand of course you didnt write everything down so now hope you remember what it was before11:23
LangjanI saved the settings in a format which does not want to open...lmga! OK Kilos  gotta go, will google a bit and see what comes up and let you know, will chat again later.   11:24
Kilosgo well11:24
Kilossee you later11:24
inetprooi! Good evening everybody11:26
KilosMaaz it doesn't work12:04
MaazLook buddy, doesn't work is an ambiguous statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Does it waste its time on IRC all day long? Please be specific! Define 'it' and what it isn't doing.12:04
mazalCheeky bot12:05
mazalKilos: Quarterly btw12:05
mazalBut for me makes no difference as I don't attend anyway12:05
Kilosreply to the list please12:05
Kilosso peeps can see it works12:06
mazalWhat works ?12:06
mazalThe list ?12:06
Kilosthe list12:06
Kilosvery few reply there12:06
mazalI am afraid to reply there12:06
Kilosso how does one run a poll if noone replies12:06
mazalGot too many scoldings12:06
Kilosafraid of what12:07
Kiloswho scolded you?12:07
mazalCan't remember , but was cause I dared to reply wrong 12:07
Kilosim asking for replies so if anyone complains point them to me12:07
mazalMust be at the bottom or the top ( can't remember ). Must cut out pieces etc.12:08
Kilosjust do +1 for qauterly of +1 for monthly12:08
Kilosoh all of that12:08
mazalI deleted the mail already :P12:08
Kilosfind it12:08
Kiloslook in trash12:09
mazalI shift delete12:09
mazalSkips trash12:09
Kilosek sukkel met my volk partykeer12:09
Kilosjust mail directly12:09
mazalWill be in web interface under all mail though. Gmail keeps everything there , including deleted12:10
mazalK , replied12:11
mazalMy prob though is meeting times12:14
mazalToo late12:14
mazalBut I understand why it changed. Gor others it's hard to finish everything of the day before then12:15
Kilosyou game till later than 10pm so no excuses12:15
Kilosmeeting from 8.30 to 9.3012:16
mazal9pm is bed time12:17
mazalOr it was. I am actually trying to change that to 10pm this year12:17
Kilosok then you attend half at least12:17
Kilosand get to login with the bot to swell the numbers12:18
magespawnchat later12:22
Kilosi hear boom booms12:22
Padroni+1 quarterly12:22
KilosPadroni please vote in the list12:23
Kiloslets get it active12:23
Padroniyou are just never happy with anything I do, are you, Kilos?12:26
Kiloso with the flow12:29
Kilosif you answer here i have to remember who voted what12:30
Kilosty Padroni 12:31
KilosMaaz coffee on12:31
* Maaz starts grinding coffee12:31
KilosMaaz coffee for all12:31
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already. Just type in Maaz coffee please12:31
mazalBye everyone12:33
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!12:35
Kilosant why12:46
MaazKilos: why is everyone so quiet?12:46
Kiloshaha even Maaz  des it12:47
* chesedo wonders: bug or feature13:17
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
inetproant hello15:37
MaazHowzit inetpro15:37
inetproKilos: how did you find that out?15:37
inetprohe responds to ant15:38
Kilosthey all do15:38
inetpromyo why?15:38
KilosQA and spotty as well15:38
Kilostumbleweed cant you explain why ibids respont to and same as to bot15:39
inetprointeresting, very interesting...15:40
inetproso what do you guys say, can we get to 400 runs?15:40
Kilosmaybe fly could even work it out15:40
Kilosthats a massive task15:41
Kilosbut looks like a batters wicked so who knows15:43
Kilosant coffee on15:44
* Maaz puts the kettle on15:44
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!15:48
Kilosant ty15:48
MaazYou are welcome Kilos15:48
inetproant sshh!16:06
Maazinetpro: *blink*16:06
inetproanyone here using a ZTE 4G K5008-Z modem from Vodacom?16:07
inetproor perhaps you know someone who uses one?16:11
Kilosyou wanna buy one?16:11
inetprono, but...16:12
* inetpro likes how they now close the PC down and put it in a secure cage16:12
Kilosin a picture?16:13
inetproit's like a router now with the PC on a private network16:13
inetprobut very troublesome for allowing outside connections in order to support remote users16:14
Kilospoor langjan still battling and no one helped him16:14
inetprohe has one like this?16:14
Kilosrouters are gray hair machines16:14
Kilosno man16:15
inetprogotta go...16:15
* inetpro wbbl16:15
chesedoinetpro: you will have to see #ubuntu-africa for the mystery behind that17:53
Kiloslucky typo discovery17:54
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:47
inetprochesedo: ah, did you look at the code? 19:51
inetproyikes! And of course it's not even in the code but rather right there in the ini20:38

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