dholbachgood morning08:07
Kiloshi dholbach 08:09
dholbachhi Kilos08:10
Kilosoo lets not forget svij 08:10
Kiloshi MooDoo 08:28
tsimonq2o/ guys11:27
tsimonq2and gals :)11:27
tsimonq2I'm a little bit nervous, I have my membership meeting today11:28
svijgood luck :)11:28
tsimonq2thanks svij 11:28
MooDootsimonq2: yay, i'm sure you'll be fine :D11:37
Kilosgood luck lad. still many hours to wait11:38
tsimonq2https://wiki.ubuntu.com/tsimonq2 for people that want to hunt around a little bit :D11:41
tsimonq2Kilos: yes ik it's killing me :P11:41
tsimonq2MooDoo: lol I think I will but yet again I don't want to get my hopes too high :)11:42
tsimonq2MooDoo: it's all up to the board11:42
tsimonq2thank god I'm the only one applying today11:42
tsimonq2I have testimonials from really good people, and my contributions, IMHO, should show the board that I am really serious about this11:43
* tsimonq2 reads all the documentation on becoming a member one last time :D11:44
MooDoonice :)  I've been wanting to do it for year, think i joined launchpad 2006 lol ha ha ha11:45
ubot5`Launchpad bug 2006 in Launchpad itself "Deactivated memberships should be hidden" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200611:45
tsimonq2uh oh I'm right at six months XD11:46
tsimonq2MooDoo: just take the leap! put your name on the wiki page! after all, I was going to wait until June, but I was convinced to do it earlier. Come on! Chances are, you will get it! :D11:48
MooDootsimonq2: well don't have the time really, don't do enough for ubuntu and insert 1000000 lame excuses here :D11:49
tsimonq2MooDoo: link me to your wiki page11:50
tsimonq2MooDoo: believe me, if you have been around since 2006, you have contributed enough to deserve membership :D11:51
MooDoooh god no lol11:52
MooDooand you don't wanna see my wiki page, think it's only got my name on it lol11:52
tsimonq2MooDoo: I cna help you11:53
MooDootsimonq2: I'll bear that in mind matey, thanks :)11:53
tsimonq2MooDoo: and even if you slap something on there, apply soon11:54
tsimonq2they can give you tips if you still need to contribute more11:54
tsimonq2I'll be happy to give you a testimonial :)11:54
MooDoowhy thank you :D 11:54
tsimonq2MooDoo: aha I've hunted it down :D https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaulMellors11:55
tsimonq2MooDoo: what work have you done in your LoCo and/or Ubuntu?11:56
MooDoodarn you lol11:56
MooDooto be honest, I'm more on IRC helping out where I can11:57
tsimonq2MooDoo: okay ;)11:57
tsimonq2MooDoo: are you involved with your LoCo?11:58
MooDoo#ubuntu-uk :) but don't physically do much, 11:58
tsimonq2MooDoo: member or a leader of some kind?11:59
MooDoonah not a leader, just been everywhere a while, i'm in lots of ubuntu channels lol12:02
MooDoodon't worry abuot me for now tsimonq2 lets get yours finalized first :)12:02
tsimonq2MooDoo: bah you just don't want any pressure :P12:07
MooDoolol :) i'm old enough to be able to handle pressure :) 12:08
wxldidn't someone come up with a new ubuntu wordpress theme recently?22:38
tsimonq2wxl: yeah there was a mailing list thread about it somewhere22:39
wxlssh ubuntu.com grep -R theme /usr/local/mailman/lists/*22:41

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