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ChibaPet!info zfs-on-linux01:11
ubottuPackage zfs-on-linux does not exist in xenial01:11
ChibaPet!info spl01:12
ubottuPackage spl does not exist in xenial01:12
ChibaPet!info spl-solaris01:12
ubottuPackage spl-solaris does not exist in xenial01:12
ChibaPetoh well01:12
ChibaPet!info zfs-initramfs01:19
ubottuzfs-initramfs (source: zfs-linux): Native OpenZFS root filesystem capabilities for Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version (xenial), package size 3 kB, installed size 21 kB01:19
goddardnew update requires you to disable UEFI?07:02
goddardYour system has UEFI Secure Boot enabled. UEFI Secure Boot is not compatible with the use of third-party drivers.07:08
goddardis this from the recently compiled nvidia driver?07:09
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lordievaderGood morning.08:51
z4sk4hi all09:02
z4sk4is fixed the install on kubuntu 16.04?09:03
lordievaderz4sk4: Try it, I'd like to know ;)09:03
z4sk4ok lordievader , i will download the last09:09
z4sk4lordievader: still the bug, but one error was fixed09:16
lordievaderWhat bug exactly?09:16
z4sk4only have 1 now09:16
z4sk4ubi-.prepare.py line 344 in ok_handler secureboot_key= self.ui.get_secureboot_key()09:17
z4sk4its an atribute error09:17
lordievaderBug #1529450?09:18
ubottubug 1529450 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[master] AttributeError: 'PageKde' object has no attribute 'get_secureboot_key'" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152945009:18
z4sk4lordievader: yeah, that bug11:46
z4sk4its the same upgrade from 15.04? or i can have issues?11:46
z4sk4can i have*11:47
z4sk4well i fix that bug comment the code...11:54
ozmage<ozmage> somebody can paste /boot/grub/grub.cfg from xenial installaton for me the installer failed to install grub and i dont have grub.cfg pls ? no one ?12:24
ozmagehello somebody can paste /boot/grub/grub.cfg for me is because the installer failed to install grub and now i dont have grub.cfg and im booting from grub from my arch installation ,pls12:38
ozmagehttps://bpaste.net/show/9ece13d5ad27 also im having a gpu hang after resume from hibernation12:41
ozmagei need some help with that ^12:42
ozmage HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-2-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 380  @ 2.53GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 933MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.6GiB, 74.1% free ** Disk: Total: 88.8GiB, 37.7% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82577LC Gigabit Network Connection **12:42
ozmageUptime: 14m 49s **12:42
mifritscheras online search doesn't find anything: I got a "chown: cannot access '/usr/lib/utempter': No such file or directory" while configuring ibutempter0:amd64. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=utempter&mode=exactfilename&suite=xenial&arch=any says that their is a path called this, but the deb-file has only /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/utempter .13:06
mifritschershould I do a sort of "brute-fix" (e.g. by a symlink) for now or is there a real fix?13:07
neil_I am having trouble installing 15.10 ... how stable is 16.04 atm13:45
daek_"Pre-release versions are unstable and will probably break your computer. ", says /topic13:47
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BluesKajneil_, where did you get that iso from/13:49
lordievaderz4sk4: Yes you can upgrade 15.10 to 16.04 with "sudo do-release-uograde -d".14:56
z4sk4lordievader: well i comment 3 lineas and install perfect15:00
z4sk4i supposed in the next upgrades will fix that file15:00
z4sk4lordievader: do you know when will be the estable release?15:01
z4sk4i will like have our special distro just after the estable15:01
ozmage https://bpaste.net/show/9ece13d5ad27 gpu hang with kernel 4.4.015:45
lotuspsychjeozmage: your on xenial?15:46
