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yuanyoujamespage: Hi , as we known, neutron-gateway charm have a config "ext-port", and i want get the "ext-port" value in my own charm onos-controller, how should i do ? thanks01:52
deanmanIs it possible to customize the look and feel of juju-gui charm to your needs?09:31
apuimedojamespage: you created a new merge proposal for nova-cloud-controller besides https://code.launchpad.net/~celebdor/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/liberty/+merge/283709?10:41
jamespageapuimedo, sorry - branch hell10:44
jamespagedeleted not10:45
apuimedoyes, it's just that I have some extra branches for backports I do10:45
apuimedosince when somebody wants to try it I usually backport the changes into stable10:45
jamespageapuimedo, I know we discussed this but I can't remember the rationale for not having the nova-metadata service co-located with the neutron-dhcp and neutron-metadata agents in neutron-agents-midonet like we have in the neutron-gateway charm?10:46
jamespagerather than using the one provided by the nova-cc service10:46
apuimedojamespage: We did :-)10:46
apuimedonow that neutron-agents-midonet is split from neutron-api I may re-evaluate in a future version10:47
apuimedobut the deployment recommendation in midonet is usually like that10:47
apuimedojamespage: you suggest adding some nova config in neutron-agents-midonet10:48
apuimedoso that it runs neutron-dhcp neutron-metadata and nova-api-metadata, right?10:48
jamespageapuimedo, well i have two ideas - one to run the nova-metadata service on neutron-agents-midonet and drop the shared-secret stuff across both charms - each neutron-metadata agents just talks to localhost with a unit local secret10:49
jamespageso like you say10:49
apuimedowell, they wouldn't even need a secret setting then10:50
jamespageapuimedo, indeed10:50
jamespagewell you do but just for the local neutron-nova comms10:50
jamespageno configuration at charm level.10:50
jamespageapuimedo, that's what neutron-gateway does today...10:50
apuimedojamespage: IIRC, if you leave it blank it also works :P10:50
apuimedothat's what I saw in some of our cloud configs10:51
jamespageapuimedo, that sounds like a security vulnerability to me10:51
apuimedowell, I'd say it is an option to disable the "secure" comm10:51
apuimedoI opted to keep it in my charms though10:52
jamespage# If authentication token is set, authenticate10:52
jamespageso only auth is someone actually set the value10:52
apuimedojamespage: do you know how much of a nova.conf chunk I'd have to add if I want to give it a shot?10:52
jamespageapuimedo, I know exactly10:52
jamespageapuimedo, nova needs rabbitmq and the keystone auth data as the neutron agents need - so no new interfaces...10:53
jamespageapuimedo, something like - http://paste.ubuntu.com/14876487/10:54
jamespagethat's pulled from neutron-gateways kilo template for nova10:54
apuimedoso I'll give it a shot later10:55
apuimedoI'm now fixing the linting and unit tests of midonet-api10:55
apuimedothanks for the template10:55
jamespageapuimedo, how about I do that for you now? I'd rather work that than have the manual configuration of shared secret in nova-cc10:56
jamespageapuimedo, I can test locally10:56
jamespageapuimedo, are you worried about upgrades to charms atm?11:02
apuimedowell, that would be nice11:05
jamespageapuimedo, ok working with kilo ok11:37
jamespageapuimedo, I'll need to re-deploy to test juno11:37
jamespageapuimedo, actually11:47
jamespagejuju create-model midonet-juno11:47
jamespagejuju deploy midonet-juno.yaml11:47
jamespagehurrah for 2.0 models11:48
* apuimedo wants models11:49
apuimedowhy didn't I start working on Juju now instead of before :'(11:49
apuimedoit's starting to get much easier11:50
jamespageapuimedo, apparently my laptop is not up for that much stuff grabbing memory...12:04
apuimedojamespage: xD12:04
apuimedoyou need like 10G for the whole openstack plus zk+cass+midonet agents12:05
jamespageand maybe a bit of auto config by mysql grabbing anything left..12:05
jamespageapuimedo, OMG that's pretty much the zookeeper charm I wrote many years ago12:07
jamespageapuimedo, well it still works - nice to know :-)12:07
apuimedojamespage: :-)12:07
jamespageapuimedo, there are more recent choices from the big data team:12:08
apuimedojamespage: shouldn't this be promoted to cs:trusty/zookeeper then?12:08
jamespageapuimedo, tricky12:09
apuimedoor at least cs:xenial/zookeeper12:09
apuimedofor backwards compatibility12:09
jamespagecory_fu, ^^ what do you think12:09
jamespageI suspect that moving from zookeeper -> apache-zookeeper is not a supported charm upgrade path12:09
apuimedojamespage: why did you move the merge proposal from needs review to wip?12:45
apuimedowithout having it run yet, it looks good12:45
jamespageapuimedo, cause I'm still testing it - I think its ok - just verifying with juno12:45
apuimedos/it run/run it/12:45
apuimedoyour RAM will suffer12:46
jamespageI have some lxd/cloud-init oddisms I have  to deal  with until a bug it resolved12:48
