stacks88was gonna say that earlier, thats the route i went with00:00
stacks88it shows all the interfaces and using bash, i can throw in the result from operstate file into a variable and determine which interfaces are up so that seems to work out00:00
chowderBashing-om: any idea when the package issue is going to be fixed? I won't be updating for a ling time00:00
squintystacks88, cool  :-)  i learnt something new checking this out so thanks.00:01
Bashing-omchowder: The "fix" is not to abuse the system . "proposed" -> testing/experimental ( what might be) - get what ya want and get out . The link has the procedure to recover.00:02
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vitor__I'm trying to use sikuli on Ubuntu but I'm having some problems. Someone can have a look?00:05
marc___hey can anyone help with install of intel 945 on 14.04?00:07
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anabainafter a regular dist-upgrade in 15.10 to the latest kernel I'm having an initramfs issue and my box won't boot unless I boot using an older kernel. What's going on?00:09
Jordan_Uanabain: Do you see an error message when you have a failed boot? If so, what is it?00:10
anabainno I only see an (initramfs) message and a BusyBox info. Before that I can only see some messages saying 'not able to mount as ext3, and some others with ext2...00:11
anabainJordan_U, ^00:11
Jordan_Uanabain: Please take a picture (for example, with your phone) of the messages you see before the initramfs shell.00:13
anabainJordan_U, the last working kernel is 4.2.0-2200:13
anabainJordan_U, 25 and 27 won't boot, booting process gets stuck at the initramfs thing00:14
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AndChat|611184I rolled a human on a stick lol00:22
AndChat|611184Somebody mark this aomewhere hahahh00:22
Jordan_UAndChat|611184: This channel is for Ubuntu support discussion only. Please try #ubuntu-offtopic for other discussion.00:22
phara0hi think youre a bot lol00:23
AndChat|611184Nono im not usimg android app00:23
AndChat|611184Hey someone tell me please how to root ubuntu 13 sudo comand cant be used by guest acc00:23
phara0hhahah :d00:23
Jordan_UAndChat|611184: Ubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 are both no longer supported (EOL). I recommend simply installing Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 15.10.00:24
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AndChat|611184Mhm i see00:25
chowderBashing-om: installed the files. Now testing....and....it works!00:28
chowderBashing-om: thanks again, really appreciate it00:28
anabainok, Jordan_U, Now I'm not getting the ext2, ext3 errors, after trying this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/137655/boot-drops-to-a-initramfs-prompts-busybox00:31
anabainJordan_U, but I keep having the BusyBox konsole message and the (initramfs) prompt...00:32
Bashing-omchowder: Great .. did you also disable the "proposed" repo ?00:33
Jordan_Uanabain: What exacly did you try?00:34
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StukaBRSomeone use Sikuli on Ubuntu?00:36
anabainJordan_U, previous to the 'EXT4-fs (sdXY): couldn't mount as ext2/3 due to feature incompatibilities' error messages I get a screen with an fsck error message: it says /dev/sdd1 (this is where / is) is already mounted00:38
anabainJordan_U, as for the post I  mentioned, I tried the fsck -b 32768 /dev/sda2 -y  command00:38
Jordan_Uanabain: Did it fix any errors? Did you try running fsck without "-b 32768" first?00:39
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anabainno, errors keep showing at boot time, at least with 27 version. Should I?00:40
Jordan_Uanabain: Why did you run fsck against sdb2 if your root filesystem is on sdd1?00:41
bazhangStukaBR, installed from where00:41
Joelwhat am I missing here? https://gist.github.com/jjshoe/90437ad125602f8bae7500:41
anabainJordan_U, no, I changed it properly, sdb2 is the example on that post, mine is sdd1 and I fsckED against it00:42
anabainJordan_U, btw, I made fsck.ext4 /dev/sdd1 at the initramfs prompt (unmounting /dev/sdd previously) and it says it's clean00:43
squintyJoel,  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/ufw-essentials-common-firewall-rules-and-commands    search for 443  gives various examples00:47
Joelsquinty, the actual issue seems to be one of in vs. incoming, while incoming is in the doc, it doesn't seem to work.00:48
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StukaBRbazhang, I'm trying to use sikuli-script-java00:51
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n-iCeHi guys, does a linux system(Ubuntu in my case) needs a hard disk defragmentation?01:00
k1l_n-iCe: if you use the ubuntu standard filesystem ext4, then not01:01
n-iCek1l_: awesome, why is that?01:03
k1l_n-iCe: the technic is called journaling01:03
=== pbozeman1234 is now known as urthmove1
n-iCeone more thing k1l_, how can I disable they key "alt" to prevent prompt the "type your command" dialog01:12
k1l_n-iCe: use the shortcuts setting in system settings -> keyboards01:14
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* width /nick jimmyxu01:21
RETR0hey guys01:23
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nolsenHow to get fglrx-updates to work on mainline kernel?01:29
=== urthmove1 is now known as Hixon10
nolsenERROR (dkms apport): kernel package linux-headers-4.5.0-040500rc2-generic is not supported01:30
tewardnolsen: pretty certain they're not designed to work with the mainline kernels, so making it work would require the people at Canonical with access to restricted codebases (like the fglrx stuff) to recompile against that01:30
Ben64hey guys, my keyboard layout randomly changed, to what i think might be the UK one, or maybe JP?01:31
k1l_nolsen: you need the kernel image and header files01:31
Ben64this is the shift+number keys in order, 1 thru 0 !"#$%&'()~01:31
lritterhey guys, i think i just borked up an upgrade path01:39
=== esmerelda is now known as Punca2
lritteri used dist-upgrade + manual edit of sources.list instead of do-release-upgrade  to upgrade from 14.04 to vivid and... well... the system is in disarray01:40
=== Loading is now known as imrekt
lritterapt-get dist-upgrade refuses to install a bunch of held-back packages01:40
lritterand i don't know what to do, i tried all the usual things01:41
lritterdoes anyone have a good idea how to recover from this?01:42
nolsenteward: Well it didn't work for the stable kernel either.01:43
nolsenI couldn't even CTRL+F1 and see what's wrong.01:43
=== Uptime is now known as Downtime
xangualritter: backup and reinstall01:45
lritterxangua, let's try something else.01:47
lritterthe system still runs. i can still run apt, i'm still connected to the internet.01:47
lritteri still have a graphical environment. :)01:47
xanguagood, then backup should be easier01:48
lritteri have the feeling that i can fix this with a bit of magic, so backup & reinstall is overblown01:49
=== Hixon10 is now known as r4um_
xangualritter: there's no such thing as magic and now you know you don't manually edit your source file in Ubuntu01:50
lritterwe'll see about that.01:52
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endev15Just recently, about 2 hours ago Disk management started telling me "DISK IS LIKELY TO FAIL SOON (20 C / 68 F)." Any ideas? Thanks.01:54
Bashing-omendev15: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T. ; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools . Be prepared to replace the drive .01:57
endev15Bashing-om, Is there any way it could be repaired?01:57
Bashing-omendev15: See what the tests reveal .01:58
endev15Bashing-om, Using SMART? Reading some articles about it on askubuntu.com right now, but will look at that soon too.01:59
Bashing-omendev15: .. Though not 100% conclusive, the results are indicative .// dn is me typing in the dark ,,, and hitting the enter key when I did not have that intent ,02:01
endev15Bashing-om, I will note, that this error was only noticed after installing Windows and reinstalling GRUB this morning. I really don't get it though seeing as my HDD is no more that a year and a half old...02:02
endev15Bashing-om, I mention Windows because I just read that there is a "Reallocated Sector Count" which are sectors used by another area of the drive but marked as unusable. I would wonder if this could trigger the error.02:04
Bashing-omendev15: Drives live a hard life, subject to failure at any time . though generally a good drive has a life expectancy of about 5 years in normal usage .02:04
endev15 Bashing-om, Only 5 years? I thought it was more like 10... I guess though I should probably look into an SSD just to be safe though.02:05
Bashing-omendev15: Run the smart test .. will answer a bunch of questions .02:05
endev15Bashing-om, Yeah I'll do that now after a read a couple of things..02:06
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Bashing-omendev15: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2192335 <-How to read output of smartctl .02:07
endev15Bashing-om, OK thanks. Will check that out. If I run into problems I'll ask,02:07
srulimalware on linux? i just watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_lhqg_p21k&list=WL&index=36 where he proves that malware on linux does exist (4.30 minutes into vid) can someone debunk his mythbusting vid or do i need AV?02:08
Bashing-omendev15: We are here . That is what we do .02:08
endev15Bahsing-om, Thanks!!02:08
Bashing-om!virus | sruli02:10
ubottusruli: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus02:10
sruliBashing-om: in that video he shows a malware effecting his linux system02:10
sruliBashing-om: it was wierd as the malware files were exe files, i was thinking maybe the application did not run as it was not expecting these files in its dir, can you check that vid from 4.30 minute and give ur opinion?02:11
endev15sruli, It is probably fake. EXE files don't run in Ubuntu anyway unless you have installed Wine. And at that, Wine works terrible (for me anyway).02:12
jakethepythonhello room02:12
jakethepythoni am having trouble trying to make a samba server work02:12
sruliendev15: he shows wine is not installed in his system02:13
srulii need an opinion based on the evidence in that video02:13
srulialso in his vid he talks about UUID vs /dev that with UUId in fstab u cannot take hdd from one pc to another, in ubuntu has this changed from 14.04 to 15.10? i clone hdds the whole time for other PCs, i just spent 2 weeks setting up a 15.10 i need to know if i will be able to clone for other PCs or i wasted my time02:14
endev15sruli, Then it is fake. It is impossible to run EXE files in Linux without some sort of compatibility layer such as Wine. And there aren't many Linux compatibility layers other than full out emulators.02:14
sruliendev15: do u mind taking a look at that vid from 4.30 minute and give ur opinion? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_lhqg_p21k&list=WL&index=3602:14
Jordan_Usruli: C# executables are also often .exe files and can run in GNU/Linux. I can also make a bash script that if you ran woudl upload all your files to my server. This is a problem of Trojans rather than Viruses, and is solved by only running programs from trusted sources (the primary trusted source being the package manager / default repositories). Note, I have not watched the video and don't much care to02:15
endev15sruli, If you have enabled drive encryption in the Ubuntu setup, you cannot use your HDD in another computer without the key. If it is not enabled then you can. I may or may not be able to look at the video.02:15
Bashing-omsruli: I run an old ATI graphics card, in videos my card overheats and shuts the system down, so no I can not view the vid . Besides ..my opinion, pure bunk , At the least an ..exe us Windows, and that implies wine .. and that implies he should have had antivirus . . UUIDs ARE the way to go . With UUIDs one can transfer drives from other machines .02:16
sruliendev15: i use luks, as i said until now i never had a problem cloning hdd's and moving to other systems, i want to know if this changed in 15.1002:16
=== Punca2 is now known as Harbinger
endev15sruli, Jordan_U is correct. It is trojans not viruses. The way to protect yourself is not install ANYTHING from untrusted sources. And as Jordan_U says, even though I am terrible with Bash scripting even I could write a script that if you CHOSE to run it, it would upload all your files to my server. It is more of a matter of choice on Linux than a matter of infecting viruses.02:17
endev15sruli, I would watch the video but I am currently on limited cell service and possibly have a failing computer. I will bookmark it though and watch it tomorrow morning around 6:30 AM Pacific Time,02:18
Jordan_Usruli: You should carefully avoid ever having two volumes, be they filesystems or LUKS volumes, with identical UUIDs connected to the same machine at the same time. UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier and any time you have UUIDs that aren't Unique you're risking trouble. A common solution to this is to either A: Not do byte level copies of volumes (instead using tar/rsync/cp) or B: Change the UU02:19
Jordan_UID of the cloned volume immediately after cloning.02:19
sruliJordan_U: not sure i understand, can u please explain?02:20
=== TheMann00 is now known as herpyderp23
srulii only use trusted sources, i know ppa is not supported here, but for 1 machine i am setting up for a new linux user he wants win 10 theme, i found the them at this repository ppa:noobslab/themes i have seen this repository around alot, would u advise not to use as untrusted source?02:21
=== dreadkop_ is now known as dreadkopp_
endev15sruli, I did see the title of the video and who it was by, and after seeing other videos by him I am not sure he is trustworthy. It is the truth that there can be "viruses" on any system, except on Linux it is the case of someone making a virus script, either lying to make you download and run it, or managing to hack your computer which is unlikely.02:22
=== dreadkopp_ is now known as dreadkopp
squintysruli,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_malware   might be of interest02:22
endev15sruli, I believe noobslab/themes is a OK repository, but always be careful and be ready to pull the power cord of your computer if all else fails.02:22
endev15squinty, sruli, The truth is, unless you allow it, it can be almost impossible to get viruses anywhere.02:23
sruliJordan_U: i didnt notice the first part of ur message about UUID, i understand now, so never used 2 exact cloned drives on 1 system is what u r saying? thats logical would never do that02:23
sruliendev15: i agree, there is no logical way for it to run unless explicitly allowing, this vid made me confused, though, i believe the problem he was having was caused by the app refusing to run with unidentified files in its dir, but i need someone to have a look and tell me if that is the case02:26
endev15sruli, I think that he is faking it trying to put on a show, scare people, and have what he seems to think is fun.02:26
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts02:26
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Bashing-omsruli: ^^02:27
ariel_05i need help i dont have wireless internet02:27
Jordan_Usruli: Yes, that is what I meant.02:28
ariel_05does anybody know how to enable the wifi?02:30
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:31
endev15ubottu is neat!!02:32
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Bashing-om!ubottu | endev1502:34
ubottuendev15: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone02:34
endev15Wow ubottu02:34
endev15ubottu needs his website redesigned!02:35
ubottuendev15: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:35
endev15It needs a nicer interface kinda like the apps made with Atom.io or my website: smartphone-repair.ca (forget the weird name)02:36
sruliendev15: i agree, as it freely admits its not intelligent it'll nevr understand it needs to be redesigned ;-)02:37
endev15sruli, I should see if I can contact the web developer.. Suggest some stuff to him.02:37
srulifor all u know the developer might alsobe a bot02:38
endev15True.... Sadly.....02:38
endev15ubottu, is your developer a bot?02:39
ubottuendev15: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:39
endev15Wow he doesn't even know himself...02:39
srulino, it was referring to its developer ;-)02:40
Jordan_Uendev15: If you would like to volunteer to redesign ubottu's website I'm sure your contributions would be appreciated.02:40
endev15Jordan_U, Where could I do that?02:40
Jordan_Uendev15: Please join #ubuntu-bots-devel and ask there.02:41
endev15Jordan_U, Because I would be interested sometime in the near future...02:41
lritterupdate: i'm fixing my unruly mid-upgraded system by downgrading back to 14.0402:44
lrittertakes forever, needs a lot of manual downgrading, but it works02:44
=== chem1strydioxide is now known as n48166
Jordan_Ulritter: "Downgrading" is pretty much never a good idea.02:45
=== wpkeg is now known as kegstr
=== kegstr is now known as kegster
Jordan_Ulritter: I bet that you will find that in the end it will not have "worked", and by that point your system may be so broken that we won't be willing to support fixing it. We explicitly do *not* support downgrading.02:46
lritterJordan_U,it's already broken, so situation can only improve02:48
Jordan_Ulritter: To be clear, having now read your previous messages, "downgrading" is even less supported than manually changing your sources.lst to upgrade.02:48
endev15I downloaded and started running the extended SMART test on my possibly failing HDD, but can anyone tell what the conveyance type of test it?02:48
Jordan_Ulritter: You may go from an obviously broken system to a subtly broken system. In many ways that would actually be worse, as things could break when you're depending on your machine to do something important.02:49
lritterJordan_U, true.02:49
lritterJordan_U, let's try tho!02:49
batman_howdy doody neighbors02:51
batman_counter strike fest anyone?02:52
endev15batamn_, counter strike fest?02:54
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alhackercara menginstall aircreck03:14
endev15N o t h i n g    i s    h a p p e n i n g    h e r e    i s    i t ? ? ?03:14
endev15alhacker, Why don't you just use Kali?03:14
endev15alhacker I don't understand03:15
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sfdebugHi, i have a problem, does anyone can help me please? i have ubuntu 14.04 installed but the wifi network icon desapeared and i dont know how to enable wifi network again... i tried Fn + f6 but didn't work03:23
BinaryDinnerwhat to use to record screen?03:25
endev15BinaryDinner use Kazam.03:28
sfdebugdoes anyone has idea how to enable my wifi network icon that desapeared? ubuntu 14.0403:29
BinaryDinnerendev15: thank you03:29
endev15BinaryDinner, and if you do tutorials and need what you type to automatically popup on the screen use ScreenKey.03:29
endev15!wifi | sfdebug03:30
ubottusfdebug: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:30
BinaryDinnerendev15: :D thank you03:30
endev15BinaryDinner, Kazam seems to be the most reliable as a have used a few of them. The only disadvantage with ScreenKey is that if you type your password it still shows up which requires either editing the video to remove or editing the base program.03:31
endev15BinaryDinner, see my video at vimeo.com/endev15 about screen recording for Linux. Sorry the video is not the greatest, was in a rush that day.03:32
BinaryDinnerendev15: good to know, just tried Kazam, works awesome03:32
endev15BinaryDinner: Nice to hear that! Its always great to help a few people!03:32
=== pet2001_ is now known as alexius89
endev15sfdebug: Did those documentation help?03:33
endev15Does anyone know of any good diagramming/flowcharting software for Ubuntu? (Other than Dia)03:35
BinaryDinnerendev15: have you tried web based apps?03:38
endev15BinaryDinner, Not really as I would rather do it locally. However, if you know of any good free web based apps that would be great.03:38
BinaryDinnerendev15: try this https://www.draw.io/ it is not perfect but worth a try in my opinion03:39
endev15BinaryDinner: Thanks it looks pretty good. Giving it a try now!03:41
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homa_hi my friends04:06
=== zero25 is now known as cwill747
newbie007greetings, I've got an issue where the Capital letters or perhaps underlined letters are missing from everywhere (menus etc). Any idea how to fix this?04:14
ramkam2013hi guys04:17
ramkam2013i'm using a reverse proxy with apache04:18
ramkam2013and want to find a way to update the reverse proxy ip destination, so i'm using an environment variable04:18
ramkam2013and i'm looking on how to remotely update it ...04:19
ramkam2013updating it with ssh -t user@server "export ZEVAR=zzzz"04:19
ramkam2013isn' persisting04:19
ramkam2013any clue on how to make this04:19
ramkam2013i'm kind of intermediate or newbie in bash04:19
ramkam2013cheers !04:19
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Gh0stInAShellpaco: sup?04:48
=== Jon471 is now known as Chizz8l
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son-gokuis there a way to force close an app that is not closing by simply closing the 'x' button or quit04:59
=== Chizz8l is now known as Junos4Life
han-solokill -9 <pid>05:03
han-solo<pid> is the pid of your application05:03
son-gokuhow do i find the pid of my application?05:04
han-solops aux | grep <application_name>05:05
han-soloor just 'ps' will do in some cases05:05
son-gokuthanks han-solo it worked05:07
denis_how you doing ?05:08
han-soloNo problem05:08
son-gokui installed virtual box but i can't find it by searching it in the menu :/ what do i do?05:08
son-gokuhi denis_ im fine, how about you?05:08
han-solochecked google?05:08
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batman_going off-line for a bit05:12
DaMastahHi ! Can someone please tell me how to make a servicxe only run once an iscsi target has been mounted please ?05:14
Jordan_UDaMastah: What service? What version of Ubuntu? What is your end goal?05:18
dumbo_000hello, i'm partitioning my HD, got some questions about it.05:19
dumbo_000i.e. is it a wise idea to create a first small partition for bootloader, before all other partitions? (in case of multiboot with other OS)05:20
DaMastahJordan_U: I'm on Ubuntu server 15.10 and I'm trying to get my rtorrent.service unit to run after a mount is made by the iscsi intiator05:22
Jordan_Udumbo_000: That depends. The primary reason to have such a separate /boot/ partition is to work around buggy BIOSs that can't handle large drives properly. Another reason is to make it simpler to delete OS partitions without breaking the ability to boot entirely, but for that purpose I would recommend a separate partition just for grub, with /boot/ still being a part of your root filesystem.05:23
