sakrecoer_hm... loging in to twitter... it is asking me to verify my identity... so i should guess this email and i have no idea...14:44
sakrecoer_never mind, it was just to find a tutorial someone tagged @ubuntustudio in.14:46
sakrecoer_found that emailadress :) it is in the encrypted password file.17:46
sakrecoer_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp/+bug/1540759/comments/5 have i got ARandR because i've added some PPA? 19:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1540759 in gimp (Ubuntu) "Mouse cursor appears in the wrong position in Gimp" [Undecided,New]19:28
zequence_sakrecoer_: ARandR used to be screen tool when the stock XFCE was not good enough19:33
zequence_If you've updated your system from an older install, it might still be there19:33
sakrecoer_fairly certain both my machines are fresh 14.04 installs...19:33
sakrecoer_zequence_: how can i check? i've seen it displayed in bugrepports "installation media"19:36
zequence_sakrecoer_: 14.04 still includes it22:19
zequence_So, that is normal22:19
zequence_It's in the seeds for 14.0422:20
knomehey zequence_ 22:20
zequence_knome: Hi22:20
knomelanded a few fixes/improvements for the theme today22:20
zequence_Ok, thanks. I will check it out.22:20
OvenWerk1sakrecoer_: I have been trying to get rid of ARandR for a while now, but keep on putting the change in too late. I think it is gone now.22:24
sakrecoer_thanks zequence_ and OvenWerk1 :)22:25
zequence_knome: So, what are your thoughts about making the theme mobile friendly?22:28
zequence_Aside from a hamburger menu, autoresizing of images would be nice22:28
knomezequence_, my thoughts are that it's fairly friendly to fairly modern devices22:28
knomeautoresizing in what sense?22:28
knomeproviding a smaller image, or just making sure it fits the screen?22:28
zequence_Not sure how it is done technically on some sites I have seen, but the image will automatically become smaller if you make the web browser window smaller22:29
knomeok, so is the theme not doing that now?22:30
zequence_Check our staging site22:30
knomeok, then i'll take care of that22:30
knomeanyway, re: the hamburger menu, a simple one at that is relatively easy, but i'm not sure if a simple menu is good enough22:30
zequence_Just the fact that it is a popup menu would be good enough for me22:31
knomefor you, but would it be enough for the ones using the site with their mobile devices?22:32
zequence_How do you mean? Wouldn't it be made specifically for small screens anyway?22:32
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
knomethere are good/correct and bad/incorrect ways to work on mobile support22:33
knomeand everything in between22:33
knomenow just doing that in a simple way isn't really incorrect, but it's not the best way either22:33
knomefor example, check the xubuntu site and how the navigation collapses in a nice way22:34
knomewith all the bits for the submenus etc.22:34
knomethat's not a trivial menu22:34
knomeor at least it takes some time to get it right22:34
knomejust doing a menu that opens with a button and shows for example only the root level items is much easier22:35
zequenceAh, right. Submenus22:35
knomebut then question remains how submenus are handled for example22:35
knomewould they only be visible when you were on a page within that menu structure?22:36
zequenceSo, copy and paste is not on the table? :P22:36
knomeno, unfortunately it isn't that simple22:36
knomeor at least it would still require attention and love22:36
knomeand the fact that the community theme is made to work with both a specified menu and a fallback menu...22:37
knome(yes, they do have different markup...)22:37
knome(for reasons unknown to me)22:37
zequenceOther than the hamburger menu, and the image sizes, I find that the minimal width is a bit too large. It's about twice or more the width compared to the Xubuntu site theme22:38
knomeyes, it is22:38
knomethat's another aspect of doing the mobile stuff "right"22:38
knomecurrently, i don't want to make the minimum width smaller because then it would mean the menu would break22:38
knomeeg. items overlap the logo or each other, and wrapping to two lines22:38
zequenceOk. Well, I would consider doing some work on this myself, since I have some basic knowledge of all the coding involved, but haven't every even attempted making a WP theme before. Still, if there is some code I could work on, to adapt or whatever, I could give it a try22:39
knomewe don't need code22:40
knomewe need CSS22:40
zequenceIt's all CSS?22:40
zequenceno javascript?22:41
knomeapart from some js event binds, yes22:41
knomebut the binds are the smallest problem; they are trivial22:41
knomehow i (would) do it is just apply a css class to the menu element from the event22:41
knomethen with/in the changed css class, make sure the menu is shown/hidden appropriately22:42
zequenceIf I have some spare hours (I'm going to work on -controls some days anyway), I could check how you are doing it for the Xubuntu web theme.22:42
zequenceIt's all here, right? https://code.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website22:42
knomeyeah, i can even give you exact pointers...22:42
knomethat's the JS part22:43
knomethe responsive design for the menu (and more) is in style-resp-*.css22:44
knomeHTML markup is pretty generic for both the xubuntu site and the community theme22:44
zequenceOk, cool. I'll poke in it.22:45
knomeoh, one thing you probably should be aware of22:46
knomethe responsive design is incremental22:46
knomeeg. stuff that is in -800 affects all resolutions smaller than that22:46
knomethe -450 file is relatively small, because it's inheriting a lot of stuff from the other files22:46
knomesomebody might argue that you should go "mobile first" eg. start adding stuff for the larger resolutions incrementally, and i could even agree with them22:47
knomebut what's done is done22:47
knomere: images22:47
knomethe theme *does* limit them to 100% width already22:48
knomethe minimum size is just too big and that's why the image (and the content) is wider than the viewport22:48
knomei just tested this on my own sandbox installation22:48
zequenceI would have no opinion on that, since I have no experience in that - yet. I've taught php, html and css, but on a very basic level. CSS I still haven't figured out well enough to fully understand positioning of elements. But, now I can learn some more :)22:49
knomeactually, the different subsets of work in the mobile menu are all trivial22:49
zequenceThat's good to hear :)22:49
knomeit's their combination that makes it interesting22:49
knomefor example, the positioning is actually "static"22:50
knomeeg. the normal behavior22:50
knomejust make sure the menu items are stacked on top of each other (which is natural for the markup too)22:51
knomethe positioning in the dropdown menu we have on the larger screens is different22:51
knomei could do one really simple thing for now to at least somehow support the small sizes22:52
knomeand take care of the main content area tweaks needed22:52
zequenceknome: Ok, thanks. I'm going to say nighty nighty for now. Don't think I will do anything for at least one week, and I might wait until after FF. But, I'll be sure to ask your help when that CSS starts making my life sour :)22:56
knomegood night22:56
sakrecoer_thanks for the insights knome ! got a few "aha" moments reading up.23:22
sakrecoer_i'm off as well! read y'all later!23:22

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