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pjotterDoes anyone know where exo-preferred-applications stores it's settings?03:22
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AfdalCan someone tell me all the different components of Xubuntu's automatic program startup at a session boot?04:40
AfdalCan everything actually be found within Session and Startup under the Autostart tab or is there more to it?04:41
Afdalseems to me there's more to it04:43
Afdalwhy is MenuLibre starting up at the beginning of a session for instance04:43
AfdalI thought that was merely a utility for editing xfce4-applications.menu04:43
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linux1456Hi. Does Default XUbuntu allows PPP Connetion? I wannt use Internet Dongle for internet.06:45
jackzhang1992hi,everyone, I have problem about intalling wifi drivers in the xubuntu09:36
jackzhang1992I just intall a Xubuntu14.04 on my old laptop, but when it boots,it cannot connect to internet.09:38
jackzhang1992any idea to fix this problem? (intall wifi driver offline)09:38
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TravisDoes Xubuntu have a program available, to copy files across DVDs.  I am copying an entire Windows account folder onto multiple DVDs18:10
GeekDudeTravis, Is the goal just to put files onto the dvds, or to spread one folder across multiple discs?18:13
Traviscopy all of the files in the account folder, so that he has them all.18:14
TravisThere are too many for one DVD18:14
GeekDudeWould it be possible for you to manually separate the files into DVD-size sections?18:15
GeekDudeNote: I'm no expert on DVDs18:16
TravisI could, but it's a PITA18:16
GeekDudeI'd imagine having a program that split it into parts automatically would be annoying for anyone trying to find specific files. As far as I know this would need to be done as a multipart archive, which would need to be reconstructed before it could be opened18:18
flocculantTravis: while I'd not normally say so, is it not easier to do that from the windows system the account folder is on?18:24
flocculantbut - if you're looking to do it in xubuntu, rather than look for copying - look for backup instead18:25
TravisThank you.  I will take all advice under advisement.18:26
* GeekDude hopes he doesn't sound like a rambling idiot to people who know what they're doing18:26
flocculantnot at all - and I'm just as much a rambler :)18:27
flocculantI'm just looking at the issue from sideways :)18:29
flocculantTravis: apparently bacula does that - backs up to multiple volumes18:31
flocculantin the repos18:32
xubuntu48wHi everyone, I'm experiencing an issue with my system and was hoping someone would be able to help. I'm running 15.10. Just last night and continuing into today, my desktop freezes at random.18:40
xubuntu48wWhen this occurs, the mouse either lags significantly or I stops functioning entirely. When it first happened I had to manually shutdown.18:41
xubuntu48wJust happened again 30 mins ago. I was able to access the login screen via ctrl+alt+delete and reboot that way.18:42
xubuntu48wIs this a known bug? I rebooted to the following error message: http://i.imgur.com/ZZi0zv7.png18:42
xubuntu48wHere's the same error dialogue box continued: http://i.imgur.com/04gauru.png18:43
xubuntu48wContinued: http://i.imgur.com/hPtgK7y.png18:45
brainwashthere is a launchpad url in your 2nd screenshot18:46
xubuntu48wLast one: http://i.imgur.com/cDzIRH4.png (sorry for all the links)18:46
xubuntu48wI hadn't noticed that, my bad.18:47
brainwashbug 135128618:49
ubottubug 1351286 in sane-backends (Ubuntu) "colord-sane assert failure: colord-sane: simple-watch.c:454: avahi_simple_poll_prepare: Assertion `s->state == STATE_INIT || s->state == STATE_DISPATCHED || s->state == STATE_FAILURE' failed." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135128618:49
brainwashcomment #30 looks helpful18:49
GeekDudeAt least assuming you don't need those packages18:51
brainwashhowever, this crash is probably not related to the system freezes which you experience.18:52
xubuntu48wWhile SimpleScan is an application that I use, I can install an alternative18:52
brainwashanother app may require sane-utils though18:53
xubuntu48whmm, alright.18:54
xubuntu48wI'm a university student, so I can just use the public printers for scanning instead.18:54
brainwashother than that, you should check the system and session log files for errors.18:57
xubuntu48wremoved simplescan and the packages the commenter had noted19:01
xubuntu48wI'm going to reboot and see how it goes.19:01
xubuntu48wI'll be back to let you guys no if that takes care of the issue19:02
xubuntu43wLooks like that fixed the bug19:09
xubuntu43wThanks for the help19:09
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xubuntu148como puedo saber quien entro a mi xubunto y mejor aun a mi modem20:05
flocculant!es | xubuntu14820:06
ubottuxubuntu148: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:06
xubuntu148how to know it when someone into my pc with xubuntu20:07
knomesomeone what?20:08
xubuntu148yes. some like a link when i switch my pc20:09
knomesorry, i don't understand what you are asking20:09
xubuntu148and says establishing a link connection, conection to what?20:09
knomemaybe you should ask on the spanish channel20:09
xubuntu148i wanna learn english xD20:10
knomei'm sorry, but this might not be the best place to do that20:10
xubuntu148or better fine20:10
xubuntu148thank you20:11
GeekDudeI accidentally deleted some files on a network share with a misplaced "delete" key press. Is there a way to recover them?20:36
GeekDudeit appears that file recovery software on the windows computer hosting the share is the preferred method20:47
GeekDudeAh good, it appears to have worked. At least, if there are any other missing files I wouldn't know20:49
GeekDudeI'll probably have to make backups... I really should be already20:50
GeekDudeIt boggles me that deleted items from a windows network share don't go somewhere20:53
GeekDudeI suppose that's what I get for not using a samba share with recycling set up20:54
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