ximionLaney: I pushed all the changes I wanted to make, rebuilding Debian's DEP-11 data now02:32
ximiongn8 :)02:32
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pittiGood morning07:16
robert_ancellseb128, hello08:11
alexarnaudflexiondotorg: hi !08:22
alexarnaudI'm working with Compiz for Mate and configuration08:23
alexarnaudDo you know when in the init process the environment session DESKTOP_SESSION is defined to "mate"?08:24
alexarnaudhello seb128 robert_ancell :)!08:24
robert_ancellalexarnaud, it's in /usr/share/xsessions/mate.desktop08:25
robert_ancellkey is "DesktopNames"08:25
robert_ancellalexarnaud, hand on, "DESKTOP_SESSION" is done by LightDM - it's the name of the .desktop file08:26
alexarnaudrobert_ancell: OK, thank you :)08:39
robert_ancellwillcooke, hi09:00
willcookemorning all09:00
TheMusoHey willcooke, robert_ancell.09:00
willcookehi chaps09:00
seb128hey robert_ancell alexarnaud willcooke TheMuso09:01
flexiondotorgalexarnaud, o/09:02
pittihey Laney!09:04
seb128hey Laney pitti09:04
pittibonjour seb128!09:04
seb128pitti, ça va ?09:04
pittiseb128: ça va bien, et toi ?09:04
seb128ça va bien aussi !09:04
pittile dernier jour du sprint de CI train09:05
seb128Laney, had a nice trip back from Brussel?09:05
Laneyhey seb128 et pitti09:06
Laneytrip was good thanks09:06
Laneyalthough we went for crepes then got late and had to take a taxi to midi09:06
Laneywas worth it though!09:06
* pitti fails to see the problem there -- you had crêpes !09:07
Laneyhow are you?09:07
seb128I'm good thanks09:07
Laneyhaving a good vsprint pitti?09:07
seb128hum, autopkgtests are a bit grumpy09:07
pittiLaney: a bit ropy, but ok09:07
seb128apport aptdaemon software-properties are blocking gtk09:07
seb128I wonder what's going on, that's not due to gtk for sure09:08
pitticloud images are currently broken, have to work around that; machinery is now catchign up09:08
seb128apport was forced09:08
seb128still aptdaemon seems an issue, iso-codes hit it as well before so not specific to gtk09:08
seb128can we override those?09:08
pittiseb128: aptdaemon has a hint09:08
seb128oh, right09:08
seb128what about apport?09:08
pittiShould wait for aptdaemon 1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu14 test, but forced by pitti09:08
pittiShould wait for ubuntu-release-upgrader 1:16.04.4 test, but forced by pitti09:08
andyrockmorning all09:09
* pitti retries gvfs09:09
seb128hey andyrock!09:09
pittiseb128: meh, no idea what's wrong with that, I'll hint it for now09:10
seb128test_add_gpg_key (tests.test_dbus.TestDBus) ... gpg: failed to create temporary file `/home/ubuntu/.gnupg/.#lk0xe3e4c0.adt.7304': No such file or directory09:10
seb128is software-properties09:10
seb128can we hint that as well? ;-)09:10
robert_ancellLaney, hey, did you see that question about appstream + PPAs - do you know what I'm asking?09:11
Laneyhints are the new fixes?09:11
Laneyrobert_ancell: no09:11
Laneyand hi09:11
robert_ancellLaney, hi09:11
Laneyoh you hid it below the links09:11
seb128Laney, no, if gtk was breaking something I would fix it, but those were there before and not concerning it09:11
pittiseb128: hm, this passed until two days ago09:11
robert_ancellLaney, so I was wondering what happens with PPAs - if you have a PPA with a variant of an existing package there will be metadata for G-S to show, but if you have some entirely new package there will be no metadata09:12
pittiseb128: I'm fine with hinting gtk+ itself, but not bad-testing software-properties09:12
seb128Laney, ideally we would fix all the issues, and I know you prefer that, but ETOOMUCHTODO09:12
robert_ancellI'm assuming there is no solution for appstream for completely unknown packages09:12
pittiseb128: it occurs in several -proposed packages, and it looks like one of it is responsible as it worked until two days ago09:12
seb128pitti, k, fair enough09:12
seb128pitti, you updated gnupg but it was more a week ago09:13
pittigtk hinted09:13
seb128I'm having a look to softrware-properties, see if I can reproduce the error09:13
Laneyrobert_ancell: sorry, I'm not sure, maybe ximion has a smart idea09:16
