PaulW2Uhttp://www.ubuntu.com/tablet looks like will be an interesting source of news17:31
PaulW2Upleia2: yet another newsletter sub-section?  ;)17:32
pleia2I think we'll put phone and tablet into the same section (same OS)20:46
pleia2but definitely a "general news" headline for all the tablet news this week20:46
pleia2there, reorged a bit to do that20:49
PaulW2Ucongrats tsimonq2 - I'll add you to the prep doc when the membership board email arrives22:20
tsimonq2thanks PaulW2U :D22:20
wxlemail sent PaulW2U22:25
PaulW2Uwxl: thanks22:29
wxlnp. thank you!22:29
wxloh and that's on behalf of the "Membership Council" hahahahah22:34
PaulW2UI didn't want to say :)22:35
wxlthere i said it22:35
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