wgrantsergio-br2: I think the bug may be that we don't handle implicit revspecs when determining staleness.00:00
wgrantIf you adjust the recipe to explicitly specify "master" it might work.00:00
wgrantcjwatson: Does that sound plausible?00:00
sergio-br2yeah, you are right wgrant00:03
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karstensragewell i got further06:58
karstensrageis there documentation about what my changes file *should* contain for launchpad?06:59
wgrantkarstensrage: dpkg-buildpackage -S or debuild -S will do the right thing.06:59
karstensrageUnable to find distroseries: unstable06:59
wgrantAh, your debian/changelog is wrong.06:59
wgrant"unstable" is a Debian series.06:59
wgrantYou want something like "trusty" or "xenial", for the target Ubuntu series.07:00
karstensragewhats the difference between trusty or xenial?07:00
karstensrageis that 14.04 vs 16.04?07:00
karstensrageor could i set it to precise07:03
karstensragei want it to work on any version?07:03
wgrantkarstensrage: Any supported Ubuntu release.07:03
wgrantAnd yes, trusty is 14.04, xenial is 16.04, precise 12.0207:04
wgranter, 12.0407:04
karstensrageso should i try again with precise?07:04
wgrantIf you want to build for 12.04, yep.07:05
karstensragewhats the plan after Zippy Zebra?07:06
karstensrageout of curiosity07:06
wgrantThat's Mark's problem :)07:06
wgrantBut something we've all been wondering for the last decade or so.07:07
karstensragethanks wgrant youre awesome07:09
wgrantNice, hopefully it'll build!07:10
karstensrageit didnt07:12
wgrantDid you test build it locally in pbuilder or sbuild?07:12
karstensragei dont know what those are ive just been using bzr debbuild07:13
karstensragewhen i dont use -S it builds things07:13
karstensrageand seems to work07:14
wgrantpbuilder and sbuild use clean chroots, so you can ensure you have all the dependencies right.07:14
wgrantYour host system has all sorts of packages installed, which your package might require to build.07:14
wgrantLaunchpad builders only install the packages that are in your package's Build-Depends field.07:15
wgrantIf you're not using a clean chroot, you might not have everything you need listed there.07:15
karstensragewell i thought i had my dependencies set correctly07:15
karstensragebut the error seems to indicate there is no source07:15
karstensrage * Source: not available07:15
wgrantAh, that's unrelated.07:15
wgrantCheck the build log link.07:16
karstensragei cant tell what the error might me07:20
karstensrage./configure: line 12134: syntax error near unexpected token `0.25'07:21
karstensrage./configure: line 12134: `PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG(0.25)'07:21
wgrantSounds like a missing build-dep.07:22
wgrantTry in pbuilder or sbuild locally, so you can immediate feedback rather than waiting for LP to build it.07:22
karstensragelike maybe there is build-depends on pkg_config07:22
karstensragefor example?07:22
karstensragefor chroots there seems to be a lot of setup required is that true to run pbuilder or sbuild?07:23
wgrantpbuilder and sbuild automate most of the setup.07:24
karstensragewhich one should i use?07:24
wgrantTry "mk-sbuild" from ubuntu-dev-tools.07:24
karstensragedo you do mk-sbuild then sbuild07:48
karstensrageit seems to be downloading a lot in both cases07:49
wgrantmk-sbuild will download and build a chroot, sbuild will download build dependencies.07:50
karstensragei see07:55
karstensrageit wants a key07:55
ricotzwgrant, hi :), are you still around for https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/28431007:56
wgrantricotz: Done.07:59
ricotzwgrant, thank you!07:59
karstensragedo things like libxml2-dev and libssl-dev go on the Build-Depends: line08:17
karstensrageas opposed to build things like debhelper (>= 9), dh-autoreconf, pkg-config08:18
wgrantkarstensrage: They all go there.08:18
karstensrageyouve been a very unexpected and appreciated help wgrant ... the guys in debian-mentor are not very cognizant of the fact that someone new to this doesnt know what he doesnt know, and that the documentation, while enormous, is not very consumable nor applicable to a new person ime08:20
wgrantkarstensrage: np, always happy to help08:21
karstensrageLog for successful build of identity4c_1.0-1 on i386 (dist=precise)08:21
karstensragethat was with sbuild08:22
wgrantSo you should be good to upload, then.08:23
karstensrageso for uploading ive just been removing identity4c_1.0-1_source.ppa.upload and then dput'ing08:25
karstensrageis that the proper way to update?08:25
wgrantLaunchpad won't accept the same version a second time.08:26
wgrantYou'll need to change it, since the first version was accepted but failed to build.08:26
