keithzgeluus: No big risk; worst-case scenario you just have to uninstall nautilus if it makes things wonky, package management makes all that generally nice and clean.00:05
eluusalright keithzg thanks00:06
keithzgeluus: No problem, let us know if things don't go smoothly and we can try and work it out further.00:06
eluuskeithzg: I've installed it and it says the system requires a restart, is this normal?00:08
keithzgeluus: Not necessarily, but neither a reason to worry too much. I'd guess it's either (a) it pulled down some dependencies for some reason that caused changes (ex. to the splash screen) that will only take effect upon reboot, or perhaps more likely (b) there were some pending updates that were installed at the same time.00:10
keithzgeluus: I'd say that, for what you're trying to do, you *shouldn't* have to reboot for things to work.00:11
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James0redited unredirectfullscreen to true in kwinrc and now kwin is crashing repeatedly. i changed it back to false, but still getting an opengl composiing crash warning in the compositor module.01:36
James0rand changes to kwin in the modules are being ignored now01:37
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SporkWitchcan anyone help me with otf fonts in 14.04?  All the google results are saying fc-cache or use the GUI to install, but those don't work.  I vaguely remember an ncurses interface similar to that for SSL certificates, but it's been ages.  Trying to get the powerline fonts installed for vim01:50
SporkWitchcan anyone help me with otf fonts in 14.04?  All the google results are saying fc-cache or use the GUI to install, but those don't work.  I vaguely remember an ncurses interface similar to that for SSL certificates, but it's been ages.  Trying to get the powerline fonts installed for vim02:52
bob2021 03:08
bob2021hi.  i'm still trying to get kubuntu working.  i just tried to completely uninstall and reinstall, but now kinit segfaults on login, with no descriptive error  message. can anyone help/03:09
SporkWitchbob2021: what exactly seems to be the issue? and you don't really "uninstall and reinstall" an OS, you just "reinstall," replacing what was there03:10
SporkWitchbob2021: what was the previous issue before you tried this, leading to the new issue?03:10
bob2021sporkwitch: i had a never-ending series of issues.  that last set of issues were with kmail and online accounts.  but it was one thing after another.  someone in #kde suggested making sure i had the most recent minor version update.03:11
bob2021sporkwitch: and what i did was to apt-remove, clean the cache, and then install kubuntu-full again03:13
SporkWitchbob2021: would i be correct in assuming that this is basically a clean machine that you can safely nuke?  If so, I'm inclined to say let's start from scratch and i'll help you as you go.  Much easier than tracing back individual issues mixed with attempted fixes that didn't work / created new issues03:13
bob2021SporkWitch I really don't want to nuke it.  While its largely clean, I did put a lot of effort into getting a few things working03:14
SporkWitchno disrespect, but just because you put a lot of effort in doesn't mean they ARE a lot of effort.  You'll often find that while it's work the first time, once you've done it, it's minutes the next time.    What were the issues you ran into and got fixed?03:15
SporkWitch(I won't lie, i'm trying to be lazy here, because remote troubleshooting is hell lol)03:15
bob2021SparkWitch: I don't mean a lot of effort into getting kubuntu working, i mean a lot of effort getting working a set of very complex deep learning libraries which are the reason i installed ubuntu to begin with.03:16
bob2021it was about a week's work getting them to compile03:16
keithzgSporkWitch: Jumping back quite a bit, but did you ever get your font situation figured out? I'm surprised the GUI installation method isn't working (just lazily did it that way yesterday on my 14.04 desktop here), but you could always just go fully manual and copy to ~/.fonts or  /usr/local/share/fonts03:16
bob2021sporkwitch: you want to remote-desktop in?03:17
bob2021or ssh?03:17
SporkWitchkeithzg: no.  I ran into the same problem the last time I did a clean install, but I can't remember the fix.  The font shows up in the GUI "fonts" menu, it gets seen by fc-cache, but the terminals (yakuake and konsole) don't actually use them, yet i know the fonts DO work in both terminals once they're installed "the right way"03:18
SporkWitchand i can't seem to find the solution i found before in my googling03:18
SporkWitchbob2021: what's the output of "tail /var/log/syslog" ?03:19
SporkWitchit SHOULD have something relating to that crash03:19
keithzgbob2021: If the problem is a crash upon login, maybe try installing an alternate environment? I always go for openbox, which is about as minimal as you can get, so that's always good as a fallback for retreating to and figuring things out. Admittedly, something like LXDE might be a better option depending on your level of experience.03:20