dumbo_000is it a good idea to create an extended partition for root,main folder and swap? or i should leave swap in another partition? (I got 4GB ram is it a good idea to make a 8GB swap partition?) can I make all the extended partition with ext4 filesystem,even the swap? or it is better to make an ext4 filesystem for all of the sub-partition of the extended one?05:26
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dumbo_000Jordan_U buggy Bios i would like to make better (can't use linux bios btw..)05:28
=== d34th4ck3r_ is now known as D2000
dumbo_000Jordan_U so can you tell me how much the size should be for a boot partition (grub or syslinux)05:30
dumbo_000Jordan_U what's the diffeence between those? i got a UEFI machine, had windows 7 installed and it was convinced i had a bios machine even if i could use UEFI i suppose..don't know exactly if can or not..investigating about it.05:32
dumbo_000can someone help me doing it right?05:33
Jordan_Udumbo_000: I'll be away for about 30 minutes.05:34
dumbo_000OMG. thanks for help btw.05:34
dumbo_000oh come on none can help me with that?I don't have much time and must do it good.05:35
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azizLIGHTis this ok sudo dd if=Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso /dev/sdd05:41
azizLIGHTif sdd is the drive with flash drive05:42
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badbugzHi. Is there a way to tell apt not to ever install a version of a package from a particular repo?05:44
=== phy17Z9 is now known as mniip
badbugzSo, a bit of context - apt-get install foobar (foobar is provided in repo x and repo y). However, I'd like it to install only from repo x and avoid repo y completely.05:46
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Jordan_Udumbo_000: What makes you think that your BIOS has problems properly handling large drives? How large is your drive?05:59
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest14113
dumbo_000Jordan_U oh..just 500GB06:03
dumbo_000but UEFI machines got functionalities that bios doesn't have...it work better than bios on UEFI machines06:05
=== jb41 is now known as JohnGalt1337
Jordan_Udumbo_000: I'm confused about your end goal now. Are you planning to dual boot with Windows? If so, and if you can't figure out how to install Windows for UEFI, then it's best to install Ubuntu for BIOS as well. Mixing BIOS and UEFI based OSs makes dual booting difficult.06:14
dumbo_000Jordan_U dual boot with many different OS's. maybe even windows 7 but mainly linux, bsd...and others.06:19
dumbo_000(sorry not dual boot, multi-boot)06:19
dumbo_000i like to explore O.S's. that's my perversion.06:20
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kingmonkeykk5vbox  is there no06:21
Jordan_Udumbo_000: Do you have any indication that your boot firmware has problems with large drives?06:25
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satinderHi , How I can make iso image of installed ubuntu , Easily06:31
satinderplease any one can help06:31
satinderhi anyone there ??06:33
linux1456satinder: yes, whom you want to meet?06:34
satinderlinux1456 : sir , I want know , How I can make my installed ubuntu image easily06:34
dumbo_000Jordan_U nope. I don't have such indication. but it's about all drives performance,and how do they work together,not only HDs06:38
satinderdumbo_000 : how I can make iso image of my installed ubuntu system06:42
satindercan you help me06:42
Padronisatinder, is this what you are looking for?06:47
satinderlike that06:48
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PadroniRelinux will let you create your own custom linux install, with the software you want on it.06:50
Padronionce that it done, you just move your /home backup over to the new install.06:50
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Jordan_Udumbo_000: Assuming that your boot firmware handles large drives properly, which it probably does, and assuming you still want to get this done quickly for now but eventually want a configuration that's convenient for adding and removing many OSs, I would recommend the following: Create an ext4 partition that will be used as a dedicated grub partition but just leave it empty for now. Install Ubuntu all on07:03
Jordan_U a single partition (with maybe a swap partition also, same size as RAM, or you could use a swap file same size as RAM). Then you'll be ready to go, and I can help you setup the dedicated grub partition, essentially like this: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Multi_002dboot-manual-config but with more dynamic scripting when you have more time.07:03
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Colin___Hey guys im sort of new, just having problems trying to install ubuntu from windows 10. Anyone able to help?07:10
guesthi guys07:12
=== shiznix_ is now known as shiznix
Colin___Anyone able to help me install ubuntui from windows?07:14
\svi need to find a ubuntu / linux driver for the blootooth of my asus k53u laptop, a driver exists for windows. here is the LSPCI http://paste.ubuntu.com/14864165/ here is the proof that the laptop is an ubuntu certified device http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201110-9891/ here is the support webpage for the laptop https://www.asus.com/us/Notebooks/K53U/ and a list of drivers where it seems bluetooth is supported in07:16
\svwindows http://devid.drp.su/?dev=USB\VID_04CA%26PID_3002&l=en07:16
\svoops sorry for the flood07:16
guestbazhang ?07:17
guestinstall windwos applications on linux using "wine"(i think most of them)07:18
\svguest its a driver not an ap07:19
\svguest its a driver not an application07:19
guestjust giving out info07:20
guestif anybody wants to !07:20
\svguest ive been using ubuntu for 10 years.07:21
dorelyois it fine if I set swappines to 1?07:21
dorelyoI have 2 gb of ram07:21
Trinityhi guys, i'm running 14.04 LTS and trying to edit sudoers07:24
satinderPadroni : are you here ??07:24
Trinitybefore doing so i'm trying to set the editor to the correct editor which would be nano in my case07:24
Trinitysudo select-editor shows that nano is selected but running sudo visudo still uses vim07:24
Trinityis select-editor broken? or am I missing some step?07:25
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dylanhello guys i need help upgrading from 14.04.3 to 15.04?07:27
dylanit says Could not calculate the upgrade   An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.   This can be caused by:  * Upgrading to a pre-release version of Ubuntu  * Running the current pre-release version of Ubuntu  * Unofficial software packages not provided by Ubuntu   If none of this applies, then please report this bug using the  command 'ubuntu-bug ubuntu-release-upgrader-core' in a terminal.    Restoring origina07:27
Trinitynvmd, i fixed my issue07:28
dylanor do i have to create bootable usb to upgrade?07:28
dumbo_000Jordan_U oh thank you...really useful :) i'll follow your tip :)07:28
dumbo_000seems a good way to make it work correctly :)07:29
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LoshkiTrinity: try sudo env EDITOR="nano" visudo07:31
TrinityLoshki, i've fixed it with sudo update-alternatives --config-editor but thanks :D07:31
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dumbo_000Jordan_U one last thing..how big should be the dedicated grub partition?07:32
BlackDalekhello... Can anyone help me with Deja Dup issues? I keep getting "Back up failed" It reckons I have run out of space, but backup drive is larger than the folder I wish to backup on host drive, so what's up?07:33
BlackDalekAlso, the backup drive is empty, formatted to ext407:34
dumbo_000Jordan_U well when I have more time..but i dunno if you'll talk with dumbo_000 again, this is not my computer someone borrowed me this computer to do other things on my main computer...07:34
dumbo_000Jordan_U: well if i need to do something like that i know i'll find you here so not difficult to keep in touch ;)07:35
BlackDalekI am trying to back up my home folder (115Gb) to my backup drive (empty formatted 120Gb), but Deja Dup keeps telling me my backup drive ran out of space.07:36
Jordan_Udumbo_000: 100 MB is more than enough for just grub.07:36
dumbo_000100MB it's exactly the size i was thinking about...thank you for your precious help :)07:37
Jordan_Udumbo_000: If you want to put some bootable isos on there as well, then you'll want room for that, but you can also keep bootable isos on any other partition or resize the grub partition when you delete one of the OSs.07:37
Jordan_Udumbo_000: You're welcome.07:37
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bosshello good people... I use one computer as file server and I don't have GUI, that's fine for me, I just want to know if there is a chance for me to customize CLI as it's only option that I need on that server07:41
boss_anyone ?07:44
dumbo_000Jordan_U sorry if i bother again: what if i make a different partition for swap and make it double the size of my ram (i have still a free ram slot) or i can do 2 swap in an extended partition and then configure it to use on any linux distro?07:45
hateballboss_: The answer is Yes07:45
hateballboss_: Now, how about you ask your real question?07:45
BlackDalekI am trying to back up my home folder (115Gb) to my backup drive (empty formatted 120Gb), but Deja Dup keeps telling me my backup drive ran out of space. Can anyone tell me why it keeps saying this?07:45
hateballBlackDalek: are the partitions using the same filesystem and blocksize?07:46
boss_I want to customize CLI on my server.... like font size and color07:46
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BlackDalekhateball, I think so... I can go check the system drive. But why? Should it make any difference if for example host drive is FAT and external backup drive is EXT4?07:48
dumbo_000Jordan_U: i have 4Gb ram but can extend to 8Gb...can i make a 8gb extended partition with 2 4Gb swap sub-partitions,will it work good outside the main extended linux partition (usr and root) ?07:48
hateballBlackDalek: if the blocksize differs and you're copying files of varying size, yes07:49
dumbo_000Jordan_U: making a 8gb swap partition if i currently have 4gb ram will be pointless?07:49
hateballBlackDalek: lets say you have a file that is 6kb and your blocksize is 4kb, then that file will use 8kb of space. See where I am going with this?07:50
hateballBlackDalek: you'll also need to make sure that that external drives partition doesnt have space reserved for root. 5% is the default, and that would make it smaller than 115Gb07:51
BlackDalekhateball, ok... I see that could make file size calculations vary considerably for large amounts. Anyway, I just checked and both the host drive and backup drive are formatted identically, so I am guessing block size should be the same.07:52
BlackDaleknautilus claims the home folder is 115Gb. Backup drive has a partition of 120Gb, no root. Do I need more than 120Gb to backup 115Gb?07:54
dumbo_000Jordan_U: please read when you have time i need some quick help.07:56
Jordan_Udumbo_000: You will likely never need to use swap for normal use with 4 GiB of RAM. Where swap is mostly used today is when hibernating, in which case you need to be able to hold all non-discardable virtual memory in the swap device. That's basically the only reason to even has as much swap as RAM, for most users.07:56
BlackDalekIs there some limitation on Deja Dup where it won't back up unless drive is... say, 20% larger than the folder(s) you are tyring to backup?07:56
dumbo_000Jordan_U so for a laptop that is supposed to be for a normal use i'd never need swap? i'm making it just for performance but maybe i am wrong07:58
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
dumbo_000Jordan_U ok  so the most important question..i already told you that i am partitioning using archlinux cause it's the only distro I have right now.. ok: the 100mb boot partition, primary or extended? no need to be dos compatible if i use grub? if i leave it like an empty0 partition i'm afraid that when i need to setup that partition i have to format the partition again i would like to avoid that issue..08:04
dumbo_000Jordan_U i assume and accept that you are more experienced than me with those kind of things..please look again at : http://www.tldp.org/LDP/sag/html/partitions.html under partition type..what type would you chose for that partition?08:06
dumbo_000linux partition?08:07
=== userone9 is now known as s0d0
dumbo_000Jordan_U:it's true that i can do mkfs.ext4 to dev/sda(n) but i suppose it makes some difference in setup if i make it primary or extended...will it work the same way with every OS ? maybe i dunno how it exactly work and what i am talking about, but i need to make that partition tab to go on with installation cause i can't use a computer other way,cause this is not my computer and must give back to its owner.08:12
dumbo_0000 Empty? and then make a ext4 file system later?08:14
cspackif it's GPT then you can have up to 128 primary partitions, no need to use extended.08:14
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azizLIGHTjust wanted to say that ubuntu is AWESOME08:22
=== angularbangular is now known as f4r4y
dumbo_000cspack: cfdisk only allow me to make 4 partitions08:24
fishcookerlet say i want to audit the specific user; ie: knowing what an user do on the box.. history line would be nice, what file copied, edited or etc.. is it possible?08:24
dumbo_000for that reason i use extended partitions.08:24
satinderhi , there is a any best way make a live cd or iso image from install unbutu08:26
dumbo_000cspack 128 primary partitions..no after the 4th it says i can't do more partitions.08:26
satinderwithout dd or any long duration spending08:26
dumbo_000cspack: it's dos labeled hard drive should i format it?08:27
dumbo_000cspack can i make it gpt?08:28
dumbo_000cspack: help that noob, please.08:28
=== s0d0 is now known as lopmaton81
dumbo_000the more i go on with this the more i know i know nothing.08:29
_cyclops_Hi - how do i make sure that *one* package is *not* updated automatically with the automatic/unattended update at night?08:30
dumbo_000omg damn windows i used it for too long it ruined my life.08:30
AlexPortableHow can I find out which chipset I have so I can use it in /etc/sensors3.conf ?08:31
Kingsy_I have a question. I have ubuntu installed on my htpc, which is connect to a av receiver then the tv. Everything works great but if I leave the PC on, turn off the av receiver and tv, then come back after a few hours (overnight say) when I turn things back on I get no video output from the machine.. what could be the problem?08:32
djam90I installed Ubuntu 14 on Digital Ocean LAMP stack and it comes with Apache.. I can't seem to run anything such as "apache2 --version" without running this first: source /etc/apache2/envvars    my question is... WHY08:33
dumbo_000used it till born never had to deal with those problems before..something like 5 years ago the only choices i had to make about partitions were only fat32 or nfts...08:34
dumbo_000i met linux around 5 years ago, was on ubuntu but not really curious about those kind of things i had my ubuntu linux installed all looked to be fine with my desktop interface,i still used my other windows pc for everything else and never got too much into linux world.i never cared to make something like multibooting before some month ago.08:38
cfhowlett  dumbo_000 this is the tech support channel.  please restrict off-topic chatter to #ubuntu-offtopic. thank you.08:39
dumbo_000cfhowlett yeah sorry you're right. thank you.08:39
=== Kingsy_ is now known as Kingsy
al2o3-crcfhowlett: chill08:40
dumbo_000how to make my hard disk gpt?08:42
al2o3-crdumbo_000: use a partioning tool08:42
dumbo_000it's the only hard disk i have because it's a laptop. running archlinux iso cd...haven't got anything else right now...08:44
moonpunterif you're running from the cd you can do it08:44
moonpuntergparted is a good partiioning tool08:44
_cyclops_Kingsy, likely your devices turn 'on' automatically (CEC protocol on HDMI?). Check what the computer is doing in the night and see what might wake the other devices up08:45
moonpunterusing cd is pretty old school, but whatevs. it'd be better if you had  usb drive handy to create another live system.08:45
moonpunteridk what arch would have on its default tools though08:45
moonpuntergot to be something of course since it's an install medium08:45
cfhowlettdumbo_000, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GUID_Partition_Table08:45
cfhowlettalso see man gdisk08:46
al2o3-crdumbo_000: use cfdisk08:47
al2o3-crdumbo_000: tui interface but pretty easy to use08:48
dumbo_000al2o3-cr with cfdisk i can't change how the whole hard disk work08:48
al2o3-crdumbo_000: sure08:48
dumbo_000i can only make a primary or extended partition08:48
Kingsy_cyclops_: what do you mean? sorry I don't fully understand.. the problem is the htpc wont display video after a period of time.08:48
dumbo_000if i make an extended partition and put everything into it..08:49
duderino416DUMBO0000 make sure you back up EVERYTHING you need BEFORE doing any changes/partitioning to your disk08:49
dumbo_000well it's not exactly what i am supposed to do...08:49
dumbo_000i don't need nothing...i erased any file...08:49
al2o3-crdumbo_000: you don't need extended with gpt08:50
al2o3-cror better yet use brtfs08:50
=== lopmaton81 is now known as Rodnim2013
dumbo_000al2o3-cr than please teach me how to make my hard disk gpt08:50
dumbo_000(could be dangerous to do that?)08:51
Kingsy_cyclops_: what do you mean by the devices "turn on automatically" ? I turn the devices on08:51
duderino416Dumbo --- you want to to look up gdisk for GPT partitions.08:51
al2o3-crdumbo_000: cfhowlett already linked to a great wiki :p08:51
AlexPortableHow can I find out which chipset I have so I can use it in /etc/sensors3.conf ?08:52
al2o3-crAlexPortable: how you mean chipset?08:52
DavidFromBEis anyone familiar with fglrx-core ? i would like to know how to overclock a gpu08:53
dumbo_000ok on archlinux iso cd i have gdisk (but not gparted)08:53
cspackdumbo_000: cfdisk only works with MBR partitioning, that's why it only allows 4 primary partitions. use cgdisk or gparted if you want GPT08:53
al2o3-cr^cgdisk my mistake good call cspack08:54
dumbo_000cgdisk then :)08:54
al2o3-crAlexPortable: `lscpu` or `cat /proc/cpuinfo` should get you what you need08:55
dumbo_000so i do cgdisk /dev/sda ?08:55
al2o3-crdumbo_000: yep08:55
al2o3-crdumbo_000: read the wiki carefully08:56
al2o3-crok gotta get a move on, cya later people :p08:56
AlexPortableal2o3-cr: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42737 this article says I need to find my chipset and find it in sensors3.conf and then edit it08:57
AlexPortableal2o3-cr: I want to limit cpu fan speed to prevent noise08:57
dumbo_000Warning! Non-GPT or damaged disk detected! This program will aptent to conert to GPT form or repair damage to GPT data structures, but may not succeed. use gdisk or another disk repair tool if you have a damaged GPT disk.08:57
AlexPortabledumbo_000: well is it gpt?08:58
dumbo_000i dunno i already parted it non-gpt08:58
dumbo_000but you said i can make it gpt...08:59
cspackdumbo_000: that's normal, it will convert it to gpt for you but you will lose any existing partitions08:59
al2o3-crAlexPortable: If you don't manage to what needs to be done, i'll be back later this afternoon and will walk you through but i must go now08:59
=== f4r4y is now known as sat1_e
AlexPortableal2o3-cr: okay :)08:59
dumbo_000cspack so i go on with this? i don't want to loose my laptop...08:59
dumbo_000please be kind with it don't make me do things that i would regret...09:00
AlexPortabledumbo_000: the worst that can happen is losing data09:00
cspackdumbo_000: do you have any existing partitions on that drive that you need to keep?09:00
AlexPortabledumbo_000: make backups before installing something09:00
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
dumbo_000cspack as i said no...i don't have data is a new pc.09:00
dumbo_000i had freedos.09:01
dumbo_000then windows...09:01
dumbo_000then attempted to install archlinux09:01
cspackdumbo_000: what is your goal now? what are you trying to do?09:01
dumbo_000cspack so i pressed a key. i'm on cgdisk 1.0.109:02
dumbo_000it shows me the archlinux partitions i made before.09:02
dumbo_000should i delete those partitions?09:02
satinderhow we can use crow tab if I want my script run 8 hours daily09:02
satinderanyone can help09:02
cfhowlett!cron | satinder,09:02
ubottusatinder,: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto09:02
dumbo_000or i can just change type of partition?09:03
cspackdumbo_000: I would just delete them and start over09:03
dumbo_000cspack: ok. so I don't need no more to make an extended partition for linux09:04
cspackdumbo_000: right, you can make all primary09:05
dumbo_000i can make for the moment a multi boot (100mb)partition an /usr a /root and a swap linux partition09:06
dumbo_000and set all as primary.09:06
=== Rodnim2013 is now known as jr2
cspackdumbo_000: are you still trying to install archlinux or ubuntu or? I'm not sure what your goal is.09:06
dumbo_000for multiboot partition i mean as someone suggested me a partition for grub09:07
dumbo_000to help me run different OS at the same time09:07
dumbo_000cspack i want to install both...but i'm installing archlinux first...09:07
dumbo_000cause i like the challenge and ubuntu is easy and confortable to install09:08
dumbo_000i prefer to install it after archlinux09:08
cspackdumbo_000: ok so create 100mb partition and use mount point /boot/grub, then make a swap partition and a root partition. optionally you can make a /home. I would make a /usr, leave that under root.09:09
cspackwouldn't* make a /usr that is09:09
cfhowlettdumbo_000, I have ubuntu only on my box but perhaps this can suggest some guidance for your situation:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/14864548/09:10
dumbo_000btw i like ubuntu,i like archlinux,i like debian,i like gentoo..i like LFS, i like FreeBSD..i like windows 7 Too...i like so many things09:10
dumbo_000for that reason making a GPT hard drive sound good to me.09:11
Jordan_Udumbo_000: Windows cannot be installed to a GPT drive unless you install it for UEFI rather than BIOS.09:13
dumbo_000i'm not the kind of guy who chose only one os if can have a lot of different choices09:13
dumbo_000Jordan_U i suppose my machine is UEFI...but windows i had was running on bios...09:13
dumbo_000had great issues with drivers...09:14