karstensrageand whats the way to change the version?08:26
karstensragethe first entry in the change log was auto-generated08:27
karstensragei dont actually recall what did that08:27
karstensragethat seems to be the only place the version is08:27
wgrantYou'd normally use "dch" to edit the changelog.08:28
wgrantdch -i creates a new entry.08:28
karstensragethats creates one with 1ubuntu108:29
karstensrageis that typical?08:29
karstensragei might have changed that to look like just '1'08:29
wgrantkarstensrage: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage#Versioning08:31
karstensragefingers crossed08:41
* karstensrage drums his fingers nervously08:47
karstensragehmm it doesnt seem to have built it09:10
karstensrageor maybe it did but didnt send an email09:13
kickinz1Is it possible to add s390x support to ppa:canonical-server/devirt?09:59
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cjwatsonwgrant: Yup, definitely.  I think the most coherent approach would be to have GitRepository._getRecipes check for each path whether it matches default_branch and include None in the revspecs sequence if so.  Might require slightly careful handling in SPRD.findRecipes though because SQL.11:54
cjwatsonkickinz1-sprint: done11:56
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kickinz1-sprintcjwatson, thanks12:57
nacclaunchpadlib question: anyone have a quick example of looking up the git repositories owned by a particular user? is that possible with lplib?14:30
cjwatsonnacc: lp.git_repositories.getRepositories(target=lp.people['foo'])14:37
nacccjwatson: hrm, so do I need to point at staging for that? production seems tosay that Collection has no attribute getRepositories; and git_repositories is empty, I think14:53
cjwatsonnacc: What's the exact error message?14:55
cjwatsonnacc: Yes, git_repositories appears empty when treated as a collection, but that's because iterating over all repositories on LP using the webservice isn't something we consider sensible.  It's not relevant to this.14:55
nacccjwatson: AttributeError: <lazr.restfulclient.resource.Collection object at 0x7f22a9a55a10> object has no attribute 'getRepositories'14:57
cjwatsonnacc: Your wadl might be out of date.  find ~/.launchpadlib/ -name \*wadl\* -delete14:59
cjwatson(wadl -> machine-readable description of API used by launchpadlib)14:59
nacccjwatson: no change15:01
nacccjwatson: I did notice that 1.0 doesn't hve a getRepositories method: https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#git_repositories, but devel does https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/devel.html#git_repositories15:01
cjwatsonnacc: Oh, yeah, you have to use devel.15:05
cjwatson1.0 is boring.15:05
nacccjwatson: is that the distinction between production and staging?15:06
cjwatsonnacc: No.15:06
nacccjwatson: ok, how do I specify a different API to use? I'm asking for 'production' in login_with15:06
cjwatsonnacc: There was an attempt to do versioning of the API to make it easier to evolve the API without breaking old scripts, and 1.0 was an attempt to freeze the API.  But the versioning scheme never worked very well; most scripts should probably just use devel.15:06
cjwatsonnacc: version="devel"15:06
cjwatsonas a keyword argument to login_with15:07
nacccjwatson: great, that works!15:07
nacccjwatson: any way I can submit a patch for the online documentation? that's not mentioned in any obvious places15:08
cjwatsonnacc: I've edited https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib to make this clearer15:13
nacccjwatson: thanks!15:45
nacccjwatson: and sorry for the noise :)15:45
karstensrageim very confused about how packing works with multiple versions16:04
karstensrageit seems like everything is controlled by the changelog file16:04
karstensrageand you specify a distribution in there16:04
karstensrageso if you build your target on a very old version, so precise is specified16:04
karstensragehow does that work for trusty and xenial16:05
karstensrageif  you make lots and lots of packages with the version like myapp_1.0-1ubuntu3ppa1~intrepid1 changing the control file each time, doesnt only the last one apply?16:06
karstensrageand my other question is how do i test with sbuild, if there is a dependency in another ppa?16:07
cjwatsonkarstensrage: You can either build for the oldest and use LP's "copy packages" operation to copy source and binaries forward to later series, assuming they'll still work there; or you maintain mini-branches of the changelog file for each series (easier with git)16:21
cjwatsonkarstensrage: or use recipes to automatically build the source packages from a branch16:21
