Kiloshelloooo africa06:04
chesedohi Kilos06:08
Kiloshi chesedo06:08
Kilosseems like those that read our mail are happy with quarterly meetings06:15
Kiloszipper here08:15
zipperOh nice08:15
zipperI see a number of Kenyan nicks08:15
zipperand Ch3ck from Cameroon :)08:15
zipperKilos: btw I'm looking to get a laptop.08:16
Kilosthe cameroon peeps came to meeting in full force08:16
zipperNot a mac unless I have to.08:16
zipperKilos: They did? WOW Cameroon is a serious place.08:16
zipperI hear about their tech scene in the media sometimes.08:16
KilosQA minutes08:16
QAKilos: Sorry, no meeting in progress.08:16
zipperThere was much interaction between Cameroon and SA?08:16
zipperWho else was there?08:17
Kiloshave you had a look at the system76 i think its called08:17
zipperKilos: Uh so yeah I was thinking the Dell XPS08:17
zipperYeah but those aren't tiny cute laptops.08:17
zipperPlus shipping issues.08:17
Kilosshiiping is always a prob08:17
Kilosbut actually customs is worse08:17
Kilosthis channel is a year old today08:19
Kiloshappy birthday africa08:19
Kiloselacheche ^^08:19
Kiloshi Daisyab__08:19
Daisyab__hey Kilos08:20
zipperWOW nice08:21
zipperYeah by shipping I mainly mean customs because Amazon ships here08:21
KilosDaisyab__ welcome to ubuntu-africa08:22
Kilosplease feel free to hang out here forever08:22
Daisyab__Kilos:  thanks :)  I'm glad, there's a channel like this.08:23
Kiloswhere are you Daisyab__ ?08:25
Kilosoh and please join us on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa08:26
Daisyab__And where are you from Kilos08:26
Kilosgo cameroon08:26
Kilosin in south africa08:26
Daisyab__I'm a new member08:27
Kilosand join the mailing list there at launchpad too08:27
Kiloswe are happy you have found us08:27
Daisyab__same here Kilos.  Hello everyone!08:30
zipperDaisyab__: I've heard about Cameroon in the media08:31
zipperWeb print :)08:31
zipperAnd I know Ch3ck08:31
Daisyab__zipper:  ok08:31
Daisyab__good things hopefully08:31
zipperDaisyab__: But of course08:34
zipperAbout the tech scene there08:35
elachecheAlready Kilos ! o_O08:38
elachecheHP Africa08:38
Kiloshi unlaudable09:10
unlaudablehey howdy09:10
d3r1ckhello everyone ;)10:56
Kiloshi d3r1ck10:56
d3r1ckHi Kilos10:57
Kiloshaha elacheche clever11:32
Kiloselacheche if im offline its because our power has died from a storm14:33
KilosNa3iL please tell him14:34
elachecheYou vote in that thread Kilos :) Just paste your final word there :)14:34
Kiloselacheche meeting is at midnight cat hey?18:10
Kiloselacheche_anis answer man18:35
Kilosim yawning already18:36
elacheche_anissoory :(19:23
elacheche_anisKilos: the meeting is in 2h30 x(19:31

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