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QuantosI seem to have a repository somewhere that isn't working, how do I find which one?06:26
QuantosAnd deal with it properly06:26
Quantoslubuntu 15.1006:26
QuantosThere's this little error indicator in my notification tray06:27
ianorlinis it the weather indicator?06:30
QuantosNo, this is a little terminal looking box with a red circle and slash in it06:30
QuantosWhen I right click on it I'm told that I likely have a bad repository, then I can choose one of a few things06:31
QuantosShow updates, install updates, check for updates and run the package manager06:31
QuantosNone of which seems to be fixing it06:32
QuantosAnd now magically it's gone and disappeared06:50
QuantosI don't know if something that I did fixed it or not06:51
QuantosIt's installing some updates though, I'll cross my fingers06:51
QuantosI don't know if it's done or not, it wants to reboot, I need to wait until my game is finished patching though06:54
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QuantosI think I might've gotten it fixed, it's not back07:30
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QuantosNope, not fixed, still unable to download repository information08:42
RenalleHi there20:16
Renalleis there someone alive her ?20:19
Renallebarely alive ?20:19
Renallei want to install linux mint on my old EeePc ...20:20
Renalleis this a good idea ?20:20
tewardRenalle: this isnt a Mint channel20:20
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:20
teward^ go there20:20
Renalleoups sorry20:21
Renalleremove mint20:21
Renallereplace by lubuntu20:21
tewardwhat's the specs on the machine20:21
teward(because "old EeePc" is vague and undeterminable from us)20:21
Renallesome kind of Atom N550 (dual core)20:21
Renalle2GB memory20:22
MathisenRenalle, >>  irc.spotchat.org  #linuxmint-help, #linuxmint-chat, #pimpmymint20:23
Renallein fact, i though i can have a basic featured laptop with decent performance20:23
Mathiseni think lubuntu is a good chooice on old hardware20:24
Renallethat's what i red20:24
Mathisenbut im not an expert on what models works when and not do some google and check if people have had any issues with your model of laptop20:24
Renallebut i'm a perfect beginner about linux and all other penguin stuffs ^^20:24
Renalleis Lubuntu managable for basic/noob linux user ?20:25
Renalleis this a graphic based environnement or should i learn code and let my beard appear ? ^^20:26
Mathisenits graphic based in that way that is takes realy low resources.. its fast it does not need mutch20:27
Mathisenand you dont need to know code for basic use20:27
Renallethat seems perfect for the usage i need20:28
Renalleis there a live CD or better a live USB ?20:28
Mathisenyes >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu20:28
Renallethx a lot20:29
Mathisenno problem20:30
Renalleis there regioned ?20:30
Mathisenregioned ?20:30
Renallei mean should i take specially the french version or is this international ?20:30
Renallei don't know the word for it ..... sorry20:31
Mathisenyou can make all lang chooices during install20:31
Renallehuhu ..... that seems perfect20:31
Renallegonna try this20:31
MathisenRenalle, do some google first20:31
Mathisenmake shure your modell has no problem20:32
Renallepromise, i will ...... otherwise i'll come to bother you ^^20:32
Renalleis lubuntu some kind of a version of ubuntu ?20:33
Renallei mean, if ubuntu is fully compatible with my hardware, lubuntu will not be the same ?20:34
Mathisenmost likley it will work yes20:35
Renalleoky doky20:35
Renallethx for your patience20:35
Renallegood night (in france, it's night ....)20:36
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