cjwatsonkarstensrage: With older versions of sbuild it was necessary to modify the chroot's sources.list; with sbuild >= 0.65.0 you can use the --extra-repository option16:23
cjwatson(and probably the --extra-repository-key option too, added in 0.66.0)16:23
karstensragei have git, this doesnt mention the branching https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage?16:24
tewardcjwatson: do recipes using git work yet?16:25
cjwatsonkarstensrage: well, you don't *have* to branch, you just might not want the noise from every series you've separately built a given package for16:26
cjwatsonteward: http://blog.launchpad.net/cool-new-stuff/beta-test-git-recipes16:26
tewardcjwatson: thanks16:27
dobeygit->git import + recipes will be nice when it's doable16:32
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om26erwgrant, Hi!18:35
clivejocan a project have an associated PPA?18:48
cjwatsonclivejo: no19:02
clivejocjwatson: :(19:03
clivejothats that idea out the window19:03
clivejohow do I remove a project?19:05
dobeyclivejo: only people and teams have PPAs. you can make a team for the project, and that team can have a PPA19:06
clivejooh maybe thats what I need19:18
clivejoI want to set up a resource to package kolab on Ubuntu19:18
clivejowhy does it say the team is already registered?19:26
dobeybecause someone registered that username at some point19:28
dobeyhmm, was never activated though it seems; and maybe was automatically registered due to a package upload19:31
dobeywgrant, cjwatson: if either of you are around, is it ok to rename such accounts with conflicting usernames that have never been activated? ^^19:32
cjwatsonyes, that sohuld be fine19:32
dobeyclivejo: you should be able to register kolab as a team name now19:34
clivejodobey: thanks :)19:35
cjwatsonclivejo: LP staff can get rid of old projects for you; ask a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad19:36
clivejocjwatson: its ok now, dobey has explained how it works19:36
clivejonot sure how all this works19:37
cjwatsonclivejo: right, that has dealt with you creating a team to have a PPA, but not with cleaning up the project you already created19:38
clivejowell the project would be useful to store the packaging in the git archive19:40
dobeywell, you might want to keep the project to have a mirror of the source on launchpad, for setting up daily build recipes or such19:40
clivejoor can teams have a git too?19:40
dobeyand yes, to store packaging19:40
dobeyclivejo: projects don't have git. people or teams do. but you can associate a specific branch owned by a person or team, to be the development focus of a project, for example19:40
cjwatsonprojects totally have git repositories, that's a very misleading way to describe it!19:42
cjwatsongit repositories do need to be owned by a person/team as well, yes19:42
clivejothe calligra project seems to have a git repo for packaging, I was planning on doing the same - https://code.launchpad.net/calligra19:43
clivejobut maybe thats not the right/correct way to do it?19:43
cjwatsonthat's in fact bzr, but you can certainly do git that way too19:44
dobeywell, repositories/branches can be associated with a project. projects don't own things. i was trying to state it in a way that makes that clear is all :)19:44
cjwatsonas the person who implemented most of this I don't think that makes it clear :-)  how about: projects don't own git repositories, but they do have them19:45
clivejodo I have to create a ppa for the team?19:45
cjwatsonyou don't have to, but that seems to be your goal19:45
clivejoyes, I have a package Im trying to upload19:46
cjwatsonif you want it to exist then you do need to create it, yes19:46
dobeyyou can create your own ppa, or create a ppa under a team which you administer19:46
dobeyyou can upload packages to either your own ppa, or a ppa that is owned by a team you are a member of19:47
clivejohow do I upload to the kolab team?19:47
dobeydid you create a PPA for that team yet?19:48
cjwatsonhttps://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading   but replace "your-lp-id" in those instructions with the team name19:48
* clivejo shake head19:48
cjwatsonand possibly "ppa" with the name of the PPA, if you didn't use the default name19:48
cjwatsone.g. to upload to the "buildd-staging" PPA owned by the "launchpad" team, I would use dput ppa:launchpad/buildd-staging19:49
clivejoah, found the add PPA19:53
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tpham3783cjwatson, is there a good way to package a debian package without using dpkg-buildpackage, dh_*; like doing it manually, like at the install stage install to the root directory of the build host and also another copy to /debian for packaging?23:26