robert_ancellLaney, I'll ask him tomorrow, thanks09:16
Laneyrobert_ancell: maybe a case for a plugin, but if the data is going to be crappy then we want to distinguish them in the UI by a badge or something probably09:17
robert_ancellLaney, G-S just hides everything without data, so I guess we want to add data from the apt cache for PPAs. But then we also have to decide which packages to show (i.e. the applications) rather than every libfoo.09:18
Laneydoes s-c do something smart there?09:19
robert_ancellLaney, trying it now, not sure exactly what it does. Seems to be showing broken entries for libs for me right now09:20
robert_ancellLaney, is it possible for a third party to set up an appstream that integrates somehow?09:21
Laneyrobert_ancell: you just have to give it in your archive09:21
Laneynot sure Launchpad wants to maintain this service though09:22
Laneyalso it's kind of inefficient for that usecase currently09:23
willcookehi hikiko, how you doing today?09:56
alexarnaudhello hikiko TheMuso willcooke didrocks !10:00
hikikohi willcooke, better than yesterday, thanks :) you? there were some blackouts in the morning and I couldn't connect to the internet10:00
seb128pitti, do you know if I'm doing anything stupid there, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14876289/ ?10:01
seb128oh, gtk migrated10:02
seb128thanks :-)10:02
pittiqemu: could not load PC BIOS 'bios-256k.bin'10:03
seb128well, I don't have a "qemu" command10:03
pittiseb128: hmm, no idea about that -- bug in the i386 QEMU package?10:03
seb128should that be qemu-i386?10:03
pittiseb128: qemu-system-i386, yes10:04
pittibut they all call themselves "qemu" in logging10:04
seb128FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'adt-virt-qemu-system-i386'10:04
* seb128 scratches head10:04
pittinono, adt's backend is called "qemu", it'll call qemu-system-$arch10:04
seb128oh ok10:04
pittiseb128: your command line is right, qemu seems broken10:04
pittiseb128: you can try in LXC or LXD, or maybe the test even runs in schroot10:05
pittiseb128: which it ought to; try "--- schroot xenial" instead? (assuming you have a xenial schroot)10:05
seb128I don't10:05
seb128but ok, let's try to create one10:05
pittiseb128: otherwise I can walk you through LXD, it's super-easy10:05
pitti(and faster than creating a schroot)10:06
seb128do you have a wiki page?10:06
seb128I don't want to waste your time10:06
pitti"man adt-virt-lxd" describes it10:06
seb128I was following http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/auto-pkg-test.html#executing-the-test10:06
hikikowillcooke, Trevinho, I wanted your o[inion on something:10:07
pittiseb128: right, and QEMU is still the closest to what we do in production, so that's still right10:07
pittiseb128: $someone should fix qemu on i386 I figure10:07
pitti$ dpkg -S bios-256k.bin10:08
pittiseabios: /usr/share/seabios/bios-256k.bin10:08
pittiseb128: do you have that instaslled?10:08
hikikoshould I add 1 extra dependency on unity for the ezxoom plugin or is it fine the current zoom in the opengl plugin (since unity depends on the opengl plygin already and it will be only 1 extra variable)?10:11
hikiko:s/is it fine/is it fine to store/10:12
seb128also "qemu-system-i386 adt-xenial-i386-cloud.img" doesn't give me that error10:12
seb128but it doesn't boot the image either10:12
pittiseb128: when did you build that image? at that time qemu must have worked still10:15
seb1281h ago10:16
seb128didn't touch the system since10:17
pittiok, then it must be something else10:17
pittiadt-buildvm-ubuntu-cloud needs QEMU too10:17
pittiseb128: adt-run software-properties -d -U --apt-pocket=proposed --- qemu --show-boot -d adt-xenial-i386-cloud.img10:17
pittiseb128: ^ can you run that, and pastebin the output?10:17
pittiah, maybe add log file:10:17
pittiseb128: adt-run software-properties -l /tmp/log -d -U --apt-pocket=proposed --- qemu --show-boot -d adt-xenial-i386-cloud.img10:17
pittiand cat /tmp/log|pastebinit10:18
seb128pitti, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14876356/10:21