ozmage HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-2-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU       M 380  @ 2.53GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 933MHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.6GiB, 78.9% free ** Disk: Total: 177.6GiB, 36.8% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel MID ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82577LC Gigabit Network Connection **15:46
ozmageUptime: 38m 49s **15:46
lotuspsychjeozmage: did you fresh install or upgrade?15:46
ozmagewith the last snapshot15:47
lotuspsychjeozmage: what grafix chipset and driver?15:47
ozmagebut that gpuhang only happend when i resume from hibernation15:48
ozmageintel ironlake15:48
ozmagei965 using i915 kernel module15:48
mifritscherozmage: ah, also a ironlake user? Do you have hangs/crashes using 14.04/16.04., e.g. when using 3d programs/games? or only during resuming?15:51
ozmageonly when i resume from hibernation15:51
ozmageeverything is fine15:52
ozmagei discovered that initramfs-tools put the i915 kernel module in the initramfs now15:52
ozmagei installed dracut15:53
ozmageand the module is out the initrd,img15:53
ozmageand now i dont get gpu hang15:53
ozmagethis only happend when the module is in the initramfs15:54
ozmagethis only happend when the module i915 is in the initramfs15:54
lotuspsychjeozmage, mifritscher how about you guys file a bug for this15:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:55
lotuspsychjeto make xenial a nice experience in april15:55
mifritscherlotuspsychje: I'm not 100% sure whether it is software or hardware15:55
ozmagemifritscher, you have that problem too ?15:56
lotuspsychjemifritscher: doesnt matter mate, devs might take a look at it15:56
mifritscherozmage: not yet (but toggled only 1-2times)15:56
lotuspsychjewe are still in test phase right now15:56
ozmageim using xorg-server and all the drivers from X - staging ppa and everything is working fine now after remove i915 kernel module from the initrd.img15:58
ozmagexorg-server 1.1815:58
ozmageno gpu hang at all15:59
ozmageafter resume from hibernate15:59
mifritscherlotuspsychje: I've bigger problems right now - see the language problem (the environment variable LANGUAGE="de_DE:en" seems to be wrong), the utempter thing (which I've fixed with brute for now) and the fact that the 4.4 kernel is searching for btrfs forever (have no btrfs, only luks+ext4)16:01
mifritscherlotuspsychje: is there a "current status" / "known issues" or somethink like this anywhere?16:02
mifritscherI know only https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial16:02
lotuspsychjemifritscher: hmm not sure, the best you can do is file a bug really against the problematic package, this will launch the bug in the right url16:03
lotuspsychjemifritscher: its its duplicate, resolved or not relevant, devs will check it out anyway16:04
lotuspsychjethe more info they know, the better in this test phase16:04
spm_dragetOn xenial, systemd is used and one starts services with 'systemctl start foo'. But 'service foo start' is still available. Does the later one just call systemctl or why is that?16:09
ozmagei think im going to install a custom kernel :(16:10
ozmagei like to have plymouth splash and now without i915 inside the initrd.img i cant get a smooth splash16:12
ozmagewithout flickering16:12
lotuspsychjeozmage: maybe a kernel bootline is what you need?16:12
lotuspsychjeozmage: i really really recommend file a bug mate...16:12
ozmage<lotuspsychje> ozmage: maybe a kernel bootline is what you need? ... no i dont think so16:14
ozmageany way is not ubuntu bug is a kernel bug16:14
lotuspsychjeozmage: ok then file a bug against the kernel16:15
ozmagethis happend to me on other distros with the kernel 4.3 and up to 4.4 4.5-rc* i compilled all those kernels16:15
ozmagei did16:15
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 108601 in Other "Kernel Panic After Resume From Hibernate State With 4.3 kernel" [Normal,New]16:16
ozmagebut no one looked at it16:16
lotuspsychjeozmage: try doing the same but for ubuntu xenial16:17
lotuspsychje4.4 is official, so they need to know whats wrong16:17
spm_dragetShould I use 'systemctl start foo' or 'service foo restart' on xenial?16:17
ozmagewhere ?16:17
ozmage'systemctl start foo'16:18
spm_dragetSo 'service foo start' is deprecated?16:20