dumbo_000crashes and blue screens...09:14
dumbo_000i don't think will be a problem to run it how it's made for...my hardware will thank me.09:15
dumbo_000the wrong thing should be to not have GPT.09:15
LydenI installed ubuntu on a liveUSB with persistence using UniversalUsbInstaller, when it starts XFCE has no text. THat was no matter, I went into terminal and installed a wm and purged xfce, however it's still running and i'm not sure how to kill it09:15
Jordan_Udumbo_000: cfhowlett: For a separate grub partition you want it to be independant of any OS, so it should *not* be mounted to /boot/grub/, http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Multi_002dboot-manual-config .09:15
Lydenby no text I mean has squares instead of tetx09:16
dumbo_000Jordan_U you're my hero :)09:17
dumbo_000i don't know what kind of weird partition tab i would have made without your help guys...09:18
dumbo_000my computer thanks you for keeping it healthy :)09:19
AlexPortablehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=42737 this article says I need to find my chipset and find it in sensors3.conf and then edit it. Where can I find my chipset?09:19
LydenNevermind, I stopped the lightdm service09:19
LydenDoes anyone know why wmaker would be slow?09:20
=== jr2 is now known as jr2_
cfhowlettAlexPortable, assuming an Intel chipset: sudo dmidecode | grep intel09:24
dumbo_000ok guys, i need some help with cgdisk. I repeat the partition table i would like to make,more detailed GRUB partition (100mb), Linux usr partition (100Gb), linux Root partition (50Gb) ,EVENTUALLY linux swap (4Gb) -my ram is 4gb. first thing...it looks good to you or maybe i should balance it in a different way?09:26
dumbo_000secon thing it ask me more than i expected, for each partition it ask me to insert certain values, can you help me with this?09:27
dumbo_000First sector (2048-976773134, default = 2048):09:27
dumbo_000Size in sectors or {KMGTP} (default = 976771087)09:28
cspackdumbo_000: you don't need 100gb for /usr, perhaps you mean /home?09:29
dumbo_000Hex code or GUID (L to show codes, Enter = 8300):09:29
dumbo_000Enter New Partition name...well this is my choice.09:29
AlexPortablecfhowlett: but that chipset isn't listed in sensors3.conf09:29
dumbo_000cspack i'm a noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:30
cfhowlettAlexPortable, as I said "assuming an Intel chipset".  I don't know what you have there.09:31
dumbo_000yeah maybe i mean /home...i followed a tutorial on how to install archlinux and followed it...09:31
dumbo_000but maybe that guy made lots of mistakes...09:31
AlexPortablei have intel yes but i dont know what09:31
cfhowlettAlexPortable, sudo dmidecode | grep Intel        will return your chipset09:31
AlexPortableokay thanks09:31
dumbo_000or maybe the mistake is mine...09:32
cspackdumbo_000: my advice is make it easy on yourself and just create /boot, root (/), and swap09:34
dumbo_000cspack: no /usr/bin ?09:35
=== sat1_e is now known as FelixDavidson
dumbo_000cspack i don't want to make everything with root permissions...09:35
=== JamEngulfer_ is now known as JamEngulfer
dumbo_000i know sudo in ubuntu is used a lot...09:35
cspackdumbo_000: /usr goes under root /.  User files go under /home/username09:36
cspackdumbo_000: i'm suggesting just put everything under / except /boot and swap of course, but it's up to you.09:37
dumbo_000so i can make root (/) and /home09:37
cspackdumbo_000: if you want, sure09:37
dumbo_000but why you think is better to put everything under / except /boot and swap?09:38
cspackdumbo_000: just for simplicity, again just a suggestion09:39
dumbo_000and no different partition for normal use?09:40
jackzhan11992hi,everyone, I have problems about intalling wifi driver09:40
Elw3I have a weird problem with apt, eg when i try to install mplayer  it just tells me that the depending packages are not going to be installed. So basically everything with a depend fails to install.09:40
dumbo_000if i do so i'll always be admin for everything i do?09:40
dumbo_000lots of mistakes can be made that way...09:40
dumbo_000for what i know..for what i heard...09:41
Elw3dumbo_000 personally i always use one partition.09:41
jackzhan11992I just install an ubuntu on my old laptop,but when it boots,it cannot connect to internet,any idea to fix this problem?(install wifi driver offline)09:41
dumbo_000ok, #ubuntu-it-chat please.09:42
dumbo_000#ubuntu-chat ?09:42
jackzhan11992dumbo_000,do you mean I can join #ubuntu-it-chat  ?09:43
Elw3jackzhan11992 are you sure you are missing drivers? Could be as simple as its just turned off.09:43
jackzhan11992I am new to IRC, not very familiar with the rules09:43
dumbo_000it's italian language09:43
cfhowlett!details | jackzhan11992,09:43
ubottujackzhan11992,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)09:43
Elw3Never saw missing drivers, and i mayde dozens of installs.09:43
jackzhan11992Elw3, I am not sure,how to confirm it ?09:44
Angshow do I see if my XX port is enabled or disabled on UFW?09:44
jackzhan11992ubottu, ok, I will describe the problem clearly09:45
ubottujackzhan11992: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:45
dumbo_000please go to #ubuntu-offtopic if you think you can help me...and obviously if you want to.09:45
Elw3jackzhan11992 try rfkill list09:45
jackzhan11992the saddest thing is that the ethernet port of my old laptop is broken.09:46
=== malleda is now known as adellam
jackzhan11992I couldn's just connect the internet cabel,and fix the problem as many peope mentioned online09:47
Elw3Well what doas the applet say?09:48
huwjrhey, will PHP7 be packaged forubuntu 16?09:48
=== jr2_ is now known as cr0nz3r0
somsiphuwjr: ask in #ubuntu+109:49
huwjrcheers :D09:49
jackzhan11992Elw3, ok, I have try "rfkill list" nothing appear09:49
somsip!info php xenial09:49
ubottuphp (source: php-defaults): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default). In component universe, is optional. Version 25 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 10 kB09:49
PowerKillerversion 25? lmfao09:50
somsiphuwjr: yeah - factoid is inconclusive. AIUI DEbian is looking to go to PHP7 but I've seen nothing to confirm what ubuntu is planning09:50
jackzhan11992Elw3, I have tried the "rfkill lis", nothing happened09:50
naccsomsip: huwjr: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/152242209:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522422 in php5 (Ubuntu) "Update to php 7.0" [Wishlist,Triaged]09:50
naccjust an FYI09:50
huwjrta dude09:50
Elw3jackzhan11992 use your brain. Its --list or -l or something like that.09:51
Elw3--list all09:51
Elw3"man rfkill" when in doubt.09:52
jackzhan11992Elw3, I am "maning" now, but it seem the usage of command is ok, but couldn't find wifi device09:53
jackzhan11992by the way,I have brains,I am not robot, though,my major is about robotics...09:54
Elw3"I am not robot", the most trusted words in the internet.09:54
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Elw3If rfkill lists nothing, then true, uts probably a driver thing.09:55
ck_mfcNo it is: "I read the terms"09:55
Elw3Personally i wuold just take the drive out and plug it into another pc with working network to install them.09:56
linux1459Hello. I had Dual Boot Windows 7+Ubuntu (with Linux GRUB) installed on my Office PC. Someone seems to have deleted the whole windows partition. Can i come to know when was it deleted to guess who did it?? Any help will be appreciated.10:00
=== cr0nz3r0 is now known as j1ll
=== j1ll is now known as z3yo
linux1459Hello. I had Dual Boot Windows 7+Ubuntu (with Linux GRUB) installed on my Office PC. Someone seems to have deleted the whole windows partition. Can i come to know when was it deleted to guess who did it?? Any help will be appreciated.10:18
k1t2co sie tu odkurwia10:19
k1t2halo halo10:19
cfhowlett"seems to have ..." linux1459 ?? yes or no??10:19
k1t2guys whats this? XD10:19
Elw3Was it only deleted or also overwritten?10:19
cfhowlettk1t2, this is ubuntu support.10:19
k1t2aaah ok10:19
cfhowlett!topic | k1t210:19
ubottuk1t2: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:19
andybrinewow! I have just moved over to Firefox and it continually using more and more memory. Does anyone know a way to resolve this?10:20
linux1459cfhowlett: I meant it is surely deleted without my permission.10:20
andybrine50% cpu usage as well10:20
linux1459cfhowlett: People other than me use the computer. When i tried to log in to Windows today, it said "No Such Partition". In Ubuntu Disk Utility shows that its "Free Space"10:22
cfhowlettlinux1459, the only person who can do that from a logged in ubuntu would be the system admin ...10:22
hateballandybrine: are you using flash, that will eat cpu like mad unless you use flashblock10:23
hateballandybrine: as for hogging memory... that's a feature10:23
andybrinehateball, most of the time im not running anything10:23
andybrineits isane :/10:24
hateballandybrine: well it shouldnt use much cpu if you are on the landing page. if you however browse anywhere where flash is, your cpu will go crazy. that's how it works10:24
linux1459cfhowlett: I have to give Password to many on trust. They need for Office work only.10:24
andybrinehateball, why is this not the case with other browsers though10:25
cfhowlettlinux1459, wait you are saying you willingly gave out your ADMIN password?!10:25
Elw3Password for office work...10:25
Elw3You appear to be no smart man.10:25
cfhowlettElw3, no insults needed or allowed in this channel.  stop it.10:26
hateballandybrine: if you use for instance chrome it has a newer version of flash that is slightly less worthless10:26
hateballandybrine: but flash for firefox (npapi) has been long since abandoned by adobe10:26
linux1459cfhowlett: Sir i work in a rProfessional Institute. To run Academic softwares I give password to students and faculty member.10:26
DocPlatypusI'm on 14.04 LTS, and recently Evolution quit storing passwords, meaning I have to keep re-entering them every time Evolution starts. is this a known bug?10:27
andybrinehateball, chrome is a hell of  lot quicker. I only need 2 tabs open for firefox to kill my cpu usage10:27
Elw3cfhowlett i hear that many times a day, i just cant stop insulting :/10:27
andybrinethere has to be something wrong @/10:27
hateballandybrine: so use chrome? or install flashblock in firefox10:27
cfhowlettlinux1459, sadly, ubuntu has no protection against self-inflicted damage.  in the future consider letting other users into the GUEST account10:27
cfhowlett!guidelines | Elw3,10:28
ubottuElw3,: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:28
andybrinehateball, let me try that now10:28
Elw3I meant its a chronic disorder cfhowlett10:30
linux1459cfhowlett: Thanks for the information !10:30
andybrinehateball I thought that would stop youtube from working... This is not a solution10:30
cfhowlettElw3, riiight.  well, if you can't control yourself, the mods will deal with it. as for me, I have additional room on my /ignore list.10:31
andybrinethink I have found the solution though. Delete Firefox and Never Install again on Ubuntu! :p10:31
hateballandybrine: youtube is mostly html5, and you can allow flash per domain if you like. or just click to run10:31
Elw3andybrine and this is really the browser? Does top says so? I had it that X was going 90% when a browser was open.10:32
andybrinehateball, that not really a solution. more like going around the problem ...10:32
cfhowlettlinux1459, as a rule, I have 2 accounts on my computer.  1 Administrator used for system management, a normal desktop for everyday use.  I have the guest account available in case I ever find someone worthy enough to let them "borrow" my laptop.10:33
hateballandybrine: Stop using Flash is the solution10:33
andybrineElw3 my cpu usage just climbs until it crashes.10:33
andybrinehateball sorry mate, its now...10:33
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Elw3andybrine but have you really checked by which process?10:34
DocPlatypusnobody else here uses Evolution?10:34
andybrinehere is my pastebin: http://picpaste.com/Selection_073-Vden3rMN.png10:36
cfhowlettDocPlatypus, please avoid "anyone else ..." questions.  YOUR problem and details matter, not "anyone"10:36
DocPlatypuscfhowlett: ok. problem I'm having is that Evolution quit saving passwords as of a couple of days ago. I have to type in every password on start, even though "save password" is checked10:37
Elw3Eh a pastebin normally referes to text...10:37
andybrineif I have to stop using flash inorder to use firefox then its not very good really.10:37
andybrineElw3, sure does, but that was my cpu usage with 3 tabs open10:38
Elw3Well you said nothing is open no?10:38
cfhowlettDocPlatypus, I switched to TBird ... my passwords are saved by .mozilla and no issues.  suggest you rename your evolution .config to .OLDconfig and reconfigure to test it.10:38
Ben64andybrine: it's flash's problem10:38
DocPlatypusugh. that's going to be a mess10:38
Elw3What sites then? Could be a plugin used is them.10:39
DocPlatypuscan I just rename .config/evolution? I don't want to screw up every config of every program I have10:39
cfhowlettDocPlatypus, that is exactly what I intended to communicate . sorry for confusion.10:40
BogdarHello all! Please, advice me most correct way to get Apache updated on Ubuntu 14.04. Are there semi-official PPAs with Apache backports?10:40
Elw3andybrine also please check "top", i dont trust this fancy gui stuff.10:40
andybrineElw3 apologies, im back10:45
andybrinelet me try top10:45
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Elw3Not sure about firefox, but chromium has an own task manager showing what exactly uses cpu.10:47
calimero_82hi at all10:48
calimero_82can i post the image of my error?10:48
andybrineI do think it is flash causing the issue but why do we have to turn flash off. It works with many websites and as soon as its switched off you are unable to watch videos on websites10:48
DocPlatypusokay, maybe it's fixed. maybe all I needed to do was 'pkill -9 evolution' and restart it10:49
cfhowlettDocPlatypus, wait, it remembers your pwd now?10:49
DocPlatypuscfhowlett: yes. thanks.10:49
cfhowlettDocPlatypus, nice.10:49
DocPlatypusyes, it's freaking bizarre. but it does work now.10:49
andybrinehttp://picpaste.com/Selection_074-rEmBrQ1g.png thats the pastebin10:50
blisbellanyone here got a dumb question10:50
andybrineI was unable to select text in terminal10:50
andybrinenot soo bad now, I completely agree but its frustrating having to turn off flash in order to "use" the browser10:51
TandyUKflash?  why does that shit still exist?10:51
DocPlatypusFlash is garbage anyway. I won't miss it.10:52
DocPlatypusTandyUK: exactly10:52
Elw320% is not a reason to crash tho.10:52
Elw3And WITH crash its more like 99%...10:52
Elw3Not crash10:52
calimero_82guys asus p553m is ok with ubuntu?10:52
andybrine20% is good! thats with flash off. As soon as I go to youtube Im unable to watch videos10:53
blisbelli was building ffmpeg with nvenc enabled so i go to remove it before i install the one i built and it wants to install 151 i386 packages i do not need10:53
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: best way to find out is to try it and see10:54
calimero_82hi DocPlatypus yesterday and some day ago i had issues with it10:54
calimero_82can i post image of the issue?10:54
cfhowlett!details | calimero_82,10:55
ubottucalimero_82,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)10:55
andybrineI start playing a youtube video and it goes up to almost 60% cpu usage. (Playing with HTML 5)10:55
calimero_82I can not explain, yesterday I pressed the "stamp" and I took the picture, I can show it? thank you cfhowlett10:56
Elw3Wait andybrine its having 20%? Even when flash is not used? Thats like enormous.10:56
Elw3Chromium is not even listet in top here, even with 10 tabs.10:57
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: go ahead and post the picture10:57
DocPlatypusupload it somewhere and post the URL I mean10:57
calimero_82ah ok DocPlatypus10:57
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andybrineElw3 yea, it is a lot10:58
dumbo_000Can someone Help me partitioning my HD with CGDISK ????please i want to do this before going to sleep i don't sleep for 48 hours somebody say one man can't resist that much.10:59
Elw3Hm weird, is it also high when every tabz is colsed and it shows nothing?11:00
Ben64dumbo_000: why cgdisk and what are you trying to do exactly11:00
calimero_82http://postimg.org/image/clgl9lgi7/daa79a4c/ DocPlatypus11:00
Elw3Just go to sleep. You will just fuck things up without sleep.11:01
TandyUKyeah sleep first, then fuck up your partitions11:01
cfhowlettTandyUK, no profanity11:01
dumbo_000Ben64 i need to use that machine for multi-booting many different OS's.11:02
cfhowlettElw3, sae11:02
andybrinelol, the cpu usage has completely dropped with no tabs open now. Thats perfect :p11:02
Elw3Must be something in the site then.11:02
Ben64dumbo_000: why cgdisk and what are you trying to do exactly11:02
dumbo_000cgdisk because can make GPT partitions otherways i was limited to only 4 primary partitions.11:03
Elw3cfhowlett is there actually an other way to say it?11:03
calimero_82in the top left there are the strips11:03
Ben64dumbo_000: why not gparted11:03
cfhowlett!guidelines | Elw3,11:04
ubottuElw3,: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:04
andybrineElw3 even with just facebook open. My cpu usage just goes up and down11:04
andybrineits crazy! Seems like a completely unreliable browser if you ask me :/11:04
TandyUKandybrine: dont use facebook then11:04
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: the graphic glitches? what kind of graphics card/chip is in this thing?11:04
TandyUKyour life in general will be better for it11:05
dumbo_000Ben64:I am not on ubuntu right now,working on archlinux currently but it's the same stuff when you talk about partitioning so it's not off-topic here.11:05
calimero_82is a notebook asus p553m DocPlatypus11:05
serkanubuntu EXE file doesn't work11:05
kk_dropIf I extended ssl certificate (I've recieved server.crt and intermediate.crt from provider) and I had to regenerate private key because I forgot passphrase, do I need new server.crt and intermediate.crt certificates again? Or I can use the ones I've recieved?11:05
serkanubuntu EXE file doesn't work11:05
Ben64dumbo_000: actually it isn't on topic, since nothing you're doing is related to ubuntu11:05
lotuspsychje!wine | serkan11:06
ubottuserkan: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:06
andybrineTandyUK not sure about that. I dont like Facebook but use it for Business11:06
dumbo_000i have to multi-boot for various linux distributions included ubuntu, windows 7 and freeBSD11:06
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: yes, but what type of graphics hardware?11:06
dumbo_000Ben64 it's not related ONLY to ubuntu, but it's related to ubuntu too...11:06
Ben64dumbo_000: ok, so boot an ubuntu live cd, run gparted and set up the partitions however you want11:06
calimero_82i find it DocPlatypus, wait11:07
dumbo_000Ben64 i have a more complicated problem to solve.11:07
Elw3andybrine i have a guess, can you disable hardware rendering in the setting?11:07
andybrinewhy when it comes to firefox should we have to stop using certain websites because it skrews up the cpu usage? Thats just a waste of time using it if you ask me11:07
Ben64dumbo_000: then you should head to ##linux11:07
Ben64andybrine: what cpu do you have11:08
dumbo_000it's not my pc i can't register for another person who borrowed me this laptop for helping me configuring my other laptop.11:08
andybrineElw3 good shout, I will try that11:08
Ben64dumbo_000: i don't see how that is relevant11:09
andybrineits an intel sandybridge processor11:09
calimero_8200:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation ValleyView Gen7 (rev 0e) DocPlatypus11:09
dumbo_000so i can't go to ##linux right now.11:09
Ben64dumbo_000: you can11:09
DocPlatypushmm. might try playing with the BIOS settings or something to see if there's a setting that gets rid of the glitches11:09
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g105b_I really need some help, I can't access my hard drive at all. It is encrypted using LVM and I've used it for about two years, decrypting every morning. This morning -- the morning after a Linux upgrade -- and all I can get is "cryptsetup failed bad password or options"11:10
dumbo_000Ben64: not if i'm not registered.11:10
calimero_82 configuration: driver=i915 latency=0 DocPlatypus11:10
g105b_^ Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit, SSD.11:10
Elw3andybrine i just checked and fucked up my renderer intentionally, i it jumps from 0,3% to 5% cpu usage.11:10
Ben64dumbo_000: then register. it doesn't affect the local system. its not on topic here11:10
cfhowlettg105b_, reboot and use and older kernel11:10
Ben64andybrine: can you be more specific, sandy bridge covers a wide range11:11
calimero_82i use ubu 1404 DocPlatypus11:11
andybrineElw3 with hardware rendering off, its much quicker already11:11
g105b_cfhowlett: How can I do that? The encrypted hard drive is the one I'm trying to boot from11:11
cfhowlettElw3, again with the profanity?  seriously?  look it's simple: this is a family friendly channel.  yes, this means you tool.11:11
DocPlatypushttp://askubuntu.com/questions/136593/how-can-i-fix-broken-i915-drivers-for-intel-gpus http://askubuntu.com/questions/34181/how-to-change-the-graphics-driver-from-i915-to-intel calimero_8211:11
andybrineIntel® Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz × 211:11
cfhowlettg105b_, reboot, when you see grub, select an old kernel11:11
dumbo_000I was only asking. is there someone that can use well cgdisk that can help me without making me waste time? maybe in #ubuntu-offtopic ?11:11
DocPlatypusmay not apply to 14.04 but those are a start maybe11:11
andybrineIntel® Sandybridge Mobile11:11
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: also you may try a different window manager. metacity instead of compiz for example11:12
g105b_cfhowlett: oh I didn't know that was an option. I don't usually see the grub screen.11:12
Ben64andybrine: very slow processor11:12
cfhowlettg105b_, I think you can trigger it by hitting esc right after the POST11:12
Elw3It _shuold_ be the opposite, so my guess is that your driver has a problem.11:12
calimero_82so DocPlatypus isn't broken my laptop?11:12
=== waz- is now known as rawsky
Elw3cfhowlett i am trolling especially for you.11:12
g105b_cfhowlett: ok I'm trying now. Currently on a live USB so will leave here temporarily. Thanks for your help.11:13
calimero_82it's a driver issue? DocPlatypusé11:13
cfhowlettElw3, riiiiiiiiight.  not appreciated and no longer seen11:13