seb128DBG: find_free_port: all ports are taken10:21
pittifind_free_port: all ports are taken10:21
pittiseb128: /run/lock/adt-virt-qemu.port* ?10:22
pittiseb128: it uses flock() on those, so something actually holds a lock on all of those10:22
seb128$ ls /run/lock/adt-virt-qemu.port*10:22
pittiok, then I suppose it's not really locked, but something else10:23
pittiseb128: ls -ld /run/lock10:23
seb128drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 140 févr.  4 11:23 /run/lock10:23
pittimeh -- b00g10:23
pittishould be 177710:23
pittisame here in fact, seems I botched that in the recent tmpfiles change10:24
pittiseb128: sudo chmod 1777 /run/lock should get you going10:24
seb128k, still buggy10:24
seb128but that feels like a glib issue now10:25
seb128adt-virt-qemu: DBG: Forwarding local port 10023 to VM ssh port 2210:25
seb128(process:20593): GLib-WARNING **: /build/glib2.0-Q50eE3/glib2.0-2.47.5/./glib/gmem.c:483: custom memory allocation vtable not supported10:25
seb128adt-virt-qemu: DBG: expect: " login: "10:25
seb128I wonder if it gets confused by the glib warning10:25
pittiseb128: can you run with --show-boot again?10:25
seb128that was it ^10:25
seb128I bet it doesn't like the glib warning10:25
pittiwow, why does mine work even with /run/lock as 75510:26
pittiI don't get that glib warning either (but amd64)10:26
seb128is with old glib ld_preloaded10:27
seb128pitti, anyway, it's out of the components you maintain at this point, seems a qemu issue, thanks for helping!10:28
seb128pitti, want a bug report about the /run/lock permission?10:28
pittiseb128: but we found the /run/lock  bug10:28
pittiseb128: if you want to track it, please10:28
seb128against what component? systemd?10:28
pittiseb128: so I suggest using lxd or schroot (of which lxd is the faster/simpler one)10:28
pittiseb128: yes10:28
seb128I'm going to try lxd10:28
seb128I wanted to play with it for some time10:29
pittiit's awesome10:29
seb128it's the opportunity10:29
pittion btrfs is super-fast, on ext4 it's the usual speed but still very pleasant to use10:29
LaneyI should try that too10:29
Laneyqemu has just been too easy for me ;-)10:30
Laneybut it isn't that fast to get results10:30
pittiand the manpages10:30
Laneymass apt pinning10:30
seb128pitti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/154177510:30
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1541775 in systemd (Ubuntu) "wrong /run/lock permissions" [Undecided,New]10:30
pittiseb128: merci10:30
seb128de rien !10:30
pittierk, seems the instructions are wrong10:31
pittisince I wrote it, deb-src got removed from lxd images10:31
pittiso if you want to run a thing like "adt-run libpng", you now need to use adt-build-lxd (which will add deb-src)10:31
willcookehikiko,sorry, forgot to answer... Trevinho will need to make that call.10:31
pittior run a .dsc or --unbuilt-tree10:31
LaneyI could probably improve my workflows too10:31
pittiI'll adjust the docs10:32
Laneylike use ephemeral/snapshot/whatever containers for installing random -dev packages10:32
pittiI mostly use schroot for that10:32
* Laney currently has xenial-lxc with *-dev installed10:32
Laneyit would be cool to be able to fork that, mess it up, then blow that away10:32
Laneylxc-start-ephemeral did already exist for this10:32
pittiwell, schroot does that10:33
seb128willcooke, btw I reverted the confusing fileselector behaviour in the gtk update that just landed in xenial, let me know if it works for you10:33
pitticontainers are great for running packages with init scripts etc.10:33
willcookethanks a lot seb12810:33
LaneyI could set up a schroot with useful tool installed10:34
Laneybut it'll be annoying when I want to use some services10:34
Laneycontainers are just better for this10:34
Laneyopen schroot, install packages, <wait>, vim /some file, ARGH I FORGOT TO INSTALL VIM, etc10:35
pitti$ time lxc launch adt/debian/sid/amd64 sid110:35
pittithat is clone AND booting10:35
pittion !btrfs it'll probably take more like 10s, but still okay10:35
Laneyyeah, lxc launch laneyscoolxenialcontainer gstreamer-test-110:35
Laneythen I can edit around in /usr seb128 style too10:35