SporkWitchkeithzg: yeah, did the system route, no joy03:20
keithzgSporkWitch: Hmm, interesting.03:20
bob2021SporkWitch well right now it has more recent errors about my now being booted into Unity.   But the last kdeinit messages were preparing to launch kconf_update and then PID terminated03:20
SporkWitchkeithzg: yeah.  like i said, i ran into it last time too, no idea what's up.  and i have rebooted a couple times, just to be safe03:20
SporkWitchbob2021: kubuntu doesn't have unity...03:21
bob2021keithzg: oh i can get into Unity fine.  I'm in it now.  But I like kubuntu.  It was nice.03:21
keithzgbob2021: Ah, I getcha.03:21
bob2021SporkWitch: I installed kubuntu by apt installing kubuntu-desktop on top of ubuntu 15.1003:21
SporkWitchno wonder you've been running into problems...03:21
SporkWitchit's a bit intense, but i say remove that set of packages and try to install JUST KDE03:22
SporkWitch(or, ideally, start from kubuntu rather than ubuntu)03:22
bob2021SporkWitch: that risks leaving me with a system that's completely GUI-broken though03:22
SporkWitchi also recommend using LTS releases03:22
bob2021Yeah - not using an LTS release was a mistake on my part.03:22
keithzgbob2021: Does .xsession-errors have anything in it?03:22
bob2021keithzg: there aren't timestamps, but i see a bunch about upstart complaining that the main process ended, and that its respawning too fast03:23
keithzgbob2021: Hmm, that doesn't necessarily seem applicable . . . although wait. Upstart? Which release are you on?03:24
SporkWitchkeithzg: 15.10 he said03:24
bob2021keithzg: 15.1003:24
bob2021yeah upstart shouldn't be doing anything at all right03:24
bob2021keithzg: wait! there's an xsession-errors.old that has more in it03:25
keithzgWell, it lingers around a bit AFAIK, since there are still some things that weren't ported, so maaaaybe that makes sense. But it does seem suspicious.03:25
keithzgbob2021: Oh? Any promising leads?03:27
bob2021keithzg: the xsession errors are not clearly understandable by me.  It seems to begin with invalid pixmap, then a lot of no frame loaded, then qt session management error networkidlist argument is NULL03:27
bob2021keithzg: at the end i get fatal IO Error: Client killed, sending SIGHUP to children, sending SIGTERM to children, then done03:28
keithzgbob2021: Maybe throw it up at https://paste.kde.org/ just in case someone can make sense of it03:28
bob2021keithzg see anything in there?03:33
bob2021or Sporkwitch? :)03:33
bob2021keithzg and sporkwitch: I found in kern.log, it seems to be saying that kactivitymanger is segfaulting.  is that likely the same?03:35
keithzgbob2021: It's a bit above my pay grade, but a segfault seems like a likely culprit, ja03:36
bob2021keithzg but in kactivitymanager?  would that be reported as kinit5 crashing?03:36
bob2021keithzg: actually i don't think it is the same.  i think its more recent.  there's a kwalletd5 segfault earlier03:37
bob2021keithzg and a whole bunch of kded5 segfaults03:38
bob2021see here:  https://paste.kde.org/pvrtvwsks03:39
keithzgbob2021: Yikes03:41
bob2021is that a technical term?03:43
keithzgbob2021: hah, yup, very technical03:43
bob2021it seems to me, keithzg, that it means there's a bad library version incompatibility somewhere.03:43
bob2021if you look at the timestamps, you'll see that there are two attempts to load kinit after i did the reinstall03:44
bob2021the first failure is kactivitymanage03:44
bob2021and almost all of the segfaults relate to libxcb03:45
keithzgbob2021: Hmm. What graphics drivers are you running on that machine?03:45
bob2021keithzg actually i may just have found an answer (only because of your diagnostic suggestions):  http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12455703:46
bob2021let me give it a try...03:46
keithzgbob2021: Fingers crossed!03:46
bob2021acutally when i try to remove just libqt5x11extras5, it wants to remove 244 packages with it!03:47
keithzgbob2021: What does "apt-cache policy libqt5x11extras5" say?03:48
bob2021keithzg it says version 5.5.1-1 is installed, and 5.4.2-2 is what's available from the ubuntu repo03:49
bob2021is it possible that means its from a repo I had turned off?  that would explain everything...03:50
bob2021yes that is the answer... it should be at version 5.4.2, not 5.5.1.  can you advise how to make sure i pull out every one of these wrong-repo packages and reinstall from right-repo?03:51
keithzgbob2021: With a tiny bit of scripting that shouldn't be hard . . . I once had to just reinstall every package on my system because I had done a version upgrade with RAM that had started to go bad! I forget offhand how to recursively reinstall, however, hmm.03:55