andybrineBen64, thanks! Thats not what I need from a response! I have 8gb ram. And firefox should not be this CR*p because of my procesor11:13
lotuspsychje!behelpful | Elw311:13
ubottuElw3: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.11:13
dumbo_000Ben64: it's ok for you that way? i told you i don't want to register here because of the reason i given. so if not on topic please if someone can help me come to #ubuntu-offtopic so i can better explain the problem i have11:13
Ben64andybrine: you're talking about cpu usage being high, you have a slow cpu, that would explain it11:13
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: it's probably a driver issue. the workaround would be to use metacity as window manager for the time being and see if that fixes the issue11:14
dumbo_000Ben64: Cgdisk btw is the same program even in ubuntu.11:14
dumbo_000Ben64:so it's not offtopic11:14
Ben64it is offtopic because it isn't ubuntu11:14
lotuspsychjeandybrine: no caps please11:14
andybrineCAPS PLEASE :P11:15
serkanEXE file, how I'm setting it11:15
calimero_82DocPlatypus:  i use also cairo-dock, maybe could be this the problem? or doesn't matter? thanks11:16
lotuspsychjeserkan: did you install wine?11:16
Elw3Ben64 andybrine in theory it could be a throttled cpu, say its at 800mhz andt only jumps up when used up to 80% or so, That causes the usage number to be 4 times higher.11:16
Ben64serkan: explain what you're doing and what you wish to accomplish, in as much detail as possible11:16
andybrinewell, I have never had this issue with other browsers so it looks like firefox is going in the bin11:16
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: you could try without cairo-dock... I don't use that, so I wouldn't know if that might be the problem11:16
dumbo_000Ben64: so please if you can help me in #ubuntu-offtopic11:16
Elw3Thats still to high tho.11:16
serkanalready installed but it won't open file11:16
lotuspsychjeserkan: right mouse click your .exe/open with wine11:17
andybrineElw3 I can run many programs and my computer still run flawlessly11:17
serkanright-click wine I've made, but the file still won't open, it gives error11:18
andybrinebut as soon as I open firefox its as if my computer dies a slow death. I dont know about you but personally I think that means there is something wrong.11:18
andybrineIts just not a stable browser11:18
Ben64andybrine: ok great, then don't use it11:18
cfhowlettserkan, wine only works sometimes.11:18
lotuspsychjeserkan: what kind of exe is this exactly?11:19
cfhowlettif you really need that file, dual boot windows or install virtualbox + windows + file.exe11:19
andybrineBen64, please leave this conversation. I was looking to resolve this issue! Not be given useless remarks! Thank You!11:19
Elw3That was only a theory why the number could appear high, at any rate, my own browser have absolutely zero load so there must be something wrong.11:19
serkangoogle chrome11:19
lotuspsychjeandybrine: dont tell volunteers to leave...11:19
cfhowlettserkan, chrome is available on linux!11:20
* lotuspsychje facepalms11:20
Ben64andybrine: firefox is a heavy program, you have a slow cpu, either deal with it, or find another browser. don't need you filling this channel with repetitive stuff about how slow firefox is11:20
andybrinelotuspsychje just my conversation thread as its providing no support11:20
dumbo_000Ben64: know what? i been honest i could have said i was running cgdisk on ubuntu and tell you a believeble story and you would have trusted me and helped me with a program that is exactly the same for ubuntu...11:20
serkanfhow to install flash player, how?11:20
lotuspsychjeandybrine: this is not a conversation channel, but support11:21
cfhowlett!flash | serkan11:21
ubottuserkan: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash11:21
g105b_No luck decrypting my SSD since upgrading Linux - I've tried booting using an older kernel using the grub menu, no luck. Now I'm in a Live CD environment and still can't mount the disk using the correct password that I've used for years. Please help :)11:21
calimero_82DocPlatypus:  i musyt uninstall compiz and install metacity? but then does ubuntu works?11:21
andybrineBen64 just trying to resolve the issue, thats all. Its not a cpu problem!11:21
Elw3andybrine try out other browsers i wuold say, if they act the same i mean.11:21
Ben64andybrine: there is no issue. firefox is just too heavy for your cpu11:21
andybrineElw3 my other browsers work completely fine.11:22
=== the_2nd is now known as macint0sh
dumbo_000what's the difference then? i need help with partitioning with cgdisk. why telling me to use other programs or that i can't ask here..instead you could reasonably not answer me if you not willing to help me for the problem I have.11:22
andybrineBen64 please leave my comment thread! continue supporting someone else. Thank You!11:22
Ben64dumbo_000: you see how this channel is #ubuntu ? that means its for Ubuntu support only11:22
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: there's an option to login with "no effects"... you don't have to uninstall compiz11:22
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: you may have to install metacity if you don't have it already though11:23
dumbo_000Ben64 does ubuntu provide cgdisk? yes it does.. so you can help me with cgdisk.11:23
Ben64that's not how it works here11:23
andybrineElw3 thanks for your support. Think the hardware rendinging issue was the problem.11:23
andybrinestill high but did make a significant difference11:24
Elw3Hm hear hear11:24
* Elw3 still has the power of intuition11:25
calimero_82compiz there's only in ubuntu? or also in the other derivates like xubuntu or kubuntu?11:25
dumbo_000ok so it works that we're not fellows and if i ask for help with a linux program that is shared in both distros i have no right to ask for help because i use archlinux for partitioning for making space for many OS and distros INCLUDED ubuntu?11:26
dumbo_000OMG richard stallman wouldn't be proud of you11:26
lotuspsychjedumbo_000: please stop trolling the channel11:26
cfhowlettdumbo_000, enough11:26
dumbo_000what happened to you guys? where's the linux spirit?11:26
Elw3Now that i read it... could it be? andybrine do you have composing on? Probably it interferes with hw rendering.11:26
Ben64dumbo_000: thats why ##linux exists, for Linux general questions, holy crap11:26
lotuspsychjedumbo_000: linux spirit is in ##linux11:26
Ben64if you spent this much effort in actually trying to fix your problem, it'd be done already11:27
serkan"No windows program configured to open this type of file is not" wine, it gives this error11:27
lotuspsychjeserkan: please dont install windows software thats available for ubuntu11:27
lotuspsychjeserkan: install chromium-browser instead11:28
cfhowlettserkan, go to google, download chrome FOR LINUX and install or get chromium11:28
calimero_82DocPlatypus:  i don't have understand well, what should i do to install metacity and delete compiz? thanks11:28
lotuspsychjecalimero_82: why do you want to delete compiz?11:29
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: don't delete compiz. run: sudo apt-get install metacity11:29
calimero_82do not create conflict between them? I do not have to uninstall it? that i thinked11:30
andybrineElw3 im running gnome-shell so that could be have been a conflict.11:30
andybrineIts still high when copared with chrome that has the exact same windows open.11:31
LTCDIf someone wouldn't mind answering this on the site: http://askubuntu.com/questions/728737/run-file-when-usb-device-inserted  thanks!11:32
andybrineI like firefox as a browser but sadly its eating cpu for me so I will have to use another brower.11:32
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: they will coexist. you can't run both at the same time but they can co-exist installed11:32
Elw3Hm i could tell how to run firefox without window manager, to compare, but i dont know how to measure cpu usage then :P11:32
calimero_82i've done DocPlatypus, only this?11:32
lotuspsychje_LTCD: can you explain a bit more your endgoal?11:33
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: ok... you're logging in with GNOME, right?11:33
lotuspsychje_LTCD: why not creating a user and let him use usb there11:33
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: run: metacity --replace11:33
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LTCDlotuspsychje_  There is 1 user on the laptop, no one else. If someone inserts a USB device I want accessing it to be impossible, and a file to be opened (which alerts me and forces shutdown). It's hard to explain why, but there are some antiforensics reasons if you need to know the truth ;).11:34
andybrinelol, thats ok Elw3. Im going to leave it there. just a shame. Lots of people are having cpu issues with firefox it seems, not just me. And I thought this place would provide some great answer (which it has) though still eats up the cpu11:35
calimero_82wait wait DocPlatypus, i must logout, re entered with gnome and then write in terminal run: metacity --replace?11:35
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: ok what login option are you using right now?11:35
lotuspsychjeLTCD: if you let a user access the pc with a blocked usb...its still possible to run stuff from the web also11:35
calimero_82i enter only password in boot login11:35
LTCDandybrine - Why not use Chrome? Not chromium!11:35
lotuspsychjeLTCD: better lock a new user down with chmod into his own /home11:35
calimero_82i think unity, right?11:36
cfhowlettandybrine, https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/get-community-support            discuss with firefox support.  not an ubuntu issue.11:36
DocPlatypuscan anyone help calimero_82 figure out what desktop environment he is logged in with?11:36
Elw3LTCD you could modify the mount command.11:36
andybrineLTCD I am using chrome11:36
LTCDlotuspsychje I don't want someone to hit me in the head, and then insert a USB (seriously). Also web isn't an issue.11:36
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: could be unity. either way you should be able to run metacity --replace without logging out, just to see if that helps your glitches11:36
DocPlatypusnot in a terminal, though11:37
LTCDElw3 - If you know a trick feel free to post http://askubuntu.com/questions/728737/run-file-when-usb-device-inserted11:37
DocPlatypustry Alt-F211:37
Elw3Here or nowhere.11:37
LTCDlotuspsychje - I said web isn't an issue as they're more likely to first try to insert a USB.11:37
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serkanspruce it where I've installed Linux chrome11:37
lotuspsychjeLTCD: but your missing the point mate, if you leave your desktop unwatched to someone, he could be creative in other ways..11:37
LTCDElw3 okay11:37
calimero_82i must wirte metacity -- replace now in the terminal?11:38
lotuspsychjeLTCD: why take the risk an not make a new locked down user?11:38
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DocPlatypuscalimero_82: metacity --replace11:38
DocPlatypusno space between -- and replace11:38
LTCDlotuspsychje - I'm aware sir. No one should access the lappy except for me, and my user isn't root, but you can insert any USB device...11:38
cfhowlettLTCD, http://itsfoss.com/how-to-disable-usb-ports-in-ubuntu/11:39
calimero_82it's changed11:39
lotuspsychjeLTCD: let them only in the guest account...no danger with usb there11:39
calimero_82there's not anymore unity bar11:39
LTCDcfhowlett - That is 50% of what I'm trying to do. How could I detect that one was inserted though?11:40
Elw3LTCD think about this: After booting, an script binds your own securetty allert script over the orginal mount, whenever a new drive is to be opened you script is called. clean and simple.11:40
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: are the graphics still glitching, though?11:40
calimero_82i do logout thanks DocPlatypus, yes DocPlatypus11:40
cfhowlettLTCD, I'd say on USB detect, send email to you and sudo shutdown11:40
LTCDElw3 cfhowlett  How do I do that?11:42
calimero_82no DocPlatypus the gpu works11:42
cfhowlettLTCD, above my paygrade, I'm afraid.  ask ## linux?11:42
lotuspsychjeLTCD: next, the user can bring his laptop from home and connect the pc's eth0 port and share files...11:42
calimero_82it always works, only sometimes give me problem11:42
calimero_82glitch means broken? DocPlatypus?11:42
Elw3in rc.local: sleep 10, mount bind somefooidontknow your_script /bin/mount11:43
DocPlatypuscalimero_82: glitch means what you are showing in that picture with stuff being drawn where it shouldn't11:43
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DocPlatypuscalimero_82: I'm thinking you might have bad RAM11:43
calimero_82that picture was yesterday night11:43
DocPlatypusonly thing I can think of to explain it11:43
LTCDlotuspsychje - your long name annoys me more as I gotta keep typing it to "argue" with you. As I've explained; this attack will most likely be someone inserting a USB. Yes you and many people have made valid points, but this one needs to be addressed end of.11:45
LTCDcfhowlett thanks11:45
calimero_82ok thanks guys11:45
LTCDlotuspsychje Although you made a good point11:46
g105b_If I try to view the encrypted partition in Ubuntu's Nautilus (file manager) I get this error, rather than asking for password: http://i.imgur.com/80dLWkT.png11:46
Elw3Sir if someone can plug an usb drive in your computer, they WILL win, no matter what.11:46
lotuspsychjeLTCD: your idea doesnt make sense...just lock a new user with chmod11:47
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LTCDElw3 lotuspsychje Pretend the FBI want to do a RAM dump while computer is running, they plug in USB and the laptop shutsdown :D They won't go through the effort of opening the case, doubt they'd download the tool or connect via eth0.11:48
max12345hello, my software updater wants to push some openJDK updates to my machine, but I'd rather just purge everything oepnjdk related, how would i go about that?11:49
lotuspsychjeLTCD: dont store sensitive data on a pc others can access...11:49
LTCDlotuspsychje - tell that to Dreadd Pirate Roberts.11:50
Elw3That makes no sense whatsoever, but whatever. What you are looking for are sys actions that happen when devices are added, there is a plain service for that but i forgot the name.11:50
Elw3Some device rules.11:50
Phazorxhmm... after about 7 month of usage, most of time when waking up from standby after sleeping more than a day i see something like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3x9454y8zstutq6/IMG_1260.JPG ...any clues? (It's 2.5" 500gb Samsung 850 EVO in a laptop with ubuntu, smartctl/fsck tests are passing fine)11:50
lotuspsychjeLTCD: lock a user with chmod and install intrusion detector11:50
LTCDElw3 - How doesn't it make sense? Someone could easily get me when I'm logged in, plug in USB memory stick to dump RAM, then they have password of full disk encryption11:50
Elw3No, they cannot, how would the dump the ram?11:51
lotuspsychjePhazorx: did you try a fresh ubuntu install?11:51
LTCDlotuspsychje Lock a user, so they can't do anything like inserting USBs, installing programs, using admin commands?11:51
Elw3Its still a user without system access. There goes nothing without root password.11:52
LTCDElw3 - it's basic forensics...11:52
lotuspsychjeLTCD: yes...they can only mess up their own /home/n00b11:52
Elw3Its basic knowledge that that cant work dude.11:52
Elw3Without root password they cant access the password, thats how it works.11:53
LTCDElw3 https://belkasoft.com/ram-capturer    Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer is a tiny free forensic tool that allows to reliably extract the entire contents of computer’s volatile memory – even if protected by an active anti-debugging or anti-dumping system.11:53
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Elw3So and how would that work?11:54
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Elw3An user CANT access the device file.11:54
LTCDElw3 My adversary arrests me before I can do a clean shutdown (or better clear RAM like Tails OS does) so they can get my HDD password from RAM.11:55
Elw3No they cant, only by taking the ram out and putting it into a reading device.11:55
LTCDElw3 You mean they can't on Linux, or any OS?11:57
Elw3Can only speak for linux.11:58
lotuspsychje!ot | LTCD maybe continue here?11:58
ubottuLTCD maybe continue here?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:58
Elw3Then again there are not much more.11:58
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Elw3There is windows which we know of has 999 leakes and BSD, thats it.11:59
lotuspsychjeElw3: you too mate, stick to ubuntu support here11:59
LTCDElw3 Weird as I saw a command earlier which would dump the whole RAM...12:00
LTCDubottu lotuspsycje okay12:00
Elw3Yea, its "cat /dev/ram"12:01
Elw3But only works as root, so?12:01
LTCDElw3 So long story short: linux isn't vulnerable windows, so it's not impossible without root?12:02
Elw3Thats a double negative...12:03
Elw3It could still be fun to create such "shutdown on usb insert" tho.12:05
BluesKajHowdy folks12:12
sruliafter login i get 3 times a prompt for "authentication required" asking for password, how can i find what service/job is asking for it? ubuntu gnome 15.1012:14
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C_minusI'm reading a tutorial about backing up data with clonezilla - not sure I understand a step "Now choose the source and destination for the clone data." https://www.maketecheasier.com/clone-drives-and-partitions-with-clonezilla/ ...12:21
MyrttiC_minus: source is the harddrive/partition you want to back up, destination where you want to back it up to12:22
C_minusMyrtti I want to back up ALL my partitions: win7 on sda2, ubuntu on sda5 and sda6 [filesystem and swap], as well as "free space" and bootloader.12:24
C_minusSo that in the event of a catastrophe, the entire state of the laptop can be restored with a single operation12:24
Myrttithen you pick the "disk to ___" option12:24
C_minusand my hard drive would be listed there (not just a list of individual partitons?)12:25
Quatrokinghow do i make a program run at startup, before login?12:25
Myrttithat's what the screenshots suggest12:25
g105b_I've just reinstalled Ubuntu due to a technical error, and I'm facing having to go through the settings to tweak how I want everything. My question is, once I've done this, how do I backup my configuration? I'm talking the settings menu options, launcher configuration, and going as far as apt-get installations.12:30
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Gallomimiasnapshot the entire volume?12:34
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Elw3Copy /home/ and have a list of all installed packages.12:35
alteregoasomeone in here uses a multiseat setup, i want to share my computer with my surfs12:43
cfhowlett!ltsp | alteregoa12:44
ubottualteregoa: LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project12:44
alteregoacfhowlett, no thin client, on the machine with two gfx cards12:44
star314A short question to the console geeks. Where is the configuration option which tells rsyslogd to write logoutputs to tty7?12:47
C_minusi want to install CUDA 7.0 (not the latest version). So I downloaded the .deb for CUDA toolkit 7.0. I then followed these instructions https://www.quantstart.com/articles/Installing-Nvidia-cuda-on-Ubuntu-14-04-for-Linux-GPU-Computing. But that attempts to download 7.5 (the latest version)12:48
Kim^JYo, if I have questions related to Ubuntu on AWS, is there a specific channel for that? (I'm already on the #aws channel)12:48
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Kim^JMy question is, is cloud-config+write_files severly broken in 14.04.3? Whenever I add that statement to my user-data, I can no longer log in (Which makes it hard to debug...).12:50
C_minusNow when I try the CUDA 7.0 network installer it says a later version is already installed.12:52
C_minusI have tried sudo apt-get remove cuda12:52
C_minusThis CUDA installation is very complicated to me12:56
jason_C_minus, I find the .run file the easiest12:59
jason_C_minus, from the nvidia website12:59
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C_minusjason_ do you visit #machinelearning too?13:00
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C_minus:) i was talking to you yesterday i think. i'll give the runfile a go.13:00
C_minusjason_ just to clarify: what's happened here is that I installed the .deb, which creates a bunch of other installer files for installing CUDA with? I don't actually have the CUDA toolkit yet?13:02
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C_minusNow that I've used the .deb and it's picked the latest version, do I need to uninstall / clean anything up before using the .run installer?13:04
jason_C_minus, I don't think so. I'm honestly not sure. I just know the .run file seemed to do everything I needed all in one go.13:05
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EleanorEllisI have a Startech USB2VGAPRO USB to VGA graphics adaptor. According to the manufacturer it should work at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. I have a 1280 x 1024 monitor connected to it, but the Screen Display applet only gives choices of 800 x 600 or 1024 x 76813:07
energyyhow to compile C++ on ubuntu?13:11
energyyIts my first time with linux13:12
hateball!compile | energyy13:12
ubottuenergyy: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall13:12
energyyis there anything like Visual Studio on windowS?13:12
energyythank you13:12
Elw3EleanorEllis could be that your USB port is too slow.13:12
EleanorEllisElw3: How could I check that? The manufacturer states that it should work at those resolutions with a USB 2 port. I do have a USB 2 port13:13
cfhowlett!gcc | energyy13:13
ubottuenergyy: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)13:13
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Elw3I heard these cards need massive cpu power, is that true?13:14
mcphailenergyy: If you want an IDE like visual studio, have a look at qtcreator (amongst many others). But you don't need a big clumsy IDE for many things13:14
Elw3USB2 says nothing about the speed.13:14
ioriaEleanorEllis, try to open a console , stop X (sudo service lightdm stop)   ,  load the module , sudo modprobe sisusbvga and restart X , sudo service lightdm start13:15
Elw3Most ports wont even reach 10% of usb2 spec.13:15
srulihow can i get the grub recovery menu when booting in vm?13:15
EleanorEllisioria: Thanks. I will try that13:15
Elw3Of course i guess this would cause stalling pictures and not resolution problems.13:16
hateballsruli: hold/hammer shift, same as a physical machine13:16