* Laney pew pew pew10:36
seb128willcooke, yw!10:36
pittioh, seb128 doesn't use dput, but sudo vi /usr/.. ?10:36
LaneyI admit it is quite convenient for some types of changes10:36
Laneylike fixing python stuff10:36
pittisure, we all do that10:37
Laneywould be better to do it in a scratch environment though10:37
Laneyapt-get install --reinstall ♥10:37
Trevinhohikiko: I think is fine10:59
hikikothanks Trevinho11:01
willcooketkamppeter, thanks for the bug11:18
pittiseb128: how is lxd going?12:00
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seb128pitti, lunch went in the way, looking at it now ;-)12:33
seb128pitti, thanks for the lock fix!12:40
pittithanks for spotting it :)12:42
willcookedamn it Laney.  Now I can't get "Hello.  That's a nice Tnetennba!" out of my head12:50
pittia WHAT?12:51
seb128willcooke, and no, I didn't see that one yet :-)12:51
willcookepitti, a Tnetennba, as in.. "Hello.  That's a nice Tnetennba"12:52
Laneygood old Moss12:54
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pittioh, IT crowd?12:54
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pittioh dear, I forgot this one12:56
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Trevinhoseb128: did you see my nautilus branch?13:11
Mirvwith 14.04.4 planned for next Thu, what's up with the wily HWE stuck in -proposed? (I've been running it on broadwell and haswell + radeon 7750 problem free myself)13:16
seb128Trevinho, no, thanks for pointing it out13:25
seb128Mirv, that's a question for tjaalton I guess?13:25
Mirvseb128: probably yes, although maybe also stable release updates team might know13:34
seb128Mirv, right, that not really desktopish though ;-)13:35
Mirvyes yes :)13:35
seb128it feels like point updates used to be better organized though, with remainers before, a push to landed wanted changes etc13:36
tjaaltoninfinity should know13:37
seb128Sweet5hark1, hey, how is that libreoffice update going? you said you had it ready like 10 days ago, did I miss the sponsoring request or did you hit issues on the way?13:46
Sweet5hark1seb128: hit an issue. I did a testbuild on all arches (mostly to make sure armhf is happy) ...13:52
Sweet5hark1... and then ppc64el stumbled over itself in the most weird way.13:53
Sweet5hark1(armhf is fine as are all other platforms)13:53
davmor2Sweet5hark1: do we even ship ppc64el?13:54
Trevinhoseb128: I've some problems with wallpaper in the current 3.14 nautilus... Is that something you're still working on?13:54
Sweet5hark1davmor2: we did have ppc64el in wily.13:54
Sweet5hark1seb128, davmor2: That said, I found this: https://github.com/LibreOffice/core/commit/8d1a24dae03690b576310e3539369916f31ac475 -- an epic tale of toolchain and C++ madness and suspect it will fix this.13:56
Sweet5hark1strange though to see this only break on ppc64el.13:56
Sweet5hark1but yeah, if this is more complex, I would ask if we really need to build ppc64el ...13:58
seb128Trevinho, what sort?14:02
seb128Sweet5hark1, let me know how that patch goes14:02
Sweet5hark1seb128: sure, this should be quickish hopefully.14:03
Sweet5hark1(I shouldnt say that. Hope is the field where fools graze.)14:04
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ximionLaney: all bugs in gnome-software and other components that I had on my todo list are fixed now :)14:57
ximionI will make an AppStream release today, after cleaning up a few more things, and already uploaded a PackageKit version with the removal-issue fixed to unstable14:58
Laneyhi ximion14:58
Laneywhat's up?14:58
ximionLaney: can you pull the dep11-generator code again? ;-)14:58
ximionyou will see a massive amount of added info-type hints, since it is now using package descriptions for long descriptions, which isn't nice ;-)14:59
Laneyximion: I need a firewall fix so that it can actually download screenshots14:59
Laneyand connect to github...14:59
ximionah, that is the reason for the missing screenshots :)14:59
Laneyyeah, proxy fun14:59
Laneydoes the description thing mean we don't need this gsettings override now?15:00