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vaewynHey all...  found a bunch of environment variables but have yet to find one with the charms name in it... is there such a beast I can use in the hooks? Wanting one of the hooks to act differently depending on if the charm is directly deployed... or is used as a layer for another charm13:31
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* arosales taking a first look at the LTE eNB charms in the review queue14:18
arosalesvaewyn: hello. I may not understand your question, but you can't use a charm as a layer for another charm.  You have to create an explicit layer that is used to build a charm.14:31
arosalesSo I can't use https://jujucharms.com/mysql/ as a layer for another charm. If you wanted to build a charm using layers you would need to include a layer from http://interfaces.juju.solutions/14:33
arosalesvaewyn: ^ hth14:34
vaewynarosales: I guess maybe I should say more what I am trying to accomplish then...  I have a charm currently that sets up environment and downloads a central codebase... then I have subordinate charms to deploy various apps off it it... was trying to reform all that into layers so I can still reuse the codebase charm in each application but end up with a single charm to deploy made of layers instead14:36
vaewynarosales: the codebase charm has no relations or anything really... it's just a "get this crud on the disk" charm14:39
vaewynarosales: I'm a very newb to this so I may be totally heading the wrong way but this path looked interesting14:39
vaewynarosales: reading more... now I see what you mean :)  Thanks for the direction14:51
arosalesvaewyn: your approach seems very reasonable. It sounds like what we call a "framework" charm, ie rails or java15:02
arosalesbut for that "codebase charm" I think you just need to create a layer.15:04
arosalesref = https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/developer-layers && https://pythonhosted.org/charms.reactive/15:05
arosalesvaewyn: ^15:05
vaewynarosales: It seems kindof inferred...  but are layers always processed/completed in the order of inclusion? ie... are the reactive portions just for interaction with other charms or for internal change events also as each layer gets slapped together?15:11
arosalesvaewyn:  layers give you 2 basic pieces of functionality to build a final charm.15:17
arosales1. "layers" give you the ability to react to "states" to model how the service, ie code how the internal events are handled15:18
arosales2. "interfaces" give you the ability to easily react to "state" when communicating with other applications (charms)15:18
arosalesvaewyn: ^15:18
arosalesbtw, for reference here is the ruby layer http://interfaces.juju.solutions/layer/openjdk/ and the java layer = http://interfaces.juju.solutions/layer/openjdk/15:22
vaewynarosales: ahh... those are much cleaner.. the apache-php layer seems to blur those lines you stated a bit... so I was a bit confused15:24
arosalesya apache-php may blur the lines a little from "run-time" and app15:27
arosalesvaewyn: I hope that helps, let us know how your charming goes15:27
vaewynarosales: does yes... thank you! and will do15:27
jamespageapuimedo, ok so that works on juno as well15:29
apuimedogreat jamespage15:29
jamespageapuimedo, I love the fact that java is so sensitive for DNS crappy ness15:29
jamespageapuimedo, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/154006115:29
mupBug #1540061: juju 2.0 alpha + local LXD provider: dns hostname inconsistency <juju-release-support> <lxd> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540061>15:29
jamespageapuimedo, until the first dhcp lease renewal everything is called 'ubuntu' in the dnsmasq instance...15:30
apuimedojamespage: also, alai reported some lxc containers in maas env not getting "search domainname" in /etc/resolv.conf15:30
apuimedowhich is problematic15:30
apuimedojamespage: so I'll merge your proposal15:31
jamespageapuimedo, that sounds like old MAAS behaviour to me - I'' check15:31
apuimedojamespage: I didn't experience it15:31
apuimedoit was on oil15:31
jamespageapuimedo, anyway - if you're ok with my changes to neutron-agents-midonet, lets drop https://code.launchpad.net/~celebdor/charms/trusty/nova-cloud-controller/liberty/+merge/28370915:31
jamespageits really not needed any longer \o/15:31
alaijamespage, apuimedo : it's maas 1.9 we are using15:32
apuimedojamespage: there's the part of selecting the libvirt vif driver15:34
jamespageapuimedo, I think that may only be required in the nova-compute units15:34
apuimedoyeah, I thought so too15:34
jamespageI've been running with stable n-cc charm and its working fine...15:34
apuimedoalright, I'll abandon the merge15:35
jamespageapuimedo, awesome15:38
apuimedojamespage: I'll never get used to a brit saying awesome instead of brilliant :-)15:41
apuimedojamespage: you had to manually add the compute hosts to the tunnel zone, right?15:44
jamespageapuimedo, nope - they all got added automatically15:45
jamespageapuimedo, I had to work around that bug I detailed with a quick dhclient -r && dhclient before stuff got installed but apart from that 0 hacks...15:46