EleanorEllisElw3: The monitor is working fine at 1024 x 768 so I don't think port speed is a problem. But I want the monitor to work at it's native resolution for better picture quality and more screen real estate. I will try installing the driver as ioria suggested13:18
Desubroken edid13:20
Elw3Well, higher resolution = more bandwidh.13:20
C_minusHow can I tell whether my intel integrated graphics or my nvidia card are being used to render the screen etc. at any given time?13:21
dreadkop_EleanorEllis: which port is used to connect the monitor? got this problem a lot with cheap or faulty vga cables13:21
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Desuif you don't have a valid edid, and it can't probe the mode, it will default to 1024x76813:21
Desuso write a modeline13:21
dreadkop_C_minus: glxinfo | grep OpenGL might give you the desired info13:22
inerkickHi . Kindly let me know how to play Video DVD in Ubuntu, it got mpegav file or .dat13:22
xanguainerkick: a commercial DVD?13:23
xangua! Dvd13:23
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:23
inerkickyeah. I got a charlie caplin movie dvd which used to play in Windows another sytem13:24
dreadkop_inerkick: install and use vlc player13:24
inerkickbut I use Ubuntu 14.04 which doesn't play,13:24
inerkicki got vlc but it's not playing13:24
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dreadkop_vlc -> open media -> select DVD ?13:24
inerkickdid that13:25
inerkickit didnt work13:25
hateballinerkick: can you define "doesnt work"?13:25
hateballsome DVDs have... weird menu systems what dont work proper, so you need to skip straight to a chapter13:26
guest-AQ0lHHhi guys!13:26
inerkickI tried playing the .dat file by right clicking it and opening in VLC and even tried to open right from the vlc player, but it doesn't play and kind of player keeps flickering13:26
energyyI would like to write app in c++ but I dont know how to compile that on Ubuntu. Can anyone help me13:27
energyyI was writting in C++ on VS windows13:27
energyybut its my first time with linux13:27
xangua! Dvd | inerkick13:27
ubottuinerkick: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:27
inerkickyes dvd xangua13:28
ioriainerkick, did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?13:28
ioriainerkick, did you tun sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh ?13:29
inerkickit's downloading video lan13:30
inerkickvlc again13:30
inerkickor some packages may be13:30
inerkickdon't work, ioria13:32
ioriainerkick, reboot, try another commercial dvd, maybe is about the Region code13:32
MACscrhow can I find out what the latest official kernel is for Trusty and the dates they were released?13:33
ioriainerkick, try also another video player, like totem (videos)13:34
MACscri have 3.19.x on mine and i dont think thats a vanilla kernel, but i dont see how i got it13:34
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C_minusjason_ when you installed cuda toolkit, did you "ctrl-alt-backspace" to drop down into shell, or did you install from terminal?13:34
xanguaankitkulkarni: those are not for daily use13:34
MACscrmainline isnt vanilla13:35
inerkicki tired totem, xine didn't worked ioria13:35
ioriainerkick,  have you rebooted ?13:35
inerkicknot yet, i'm uploaded some more files13:35
xanguaMACscr: if by vanilla you mean 100% free/libre, Ubuntu does not use vanilla kernel13:35
MACscri mean official13:36
MACscras in provided directly by ubuntu and supported by ubuntu13:36
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MACscr"The release initially included https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_kernel 3.13, but this was updated to 3.19 with the point release of 14.04.3 on 6 August 2015"13:36
jason_C_minus, I believe I did it in a virtual terminal13:36
MACscrah, just found that13:36
C_minusjason_ and did you opt to install the "Nvidia Display Driver"? I already have an Nvidia driver I think - I installed it from "Additional Drivers"13:37
jason_C_minus, yeah that's what's nice about it. I think certain versions of cuda only play nice with certain drivers.13:37
C_minusjason_ you did install the bundled driver or you didnt?13:38
jason_C_minus, I did13:38
jason_C_minus, though messing with drivers always seems to be a bit of a gamble on Ubuntu.13:39
C_minusjason_ i see. i tried the runfile installer once before without installing the optional driver. it ended up not working if i recall.13:39
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C_minusjason_ i'm tempted to do a complete backup before i do this cuda toolkit / driver install. last time i had problems afterwards hanging onthe ubuntu splash screen on boot.13:40
C_minusjason_ had to install ubuntu fresh (and win7 which is a total pain, takes hours)13:40
jason_C_minus, yeah I've had the same problem in the past. I very nearly reinstalled, but managed to fix things from a chroot jail on a bootable flash drive.13:42
ZoanthusRAnyone else having issues running `sudo apt-add-repository ppa:git-core/ppa` -- just hangs for a long time for me. I added the git-core.list manually and `apt-get update` ran fine.13:44
eliyaakoubGET HELP PLEASE13:44
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C_minusjason_ i'm not adept enough at linux stuff to be chroot jailing etc. right, well i'm going to be cautious with this. gonna go get a fresh memstick and make a live clonezilla stick.13:52
stephaneI'm new user13:52
orangepeeltrying to update, but getting...  ailed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/mod-pagespeed/deb/pool/main/m/mod-pagespeed-stable/mod-pagespeed-stable_1.9.32.13-r0_amd64.deb13:53
iolandino /load .xchat2/budus.so13:53
iolandino /load .xchat2/budus.so13:54
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Desuiolandino: this is wong on so many levels13:56
Kim^JOk I'm going insane here. Where can I find the execution order of directives in Cloud-init? I have a runcmd (Last in the file) that needs access to a file I write with write_files, but it says it doesn't exists. The write_files directive is the first thing in the cloud-config file and the runcmd directive is the last thing.13:57
Kim^JI did Google it and *NOTHING* that has been suggested works.13:58
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srulihow do i make a desktop launcher for a script gnome 15.1014:00
Desusruli: just write a .desktop14:02
sruliDesu: and in it "Exec= sudo /path/to/script" ?14:02
sruliDesu: tried that, nothing happens on double click14:02
Desuand put it in .local/share/applications14:02
Desusruli: uhm, what does this script does?14:03
Desuif you think you need sudo then you are generally doing it wrong14:03
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sruliit executes  many things, it requires sudo but i added it to visudo14:03
Desuwhat "many things"14:03
Desuand why does it need root?14:04
Desuand does it really need root for *all* it does?14:04
sruliDesu: it needs sudo there are a few things in it that dont and for those i use "sudo -u user"14:04
p4trixPHPStorm + Java sometimes break my visual Desktop which blows totally up. I can change with ctrl+alt+F6 to a console. How can I restore the desktop there?14:05
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Desusruli: you should do it the oposite way around14:05
Desuhave the script call sudo for the things it needs to do as root14:05
Desuand not for the rest14:06
akikDesu: sudo is not used only for getting root permissions14:06
Desuakik: he is using it for that though14:06
Desuakik: and then reverting it using sudo -u inside the script14:06
akikDesu: he said "i use "sudo -u user""14:06
Desuwhich is just silly14:06
sruliDesu: and how will that work? call the script without sudo, and it fail due to permission issues?14:07
C_minusis the 105MB partition I see in "disks", labelled HPFS/NTFS (Bootable), the partition that GRUB2 lives on?14:08
Pinkamena_Ddownloaded compiz and try to enable the desktop plugin 'put'. The box just unchecks about 2 seconds later by itself. What can I do?14:08
Desusruli: you have the script itself call sudo when needed instead of doing sudo thescript14:09
akiksruli: i've read that you should use gksudo or kdesudo to open graphical programs14:09
sruliDesu: 1. once a script runs when it hits a sudo if fails and exits. 2. i dont want to enter the pass each time so i added it to visudo, meaning i have to call it with sudo14:10
pink_vampiresomeone here use inkscape?14:11
sruliakik: i am not executing GUI's in this script14:11
pink_vampireI need some help  with it14:11
Desusruli: https://bpaste.net/show/f379ec4ec64714:12
akiksruli: oh ok but if you don't open any terminal, you won't see any output14:12
sruliDesu: no clue what you are trying to do there14:12
sruliakik: no output required14:13
Desusruli: instead of running the whole script as root14:13
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cfhowlett desu this is the ubuntu support channel.  please play somewhere else.14:14
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Desucfhowlett: I'm not "playing"14:15
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sruliDesu: please test before you advise! http://paste.ubuntu.com/14866334/ try that script, if there is anyway you can execute that without needing to enter password i'll be very interested to hear about it14:17
akiksruli: the NOPASSWD: clause in /etc/sudoers enables running commands without entering the password14:17
sruliakik: correct, however you have to call the script with sudo, otherwise u'll get teh password prompt14:18
orangepeeltrying to update getting Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/mod-pagespeed/deb/pool/main/m/mod-pagespeed-stable/mod-pagespeed-stable_1.9.32.13-r0_amd64.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 80]14:18
tewardorangepeel: it means that the package it's trying to download isn't on that repository - do `sudo apt-get update`, pastebin the output14:19
tewardorangepeel: then also try your update again14:19
akiksruli: try running the script in a terminal with full paths to the commands. then when it works copy the exact same command into your desktop file14:19
tewardakik: sruli: However, unless you know what you're doing, you'll have some headaches with 'sudo' - it's usually not the best idea to permit things to be run as sudo without passwords being entered (security concerns)14:19
orangepeelthis is on  production server.  Will this get fixed eventually?14:20
tewardorangepeel: not unless you provide specifics - run `sudo apt-get update` and then `sudo apt-get upgrade` again14:20
cfhowlettorangepeel, up to google.  it's their repo, not ubuntu14:21
tewardorangepeel: it's possible a different version is available on that repository, or the repository is dead (you'll see 404s in the `update` logs), and if it's not fixed, then Google is at fault14:21
orangepeelokay,  I'll let them know.14:21
cfhowlettorangepeel, try a different mirror14:21
sruliteward: yes, i have spent alot of time on this issue, i have no option have to run it that way, the only solution i found to secure it is only root has read/write access to the script so it cant be edited14:22
p4trixCan I restart/reboot a crashed Desktop from CTRL+ALT+F6 ? What would the commands be? Or where can I find more information about that?14:24
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akikp4trix: when you stop the login manager (lightdm or sddm) the desktop will be stopped and restarted after login14:26
akiki meant restart the login manager that is :)14:27
p4trixakik, you mean kill -9 (process ID of those) ?14:27
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akikp4trix: service lightdm restart or systemctl restart sddm14:28
p4trixAaa, thank you so much :D.14:28
akikp4trix: check which login manager you're running14:29
p4trixwhere do I see that?14:29
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akikp4trix: pgrep -l lightdm or pgrep -l sddm14:31
p4trixThx akik14:31
Desusruli: what exactly is this script of your doing anyway?14:33
sruliDesu: as i said before it executes many things some of which require sudo some dont, all i am asking is how do i make a desktop launcher to for it14:35
longwuyuanhi, is there any way to make ubuntu run on macbook air 7,214:39
lotuspsychje!mac | longhorn14:39
ubottulonghorn: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:39
lotuspsychjelongwuyuan: ^14:39
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scaldwelldoes anyone know if there is any plans to make a dynamic /etc/fstab similar to what we have for /etc/motd?14:41
scaldwellIt would help when it comes to building cloud environments.  ;-)14:41
longwuyuanlotuspsychje: i only know that ~ means "greater than" and ^ means less than. so in this context, does it mean "no" ?14:41
lotuspsychjescaldwell: maybe ask in #ubuntu-devel?14:42
lotuspsychjelongwuyuan: i think best way is to download a mac ubuntu iso and just try14:43
longwuyuanlotuspsychje: can you give me a link... well know is that blank screen and efi install fails while fedora works14:44
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lotuspsychjelongwuyuan: talk to EriC^^ about efi stuff, he's our expert :p14:45
akikscaldwell: what do you mean? you can use autofs if you want things mounting more dynamically14:45
lotuspsychjelongwuyuan: meanwhile you can check around the mac url, to see how other mac versions do the install?14:48
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longwuyuanlotuspsychje: i did a install after checking the docs. seems nobody has answered the questions on macbook air 7,214:49
longwuyuaneasrly 201514:49
Gravhi, anyone could help me with changing default file manager to Nemo or Dolphin?14:51
sruliGrav: what version of ubuntu?14:51
sruliGrav: http://www.noobslab.com/2014/02/set-nemo-as-default-file-manager-in.html14:51
Gravi tried this but it only works partially14:52
Gravsome folders opens in nemo, others in nautilus14:52
Gravand when i place any shortcuts on desktop or panels it doesnt open at all now14:52
sruliGrav: try this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/605275/how-to-set-nemo-as-default-instead-of-nautilus14:53
NeoFrontierCan I configure evolution email to by default request read receipts ?14:55
Gravis dash the same as alt f2 ?14:55
sruliGrav: alt+f214:55
Gravwhen i try startup applications it says Unhandled error message: Error when getting information for file '/home/user/startup applications': No such file or directory14:57
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Gravwill try to reboot brb15:01
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jorge21495I've created a ftp server with vdftpd15:04
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jorge21495But i dont knoe how to use it15:04
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lotuspsychje!ask | jorge2149515:05
ubottujorge21495: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:05
Graveh, if i open folders  from places its in nautilus, from desktop is in nemo, and from panel it wont open at all15:05
lotuspsychjejorge21495: try the #vsftpd channel15:06
Gravits 2016 already why does is always so hard to make anything work on linux15:06
jnoob22any way to turn off the the stupid "No command 'mystupidcmd' found, did you mean:" message you get in bash when you finger bang it the wrong way?15:07
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jnoob22Grav, *nix is always particular about who it likes and wants to get along with. Hammer it in your brain, mate ;-)15:07
Elw3Remove the bash sugestion package.15:07
jnoob22Elw3, I'm assuming this won't remove the bash auto-complete though right?15:08
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Elw3Ohh.. could be that i mix the two.15:08
herrkinhello community, I have a problem. I am ussing a vpn pptp to connect to a customers network and give them suport of our application but the bad thing is that pptp forces my internet to go through that network and they have blocked internet via pptp so I need a way to avoid using pptp gateway to go to internet. so that I can be connected to their network and still use my internet. how can I do that?15:09
Elw3I was missing that package and my bash had neither of this features.15:09
jnoob22ugh. darn it, it's trying to do too much ;-)15:09
akikjnoob22: i think what you want is command-not-found and command-not-found-data15:09
jnoob22akik, yeah i still want it to auto-complete things like files and directories in the path or in the $PATH15:09
Gravjnoob22 guess its impossible to switch default file manager then15:09
akikjnoob22: that is handled by bash itself15:10
harenderhi, i have some *.txt files in /var/www/html/ dir, i'm unable to see these files in apache which is running on port 808115:10
jnoob22Grav nothing's impossible with *nix ... you just have to find a way and be a little more persistence15:10
jnoob22akik, ok, so probably a bash setting somewhere.15:10
akikjnoob22: no i mean the functionality you're asking for comes from command-not-found package15:11
jnoob22akik, was wondering if it involved an ubuntu package since I've not seen that before on any other distro.15:11
Elw3My file manager wont open at all atm... Be lucky to have one.15:11
jnoob22akik, ok, will investigate further.15:11
fathomHi, I have an ongoing issue with my Ubuntu OS. When I launch a text editor, ftp client, and browser---the OS boots me out of my session.15:11
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akikjnoob22: the packages can be removed by "sudo dpkg -r command-not-found command-not-found-data python3-commandnotfound"15:11
jnoob22fathom, sounds like something is crashing... which text editor?15:12
Elw3Grav you could of course just delete the other file managers and make a link to the one you need.15:12
fathomI have tried assorted variants of the Ubuntu OS, such as Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and plain old vanilla 'buntu and it is the same issue15:12
jnoob22fathom, probably something tied to your gui session15:12
jnoob22hmm that sounds pretty bad.15:12
fathomjnoob22, emacs...but should it matter?15:12
Elw3So "nautilus" is a link to thunar or something like that.15:12
GravElw3 i feel everything will just stop working if i brute force it, already half of it is broken15:12
jnoob22fathom, you asked, mate. If you said, gedit, then I would have thought well maybe there's something not quite right with your desktop session.15:13
Elw3It cant break more than that then.15:13
fathomI used filezilla, emacs, and firefox with clementine running in the background15:13
fathomThese things should not boot you off your session15:13
fathomBut it does15:13
fathomOne solution is to pick up the desktop and fling it out the windows15:14
Elw3So wait what exactly happens? You start a program and end in the login screen?15:15
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fathomElw3, Yes, I have a coding, web dev session of php going with music in the background, perhaps a tutorial video, the ftp client running and the browser to test my web dev code15:16
harenderhi, i have some *.txt files in /var/www/html/ dir, i'm unable to see these files in apache which is running on port 808115:16
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ck_mfcDo you think trump as president of the US will make linux great again?15:16
fathomand then I am booted out of my session. I have had friends over and they find this very funny15:16
fathomI don't15:16
fathomThey suggest it could be a graphics card issue15:17
cfhowlettck_mfc, this is ubuntu support.  take other topics to #ubuntu-offtopic15:17
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Elw3... bootet out... do you mean logged out?15:17
fathomI run an AMD APU with an additional graphics card15:17
harenderhi, i have some *.txt files in /var/www/html/ dir, i'm unable to see these files in apache or download them from apache which is running on port 808115:18
fathomPerhaps I need to pay for ubuntu support to get it working15:19
Elw3Well you could start by answering questions.15:20
fathomNormally I would switch distros, but there is some software particular to Ubuntu15:20
Elw3Booting out is not a valid describtion.15:20
fathomElw3, I agree, booting out mid work sucks15:21
Elw3Are you actually reading?15:22
Elw3See i do not know what booting out means. It makes no sense, so would you just mind to describe what you problem is? Is it a loggout, a kernel panic, a freeze?15:23
cfhowlettfathom, elw3 is trying to help.  perhaps if you answered his questions??15:23
mothershiphttp://pastebin.com/AEKgL3py <- how to merge sda2, sda3 partitions without losing data? cant unmount either of them :(15:23
fathomSo, I am using a text editor, ftp client, browser, music playing in the background and my session dissapears and I get a login screen.15:24
fathomThat's all I know15:24
Elw3mothership if you cant afford loosing data, dont do it.15:24
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mothershipElw3, the root(sda2) keeps getting full cause of kern.log and other log file15:25
Elw3So its a logout.15:25
mothershipElw3, any way to clean those logs automatically before capping the partition?15:25
fathomI don't think it is a logout as that implies my work is still somewhere, in session. In this case my work is gone-gone15:26
Elw3And that on several ubuntu versions?15:26
fathomElw3, Yep15:27
Elw3I wuold assume the WM crashes fathom.15:28
Elw3This is _very_ weird.15:28
fathomElw3, Any of them do. Unity, XFCE, KDE15:28
fathomSo you're thinking, "Not enough RAM", right? Well, I got 16 gigs15:29
Elw3You could try if something similar happens when you use no wm at all.15:29
akikmothership: one option is to move /var into the sda3 partition but it's manual work and prone to error15:30
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Elw3Eg use xinit to start a file manager and there start your programs.15:30
mothershipakik, :(15:30
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Elw3No one was thinking that, cause it makes no sense.15:31
akikmothership: maybe if you learn what you can do in single user mode, that'll help in these kinds of tasks15:32
son-gokuhello how do i remove these duplicates. Any idea? https://dpaste.de/Ck2w15:33
cfhowlettson-goku, see line 4.?  that's how you fix.15:34
Elw3fathom normally when its persistent over several versions its save to assume its an hardware problem, but this does simply not look like one or else it would be more random.15:34
fathomElw3, This happened once or twice when I ran opensuse15:35
Elw3Hardware problems should be more "random" than this.15:35
fathomIt's like I hit a sweet spot combination15:35
han-solohey guys15:36
fathomThese programs on this hardware produces a particular result15:36
Elw3How often does this happen?15:36
han-soloavconv infile.avi -s 1900x1080 outfile.avi return error15:36