ximiongnome-software still has some weird quirks, e.g. it doesn't show our favourite testcase "robocode" now because it fails to find/load a pixmap15:00
ximionwhile the pixmap is clearly there15:00
ximionthat is the only remaining issue I have, the rest is fixed15:01
ximionLaney: we can't use the gsettings override, because upstream dropped that particular code15:03
ximionso adding the package description was the second-best option15:03
ximionstill, people should really write metainfo files15:03
Laneyor write description with software centers in mind15:04
GunnarHjHi Laney, do you possibly have time to help with bug #1539885?15:11
ubot5`bug 1539885 in trusty-backports "Please backport svtplay-dl 0.30.2016.01.10-1 (universe) from xenial" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153988515:11
seb128pitti, so, the software-properties issue is due to your gnupg update, trying to figure out what changed exactly15:16
LaneyGunnarHj: alright, just going to lunch though15:26
GunnarHjLaney: Great, TIA and have a nice meal. :)15:27
LaneyI was thinking last night about fixing backports15:27
Laneyit's stupid to have two active people trying to deal with the whole thing15:27
Laneywe should just open it up15:27
GunnarHjLaney: Do you mean so all ubuntu core members could upload?15:28
LaneyGunnarHj: something like that15:29
GunnarHjLaney: Makes a lot of sense to me.15:30
willcookeseb128, should I log a but for passwd depends on init-system-helpers (>= 1.18~); however:16:07
willcooke  Version of init-system-helpers on system is 1.14.16:07
seb128willcooke, yes please16:07
attenteseb128: hey, do you want me to backport the patch for the unity-greeter indicators?16:07
seb128attente, oh, it got reviewed? good :-) If you want to, sure, otherwise I was going to do it16:07
attenteno worries, i'll do it16:08
willcookeseb128, FYI: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/init-system-helpers/+bug/154191416:12
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1541914 in init-system-helpers (Ubuntu) "passwd depends on init-system-helpers (>= 1.18~); however: Version of init-system-helpers on system is 1.14" [Undecided,New]16:12
seb128willcooke, thanks16:13
seb128pitti, ^ do you know if that's a known issue?16:13
pittierr, what? we have 1.26ubuntu216:18
pittiwillcooke: do you have the full log? we need to know why init-system-helpers wasn't upgraded16:19
seb128pitti, it's trusty to xenial upgrade16:19
willcookepitti, I'll send you some links16:19
seb128pitti, https://platform-qa-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Upgrade/job/upgrade_ubuntu-trusty-xenial-basic-amd64_qemu/73/console16:19
* pitti in meeting and vsprint, will look later, sorry16:20
pittidpkg: considering deconfiguration of init-system-helpers, which would be broken by installation of upstart ...16:21
pittidpkg: yes, will deconfigure init-system-helpers (broken by upstart)16:21
pittilooks like some circularity somewhere16:21
willcookeoh yeah16:21
seb128pitti, btw I found the issue with the software-properties autopkgtest but I've nfc how to solve it16:23
seb128pitti, the new gnupg seems to try to create a temp file on ~/.gnupg and displays a warning if the dir doesn't exists16:24
pittiseb128: ah, and it doesn't mkdir that dir?16:24
seb128pitti, doing mkdir "$tmpdir/.gnupg"; export HOME="$tmpdir"16:26
seb128in run-tests16:26
seb128makes it work16:26
seb128but it's hackish/not a fix16:26
pittiseb128: yeah, I figure we should quiesce the warning in GPG instead, and just make it silently not create the socket16:27
pitti$ HOME=/tmp/h gpg -c /tmp/index.txt16:29
pittigpg: Verzeichnis `/tmp/h/.gnupg' erzeugt16:29
pittigpg: Neue Konfigurationsdatei `/tmp/h/.gnupg/gpg.conf' erstellt16:29
pittisorry, c'est allemand16:30
pittiseb128: it does seem to create ~/.gnupg here, but it blabbers about it; I guess you mean that?16:30
pittiseb128: oh, I get a "fatal" if $HOME doesn't exist at all16:30
seb128pitti, no, I can't reproduce running the command manually16:31
pittifor a test $HOME ought to exist16:31
seb128unsure why16:31
seb128the script runs16:31