bob2021keithzg i think there are two issues.  one is to identify the packages that need reinstalling, because they came from a repo that's no longer around so it needs to use an older version.  the other is to reinstall all of them simultaneously03:56
bob2021someone wrote a ppa-purge package...03:59
keithzgbob2021: Even just simply passing every package name to "apt install" should get the simultaneously part done, at least.03:59
keithzgppa-purge might be the simplest solution if your issue is packages you got from a PPA though, yeah04:01
bob2021keithzg: it didn't get everything.  i downgraded that one package manually just now, but i feel like there must still be stuff there04:03
bob2021let me try it though...04:03
bob2021back in 5...04:03
bob2021hey guys - thanks for all your help -- that did resolve the crash04:13
bob2021i have a suspicion its also going to resolve my other issues. lets find out...04:13
keithzgbob2021: That's great news :)04:20
bob2021well except it didn't fix kmail :p04:20
bob2021it may have fixed Online Accounts, but now i don't have the options for facebook, linkedin, etc. at all anymore?04:20
bob2021am i wrong in thinking that packages described as "GNOME control center account plugins" WILL work with kubuntu04:30
noaXessdoes anybody have information, that ktimetracker will be migrated to lates kde?07:52
lordievaderGood morning.08:51
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bufalo_1973good morning08:56
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:38
silv3r_m00nhi there11:46
silv3r_m00nhow do i make dolphin show previews for video files like mp411:46
silv3r_m00nthe files play fine with smplayer11:47
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BluesKajsilv3r_m00n, don't  think dolphin has media player capability any more12:23
SmurphyHmm. So - why did VLC stop working again. Plasma 5.5.3 ...12:52
SmurphyBluesKaj: Any clue ?12:52
BluesKajSmurphy,let me check12:52
BluesKajSmurphy, vlc seems fine here, but I'm on 16.04 plasma 5.5.412:54
solvarrHow do u get plasma 5.5.4?12:59
solvarrDoes it come with xenial updates?12:59
SmurphyBluesKaj: Must be the issue. Can't Upgrade to 16.04 yet.13:30
BluesKajSmurphy, think plsama 5.5.4 is available for 15.1013:30
Smurphywhere ? I am subscribed to the new repos... usually13:32
SmurphyI'll check it out later. Have to go onto the threadmill if IO want to be able to walk tomorrow ... :}13:34
BluesKajSmurphy, it's not in the backports yet , but there is a ppa if you're interested,  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-plasma13:35
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SmurphyI'll chekc it. Thx.13:36
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fathomHi, how do I get dual monitors going for kubuntu?14:43
soeehi fathom, just connect second one :)14:44
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fathomsoee, Is that it?14:45
soeepretty much, you can then play with some options in System Settings -> Display Settings14:45
fathomsoee, Those don't work14:45
danielhey guys14:45
soeewher eyou can define if they shoudl have cloned content or separate14:45
soeehiho daniel14:46
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fathomsoee, Nope, greyed out14:46
Guest84107i want to ask about my new kubuntu14:46
Guest84107can i make mey icons large14:46
soeeicons where ?14:47
soeefathom: greyed out what exactly ?14:47
Guest84107i cant uderstand14:47
soeeGuest84107: right click on the desktop and check what options you have there :)14:47
fathomWell, actually, none of the options you mentioned exist anymore14:47
fathomIn some bygone version of kubuntu, it used to be the case14:48
soeehuh ?14:48
fathomSystem settings, display and monitor, it used to be easy enough to set up. But no such option exists any longer14:48
soeeGuest84107: right click on teh desktop -> Desktop Settins and there shoudl be opyion to manipulate sizes14:48
Guest84107i have icon settings and defult desctop options14:48
soeefathom: what Kubuntu version are you running ?14:49
Guest84107but i cant find this14:50
soeeah than sorry, can't help her emuch. I'm on 16.0414:50
hateballIf the icons are displayed inside a plasmoid you need to unlock plasmoids first, then rightlick the folder view plasmoid and go into settings there to change icon size14:50
hateballThat's on 4.x14:50
fathomThey got dual monitors in version 1614:51
soeethe Display Setting is Plasma 5 module but it shoudl be in KDE 4 also i think14:52
fathomOnly XFCE seems to have a dual monitor option14:52
fathomIn Ubuntu, at least14:52
hateballGuest84107: What I wrote was directed towards you btw ^14:53
fathomI check it out once in a blue moon14:53
Guest84107for first time i use different OS from win and i'm inlove to this KDE14:53
soeefathom: this is how it looks on Plasma 5: http://wstaw.org/m/2016/02/04/snapshot5.png14:53
soeeGuest84107: install 15.10 imo14:53
fathomAhh, well.14:54
Guest84107how i can update14:54
