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rtgkamal, you should add CONFIG_DMADEVICES=y to your 4.2 stable build (and enable all of the dependent devices). I think you'll find a compile issue with drivers/dma/bcm2835-dma.c 16:10
rtgfor the raspi2 build of course.16:11
kamalrtg, huh.  I do test build bcm2834_defconfig   ... shoudn't that probably enable those?16:14
rtgkamal, it doesn't by default16:15
kamalrtg, well that's annoying16:15
kamal(and yes, I see that's true)16:15
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apwstgraber, just had a new ADT failure lp: #154204922:22
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1542049 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc: ADT exercise test failing with linux-4.4.0-3.17 " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154204922:22
stgraberapw: so it's hanging on lxc-test-apparmor-mount then22:24
stgrabercould be network related maybe22:25
apwstgraber, isn't that the bits jjohansen1 just changed for us ...22:25
stgraberyeah, so either it's getting stuck on network somehow, or it's actually getting stuck on apparmor22:25
jjohansen1well, not saying it isn't apparmor, but a better trace would sure help22:27
jjohansen1apw: does 4.4.0-3 have the mount patch I did?22:28
apwjjohansen1, i believe it does22:28
jjohansen1apw, stgraber: maybe its time for me to just drop the patch bomb that has been waiting for ever behind other work22:29
jjohansen1it has a lot of locking fixes in it22:29
apwjjohansen1, confirmed22:30
jjohansen1I need to port another couple of patches to it (I'll do that today), then lets give it a test build22:30
apwjjohansen1, works for me22:30
apwstgraber, can we tell if it is hanging there somehow, to confirm it is not just a network issue and we are doing this update for nothing22:31
jjohansen1apw: well I would say some version of this has to drop for xenial, whether its this set or the moster 3.5 patchset that is still in dev and that won't make feature freeze22:32
stgraberapw: I'll manually kick a retry on amd64 now. I confirmed locally that on current xenial, I can pull an image just fine so the network bits we're hitting seem fine right now.22:32
apwjjohansen1, ok, i'd love to not have to rush them in but ...22:33
jjohansen1apw: well the patchset I'm talking about was meant for vivid/wily and has been mostly just sitting for about 2 months, I agree we don't want to rush the 3.5 thing22:34
apwjjohansen1, well if you want that in wily, we prolly want to get it into xenial first for sure22:35

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