seb128"/usr/bin/gpg --no-options --no-default-keyring --no-auto-check-trustdb --trust-model always --keyring /build/software-properties-0.96.17/tests/aptroot/etc/apt/trusted.gpg --secret-keyring /tmp/tmpohq9ksnp/secring.gpg --quiet --batch --import /build/software-properties-0.96.17/tests/data/testkey.gpg"16:31
pitti$ LC_ALL=C HOME=/tmp/noexist gpg -c /tmp/index.txt16:31
pittigpg: fatal: can't create directory `/tmp/noexist/.gnupg': No such file or directory16:31
seb128which returns the warning and err 216:31
seb128but the same command started manually works without warning and returns 016:32
pittiseb128: try with HOME=/tmp/foo ?16:32
pittiso, why does that thing not have a $HOME -- does it change $HOME or change UID or so?16:33
seb128pitti, well, HOME=/tmp is enough, it fails if .gnupg doesn't exist16:35
seb128pitti, it fails with my user if I mv .gnupg away16:35
pittiinteresting, a simple gpg -c mkdir's ~/.gnupg, but fails if $HOME doesn't exist itself16:36
seb128pitti, I opened https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnupg/+bug/154192516:37
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1541925 in gnupg (Ubuntu) "Tries to create temp files under ~/.gnupg but doesn't create the dir" [Undecided,New]16:37
qenghoseb128: is the problem that it doesn't expand "~"?17:45
seb128qengho, not that I know, ~ is not used in the command line17:46
attentewhat about setting GNUPGHOME="$tmpdir"?17:50
qenghoWhat do you use, if anything, to keep your gpg keys seperate from your machine? I have /home/me/.gnupg as a symlink to /media/me/somedevicename/aribtrarycontainer/gnupg . When device is not plugged in, it doesn't try to create arbitrarycontainer and fails in a predictable way that lets me know I forgot to plug in my secret storage device.17:57
seb128attente, I guess that would work, but it's still a workaround, we should probably just fix gnupg to mkir the dir in this case or create another dir rather than erroring out, it's an implementation detail from gpg not an user fault17:57
attenteqengho: i use subkeys, keeping the master key on a few luks-encrypted usb flash drives, only the subkeys are on my machine17:59
attenteseb128: yeah, sounds reasonable18:00
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attenteqengho: and then when you have to use the master key, mount and set GNUPGHOME=/media/whatever when using gpg/gpg218:01
qenghoattente: thanks. I also have subkeys only on the device that fits in my pocket. I'm aiming to have keys un-leakable except when I need them used.18:03
qenghoseb128: so, I hope the solution isn't deref symlink and then "mkdir -p". That messes me up.18:03
attenteqengho: maybe i'm not paranoid enough :)18:06
willcooketjaalton, just assigning the omap bug to you so that TI can see that we're doing something with it19:01
willcookeI see you've already logged u/s - thank you19:01
tjaaltonfyi, i'll send a CFT tomorrow about the new xserver (1.18), packages built at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/x-staging19:02
willcookethx tjaalton19:02
tjaaltonnvidia already supports it in the main archive19:03
willcookeI'll pimp on G+ etc19:03
TheMusoHey folks.19:03
willcookemorning TheMuso, you're up early19:04
TheMusowillcooke: A combination of things results in this being the case. :)19:04
TheMusoBut yes, I am indeed. I am actually usually up at this time, but not usually at my computer.19:04
TheMusowillcooke: Hrm so turns out that the UI I was referring to last night that could be used to turn on/off the accessibility profile indicator is present in vanilla GNOME 3.18 control center, but not in ours. :) The universal access panel in vanilla GNOME is also layed out differently.19:10
TheMusoSo I guess its time to work out how to squeeze that back into our universal access panel somehow...19:11
willcookethey layout of ours is pretty terrible tbh19:11
willcookee.g. the typing pane is a mess of text and buttons19:12
willcookenot especially accessible19:12
TheMusoYeah, at least in terms of universal access, I find the pure GNOME layout to be easier to navigate.19:12
TheMusoi.e one big table list of settings with headings, as opposed to notebook pages.19:12
