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cadenHey, I need help setting up WiFi on Ubuntu MATE on a Raspberry Pi 2B.04:15
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cadenHeloooooo anybody? I need somebody to help me!04:26
blahdeblahHi all.  Any Canonicalers see my mailing list thread about getting vanilla trusty or xenial running on a BeagleBone Black?10:47
blahdeblahI've been looking through online doc and am finding it a bit confusing trying to work out the boot process and how I can get Ubuntu to boot from the onboard eMMC on the BBB.10:47
blahdeblahAny tips?10:47
davmor2blahdeblah: isn't there a snappy build for it?10:54
blahdeblahdavmor2: I want a full package archive at my disposal, hence standard Ubuntu Server is my preference.10:59
blahdeblahPlus the only snappy image I could find is vivid, which is out of support shortly.11:00
davmor2blahdeblah: snappy has a classic mode now that enables access to the archive11:00
blahdeblahThe recommendation on the mailing list was not to use that for general server use.11:00
blahdeblah"While true, classic mode on snappy is not meant to be used in this manner. For example, if you install apache and reboot, it won't be started on boot. classic mode is currently only meant to give people a more comfortable environment in which to develop snaps."11:01
blahdeblah^ the exact recommendation11:01
davmor2blahdeblah: out of my hands then I'm afraid not seen anything on the mailing list though11:02
blahdeblahAnyway, the cloud archive was recommended for finding the images, I'm just trying to work out what I need to do to get it onto the eMMC to test.11:02
davmor2but I'm not sure which mailing list you used either11:03
blahdeblahIs there a better one to ask on?11:03
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ogra_blahdeblah, just grab a an ubuntu-core tarball (not snappy, the original ubuntu-core)11:12
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blahdeblahogra_: That seems like a good choice in this case; any idea about what boot loader is required for beaglebone black?20:37
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