fathomWhen I run this combo15:37
cfhowletthan-solo, run the command again and add this to the end | pastebinit15:37
cfhowlettavconv -i foo.deb | pastebinit15:37
han-solookay will pastebin it15:37
fathomUsually I get mad and reinstall, and then it happens again and my friends get hysterical15:37
fathomranges from several times in one night to a couple a week15:39
son-gokucfhowlett : when i run apt-get update it shows : https://dpaste.de/kiUU    and when i do it with sudo then it ends the same way as displayed in previous link i.e https://dpaste.de/Ck2w15:39
_cyclops_hi - how do i hold back a package in the unattended nightly update?15:40
OerHeks_cyclops_, what is unattended nightly update?15:41
han-solohe must've fell asleep :)15:41
cfhowlettson-goku, do this lsb_release -d | pastebinit15:42
Elw3fathom well do this: go to a tty and do xinit soemfilemanger -- :1 this opens the file manager on a seperate x screen. Now try to crash that. IF it is the wm that crashes this shuolt be stable.15:42
nacc_cyclops_: I believe there is a blacklist/whitelist file15:43
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto15:44
Niek_My ubuntu 12 preseed install seems to hang on a purple screen, does anyone have a tip on how to figure out what's going on?15:44
OerHeksbut not sure what nightly unattended is..15:44
naccOerHeks: iirc, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates#Using_the_.22unattended-upgrades.22_package15:45
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nacc_cyclops_: ?15:45
naccand that does specifically mention the blacklist15:45
Niek_can I drop down to a shell to view logs?15:46
naccNiek_: ubuntu 12? do you mean 12.04?15:47
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son-gokucfhowlett lsb_release -d  shows just Ubuntu 15.10.  and if i put the " | " symbol after -d then it just shows a blank line starting with " > "15:47
Niek_seems the network stuff is configured but after that nothing seems to happen and it just sits there15:47
naccNiek_: is it a particularly slow system? if you're preseeding, it might be going through partitioning, etc15:47
Niek_It's an SSD drive. So I don't think it's slow15:48
naccNiek_: ok :)15:48
naccNiek_: does the installer fail to work if you *dont* preseed?15:48
Niek_also, I don't expect it to hang on partitioning for 10 minutes15:48
cfhowlettson-goku, you can manually edit your sources with        sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list15:48
Niek_No manually installing works fine. I'm just trying to configure preseed so I can use foreman to do the provisioning of ubuntu servers.15:49
cfhowlettI suggest you ## comment out the duplicate entry, save the file, sudo apt update15:49
Niek_nacc: hmpf, for some reason it look a really long time for it to start installing packages. No idea what it was doing but okay.15:59
son-gokucfhowlett: funny it's not there in sources.list             maybe i will check /var/lib/apt/lists15:59
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cfhowlettson-goku, proceed carefully ...16:00
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OerHeksson-goku, chrome is a seperate instance in  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ , all PPAs have their own file there, not in  /etc/apt/sources.list anymore16:03
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OerHeksjust remove the latest one ( see date) and rerun updates16:04
zphobicI ran boot-repair on my system trying to fix a Windows install. It broke Windows and also somehow managed to mess up GNOME. When I login to the GUI it produces a log about the fail whale, then goes back to the login screen.16:11
zphobicgnome-session[2698]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....16:11
zphobicHow do I fix it?16:11
zphobic(It's Ubuntu 14.04)16:11
cfhowlettzphobic, purge then reinstall gnome?16:12
OerHekszphobic, any PPA installed?16:12
zphobicOerHeks: Not to my knowledge? I'm not the primary user though.16:13
zphobiccfhowlett: So, turn it off and then on again? I might, if it won't wreck settings and so forth.16:17
cfhowletterrrrrrrrr, you said it's not working now right?16:18
zphobicIs there ANY way to learn more information besides that snide error message?16:18
thms_How can I install mysql-server whitout it prompting for the root password ? I want to automate the instALLATION through a bash script16:18
zphobiccfhowlett: I like fixes to be targeted, but the error doesn't help at all.16:18
zphobicIs there a way to tell if ANY PPAs are installed? I haven't found one.16:19
Zulu_TooQuestion:  With Ubuntu Apache2 server it is wireless. What file should one edit i.e., apache.config  whatever to stop the IP address showing up instead of the Domain Name?16:19
Elw3Look in the sources file maybe?16:20
Elw3zhongfu cat /etc/apt/sources.list16:20
Zulu_TooIf you enter www.thatsme.com I see   as an example. I would like to see   thatsme instead of an IP address.16:21
zphobicElw3: Thanks. It's all ubuntu.com except a few canonical.com and spotify.com entries. Pretty basic.16:22
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OerHekszphobic,  ls -la /etc/apt/sources.list.d/16:24
zphobicOerHeks: Thanks!16:27
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Adiosheuy amn16:36
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DirtyCajunZulu_Too you still here?16:42
DirtyCajunthat is something you need to change in your A Records. who is hosting your nameserver?16:43
Adioshey howz it going16:45
nicomachushi Adios, do you have an ubuntu support question?16:46
bst1hi I'm using ubuntu 15.10 and I'm trying to install virtualbox it return eroor that dependency libspx is not install but i just downloaded the package from the website and installed it.16:50
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naccbst1: why do you need a virtualbox different than the ones in the repos?16:51
pk9the repositories will suffice.16:51
pk9go use your apt-get please16:52
Adioshey im using ubuntu mate the latest one .. why isnt there any ubuntu software center16:52
pk9apt-cache search <fill in blank>16:52
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pk9Adios the command line  is much simpler16:53
bst1nacc: i thought the one from the official webpage is better updated16:53
pk9apt-cache search for packages16:53
Adioswhat? when i had this software center was to search and click a fucking button16:53
bst1anyway thx i will get it from the repo16:53
pk9apt-get install <package> for installing16:53
pk9very simple16:54
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pk9the gui is making you groggy anyhow16:54
pk9please use a terminal16:54
Picipk9: thats not an option for everyone.16:54
pk9maybe they should be using a windows machine then?16:55
PiciAdios: Please mind your language, I don't use Mate, but perhaps someone who does can clarify whether it has a GUI package tool. just be patient.16:55
pk9apt-get install <gui package>16:55
pk9there you are16:55
pk9oh apt-get update first16:55
bst1pkg9: thanks it works16:55
naccbst1: yeah, i'd do that, as the dependencies may not be resolveable otherwise16:56
bst1nacc: okay16:56
bst1i heard the 15.10 is still unstable should i update the packages or just leave it like that16:58
PiciAdios: You might have better luck asking in #ubuntu-mate, btw.16:58
naccbst1: 15.10 has been out for some time, dunno what you mean by "still unstable" or "heard", but sounds like FUD16:59
bst1nacc: okay17:00
drosophileSalut , je sis nouveau sur linux17:06
Pici!fr | drosophile17:07
=== port23user is now known as bot_0
ubottudrosophile: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:07
cfhowlett!fr | drosophile17:07
drosophileHi , I'm new on ubuntu , I want to do MAO , but I don't know how to start , I'm dissapointed a little17:08
drosophilemusic computer assisted17:11
Fuchsmhh, okay, not my field, maybe ubuntu-studio people could help!17:12
Picidrosophile: they hang out in #ubuntustudio :)17:12
cfhowlettdrosophile, #opensourcemusicians17:12
BolvaronIs there a german support channel for ubuntu?17:20
cfhowlett!de | Bolvaron jah17:20
ubottuBolvaron jah: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:20
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herrkinhi community17:30
herrkinis there a way to avoid a vpn connection to make me route the internet traffic through that connection?17:31
alkisg_awayherrkin:  There's an option in the network-manager settings to ignore routes provided by that connection17:33
=== alkisg_away is now known as alkisg
Adioshaba haba haba17:34
herrkinyeah but that doesnt mean that I would lose connection to the machines in that network?17:35
herrkinI think if I do that I would only connect to the router17:36
herrkinI need to connecto to different machines in the network17:36
alkisgYou can then manually add whatever other routes you want, for a subnet etc17:36
alkisgThere's an option for that in the dialog as well17:36
eliyaakoubplease need documentation about backbox linux17:37
=== bot_0_ is now known as blackdev1l`
k1l_eliyaakoub: see the backbox website and the backbox channel17:37
herrkinthat is the problem I am not aware of those I am outsorcer for some support on the specific machines17:37
eliyaakoubin frensh please17:38
herrkinalkisg, in the pptp connection I go to routes and I see ignore routes and use this connection only for resources unchecked17:38
alkisgYou can see them with `ip r` after you connect17:38
k1l_!backbox | eliyaakoub17:38
ubottueliyaakoub: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.17:38
cfhowletteliyaakoub, wrong channel.  this is ubuntu, not backbox17:38
k1l_eliyaakoub: i think you were here often enough now to know about that.17:38
herrkinI have tried checking use this connection only for resources, then I cant connect to the pcs I want to connect17:39
Adioshey is this the channel for Africa's ubuntu donation Service?17:39
cfhowlettthank you k1l_17:39
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EleanorEllisI am trying to get a Startech USB2VGAPRO usb graphics card working. The manufacturer specifies that it can work up to 1600 x 1200. I have it connected to a 1280 x 1024 monitor but the Screen Display applet only lists 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 modes. Earlier, ioria advised me to login to a terminal and try "sudo service lightdm stop", "sudo modprobe sisusbvga" which produced the message "usbcore: registered new interface driver sisusb". Th17:41
=== Guest98726 is now known as velus
eliyaakoubthank you kll i have installed backbox amd 64 system in my laptop and need documentation in a frensh langui..  to use it17:42
k1l_eliyaakoub: #ubuntu is the wrong channel for this. see the backbox website17:43
cfhowletteliyaakoub, this is NOT backbox support.17:43
eliyaakoubthank you17:43
Adioswhy was ai kiked.. i want to donate some money to poor people in africa17:45
cfhowlett!ops | Adios troll17:46
ubottuAdios troll: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:46
lamont_hey new to this form what's the topic17:49
cfhowlett!topic | lamont_17:50
ubottulamont_: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:50
bluriderMy Asus X205ta doesn't have keyboard input during initrd but has it during the grub and post-initrd stage. Where can I find out which module the keyboard is using?17:50
roelofhallo allemaal17:51
EleanorEllisioria: I am trying to get a Startech USB2VGAPRO usb graphics card working. The manufacturer specifies that it can work up to 1600 x 1200. I have it connected to a 1280 x 1024 monitor but the Screen Display applet only lists 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 modes. Earlier, you advised me to login to a terminal and try "sudo service lightdm stop", "sudo modprobe sisusbvga" which produced the message "usbcore: registered new interface driver sisusb17:53
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gustavo_anyone can help me with a vpn issue? or just tell me where to ask for help?17:55
tewardgustavo_: asking a real question is more useful17:55
teward!ask | gustavo_17:55
ubottugustavo_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:55
ioriaEleanorEllis,  sisusbvga, yes ! not working ?17:56
gustavo_I'm using hamachi, I'm connected but there is no ping if I try to ping any host17:56
EleanorEllisioria: Not sure if it was working or not, but following a reboot it seems not to be. How can I tell if the driver is still loaded?17:57
ioriaEleanorEllis,  you don't have to reboot,  but restart X  sudo service lightdm start17:57
ioriaEleanorEllis,  lsmod | grep  sisusbvga17:58
EleanorEllisioria: I tried that but I don't think X restarted17:58
ioriaEleanorEllis,  did you do it in console or in a terminal window ?17:58
EleanorEllisioria: lsmod | grep  sisusbvga produces no response so I guess it wasn't permanent. I did it in console <ctrl> <alt> <f1>17:59
ioriaEleanorEllis,  yes,  and when you started lightdm, it didn't restart  ?17:59
EleanorEllisioria: That's right. It seemed to take ages without doing much which is why I rebooted. The console was still responsive when I did <ctrl> <c> though. Should I have just waited a bit longer after attempting to start lightdm?18:01
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ioriaEleanorEllis,  right ... anyway there is a bug report for your device : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/105056618:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050566 in linux (Ubuntu) "0711:5100 sisusbvga driver not working with StarTech USB2VGAE2" [Medium,Expired]18:01
EleanorEllisioria: Presumably lightdm should only take a few seconds to restart?18:02
ioriaEleanorEllis,  normally18:02
EleanorEllisioria: That bug dates back to 2012 and Ubuntu 12.04   I am using Ubuntu 14.04 so I thought this bug is probably out of date18:04
EleanorEllisioria: I will try loading the driver again and this time write down what happens afterwards18:09
glitchdcan someone please help me figure this error out?18:10
glitchd" kodi : Depends: kodi-bin (< 2:15.2~git20151019.1039-final-0vivid.1~) but 2:17.0~git20160110.0200-f8a52f8-0vivid is to be installed"18:10
=== gp5st1 is now known as monod2
EleanorEllisioria: This time I didn't get any error messages from the console and lightdm started immediately. "lsmod | grep  sisusbvga" produces "sisusbvga              35510  0"18:12
k1l_glitchd: your PPA seems to be messing with the depencies18:12
ioriaEleanorEllis, systemsettings -> Displays18:13
EleanorEllisioria: However, the Screen Display applet still only lists 1024 x 768 and 800 x 60018:13
ioriaEleanorEllis, which video driver are you using ?  sudo lshw -c Video18:14
glitchdk1l_, the what should i do?18:14
k1l_glitchd: "sudo apt update && apt-cache policy kodi" in a pastebin bitte18:15
EleanorEllisioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14869173/18:16
ioriaEleanorEllis, and i assume your monitors support an higher resolution ...18:17
ioriaEleanorEllis,  can you paste   xrandr ?18:17
EleanorEllisioria: Yes, the monitor connected to the dongle is 1280 x 1024. Previously I had it connected to an HDMI to VGA converter and that came straight up as 1280 x 102418:18
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
EleanorEllisioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14869235/18:18
glitchdk1l_, http://pastebin.com/UkWwFi2S18:19
k1l_glitchd: now a "apt-cache policy kodi-bin" please18:21
EleanorEllisioria: I think the dongle must be listed as DVI-1-0. The other two monitors I am using are connected to VGA1 and HDMI1. LVDS1 (the laptop built in screen) is switched off as the built in graphics card can only cope with two screens at once.18:21
glitchdk1l_, http://pastebin.com/tNHfkTLs18:22
EleanorEllisioria: However DVI-1-0 doesn't list the 1280 x 1024 mode that the monitor is capable of. Can I add this in a config file somewhere?18:22
k1l_glitchd: ok. you installed a .deb file that is newer than the one shipped from the PPA.18:23
k1l_glitchd: in other words you are messing with your whole system18:23
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
glitchdk1l_, shit. ok lol18:23
ioriaEleanorEllis,  yes, you can in a xorg.conf  file , but i'm not very good at that :(18:23
k1l_glitchd: uninstall that kodi-bin package. the install kodi18:24
EleanorEllisioria: Hasn't xorg.conf been deprecated now?18:24
glitchdk1l_, ill give that a try18:24
ioriaEleanorEllis,  well, not deprecated just not useful anymore, generally18:25
HalacsHi, I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS via netboot with preseed but installing kernel package always failed. Anybody can help me, please what could be the problem?18:25
ioriaEleanorEllis,   i don't think it'll change a bit, but try to install arandr18:26
glitchdk1l_, that worked like a charm. thank you very much for the simple explanation and even easier fix.18:27
k1l_glitchd: better watch out what all 3rd party packages and repos you install onto your system.18:28
ioriaEleanorEllis,   https://delightlylinux.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/adventures-in-resolving-missing-edid-monitor-data/18:29
=== monod2 is now known as Anon101
glitchdk1l_, wise words, thx again18:29
BenLubarwhy is HTTP/2 not included in nginx-extras?18:31
EleanorEllisioria: Thanks. I will check that and report back18:31
ioriaEleanorEllis,  ok18:32
tewardBenLubar: that's a question you can direct to me directly.18:32
tewardBenLubar: but you can also state which Ubuntu you are using18:32
BenLubarteward: I'm on 16.0418:32
tewardBenLubar: #ubuntu+1, or PM18:32
mifritscherI've updated to 16.04 - one problem: many programs complains about "process:1421): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library" . My environment: LANG="de_DE.UTF-8" LANGUAGE="de_DE:en"18:33
tewardmifritscher: !crosspost18:35
teward!crosspost | mifritscher18:35
ubottumifritscher: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.18:35
tewardalso see Ubottu's PM...18:35
teward!16.04 > mifritscher18:35
ubottumifritscher, please see my private message18:35
mifritscherjaja^^ I've seen ubuntu+1 a bit too late18:35
learner2426how to alert someone while talking in irc??  example  "name: this message specially for u"18:36
EleanorEllislearner2426: Yes that's exactly how you do it18:37
k1l_learner2426: write the nick in front of the line. the other one will get that line highlighted18:37
mifritscher(perhaps it would be wise to add #ubuntu+1 to the topic ;-) )18:37
learner2426EleanorEllis hi18:37
learner2426EleanorEllis: hi18:37
learner2426which one worked ? :D18:37
k1l_learner2426: use tab completion. write "learn" and then press the tab-key18:38
learner2426EleanorEllis: oh!18:38
EleanorEllislearner2426: Both of them, but I would usually use a colon by tab completion18:39
learner2426ok really thanks guys18:39
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jonny5000i am using ubuntu 14.04 on a lenovo yoga 13 and it has been great.  suddenly however, the touch screen seems to be malfunctioning.  it thinks i am touching it in differnt places than i am, and its opening the search window, and resizing everything, moving stuff around.  i changed no settings.  how do i fix ?18:46
akkadyou need to reset the sync.18:46
akkadthere should be a sync tool in the menu18:46
jonny5000akkad, how?18:46
jonny5000akkad, which menu18:47
=== Anon101 is now known as x0113_
jonny5000akkad, do you have any more help for me?18:49
srulihow would i allow all users to execute a script visudo? i tried "ALL=(ALL)ALL NOPASSWD: /path/to/" visudo isnt happy with that18:51
jonny5000i am using ubuntu 14.04 on a lenovo yoga 13 and it has been great.  suddenly however, the touch screen seems to be malfunctioning.  it thinks i am touching it in differnt places than i am, and its opening the search window, and resizing everything, moving stuff around.  i changed no settings.  how do i fix ?18:53
compdocclean the screen?18:54
jonny5000the screen is not dirty.  this is a software issue18:55
srulifigured it, third ALL was 1 too much18:56
jonny5000sometimes it is behaving like i touched it in two places, other times like some sort of weird right click18:59
k1l_jonny5000: are you sure its not an hardware issue? like testing with a live system or such19:00
jonny5000k1l_, how can i be sure of that?  it was working fine until suddenly.19:02
jonny5000now it has this prob19:02
jonny5000kind of spastic19:02
k1l_jonny5000: run a live system and test it19:02
jonny5000what does run a live system mean19:02
jonny5000oh you mean off a usb?19:03
k1l_make a ubuntu-usb or -DVD and boot that19:03
jonny5000cant do that now, as i am on a plane.  but i will.  seems like  a good idea19:03
jonny5000meanwhile is there any type of reset for the driver?19:04
jonny5000i think it is elan19:04
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zeus__need help,what app is similar to pdanet?trying to tether my vpn connection on my phone to the laptop running on a linux19:20
=== shazzr_ is now known as shazzr
* bet0x hello mortals!19:28
lornehello I'm new to Linux and having an issue will a few bits can someone please help19:29
bet0xlorne, ask brother and you shall receive help, don't ask to ask, just ask!19:30
lornetrying to use Unetbootin but it says I dont have extlinux and need to install syslinux which is already installed19:31
lornehow do I get hold of this extlinux file, I'm using Mint 17.3 on a Samsung R51919:32
bet0xlorne, ask on the #LinuxMint channel19:33
lorneMint is a standalone OS on the laptop19:33
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:33
lornethank you19:33
mxWitam wszystkich19:35
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qurionhello, a question: is there a way to change the left/right window tiling defaults so that they use different fractions of the screen width instead?19:38
checkitBuilding an audit tool for server time sync. Stopped ntp service and manually set back/forward the system clock. System clock is automatically readjusting to the correct time. What gives?19:39
cassanovawho knows about raspberry pi?19:40
k1l_cassanova: the raspberry pi guys?19:40
k1l_cassanova: is your question related to ubuntu?19:40
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sfdebugHi, I was here yesterday asking for a help in how enable wifi network in my ubuntu 14.04 that stoped work. I found the problem and the solution on the internet: the problem was a update that updated libs libnl* that caused the problem, the solution is here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/727127/last-upgrade-crashes-network-manager-no-internet-connection-no-applet19:53
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Bashing-omsfdebug: Ya done good :)19:59
=== Guest64854 is now known as ZaphoD_B_DK
sfdebugBashing-om: ;-)20:01
gabe_h_cuodAnybody here good at multi-boot setups?  Trying to get Ubuntu existing install to boot after adding a 2nd HD to my laptop.20:03