lordievaderz4sk4: You mean when will 16.04 be released?16:48
ubottuA schedule of Xenial Xerus (16.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule16:48
lordievader^ lists April 21st as the release date.16:49
z4sk4lordievader: yeah  i see, thanks dude16:49
z4sk4nice, we have 2 months16:49
z4sk4i see 2 bigs yet, but only with librarys of Qtqlick16:50
z4sk4in the aplications menu settings of the not defaults menu, but last time that i post a bug, with screenshoots, rutes, outputs, etc, people of launchpad told me that i dont use the report of the system... ¬¬16:52
z4sk4so close me... what they want the ID of aplication process that have errors on the code? or need librarys? i dont understand that...16:53
lordievaderI'm not sure I understand your story, did you use ubuntu-bug to file a bug?17:00
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mifritscherI'm still debugging my locales-problem19:57
mifritscherin ~/.pam-environment LANGUAGE is de_DE:en, the others arede_DE.UTF-819:58
mifritscherbut locale gives for several LC_ zh_CN.utf819:59
mifritscherjust in case: found it (dconf: /system/locale/region) :-)20:09
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mifritscherso, bug-reporting marathon is finished^^21:12
ChibaPetHey all. I'm going to try this on VMs a bit to see if I can figure it out, but with 16.04 while I see examples of how to install to ZFS root in various docs, what I'm not seeing is how I instruct the initramfs to unlock particular LUKS volumes to find whatever's there (LVM, zpools, whatever) for booting, if I'm not using the installer.22:05
ChibaPetThat is, if I'm not using the installer to set up partitions.22:06
ChibaPetAnd in particular, the text-based Debian installer.22:06
lordievaderChibaPet: I thought I had done a similar setup once (luks + lvm though), but I do not really remember how. Let me see if I can find something to jog my memory.22:15
lordievaderToo bad Ubuntu doesn't use Dracut per default yet, there it is rather simple.22:16
ChibaPetlordievader: Cool. Anything that points me in the right direction would rock. Doing it in Slackware, I pass in explicit directives to mkinitrd, but I'm not sure how best to do that with Ubuntu.22:16
lordievaderDo you have /boot on luks too?22:17
ChibaPetlordievader: No, I haven't done that under any system as yet, but it's a goal. Does the GRUB 16.04 will ship deal with LUKS itself?22:17
ChibaPetFor UEFI systems I'm happy just having things unlock in the initramfs, but I have a couple legacy systems where having GRUB do the unlock would be nice.22:18
lordievaderHmm, [1] makes it look like an /etc/crypttab is enough. [1] https://thesimplecomputer.info/full-disk-encryption-with-ubuntu22:19
lordievaderIn my current dracut + systemd, systemd takes care of unlocking the crypt volumes and mounting the right logical volumes.22:19
ChibaPetOh! Hm. I never think of crypttab since it's in root, but I guess you have it available when you're building the initramfs. =brain flexes=22:20
ChibaPetlordievader: systemd inside the initramfs?22:20
lordievaderYes, it switches over first chance it gets :)22:20
ChibaPetThanks for the link, by the way. Never seen that site before.22:21
lordievaderNeither have I ;)22:21
ChibaPetHrm. They are going in a couple directions I don't want, as I'm reading so far.22:23
lordievaderI thought I let Ubiquity do the initial luks+lvm setup, IIRC.22:23
lordievaderThat is when I still ran Kubuntu.22:23
ChibaPetPart of my thing is needing RAID, which I believe Ubiquity won't do.22:23
ChibaPetbut reading on, they're evidently talking about doing things in the shell anyway, so maybe Ubiquity will deal with the parts I don't care about. Hrm. I'll have to give it a run-through tonight.22:25
lordievaderNot natively, the mini iso can do a lot of that stuff though... or you set it up from a shell.22:25
ChibaPetOh. Hey. So, they're talking about an /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d. I'm going to go way out on a limb and say that maybe I have a vague lead on where I'd go to configure initramfs. :P22:29

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