willcookeI was about to say...19:13
willcookehow about another notebook tab19:13
TheMusoThats what I was thinking, and if we do that, I may as well look into listing the profiles there an dallowing them to be activated/deactivated if I have time, because one page with one single switch will look pretty empty.19:13
TheMusoWhich is what I was thinking in the first place anyway.19:13
TheMusoI'll see what I can do.19:14
willcookethx TheMuso19:14
willcookeright, time to go19:38
willcookeg'nigth all19:38
ximionLaney: I profiled the dep11-generator, it looses most of the time in getting file-lists from .deb files also wastes a fair bit of time in urlopen()19:49
ximionwhen processing many packages, the time needed reading the contents file isn't that much19:49
ximionso, if the Contents.gz file would be more reliable and would e.g. contain information about the package versions, we could speed up the generator drmatically19:50
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ximionrobert_ancell: hi! If you want to, upgrade packagekit, appstream, appstream-glib to the versions I uploaded to Debian unstable today20:57
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ximionthis should make your life much more pleasant by fixing gnome-software bugs ;-)20:57
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robert_ancellximion, hi, we've decided there's too many risks updating PackageKit for 16.04 and are looking at an apt backend to GNOME Software. It's in the wip/rancell/apt branch on GNOME git20:59
pittirobert_ancell: that's aptdaemon, or session-installer, or something new?20:59
pitti(just OOI)20:59
robert_ancellpitti, yeah, using aptdaemon for install / remove21:00
pittiwell, session-installer is also aptdaemon, but its API is closer to PK AFAIK21:00
ximionrobert_ancell: I don't like that, but whatever works for you is fine - creating a new plugin is by far the much better approach to it than the previously discussed "let-aptd-pretend-to-be-packagekit" thing21:01
robert_ancellpitti, is there any reason to use session-installer over aptdaemon21:01
robert_ancellximion, yeah, the whole aptd PK thing is a big mess21:01
ximionpitti: sessioninstaller is aptds reimplementation of the PackageKit session interface, which is normally provided by GNOME Software, GNOME PackageKit and Apper21:02
ximionthe PK session API is very high-level and is normally what is used by applications which just want to install something without having to create own GUI dialogs21:03
ximionso, not something you'd want for GS itself21:03
ximionrobert_ancell: having a version of packagekit in Ubuntu which is 2 years old and completely unsupported would be a risk as well21:04
ximionI fixed some security issues a long time ago, not sure if those made it to Ubuntu21:04
robert_ancellximion, it is, but we want to disconnect the goal of replacing gnome-software from updating PackageKit21:04
ximionokay, splitting it seems like a good plan if you have deadlines21:05
robert_ancellximion, We can still update PackageKit as long as it works in parallel with aptdaemon. Which should be possible afaik.21:05
robert_ancell(dropping the aptd PK support in the process)21:05
robert_ancellyeah, deadlines :(21:05
ximionsounds like a good plan to me, actually :)21:06
ximionrobert_ancell: the PK update I pushed to Debian fixes the removal bug larsu resolved, the appstream-glib update solves some asglib-doesn't-follow-appstream-or-dep11-spec issues, and the appstream update makes the APT integration work a bit better21:07
robert_ancellximion, cool, thanks21:07
ximiontogether with the changes in the generator, the experience is pretty smooth here21:07
ximionalthough there is one bug, where GS says it can't find/load a pixmap, although the icon pixmap is clearly there21:08
ximionan example for this would be robocode21:08
ximionjust so you know this is known, in case you run into it - I have no idea yet why this happens, it seems to just hit a few apps and not all of them21:09

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