lubotu3`In lubotu3`, nikola_ said: There is an error can u help me?00:39
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k1lnikola_: what is the issue?00:41
nikola_there have been an error repors on mine computer00:42
k1lnikola_: this is not a technical support channel. you might want to ask in #ubuntu or the os you are using00:43
nikola_u mean mine country?00:43
k1lOS = operating system00:44
nikola_thats waht i meant00:44
nikola_tnx eny=ivey00:44
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ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases19:59
teward^ that's a little vague19:59
tewardcould we make it say "9 months (non-LTS)" and "5 years (LTS)"?20:00
tewardit could be misconstrued to be "Oh, things get supported 5 years and its not LTS" (granted, people are not typically that stupid but...20:00
teward(that's the only part it's vague on)20:00
tewardactually, we could reword it as such then...20:05
teward"9 months to 5 years" -> "9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS)"20:05
tewardremoving that 'to' implies it's either/or, rather than a range20:05
k1l!info releases20:05
ubottuPackage releases does not exist in wily20:05
ubot93Package releases does not exist in wily20:06
k1l!releases is <reply> Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:06
tewardi need an op in #ubuntu-bugs to smack someone - we don't have a floodbot20:08
hggdhk1l: thank you20:14
* teward waves20:15
teward(i discuss, i don't revise, heh)20:15
tewardin any case, it's still a decent change, IMO20:16
hggdhit is20:16
k1lyeah, i thought about it several times but always thought: next time i will change that (or propose a change)20:19
tewardglad to see it was accepted thoug h:)20:19
tewardk1l: guess I beat you to it heh20:19
k1lnow i can blame you, teward ;p20:19
hggdhpopey: there still?20:41
hggdhpopey: do you know if https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=16371 is still a concern? I tried pinging daviey, but no response20:42
popeyno idea20:43
popeycan't imagine it still is 5 years later..20:43
popeyor it is and nobody cares20:43
hggdhpopey: I will ask for it to be closed then20:49
tsimonq2Hi, I literally just got Ubuntu Membership. Could I please recieve a cloak? Thanks in advance. :)22:22
Fuchstsimonq2: please link your launchpad page, then wait for first IRCC and then staff22:22
Fuchsalso note that this will replace your linuxpadawan, whatever that is, cloak22:22
tsimonq2Fuchs: yes I am aware that this will replace my cloak. https://launchpad.net/~tsimonq222:23
Fuchslovely, then just wait for IRCC and staff now :) and congratulations22:23
tsimonq2Fuchs: thank you :)22:24
hggdhstaff: can we please have a cloak ubuntu/member/tsimonq2 for tsimonq222:34
Fuchsmy recommendation would be #freenode as one was just active in there, and it's going towards UTC midnight22:35
Fuchsoh, he's even on /stats p22:35
Fuchsso poke Downtime directly :)22:35
tewardi was about to say :P22:35
Fuchsrare thing22:35
tewardtsimonq2: go to #freenode plz22:36
teward(in case they ask you to verify you're OK losing your cloak or such)22:36
hggdhFuchs: thanks22:36
tewardthough they may PM direct22:36
Fuchsthey will22:36
Fuchsit'd be odd if they didn't22:36
Fuchsthat was more pointed at hggdh22:36
tsimonq2teward: against "All Ubuntu members can request an Ubuntu cloak by asking a member of the IRC Council for one. Please do not go to freenode staff first as they require approval from a group contact for group cloaks." ????22:36
hggdhFuchs: I am already there :-)22:36
tsimonq2well I just joined either way22:36
tewardtsimonq2: i didn't say you should ask them22:37
hggdhtsimonq2: this means someone from the IRCC must approve & request the cloak22:37
hggdhtsimonq2: you cannot do it directly22:37
tewardtsimonq2: i said that staff may ask you if you want the cloak, and then OK the removal of your current one22:37
tewardand what hggdh said22:37
tewardnow you can leave #freenode or risk getting highlighted frequently22:37
tewardby spambots22:37
hggdhtsimonq2: you are all set :-)22:38
tsimonq2thanks hggdh22:38
tsimonq2o/ no need for  me to be i nthis chan :)22:38
tewardi was going to say "What, you don't like lurking and discussing IRC related things?" but OK22:39
Fuchsand the free cake we serve22:40
rwwssshhhhhh don't tell them about the cake i've been feeding people to get them to vote me onto ircc22:40
hggdhhum. I'll go now for an icecream with fudge22:40
Fuchsrww: if _you_ made it to IRCC I'd blame something else than "feeding cake"22:41
rwwi put lsd in the cake, i've totally got this22:42
FuchsI'd still blame something else22:42
Fuchsin German it's called hochsc ... nevermind22:42
hggdhFuchs: Hochschule?23:22
Fuchsyes, yes, let's say that's the word I was looking for *nods*23:23
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