hateballsoee: why would you do that instead of just wait for 16.04 to be released and do-release-upgrade14:54
hateballas 14.04 -> 15.10 is not a supported upgrade path14:54
fathomI have an ati radeon apu and graphics card14:55
fathomI think the new slackware is coming out soon, they might have that issue fixed14:57
fathomLah dee dah14:58
fathomBack to another gui14:59
yammagammaneed help updating,15:26
rom1504need help telling to ask question.15:26
yammagammaThis operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided15:27
Finetundarwell did you provide the sudo/root password15:27
yammagammathis comes up when i run u[dates15:28
yammagammausing muon15:28
yammagammabeing trying to figure this out for ages searching different posts and trying different thinks15:29
MichaelTunnellyammagamma: once you click Install Updates in Muon you are asked for a password, the system password is required to continue.15:29
yammagammawhen i click install updates. a mark additional changes box comes up15:31
yammagammawhen i click ok i get the error Authentication error15:32
yammagammai dont get asked for any password15:34
RawEffectHave you seen my weiner?15:37
yammagammaany1 able to help15:39
Finetundaryammagamma: you can try running muon with sudo/root15:39
yammagammain a terminal window ?15:39
Finetundaryou'd need to open a terminal, yes15:39
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geniinot regular sudo15:40
Finetundarthere's a special sudo for kde now?15:41
yammagammawhat do i type to run muon as kdesudo15:41
geniiThere always has been15:41
Finetundarhuh, never knew that15:42
geniiIf you run graphical apps with regular sudo it can result in problems by changing permissions on files that app uses to root user15:42
BluesKajyammagamma, your user  password15:42
geniikdesudo prevents this15:42
yammagammathats what i reckon happenned to me maybe15:43
MichaelTunnellFinetundar: kdesudo is a GUI version of sudo with Qt. GTK/GNOME also has the same option with gksudo15:43
yammagammaas didnt know about kdesudo15:43
MichaelTunnellyammagamma: and to run anything with kdesudo you just prefix it with that15:45
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MichaelTunnellkdesudo muon-updater15:45
MichaelTunnellkdesudo kate15:46
yammagammaXDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to '/tmp/runtime-root' Invalid pixmap specified. Invalid pixmap specified. No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded No frame loaded15:46
MichaelTunnellyea that is a bug I was afraid you might run into, it is being worked on now but no estimate as to when it will be done. There is an easy workaround though15:49
yammagammastill coming up with This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided15:49
MichaelTunnellkdesudo -c "KDE_SESSION_VERSION=5 KDE_FULL_SESSION=true dbus-launch muon-updater"15:49
MichaelTunnellthat will fix the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR issue15:49
MichaelTunnellwhen the bug is solved those environmental options won't be needed15:50
BluesKaj the old rule, never open a gui app with sudo15:51
MichaelTunnellBluesKaj: that's true but only relates to the non-gui based sudo15:53
yammagammathat command just made my 2 desktops swap around, ie everything on right monitor jumped over to left and vise versa15:53
MichaelTunnellBluesKaj: well file managers probably shouldnt be launched with sudo regardless I suppose since they could do weird mounting side effects15:54
MichaelTunnellyammagamma: that command would not do that. It sounds like your issue is much larger than just authorization issues15:54
MichaelTunnellhow long have you been running this current install of kubuntu?15:55
BluesKajMichaelTunnell, I never launch gui apps with sudo  , always kdesudo if there's no other way15:55
yammagammafound error while replying QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied", "") auth error reply! kdeinit5: PID 2567 terminated.15:55
BluesKajyammagamma, which Kubuntu version ?15:56
BluesKajdid you install muon or are you using muon discover15:56
MichaelTunnellBluesKaj: yea I agree with not using normal sudo, that's what I was saying. file managers could have weird side effects either way though15:57
yammagammamuon update manager15:57
yammagammaeven when i click the k symbol down left corner no file system no desktop it all disappeared16:00
yammagammaany other ideas16:01
BluesKajdo you meajn the kmenu/kicker?16:03
BluesKajyammagamma, look in the kmenu>applications>system16:04
yammagammawhy have my destops switched around,ahhh16:04
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yammagammai have system setting open16:08
BluesKajnot system settings ..itapplications>system>muon16:09
yammagammamuon discover or muon package manager ?16:11
yammagammaalso i cant turn off system without first logging off, that option disappeared as well16:12
BluesKajyammagamma, depends what you're looking for16:14
yammagammajust to keep system upto date16:15