DavidFromBEufw enabled, only rule is 22:tcp allowed from any, why does host respond to ping ?20:04
tewardDavidFromBE: I don't think UFW blocks ICMP by default20:04
mehnouHi, can someone tell me how to cat a dashed file ?20:05
tewardDavidFromBE: do me a favor, pastebin `sudo iptables -L -n -v` for me, I know you use UFW, but it's a easy to manage frontend for netfilter/iptables so... :P20:05
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: UEFI ? A cloned copy on the 2nd drive ?20:05
teward!pastebin > DavidFromBE20:05
ubottuDavidFromBE, please see my private message20:05
mehnouHow to cat a dashed file ?20:05
tewardmehnou: 'a dashed file'?20:05
tewardmehnou: that's fairly vague, what do you mean a dashed file20:06
mehnouMaybe It's not the correct name, for exemple a file that starts witg '-'20:06
tewardmehnou: `cat /path/to/-file`20:08
tewardminus the backticks20:08
tewardmehnou: if it's in the same directory you're already in, then cat ./-file20:08
mehnouNot working..20:08
tewardmehnou: "not working" is not a useful statement, by the way20:09
tewardwhat exactly do yousee when you try it :P20:09
DavidFromBEteward: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14871129/20:09
gabe_h_cuodWin 8.1 working on new SSD.  Put old 1TB mechanical HD in the CD / DVD slot.20:09
tewardDavidFromBE: lines 71 through 75 - those are what permit pings inbound to the system20:09
tewardDavidFromBE: 'ping' tends ot use something called ICMP - it's pretty well used for diagnostics and it's by-default ACCEPT'd in the default `ufw` ruleset20:10
mehnouteward : it says 'no such file in directory'20:10
tewardmehnou: then you're not in the directory where the dashed files are20:10
tewardin which case, `cd` into those directories20:10
tewardand then 'cat'20:10
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om:  no cloning or nothing.  Just placed existing setup as 2nd HDD in laptop.20:10
teward(with the command i provided earlier)20:11
xgaurdifcat \-filename20:11
tewardxgaurdif: tested that in Bash, didn't work20:11
cspackmehnou: cat -- -filename20:11
gabe_h_cuodTried EasyBCD and that just gets me to the Grub4Dos terminal when I boot Ubuntu...20:11
tewardthough cspack's solutoin would work20:11
gabe_h_cuodNo UEFI...20:11
mehnoucspack : that is what I did, and it worked :)20:11
DavidFromBEteward: i know about networking/iptables, i'm quite new to ubuntu. After a bit of research, i learnt about ufw so i wanted to use it as it is a distribution specific tool. But it appears it doesn't fit my needs, so i'll probably revert back to a home made iptables script20:12
DavidFromBEthanks for your help20:12
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Win8 is UEFI firmware . I do not have the experience to install the boot code in that situation .20:12
ioriamehnou, also this cat -- *filename20:12
binBASHHi, where to find the kernel source of http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/ packages?20:13
=== nick4_ is now known as Anon211
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: That said, I do not mind laying the graound work for others to chime in here and assist you . Pastebin ' sudo pared -l ' to show us what we are working with ( as a target) .20:16
trismbinBASH: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds#Where_can_I_get_the_source_for_these_builds.3F20:17
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Typo * ' sudo parted -l ' .20:17
binBASHtrism: ohh, only in git? that's sad20:18
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om: Would have to boot liveCD to get there.  Right now I'm in Grub4Dos...20:18
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Most likely will require that liveDVD to install the boot code, if it comes to that . You have rest in the mainboed formware to boot up from that 3nd hard drive, yes ? and what happens ?20:20
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Sheeshh .. I can not type for some reason ! " you have reset in the mainboard firmware to boot up ftom that 2nd hard drive"20:22
=== jshiplett is now known as Vaishnavi
tewardDavidFromBE: to each their own :)20:23
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om:  good idea.  Let me try that.  Right now booting from SSD as primary boot.20:23
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: K .20:24
binBASHthx trism btw.20:24
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om: Shoot - still get Grub4Dos when booting off the 2nd Hard Drive reconfigured as primary boot drive in BIOS.20:29
Quatrokingdoes anybody know of a Synergy alternative that works between windows and ubuntu?20:29
QuatrokingI've tried like 5 different versions of synergy so far and either copypaste doesn't work, shift doesn't register or it blocks the media keys on the server.20:30
nomiccopypaste works on mine20:31
QuatrokingYeah I'm currently running a version that has copypaste and the media keys working but not shift20:31
Quatrokingversion 1.4.18 as server20:32
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Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: How does " Grub4Dos " play into this .. as ubuntu uses grub2 as the booting medium ? Is 'buntu installed onto this 2nd hard drive ?20:32
C_minusI wanted to use clonezilla to backup my ENTIRE hard drive (win7, ubuntu and any relevant boot stuff) so that the laptop can be restored in full with a single operation.20:33
C_minusIt said: This disk contains mismatched GPT and MBR partition: /dev/sda It will confuse Clonezilla..."20:33
C_minuswhen i start my laptop (after the dell logo) it displays GRUB. this gives me the option to choose ubuntu or win7 (or special options)20:34
Bashing-omC_minus: Maybe: http://www.rodsbooks.com/missing-parts/index.html <- Fix Partitions ; will help in this situation ?20:34
Quatrokingwelp, nevermind20:39
Quatrokingtried out one last version, turns out 1.6.3 has a working copypaste, shift and media keys20:39
max3i have a bunch of workstations that do ldap auth for login. a user has sudo privileges on one of the workstations but is able to `sudo su <other_user>`. that seems like it shouldn't be possible. is there a way to prevent this other than explicitly barring them from doing su?20:45
mifritschermax3: if he should do andything else - no20:47
max3mifritscher, i don't understand how the two systems interact like that20:47
=== moonpunter_ is now known as moonpunter
mifritschera user with root rights can issue processes as other user-ids  without having their password.20:49
mifritscher(technically, changing the user-id from the process)20:49
mistraloloh thats nice. uuntu 15.10 parted crashed when trying to add a partition with an invlid free :/ and wiped out the partition table :)20:50
C_minusCan someone explain the situation with boot partitions when you have Win7 (first) then install Ubuntu (later). Because I'm having trouble making a backup with clonezilla.20:50
=== njd001 is now known as Alex344
C_minusSomething about mismatched GPT and MBR, but I don't really understand the differences.20:51
=== gianni is now known as Guest36602
mistralolC_minus: different structure for the partition tables20:52
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: Grub4Dos must be popped in by EasyBCD....20:53
mistralolso how to get 64bit ubuntu to boot from a uefi bios that is 32bit only20:53
gabe_h_cuodPerhaps a Grub 2 install from the Live CD will fix...20:54
mistralolgabe_h_cuod: was that directed from me?20:55
mistralolat me...20:55
C_minusAll this hassle. My laptop boots up fine (most of the time). All I want is to make an image of the whole disk. Can the dd copy achieve this in a single command?20:56
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Yeah .. So we need to look at partitioning scheme, ' parted -l ' to know where to install grub .20:56
C_minusWhy is clonezilla giving me such a hard time?20:56
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ReSamwhat is the correct why to specify a NTP server on Wily (which uses systemd-timesyncd)?20:58
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: Didn't happen to have an Ubuntu ISO laying around.  Ergo my delay...20:59
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: K; We do this at your pace .21:00
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anonymous287hello guys21:04
anonymous287which is the best terminal emulator ?21:04
mistralolanonymous287: how long is a length of string?21:04
mistralolanonymous287: you kinda need to state what you need it for ....21:04
=== erdemolcay is now known as Guest33064
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anonymous287a terminal which i can move in my desktop and that can have tabs21:06
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gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: should I just do a "sudo grub-install /dev/sda" or similar when i get the LiveCD burned and booted?21:08
gabe_h_cuodI have (or think I have) a perfectly fine Ubuntu install on a partition on the drive I made into a 2nd HD on my laptop.21:09
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: NO ! .. We do not know what the partitioning is on that hard drive for 1, and for another, I would not expect that hard drive to be recognized as 'sda' .21:09
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  Clear.... We will confirm proper HD  with partition command in terminal.21:12
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Yepper . Better to know than to guess .21:13
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phoenix__ /HILIGHT nick21:17
phoenix__ /HILIGHT nick21:17
phoenix__Hello ubuntu21:18
MonkeyDustphoenix__  it works, we see you21:20
C_minusHere are my results for "sudo lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL": http://pastebin.com/QrVApmZs. Can I make a backup of my ENTIRE harddrive (all partitions and boot sectors) with "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb"21:20
C_minus(when running my ubuntu live usb of course)21:20
Bashing-omC_minus: " This page has been removed! " returned from your http://pastebin.com/QrVApmZs .21:22
orca_i want to live mint on ubuntu... how doi do it?21:22
C_minusor perhaps "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb/backup.img". Oh strange here's the paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/14871632/21:23
MonkeyDustorca_  what do you mean21:23
=== madagu is now known as MadAGu
EriC^^C_minus: /dev/sdb/backup.img won't work21:23
EriC^^C_minus: if you do if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb it'll work but you'll lose almost half the space on /dev/sdb21:24
EriC^^it'll be 465gb21:24
=== Alex344_ is now known as Alex344__
C_minusEriC^^ That's not the end of the world I suppose. I bought the drive intending that it be a backup drive and nothing else...21:25
C_minusBut are you saying theres a better way?21:25
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om> Downloading Ubuntu...  slow today...21:25
EriC^^well there's always a better way.. but you could just dd an img there and another image later so you have 2 backups on it21:26
anibuxI've broken everything!21:26
bpromptC_minus:   use something like Clonezilla, the issue with "dd", is that, is copies everything, including unused space, not just the data alone, Clonezilla only copies the data in the partitiion/hdd, besides the partition table and boot records21:27
EriC^^C_minus: like dd if=/dev/sda of="/media/hal9000/My Passport/backup1.img" bs=4M conv=sync,noerror,notrunc21:27
MonkeyDustanibux  start from the beginning, what brings you here, in one line, so you can easily repeat21:27
bpromptC_minus:   so, if you have a partition with 25gbs of data, that is 250gbs in size, "dd" will give you a 250gbs image file, even though 90% of it's blanks21:28
EriC^^C_minus: if you just want it for backing up then just use if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb reason being if the ntfs filesystem goes bad the whole image you had will be lost, that way it's multiple filesystems , you'll the lose space but whatever if it's just for backing up21:30
C_minusbprompt I was just saying Clonezilla has been giving me a headache "This disk contains mismatched GPT and MBR partition /dev/sda"21:30
=== Guest9866 is now known as dark_cat
EriC^^C_minus: what does gdisk -l /dev/sda give?21:31
bpromptC_minus:       I noticed that /dev/sda is 450gbs in size, is it GPT? or bios-mbr formatted?21:32
bpromptC_minus:    but... clonezilla should work without hiccups21:33
C_minusEriC^^ Can you decipher that paste?21:35
loveheartjoylovecan we change the name of Ubuntu to something not so lame sounding21:35
MonkeyDustloveheartjoylove  you mean the hostname?21:36
C_minusEriC^^ Yeah I don't care about saving space on the backup hard drive. I just need something to fully restore my computer (relatively) quickly after catastrophes.21:36
loveheartjoylovehow abbot lovejoy Linux21:36
C_minusOtherwise it makes my job a pain in the ass.21:36
C_minusI end up installing everything fresh, installnig loads of libraries, dependencies, IDEs for my programming projects21:37
MonkeyDustloveheartjoylove  #ubuntu-offtopic21:37
C_minuswastes like 2 solid day21:37
nindustries_Hi, anyone here used autofs?21:38
nindustries_I cant get things to show up for my fuse fs21:38
C_minusis the process to restore equally simple (assuming the same names as before) "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda"?21:39
C_minusWhy do some people add a conv=noerror?21:40
EriC^^C_minus: so it continues even if there's an error21:40
C_minusdo i want that? or can i not tolerate occasional errors?21:40
Bashing-omC_minus: It do appear from the 'gdisk' output we are back full circle in that you need to fix the partition table . http://www.rodsbooks.com/missing-parts/index.html .21:42
C_minusBashing-om I don't really know anything about partition tables.21:43
=== Alex344__ is now known as l00pback
Bashing-omC_minus: Understood, the link will provide .21:44
LoshkiC_minus: you don't have much choice. Depending on where it errors out, you may or may not have a viable copy. At least with noerror, one tiny glitch won't abort the entire backup, giving you a better chance of having a decent copy.21:46
C_minusBashing-om, I havent looked in GParted. Why do I need to do any of this stuff to make a backup with dd?21:46
C_minusLoshki, that makes sense thanks.21:47
cellyHey guys.  the #clonezilla channel is quiet, so i thought i'd bring my issue here.21:47
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: Booting LiveCD Ubuntu 15.10 right now.21:48
cellyhas anyone here used Clonezilla Server edition (drbl)21:48
C_minuscelly another clonezilla casualty, join the club.21:48
celly@C_minus: am i better off asking this here or in the #ubuntu-server channel?21:48
delrocasDoes the "amd" in [Ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso] mean it's for AMD processors? Is this iso also for 64-bit Intel processors? Is there only one iso of Ubuntu 14.04.3?21:48
C_minuscelly these guys are good :)21:49
celly@C_minus, ok.  then i'll pretty much just copy and paste my question here, lol21:49
cellywhen i run [drbl-all-service start], i get errors stating that multiple services failed to start (isc-dhcp-server, rpcbind, nis, ypserv, ypbind,yppasswdd,ypxfrd,statd,nfs-kernel-server,nfs-server, tftpd-hpa)21:49
cellywhen i try to pxe boot, i get to the screen where i can make the selection of starting clonezilla or installing centos6 net-install.  i am able to runt he centos6 net-install without any problems, but when i try to start clonezilla, i get an error stating "FATAL ERROR: Failed to mount root filesystem"21:49
cellythis is all being done in a virtual environment (using VMware ESXi 5.1).  the esxi host has 2 NIC cards.  the clonezilla virtual server is utilizing both network cards, one for "internet" access and the other for the drbl instance.  the virtual machine that i am using as the test drbl client is properly located on the same network as the NIC for the drbl instance.21:50
Loshkidelrocas: due to a unfortunate naming (not sure how it happened) amd64 is not only for AMD processors, but also 64-bit intel.21:50
delrocasThanks Loshki21:51
ikoniacelly: this isn't really an ubuntu issue21:51
star_Hello, I am trying to boot into 14.04 ubuntu system. I am stuck at Busybox initramfs screen.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1487159821:51
Egyptianhi - how do i list the contents of a single repo from the command line?21:51
Jordan_UC_minus: Loshki: IMHO any time you would consider using noerror with dd, you should instead switch to using GNU ddrescue.21:51
Bashing-omdelrocas: Loshki Because AMD has the patent .21:51
star_Please help21:51
celly@ikonia, i know and understand, but there is ZERO activity on the #clonezilla channel21:51
ikoniacelly: thats not really ubuntu's problem21:51
cellyif you suggest i bring this to the #ubuntu-server channel, then i will21:52
LoshkiJordan_U: C_minus: I agree, ddrescue is better than dd if there are errors.21:52
bpromptLoshki:    IIRC it happened because the first "consumer market' 64bit cpus, as opposed to enterprise, were put out by AMD, and thus the original naming used that prefix21:52
ikoniacelly: I'd sugget you not use any of the ubuntu channels for your clonezilla problems21:52
cellywell, the server is running on ubuntu, so i thought that just maybe, someone here might've experienced the same issue and would be willing to help21:52
gabe_h_cuoddelrocas:  I think that came about because of AMD's early entry into 64bit processors.  i think they were the first to market there a long time ago.21:52
ikoniacelly: it's nothing to do with ubuntu21:52
Bashing-omstar_: encryption at play here .. unfortumately I have no experience; I do not know how to assist you .21:53
delrocasBashing-om: interesting21:53
C_minusto clarify - Bashing-om's commetns seem to suggest I need to do <something> to my MBR and/or GPT, before I can do the dd copy. What and why?21:53
star_Hi Please help me with the Ubuntu issue21:54
star_ I am trying to boot into 14.04 ubuntu system. I am stuck at Busybox initramfs screen.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1487159821:54
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  Booted to Live CD with terminal prompt now.21:54
LoshkiEgyptian: I don't know, but there are other ways to search repos. "apt-cache search" for example.21:55
Bashing-omC_minus: MBR and GPT use different tables, having both is driving the utilities nuts as to what to do .21:55
C_minusBashing-om you'll have to slow down. I don't know what they are, what they do and what the difference is. Will it affect the backup with dd?21:56
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Outstanding .. show us in a pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' / let's know what we are working with ( EriC^^ Is now avail to bail me out IF this is UEFI ) .21:56
=== kanzie_ is now known as kanzie
delrocasThank all you guys for the info!21:57
Loshkistar_: tricky. Looks like a windows system (dual boot?) with traditional BIOS. I've had very good luck with boot-repair (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair) when I couldn22:00
Loshki't figure it out manually.22:00
=== dark_cat is now known as DoubleAW
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
AlexQHi. I got something like that: "WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! libtinyxml2.6.2v5 filezilla-common filezilla" on wily (amd64), using official repos. Could someone verify and report?22:02
mistralolAlexQ: does it do it 100% of the time?22:03
=== l00pback is now known as l00pback_
AlexQmistralol: Dunno, want to try another package right now, something small and simple. What could I try to install?22:03
MonkeyDustAlexQ  leafpzd22:03
MonkeyDustAlexQ  leafpad22:03
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Are you familiar with pastebin ? need guidance in use ?22:03
star_Not a dual boot system.. I am trying to boot into 14.04 ubuntu system. I am stuck at Busybox initramfs screen.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1487159822:04
star_boot repair did not work for me22:04
AlexQMonkeyDust: Thanks mistralol: Same. Hum, today was the first time I saw that. The time on my OS seems correct22:04
AlexQhttp://pl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ is used on my OS22:06
C_minusI think I had to use the boot repair utility on win7 the last time i (re)installed ubuntu (fresh). could that have caused this gpt mbr mess?22:06
=== ajm203_ is now known as ajm203
C_minushow does my laptop boot - i have no idea really. i just twiddled things until my dual boot system worked.22:07
flappynerdwhen burning an Ubuntu install ISO, how long should I expect "Creating image checksum" to take?22:07
flappynerdseems like it's taking about 100x longer than burning the actual image22:08
=== kanzie_ is now known as kanzie
flappynerdI'm just using: Right Click -> Write to disc...22:08
EriC^^star_: do you have a live usb?22:08
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: Phone call - sorry....22:08
AlexQSo what, just wait for it to resolve itself? Don't know anything about package signatures, so can't check what the problem is. Okay, gotta go22:09
ddxxxcan someone help.me.shut the nigger up hiding behind a speaker?/5 ladies they have hit.. plus an unborn kid a pregant lady22:11
axk4545I am creating an ubuntu VM that I will be installing VMWare on(don't ask, crazy idea) how much disk space should I give it?22:11
Loshkistar_: Well, sdb1 contains an ntfs filesystem (windows OS), sdc1 looks like a windows recovery partition, sda1 looks like a linux boot partition and sda5 looks like an encrypted home. Amirite so far?22:12
mistralolaxk4545: since its a vm surly you can give it a shitload and it will just work but not actually allocate it on the host?22:12
mistralolaxk4545: also if you going to try what i think your trying. the answer is no. it won't work :)22:13
axk4545mistralol: I am actually using the vm to create the setup and will then do virtual to physical22:14
C_minusSo I started off with 2 large partitions and 1 small. I presume the bootloader lives in the small one. Win7 goes in the first partition. I put Ubuntu on the second, it overwrites the bootloader with GRUB? So if I remember right, it did a chkdsk or something the next time i booted win7. Then everything was fine.22:16
C_minusBut now Clonezilla tells me theres some MBR GPT mess?22:17
ilyekkakaiHow do I get usb3.0 ports to work in ubuntu?22:18
OerHeksilyekkakai,  they work, or they do not, depends on the hardware attached to it.22:19
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  http://pastebin.com/eGQTu5uk22:19
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Look'n at your http://pastebin.com/eGQTu5uk .22:20
