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ragibanyone here?14:55
ragibneed help14:55
dragonbiteI'm here, but I am not much help14:56
dragonbiteIf you are having problem with the video on the page, go to the YouTube page and it seems more active.14:57
dragonbiteEither by clicking the YouTube icon on the video or go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7kHZc9M0pg14:57
dragonbiteThe YouTube version is timing down (2 minutes now)14:57
davidcalleHello, we'll start in a couple minutes :)14:58
davidcalleragib: what do you need help with?14:58
dragonbiteit this Thursday UoA normal? Or is this a special one?15:00
dragonbitenormal == regular or recurring schedule15:00
davidcalledragonbite: it's a javascript scopes Q&A for the Ubuntu scopes showdown https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/showdown/15:00
dragonbiteI'm haven't been able to get my SDK working, let alone try to build a scope or a webapp, but that's another story...15:01
ragibi have installed ubuntu. some website like https://www.jetbrains.com this site can't load15:03
ragibis there any solution?15:03
ragibi have googled but nothing found that could be useful15:03
dragonbitedoes jetbrains run Flash or Java?  and are you using Firefox?15:04
dragonbiteQUESTION: is there a performance hit using Javascript over the other language?15:06
ragibi am using firefox. but same thing happens with chrome15:06
ricardogsilvadid the QA start already? I' not seeing any video feed yet?15:07
dragonbitego to youtube and it runs15:07
ricardogsilvaQUESTION: can I use the new audio cards to allow music playback directly on the search page?15:09
ragibboth java and flash are installed15:10
ricardogsilvaQUESTION: can I ship a new online account provider together with a scope?15:10
marcustomlinsonricardogsilva: unity-js-scopes15:13
ricardogsilvaOK, I'll report a bug then, thanks ;)15:14
ricardogsilvathanks marcus, I'll look more into the online accounts provider issue15:17
dragonbiteQUESTION: is the Javascript scopes the gateway to get people in and then a hope to push them to C++, or will Javascript always be a 1st class citizen?15:20
dragonbiteQUESTION: Any other languages being looked at for being supported or included in the SDK?15:21
ricardogsilvaQUESTION: how can I run my js scope on my phone when I get 'Using a custom scopelauncher is not yet supported' (maybe this is not an appropriate question here...)15:25
dragonbite*BUSTED* ;)15:26
dragonbiteQUESTION: These scopes are for Unity 8, which is coming to the desktop soon and there is a tablet to come out in March, does the difference form factors cause any problems with development and debugging?15:28
ricardogsilvacool, I'll try it out, thanks15:28
dragonbiteQUESTION: any suggestions for development and debugging scopes when you don't have an Ubuntu phone?  Or just use the SDK's emulator?15:29
dragonbiteQUESTION: is all of the documentation for scopes development under https://developer.ubuntu.com or are there other sources?15:37
dragonbitewhat about back-and-forth for questions (like forum or irc)?15:43
ricardogsilvachecking out the unit and integration tests is a nice tip, hdn't thought of that!15:44
dragonbiteGreat! Thanks!15:47
dragonbiteQUESTION: what is the coolest scope you've seen so far?  Is it C++, JS or Go?15:50
ricardogsilvathank you david and marcus for your time. this has been a very nice and motivating session!   cheers :)15:58
dragonbiteSo i have a few weeks to get my SDK working! :)15:59
marcustomlinsondragonbite: what problems are you having?15:59
dragonbiteI'm not in front of it currently but it tries to run some update and ends with an error that I don't remember at this time.16:00
dragonbiteThanks for this guys!  This is great and very motivating!16:01
marcustomlinsonThanks for the good questions!16:02
davidcalledragonbite: ricardogsilva thanks guys!16:02
dragonbitebtw, the calendar doesn't show anything for tomorrow16:02
dragonbitethis calendar http://is.gd/OWD4uc16:02
marcustomlinsondragonbite: the schedule is at the bottom of https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/showdown/16:04
marcustomlinsonyeah, no time :P16:04
dragonbitethe IRC window has the link I mentioned along the top for "Upcoming Schedule"16:05
dragonbiteI was hopeful because I pulled it into my Google calendar so it automatically shows up16:05
dragonbitebtw.. I think this was great!  It was focused a little more than the usual Tuesday ones (which I put on my work calendar! :) )16:07
davidcalledragonbite: it will be in the onair calendar in a few hours (the guy maintaining it just went to bed :) )16:12
dragonbitethat's one thing I have to keep reminding myself.. Ubuntu is global so while it's 11 AM here, it's midnight somewhere! :)16:13
dragonbitebye guys!16:16
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