jamespageapuimedo, instances are getting dhcp IP addresses and can access the metadata service fine15:46
jamespageapuimedo, still can't get the external network bit going...15:46
jamespagebut that may be my test right15:47
jamespagerig being a bit bleeding edge...15:47
apuimedowell, I'm fixing the midonet-api unit tests and changing how the midonet-api registers the hosts into the tunnel zone15:47
apuimedoto use contrib.network.ip to get the ip of the compute node15:47
apuimedoand get the uuid from the relation15:48
apuimedobecause otherwise it doesn't work with maas with dns domains :(15:48
jamespageapuimedo, ack15:52
jamespageapuimedo, I'll post a summary of TODO to the bug15:52
apuimedovery well ;-)15:52
apuimedoI am now removing the split branch15:52
apuimedoand leaving only /trunk15:52
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magicaltroutalright chaps, charm publish, does that stuff work for us minions if I'm running the PPA?16:47
magicaltroutor do I have to wait?16:47
jrwrenmagicaltrout: it works16:48
jhobbsis thre some way to tell juju which interfaces to associate with containers it creates?17:13
jhobbswe're using MAAS 1.9's vlan interface configuration and want containers to be connected to one or more interface17:13
jhobbsvia a bridge17:13
jhobbsMAAS can't create the bridge - can juju do it?17:13
jhobbsthis is the MAAS bug for creating the bridge https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/151218717:13
mupBug #1512187: ability to create bridges on MAAS nodes for use without Juju <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1512187>17:14
magicaltroutin actions, can you set default parameter values?18:46
magicaltroutof course in the action I can test to see whether its set or not, but if a sensible default was set if it wasn't passed in by the user,it would save me writing check logic18:46
handicraftsmanHow i can install juju on my debian sid?19:31
handicraftsmanIt does not supports ppas19:32
jrwrenhandicraftsman: you can use the long form of ppa added to sources.list19:33
handicraftsmanI'll choose xenial version, because it's not finished and ubuntu is always build on debian sid19:37
jrwrenhandicraftsman: go here: https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/ubuntu/devel/  expand the green "Technical details about this ppa" link and for sid, i'd recommend picking wily, but YMMV.  You'll need to run `sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys C8068B11 `19:37
handicraftsmanI'll just install it on my linux lite laptop xD19:38
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marcoceppimagicaltrout: yes, you can define a default21:11
magicaltroutmarcoceppi: thanks21:15
magicaltroutsomehow this hotel's wifi is worse than the other one, so testing this stuff is taking time! :P21:15
marcoceppimagicaltrout: boo21:24
marcoceppimagicaltrout: now that everyone is gone it's rather peppy here ;)21:25
magicaltroutlack of porn being viewed......21:25
jrwreni'm roughly following the vanilla layers walkthrough and build says it can't find the layer i'm using.21:38
jrwrenDoes the walk through skip a part where I download layers to INTERFACE_PATH and LAYER_PATH?21:38
marcoceppijrwren: no, you don't need to download layers21:40
marcoceppijrwren: can you pastebin the output21:40
marcoceppijrwren: (layers are fetched from the index)21:40
jrwrenlet me check my charmtools version. maybe i didn't re-add ppa after upgrading to wily or something stupid.21:42
marcoceppijrwren: yeah, was about to ask21:42
marcoceppijrwren: charm version should do it21:42
marcoceppithat's latest21:43
marcoceppijrwren: is your layer somewhere?21:44
jrwrenmarcoceppi: no, its brand new.21:44
marcoceppijrwren: could you put it somewhere :)21:44
marcoceppijrwren: also charm build -l DEBUG will be helpful21:44
marcoceppijrwren: layer.yaml file?21:46
jrwrenincludes: ['layer:nodejs', 'interface:mongodb']21:47
jrwrenmarcoceppi: https://github.com/jrwren/parse-server-example/tree/no-go-layers21:47
marcoceppijrwren: you have a few problems, not related21:48
marcoceppiI don't think - in reactive file paths will work because of how they're imported21:48
jrwrenmarcoceppi: tons, i'm sure :)21:48
marcoceppijrwren: works for me. Unset your LAYER_PATH and INTERFACE_PATH21:50
marcoceppiif there's nothing in there you don't need to set21:50
jrwrensame results.21:50
marcoceppithis is what it should do jrwren http://paste.ubuntu.com/14882969/21:55
marcoceppijrwren: does http://interfaces.juju.solutions load for you?21:56
jrwrenmarcoceppi: yes, i even just used curl to make sure it loads from the remote system on which I'm writing this21:56
jrwrenmarcoceppi: i added some debugging, i get 'build: fetch FetchError:No fetcher for url: layer:nodejs'22:01
jrwrenindeed there is no layer fetcher22:03
marcoceppijrwren: did you ever pip install charmtools?22:04
jrwrenmarcoceppi: not system wide. Maybe in a venv someplace, but that venv isn't active.22:05
marcoceppiotp, brb22:05
jrwrenmarcoceppi: tried on a different system, can confirm its something wrong with that system.23:10
jrwrenmarcoceppi: thanks for walking me through.23:10

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