tpham3783in short, i just want to be able to build a package, install it, and then install another copy to DESTDIR for packaging to a .deb package23:27
wgranttpham3783: You pretty much have to use dpkg-buildpackage.23:28
wgrantCan you explain what you're trying to achieve?23:28
tpham3783wgrant, lets say i just downloaded a sourcecode project, i just want to be able to compile it with automake23:29
tpham3783then at the install stage, I want to install to my build host23:30
tpham3783but also another copy to another folder for packaging the it to a deb package, by using dpkg-deb -b debian mypackage.deb23:30
tpham3783dpkg-deb is pretty much the minimal tool to finally create a .deb package, see what i mean?23:31
dobeywell, why do you care about making a .deb if you're installing directly to / anyway? if you care about having things in the dpkg database, then make a deb and install it, instead of installing to / from source23:32
dobeyand i'm not sure what any of that has to do with launchpad :)23:32
tpham3783dobey, I come here to talk to cjwatson b/c he is familiar with deb packaging the most; I want to create a .deb even when I did an install already b/c I would like to be able to install the software on diff. machine.23:36
dobeytpham3783: right. the correct answer is "make a deb first, and then install it on both machines"23:39
tpham3783dobey, the reason i did not want to create a .deb then install it b/c the software I am trying to package is complicated, i will have to build first stage (staging the build machine), then build...23:39
tpham3783it has all sorts of dependencies with the host and sysroot env.23:40
dobeywhat is "it" ?23:41
tpham3783it=the software package, in this case, e2023:41
tpham3783a window manager, uses so many other sub resources/libraries23:42
dobeyyes i know what enlightenment is23:42
dobeyit can't be any more difficult to package than the version already packaged in debian/ubuntu23:42
tpham3783the version shipped with ubuntu is e17/or 1823:43
tpham3783very old23:43
tpham3783i want to be able to test daily build of e20, and on many machines23:43
dobeythen set up recipes that build daily?23:44
tpham3783dobey, i was hoping to setup the recipe once launchpad has fully implimented git recipe23:44
dobeyso you will need to create the packaging to build it from source anyway. you can't install anything to / on launchpad builders23:46
tpham3783dobey, the original question wasn't for launchpad build, i was going to do it all manually23:47
tpham3783***on my dev machine23:47
dobeyso make the packaging and run debuild on your dev machine. you don't want to manually construct binary .debs. it far more work than just making the packaging and building the packages in the first place23:49
tpham3783dobey, understand, but would like to construct it manually and automake it make,,,,23:50
tpham3783i am just curious as to how it should be done properly23:50
dobeyproperly == use debuild/dpkg-buildpackage23:51
dobeyimproperly == you get a tarball that you call a .deb and dpkg won't install anyway23:51
tpham3783dobey, on top of that, i one day want to be able to build outside of deb distro, and the only tool i have is dpkg-deb23:51
dobeyif you want to build for other distros, then you'll have to use tools for their packaging systems, and build against their libraries, etc…23:52
tpham3783dobey, understand, so far dpkg-deb is the minimal tool, and its working great, can build and package a deb package from almost on any distro23:53
tpham3783in a way, i just want to tailor the build process of the e20 project to something like this: make ubuntu_package # for ubuntu, make fedora_package etc....23:55
tpham3783so pretty much, the packaging process is automated, in the source code/tree of the project23:55
dobeyyou have to build ubuntu packages on ubuntu, fedora packages on fedora, etc…23:56
tpham3783dobey, off course, but you understand the point though?23:56
dobeykeeping the packaging info for all distros in one tree isn't going to work23:56
tpham3783not ALL, maybe 223:57
tpham3783should be acheivable23:57
tpham3783u know, that's how wireshark does it, packaging is keep in the sourcetree23:57
dobeyit will be a pain to maintain, and it makes it difficult for downstreams when they have to ship patches to the release to fix bugs23:58
tpham3783dobey, go to go, i will talk to cjwatson on this topic one day... thanks23:59
dobeyi don't know what wireshark does upstream these days. i do know what 20 years of experience dealing with multiple distributions, hundreds of projects, and even writing a packaging system, tells me, though23:59
dobeywell, you may not often find him here at such an hour23:59

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