yammagammabut neither wont let me16:15
BluesKajdisappeared from where?16:15
yammagammathe kmenu16:15
BluesKajyammagamma, do you know how to use the terminal?16:16
BluesKajrecommend you update and upgrade there16:16
yammagammathats what ive been doing thinking updating or upgrading will fix the muon update manager error16:18
MichaelTunnellyammagamma: try running this in konsole16:20
MichaelTunnellsudo apt upgrade16:20
BluesKajyammagamma, don't pay attention to the update manager error , it's a known bug , being worked on16:21
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yammagammabut i cant mount an external drive as saying not authorizied16:22
MichaelTunnellyammagamma: did you successfully update in konsole?16:23
yammagammaits still updating16:23
BluesKajonce update is finished , run sudo apt upgrade16:24
yammagammathis error i have since early 14. and upgraded to 15. but error stayed16:24
BluesKajwhat error, the update manager?16:26
WS_TimHi Folks:  Having a problem with KPIM.  It worked in 14.10, but when I upgraded to 15.04 the akonadi server wont start, and this has persisted through the upgrade to 15.10 -- any suggetions?16:27
yammagammayea and authorisation when connecting a external usb drive i says it cant mount it16:28
BluesKaj!fstab  | yammagamma16:30
ubottuyammagamma: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:30
yammagammait used to all work dandy16:31
yammagammaim downloading a fresh iso image of 15.10 and might do a fresh install as been a few years since wiped drive hope to get rid off these errors16:35
yammagammathanks guys for your help16:36
BluesKajnot in the mood for holding hands today anyway16:40
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denza242is it possible to take the hard drive from one laptop, and put it into another laptop (same model, same specs, same everything) without messing up my install?18:45
denza242esp. if there's a windows partition?18:45
shallwedenza242: i think its ok18:46
denza242hmm, shallwe you sure?18:46
OerHekssame hardware, sure.18:46
shallwewell its work with my computer18:46
BluesKajdenza242, it should work18:50
denza242BluesKaj: even if there's a windows partition :x?18:59
BluesKajdenza242, there might be a product key problem with windows unless the machine is later than W8 when they began storing it in thrhr UEFI/BIOS , otherwise I can't see a problem, but I'm no Windows guru either :_)19:06
denza242BluesKaj: fair enough19:06
BluesKajor was it W7 , not sure19:06
denza242on an unrelated note19:11
denza242is there any way to make a device output to /dev/null?19:11
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BluesKajdenza242, this might help, http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/119648/redirecting-to-dev-null19:14
denza242BluesKaj: can I delete /dev/input/mouse2?19:17
BluesKajdenza242, dunno , genii might know19:17
denza242well genii :x?19:20
geniidenza242: Could you pastebin the entire dmesg output for me to look through?19:20
geniidenza242: eg: dmesg | pastebinit19:24
geniiThen give the link19:24
geniiReading :)19:24
geniidenza242: What happened before when you just blacklisted the synapics driver in /etc/modprobe.d/ ?19:28
denza242genii: I didn't blacklist it19:28
denza242since when I tried, it still happened19:28
geniidenza242: Please pastebin results of sudo lshw19:31
genii( I'd give the -C something to isolate to the mouse but not sure what category it falls into)19:31
geniiThis way we can see what pointing device is using what drivers19:32
denza242genii: psmouse19:47
denza242genii: however as I said, even if I remove psmouse, it still spams stuff19:49
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geniiLikely then the raw hardware errors19:53
geniidenza242: An interesting problem, let me think a bit more on it19:57
denza242genii: I might have a fix though19:57
denza242replacement laptop19:57
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AciD`installed the kubuntu ppa for 15.03 yesterday. Updated with no problem. The 'search' feature in dolphin still does not work (ie. timeline://yesterday).20:41
AciD`I'm really unlucky or is that supposed to work (iirc I never saw it working) out of the box?20:42
OerHeks15.04 went EOL today, 4th feb20:42
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid20:42
OerHeks15.08? no such version, i guess you have 15.1020:46
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KadesyHello all... I'm looking for some assistance with getting Kubuntu booting on my new setup. I have installed Kubuntu from Live CD (15.10) to a Samsung EVO 850 512MB SSD. All installed well, but when I restart and change boot order to SSD it gets to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner.23:25
KadesyI have read various solutions but not found a consistent common thread. Any ideas to why this is occuring and why I can't boot?23:25
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