ilyekkakaiOerHeks, I only have USB 2.0 and 1.0 devices to test with. The ports which do not work under Ubuntu are all USB 3.0. The USB 2.0 ports on the system work fine.22:20
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  Booting Windows fine right now BTW....  /dev/sdb5 is where my Ubuntu install is...22:22
OerHeksilyekkakai, so it is the device, use the usb2 port ( or a hub if you have 1 port and multiple devices)22:22
ilyekkakaiOerHeks, but isn't 3.0 supposed to be backwards compatible with 2.0/1.0?22:23
=== l00pback_ is now known as edgo
axk4545does anyone know what the package selection groups actually install for the minimal iso?22:24
OerHeksilyekkakai, some devices have issues, even on windows/usb3.22:25
MonkeyDustaxk4545  you can download the iso, mount it and then go to the file that lists all the packages (i forget the file name)22:26
OerHeksand there is usb3 and usb3.1 ..22:26
=== TREllis_ is now known as TREllis
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest51300
ilyekkakaiOerHeks, the 2.0 devices function perfectly in the BIOS settings screens, just not in Ubuntu :(  The USB 2.0 ports are all on the back and the front panel ports are all USB 3.0, which sucks cos I like to have my mouse plugged into the front. It's just an annoyance really.22:27
Guest51300why cant ubunto mobile be like ubuntu mate?22:27
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: MBR partitioning .. OK run from the liveDVD ' sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt ; sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt /dev/sdb ; sudo umount /mnt ' Reboot - set in bios as the 2nd hard drive 1st boot priority - 'buntu boots up. now run ' sudo update-grub ' to pick up the Windows installs and chainload onto grub's boot menu .22:27
flappynerdGuest51300, why should it be?22:27
flappynerdmobile is a very different experience from desktop22:28
star_ <Loshki> star_: Well, sdb1 contains an ntfs filesystem (windows OS), sdc1 looks like a windows recovery partition, sda1 looks like a linux boot partition and sda5 looks like an encrypted home. Amirite so far? Yes22:28
axk4545MonkeyDust: I am referring to this screen: https://imgur.com/a/zmGoQ22:28
star_I tried to reinstall grub now I am stuck at GNU grub screen22:28
=== bbk is now known as bbk1985
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  OK - typing that in on laptop  .   Bear with me...22:29
MonkeyDustaxk4545  looks like tasksel (task selection)22:30
MonkeyDust!info tasksel22:30
ubottutasksel (source: tasksel): Tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems. In component main, is optional. Version 2.88ubuntu17 (wily), package size 31 kB, installed size 240 kB22:30
axk4545MonkeyDust: yes. any idea where I would find details of what each "task" installs?22:31
_torc_hey everyone I am new to production deployment process and I am running 2 ubuntu servers one for the production app and one for  mysql.  My question is whenever I try to connect the 2 I get `ECONNREFUSED` with the ip and port 3306 I have double and tripled check my connection string and all seems correct, what would be the next step to check?22:32
MonkeyDustaxk4545  try   sudo tasksel --list-tasks22:33
axk4545MonkeyDust: ok22:33
Ben64_torc_: make sure it's listening on an external interface22:34
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om> - Rebooting.  I think I've already got the 2nd hard drive as primary boot drive right now.  So we'll see...22:35
MonkeyDustaxk4545  sudo tasksel --task-packages [ubuntu-desktop]    <-- replace with task of your choice22:36
VillageHello Guys, i have one little problem, Ubuntu 14.04 i create user with root, and then set usermod -s /bin/bash newuser , then when i press up arrow at newuser shell i got history of types only at new connect.. when i press up arrow at root i get history of types from before logins, but at newuser i got history only curent login, what i need do that i got history at newuser from before logins?22:36
=== DoubleAW is now known as x983567202
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om> - I will double check in BIOS before boot.22:36
Ben64Village: how did you create the user22:36
goddardwhat is the project that forked nautilus and made it without the annoying menus and head header bar?22:37
MonkeyDustgoddard  nemo22:37
_torc_Ben64: thanks for the quick reply, i will do that22:37
VillageBen64, sudo useradd -d /home/newuser -m newuser22:38
Villagethen usermod -s /bin/bash newuser22:38
Ben64Village: you should use adduser instead22:38
VillageBen64, can you type all command?22:39
goddardMonkeyDust: i heard of another one but it isn't gnome 222:39
Ben64Village: adduser <username>22:39
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om>:  Still getting Grub4Dos....22:39
VillageBen64, than how user haves directory?22:40
gabe_h_cuodEasyBCD must have hosed something....22:40
VillageNo other way?22:40
Ben64Village: adduser does all that22:40
Villagehmm, let me check22:40
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Beats me .. lemme go ask for assistance here .22:40
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
demerHello, I saw that there was a new version of ubuntu and I wanted to install it but when I want to install via the terminal, I was told that I can not install it. My version is 14.04 LTS22:44
demerHello, I saw that there was a new version of ubuntu and I wanted to install it but when I want to install via the terminal, I was told that I can not install it. My version is 14.04 LTS22:44
xanguademer: LTS is still supported, why you wanna upgrade?22:45
MonkeyDustdemer  stick to 14.04 ... 16.04 will soon be released22:45
demerin LTS ?22:45
MonkeyDustdemer  yes22:46
demerokay thank you :)22:46
Bashing-omdemer: The next release up from 14.04 goes end-of-live tomorrow . What is set in 'software sources ' for the upgrade to ?22:46
demerand I also have problems with the cursor of my mouse on ubuntu. when puts a place, it disappears22:47
nullwispwhat brings y'all to Ubuntu irc?22:48
MonkeyDustnullwisp  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic22:48
VillageBen64, problem still same, no history at up arrow22:49
demerI am unable to use my mouse because the cursor disappears always has a precise place and bug22:49
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  I get Grub4Dos no matter which drive I make primary in the BIOS...22:50
Villagei have one little problem, Ubuntu 14.04 i create user with root, and then set usermod -s /bin/bash newuser , then when i press up arrow at newuser shell i got history of types only at new connect.. when i press up arrow at root i get history of types from before logins, but at newuser i got history only curent login, what i need do that i got history at newuser from before logins?22:52
=== bella is now known as Guest54252
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: The commands given should not have touched the 1st hard drive . There is a means to fix the Windows boot, but I am not familiar with it . Let's berify what is installed on sdb5 . boot the liveFVF to terminal and ' sudo mkdir /mnt/looksee ; sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/looksee ; cat /mnt/looksee/etc/issue ' what returns from the cat command ?22:53
C_minusI think I was having trouble installing windows in UEFI mode so I installed it in BIOS mode. Does that mean that I have MBR instead of GPT?22:54
Villagemaybe anyone have idea, what need do tahat new user haves lasted connections type history (when press up arrow)..22:57
=== edgo is now known as freedomslap69
VMWarePlayerBroktrying to install vmware player 6.x.x on 14.04 32bit, but cant launch after install, what to do?22:57
axk4545VMWarePlayerBrok: it is a kernel module thing. same issue here on Fedora 2322:58
Ruby_Rocks_007any one can help on ubuntu preseeding? :)22:58
demeri have a problem to connect to a vpn22:58
VillageRuby_Rocks_007, what is preseeding?22:58
VMWarePlayerBrokvbox didnt worked on F23 for me eather btw -.-22:58
Ruby_Rocks_007I have a problem when inheriting a preseed file from a former SA,22:58
Ruby_Rocks_007the line is :22:58
Ruby_Rocks_007d-i partman/early_command string debconf-set partman-auto/disk "$(list-devices disk | head -n1)"22:59
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om>  Booting Live CD.  Hang on...22:59
axk4545Village: like kickstart22:59
Ruby_Rocks_007basically where is the  ‘list-devices ‘ is defined?22:59
Ruby_Rocks_007is it a shell/os command, or a shell alias defined somewhere in other preseed file?22:59
axk4545VMWarePlayerBrok: really? What is the output of uname -r on F23 for you?22:59
Villagedark forest:)23:00
Ruby_Rocks_007Or in general, how can I write a shell script, and call it from preseed definition file?23:00
demerI try to connect a connection vpn pptp protocol and when I enter the field and my credentials I have a message: the connection has failed23:00
VMWarePlayerBrokaxk4545: nuked that install already, but it was a wrong one23:00
=== unix is now known as Guest40560
axk4545VMWarePlayerBrok: you could also ask in #vmware23:00
VMWarePlayerBrokaxk4545: hm k23:01
=== x983567202 is now known as bmk
axk4545VMWarePlayerBrok: It seems that only 4.0 kernel or lower is supported by Workstation/Player 12.23:01
Villageaxk4545, you don't have idea about my problem? "maybe anyone have idea, what need do tahat new user haves lasted connections type history (when press up arrow).."23:02
axk4545Village: what?23:02
demerdoes anyone help me?23:02
Pinkamena_DHow to resolve samba share to ip address?23:03
Ruby_Rocks_007@village, is there a document on how to call shell scripts from inside preseed?23:04
Ruby_Rocks_007and where to put the shell scripts?23:04
VillageRuby_Rocks_007, really don't know, sory, i'm green at ubuntu23:04
Ruby_Rocks_007I’m new to Ubuntu Linux and have yet clues.23:04
Ruby_Rocks_007No problem, @village, I’ll try to googling my luck. :)23:05
geniiRuby_Rocks_007: The documentation at https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Preseed is pretty comprehensive23:05
demeri have a vpn connection and the connection failed23:06
Villageaxk4545, when you connect to shell when press "up arrow" key at keyboard, then shell shows lasted typed lines.. and when i connect at root when i press up arrow i see typed lines history and from before sessions, but at newuser i see history only at current session23:06
axk4545Village: yes. That is supposed to happen.23:07
Villageaxk4545, and how change, possible?23:07
tgm4883Village: change it how?23:07
tgm4883Village: it's pulling from the users .bash_history file23:08
axk4545tgm4883: he means disable clearing23:08
tgm4883axk4545: define clearing?23:08
demeranybody can help me ?23:09
axk4545tgm4883: he wants history to persist across sessions23:09
tgm4883axk4545: it does23:09
tgm4883axk4545: it does not persist across users23:10
axk4545Village: ^^23:10
Loshkistar_: I notice your sda1 is ext2. Unusual these days. Where did it come from?23:10
=== demer is now known as techno2900
axk4545Village: root is a separate user and so will have different history.23:11
Villageaxk4545, yes how i can change it thet be hhistory from other sessions?23:11
Villageaxk4545, i know that heve different history23:11
axk4545Village: other user sessions?23:12
tgm4883Village: you want all users to share the same history?23:12
LoshkiVillage: it's a bash setting. See "man bash" references to history, especially "history-size"23:13
=== freedomslap69 is now known as seldon_plan226
VillageLoshki, i don't know how23:13
fangride22anyone know the command for terminal to download minecraft?23:13
tgm4883Loshki: what does that have to do with a shared user history23:13
tgm4883fangride22: wget23:13
Villageaxk4545, i don't want same history, i want newuser history from before sessions that be awilaible23:14
fangride22what is it23:14
fangride22i need to know23:14
tgm4883Village: I'm not sure I follow23:14
Villageaxk4545, yes, other, not root23:14
fangride22if anyone knows please tell me23:14
Loshkitgm4883: well, you can specify a "histfile". In the unlikely even that Village wants shared common history, I suppose you could name a common file. But let's start with the basics, shall we?23:14
tgm4883fangride22: "wget URL"23:14
techno2900I have a VPN connection and I can't not connect23:14
axk4545fangride22: you need to find the URL yourself23:15
techno2900i have a error message : connection failed23:15
fangride22i ahve for the website and  it wont download that way23:15
axk4545fangride22: what is the URL you have?23:15
tgm4883fangride22: "wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.jar"23:15
tgm4883Loshki: ah yea, that makes a whole lot more sense than "history-size"23:16
axk4545techno2900: any other info?23:16
Ruby_Rocks_007when I do preseeding,23:16
Ruby_Rocks_007how can I get a shell access during preseeding?23:17
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:" Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l" is what pops out of the cat command.23:17
techno2900axk4545: the protocol is PPTP23:17
Villagetgm4883, not history size actually i think so..23:17
Ruby_Rocks_007ubuntu 14.0423:17
fangride22then it says not exacutable23:17
fangride22 how do i launch it23:17
Villagebut history from other sessions23:17
xanguafangride22: install Open jdk from the repository23:17
fangride22i have and it pops upo not not exacutable23:18
=== [Saint_] is now known as [Saint]
axk4545techno2900: what client? is it the ubuntu network thing?23:18
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: I would expect that the liveDVD of 15.10 to work to install grub to the 14.04 install . What we can try next is to do a full change root into the install, purge grub and install all new .23:19
axk4545fangride22: you need to make it executable see man chmod23:19
techno2900axk4545 : the VPN client ?23:19
fangride22see what23:19
tgm4883fangride22: http://www.howtogeek.com/198476/how-to-install-minecraft-on-ubuntu-or-any-other-linux-distribution/23:19
axk4545techno2900: yes.23:19
fangride22 and it did this for my other linux that was older23:19
=== McPeter is now known as Guest2582
axk4545fangride22: in terminal type man chmod23:19
fangride22whatd o i do with this23:19
techno2900axk4545 : CyberGhost23:20
VillageLoshki, axk4545, no ideas?23:20
LoshkiVillage: you will need to edit /etc/bashrc as root and add something like HISTFILESIZE=2500 HISTSIZE=200 (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9457233/unlimited-bash-history)23:20
axk4545techno2900: ok. are you sure the url is correct for the VPN?23:20
techno2900axk4545 : yes23:21
LoshkiVillage: warning: if you mess the edit up too badly, you may be unable to login or create new shells. Be careful with this one.23:21
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: OK.  You have some commands for that?23:21
axk4545techno2900: unfortunately I have no idea having never used CyberGhost23:22
VillageLoshki, i think so it's not this problem, that change size of history cache, but when axk4545 says that at other users session only for corrent sessions is default.. and how to change it..23:22
techno2900axk4545 : okay23:22
VillageLoshki, don't worry, then i reinstall os23:23
techno2900axk4545 : Thank you23:23
Ruby_Rocks_007any one know what is the preseed ‘in-target’ mean?23:23
LoshkiVillage: sorry, I'm stuck. axk4545?23:25
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: From the liveDVD : ' sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/ - for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done - sudo chroot /mnt - grub-install --recheck /dev/sdb ' .23:26
VillageHm, thanks for trying help Loshki:)23:26
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: If that goes well, we next back out of that change root gracefully .23:27
=== seldon_plan226 is now known as irker648
Ruby_Rocks_007Hello? :)23:27
Ruby_Rocks_007any preseed expert can help with shell access, and a few funny questions? :)23:28
Ruby_Rocks_007how can I get shell access during pressed, like I did with centos kickstart?23:28
=== m1dnight1 is now known as m1dnight_
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
fangride22it wont work  the check box wont pop up what do i do23:31
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>:  I must be copying and pasting things wrong.  The commands are giving me some errors.23:32
fangride22 so what do i do23:32
fangride22 i wanna get it23:32
fangride22can anyone help23:33
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: This is one complete sequence " for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done "23:33
fangride22hello can anyone help23:34
=== bmk is now known as Frigid_Cryotank
C_minusA website suggests this fix "sudo gdisk /dev/sda" and wipe the GPT on /dev/sda for my Clonezilla problem. What are the implications of this. It talks about using fdisk afterwards...23:34
gabe_h_cuod<Bashing-om>: I just issued the commands on one  line broken up by the semi-colons as separate lines to put in terminal....23:35
=== techno2900_ is now known as techno2900
fangride22so what commands do i put in to install minecraft23:35
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: 1st ' sudo mount /dev/sdb5 /mnt/ ' then the for loop ^^ .. 3rd is ' sudo chroot /mnt ' Then install grub ' grub-install --recheck /dev/sdb ' .. before i used '-' as command seperators, Perhaps that confused the issue ?23:35
fangride22im confussed now are u trying to help me23:36
fangride22and ur confussing me23:36
fangride22can anyone help or no?23:38
fangride22i need to know now!!!!23:38
anonymous287hello everybody, is playonlinux great??23:39
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om:  Looks like it completed.23:39
C_minusWill deleting the GPT have unpleasant effects? I don't know why it says "GPT data structures destroyed! You may now partition the disk using fdisk or other utilities."23:40
gabe_h_cuodThanks for the clarification.  Those were longer commands than I expected and I must have copied / pasted incorrectly first time.23:40
fangride22no ones helping23:40
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om:  I assume I reboot now after getting no errors on those commands...23:40
anonymous287fangride22 what is your problem?23:42
VillageBen65, you here?23:43
fangride22i want to install minecraft23:43
rww1) sudo apt-get install default-jre23:43
fangride22but  the exacutable check box is gone on prefferences23:43
anonymous287did you try this? http://www.howtogeek.com/198476/how-to-install-minecraft-on-ubuntu-or-any-other-linux-distribution/?PageSpeed=noscript23:44
rww2) download the minecraft linux package from the minecraft site23:44
fangride22never wored23:44
rww3) run it23:44
fangride22i did23:44
fangride22 and i cant23:44
rwwcan't what?23:44
fangride22 i cant run it is the problem23:44
fangride22 it just saves it23:44
fangride22 and its not exacutable and i cant make it exacutable23:44
anonymous287do you have java?23:45
fangride22or something like that23:45
Villagefangride22, you need run it with commend23:45
fangride22ok how23:45
fangride22tell me the comand23:45
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Villagebut i don't know command23:45
fangride22i have the terminal ready23:46
rww"You can’t just double-click the Minecraft executable because it’s not marked as executable after you download it — you’ll see an error message if you double-click it. First, right-click the Minecraft.jar file and select Properties. Click the Permissions tab and enable the “Allow executing file as program” checkbox."23:46
rwwthis is from that link above23:46
rwwdoes it not work?23:46
fangride22theres no box23:46
anonymous287(do you understand french languages?23:46
* rww raises an eyebrow23:46
Villageand you downloadt it unrared or with sudo apt-get install and it ready..?23:46
fangride22i downloaded it from minecraft web site23:47
axk4545Village: may have to search for it but I don't think it can be done. the history thing I mean23:47
fangride22 and it has to be exacutable to run23:47
Villagefangride22, you try run server of it or client, and with terminal?23:47
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om: What do you think about Ubuntu Boot Repair?  is that an option to help?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair23:47
fangride22i cant get it to run23:48
fangride22or install it just saves it23:48
anonymous287did you try :  chmod +x Minecraft.jar23:48
Villageaxk4545, hm, so maybe i come back here tomorrow and will ask again and maybe some one knows it.. thanks for trying help axk454523:48
fangride22it says  cannot access  no such file23:49
fangride22or directory23:49
Villagefangride22, you try run server or client?23:49
anonymous287fangride22 , translate the page if you don't understand french:   https://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/minecraft23:49
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: No reboot yet .. I prefer to back out of the change root gracefully , ' exit ; sudo umount /mnt/run ; sudo umount /mnt/dev/pts ; sudo umount /mnt/sys ; sudo umount /mnt/proc ; sudo umount /mnt/dev ; sudo umount /mnt '. Now reboot - setting the 2nd hard drive for 1st boot priority . I have had bad results with boot-repair in multi disl/operating systems . YMMV in the "advanced" mode .23:50
fangride22idk what u mena just tell me how to do it and stop sending me to these pages cuz they do not help23:50
fangride22hold on23:51
fangride22so can u help or not23:52
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om:  Restarted.  Set 2nd HD as primary boot.  Getting Grub4Dos still.23:52
Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: Yuk ! I have no idea as to how that could be . I do have some experience with grub and the boot process but apparently not enough !23:54
gabe_h_cuodYeah - webs say Grub4Dos happens with EasyBCD.... Not sure what's going on there.23:55
gabe_h_cuodBashing-om: Grub4DOS appears pretty cryptic but if there were some commands I could issue to get Grub to boot in there that would be great.23:56
ilyekkakaiHelp! python scriupt can't find gnome-keyring.... http://paste.ubuntu.com/14872859/23:57
ilyekkakaiCan someone please help me fix this missing gnomekeyring module?23:58
geniiilyekkakai: Is package called python-gnomekeyring installed?23:58
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Bashing-omgabe_h_cuod: No knowledge of Grub4DOS. But the boot presess is bios looks for boot cide at a particular place ( where we put the boot code ) and hands off to that boot process, the boot code in sector 0 hands off to the code located in the root of the operating system - here sdb5 . Why the process is failing is beyond me .23:59
ilyekkakaigenii, no it wasn't - thanks!23:59
geniiilyekkakai: Glad to assist23:59

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