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bzoltan_mhall119:  ok, i will check that case. I think I know what the problem is... a missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH05:06
timawHi, i'm trying to do an ajax call in a regular qml app through the regular javascript call XMLHttpRequest and am getting the error "UbuntuClipboard - Got invalid serialized mime data. Ignoring it."05:11
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Create a Vacuum Day! 😃09:33
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DanChapmanballoons, ping11:51
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faenilahayzen: hey :)14:19
faenilahayzen: I know this comes with short notice, just an info: any chance you're going to be able to add the APL stuff before Monday14:20
faenilit's not a problem if you don't, just want to know if there's any change you'll do that, to plan accordingly ;)14:20
ahayzenprobably unlikely14:21
faenilok, cool :)14:21
faeniljounih says he replied to your email, if you need more info just get back to him, he's happy to help :)14:21
ahayzenyeah, when we get onto it we may have more questions14:21
faenilahayzen: basically usertesting hasn't happened yet, so I wanted to know if there was a chance we would have the APL ready for usertesting14:22
ahayzenlike from the designs we have and what i've interpreted, we wouldn't even be using APL anyway. As we need a sidebar that is permanent, which you couldn't do before with APL14:22
faenilahayzen: mmm I see...14:23
ahayzenbut before, i was going for a 3 column solution14:23
faenilyeah I've seen the previous one14:23
ahayzenfirst 2 using APL and the 3rd column being the static thing14:24
ahayzenbut idk, not sure i like the idea of the songsview filling most of the screen14:24
ahayzenlots of wasted space14:24
faenilahayzen: any ETA on when you expect to work on it, if I may ask?14:38
ahayzenfaenil, not sure, whenever our current priority is done and inbetween courseworks :-)14:38
faenilahayzen: approximately? :)14:38
faenilI don't know, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year :)14:39
ahayzenprobably measured in weeks, maybe months14:39
faenilahayzen: okay, thanks :)14:39
ahayzenwe are usually very risk-adverse with our branches14:39
ahayzenbut depends if one of us gets a block of a few days off, then could sprint though it :-) lol14:40
faenilahayzen: hehe right :)14:40
faenilI think music app will be shown at MWC as well :D14:40
ahayzenyup :-)14:40
faenilor, well, people will use it :)14:40
starrynight1959is there a way to configure wifi as a wap on an iot device running snappy?16:42
mrqtrosHi all18:34
mrqtrosalecu ping18:35
alecuhi mrqtros19:27
mrqtrosalecu is there an ability to share from Scope?19:28
mrqtrosalecu Telegram scope allows to launch app, sharing should be much simplier20:05
alecumrqtros: sorry, I'm not sure about that.20:06
mrqtrosDoes anybody know how to find Telegram scope sources?20:06
mrqtrosalecu could you please tell me who can I ask about this?20:07
davidcallemrqtros: it's in the telegram project on launchpad (the scope and the app share the same package iirc)20:07
* davidcalle looks for the link20:07
alecutedg: do you know if it's possible to do a "share" from within a scope?20:08
davidcallemrqtros: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~libqtelegram-team/telegram-app/telegram/files/head:/telegram/scope/ here you go20:08
davidcallealecu, my 2c, unless there is a specific uri you can use, I don't think so, it's on the raodmap, though (as you probably know :D)20:09
mrqtrosdavidcalle thanks a lot!20:10
davidcallemrqtros: anytime :)20:10
alecudavidcalle: actually, I'm not aware of how sharing works on the phone20:11
mrqtrosdavidcalle so sharing is in roadmap?20:11
mrqtrosdavidcalle something line "share://<content>" ?20:11
mrqtrosdavidcalle for now I have solution - just open link in browser and then use "Share" in browser20:11
davidcallemrqtros: that's my dream, yeah, I don't know about the implementation details, but at least I'm pretty confident it's on the roadmap20:12
mrqtrosdavidcalle alecu thanks both!20:12
davidcallemrqtros: good idea20:13
tedgalecu: I know that kenvandine was working on a URL for that20:20
tedgalecu: I want to say it was something like share://20:20
tedgPerhaps it was content hub.20:20
tedgLooking at url-dispatcher-dump on my phone it looks like it is: content://20:22
tedgkenvandine: Folks were asking about content:// URLs for scopes, is there a doc to point them to?20:50
kenvandinetedg, nope :)20:51
tedgOh, I see, it's a secret!20:52
kenvandineundocumented feature :)20:52
kenvandineremember it only works with type=text and link20:52
kenvandineno files20:52
tedgkenvandine: What's the syntax? content://$(appid)?type=text ?20:53
kenvandine content:?pkg=content-hub-test-importer&handler=export&text=text20:53
davidcallekenvandine: so, text can be a link20:54
tedgalecu: davidcalle: ^20:54
kenvandinecould be20:54
davidcalleOk )20:54
kenvandine content:?pkg=$(appid)&text=http://www.ubuntu.com20:54
tedgIn that case it'd be ….&link=http://foo.bar20:54
tedgOh, still text20:54
kenvandineyeah... still text20:54
kenvandinesorry, i was mistaken :)20:54
kenvandineactually link= might work too20:55
kenvandinebut they actually do the same thing, if it does work20:55
tedgThis is a super secret feature20:55
davidcallekenvandine: and content-hub-test-importer is a binary that invokes the content-hub?20:55
davidcallebinary/app/whatever :)20:56
kenvandinejust text20:56
kenvandinedavidcalle, yeah, you need he APP_ID there20:56
kenvandineanything ubuntu-app-launch can start20:57
alecumrqtros: super secret features for your eyes only ^^^21:11
alecutedg: kenvandine: davidcalle: thanks!21:12
alecuOh, mrqtros is no longer here21:14
maxvancefferHi to all !!! Can somebody help me with the header component ?21:16
maxvancefferHow i can detemine it height in run time ?21:16
maxvancefferfrom qml21:16
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maxvanceffernobody ?21:36
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