balloonstsimonq2, yes00:20
balloonstsimonq2, well I lie.. no docs00:20
tsimonq2balloons: hmm I can't seem to find them, where are they00:20
tsimonq2oh ha ha00:20
balloonsthis is everything: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/api00:21
tsimonq2balloons: shouldn't that change sometime soon? :P00:21
balloonsit has an API, heh00:21
balloonsumm, well, it's certainly possible I suppose00:21
balloonsit was never really formalized00:21
tsimonq2balloons: we need to talk to Stephane abot getting us some docs XD00:21
balloonstsimonq2, ahh, well he's not invovled in the development anymore00:22
balloonsit's up to us collectively to do so -- expand it, document it, etc00:22
balloonsyou could probably even get docs with what's there now using sphinx00:22
tsimonq2balloons: I would step up but I have no experience with making APIs, although I guess I could tr00:22
balloonsand wxl, yes, I had a really bad case of ubuflu last week :-)00:23
balloonstsimonq2, there's plenty of folks who can help if you are willing to try I'm sure00:23
balloonsbut first things first eh?00:23
tsimonq2balloons: should I take to the ML for help?00:24
balloonsyea -- that's never a bad idea to gauge00:24
tsimonq2balloons: lol I trieds to go to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/api and it says it isn't found00:24
tsimonq2hold on let me log in quick00:24
balloonstsimonq2, you HAVE to be logged in00:25
balloonsit gives you the key too00:25
tsimonq2balloons: do you have commit access to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa-website-devel/ubuntu-qa-website/python-qatracker ?00:26
balloonseveryone who is within the devel group does00:26
tsimonq2ahh okay00:27
balloonsso yea :-)00:27
tsimonq2balloons: I feel like this needs to be hacked on and advertised a little more :)00:27
balloonstsimonq2, it's recently begun to get hacked on again -- so feel free to join in the fun00:28
balloonsit could use the love, and it seems easy to hack on00:28
tsimonq2so I'll browse the code and try to play with it even though it has limited docs for, oh idk, the next week or two? then I'll take to the mailing list with everything I have learned00:28
balloonstsimonq2, that sounds great00:28
tsimonq2and ask for help00:28
tsimonq2okay cool00:29
balloonsif you look at it for 2 weeks, heh, you will be the new expert00:29
tsimonq2wxl, flocculant: the above might interest you ^^00:29
balloonsso don't be afraid to just make changes and propose00:29
balloonsseriously ;-00:29
tsimonq2balloons: yeah that's my point :P00:29
tsimonq2balloons: and the subscriptions thing needs hacking on IMO because it hasn't bben notifying me like it should :D00:30
tsimonq2I think in general the ISO QA tracker needs some love00:30
balloonsthat is very true00:31
tsimonq2balloons: maybe a UOS session is in order :)00:31
balloonsand yes, some of those supplemental things need work00:31
tsimonq2idk if I would be able to make the session because I have school and such(unless I convince my mom to let me have off school for that, which would be a total godsend, fingers crossed)00:31
tsimonq2but that would be a good idea00:32
tsimonq2balloons: because we already know dates00:32
tsimonq2May 3-500:32
balloonstsimonq2, no need to wait or talk about it really00:32
balloonsit just needs doing as flocculant would say00:32
balloonsok, ttyl00:33
balloonsI have to hrun00:33
tsimonq2balloons: I agree, and we should work on it in the meantime, but some good planning in an established fashion for the next 6 months in a UOS session would be beneficial00:33
tsimonq2o/ balloons00:33
wxltsimonq2: good. docs dude, docs!00:36
tsimonq2wxl: yeah I need to make some XD00:36
tsimonq2is anyone else having trouble accessing http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com ?02:10
tsimonq2I can't connect02:13
tsimonq2not through Tor either02:13
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balloonsYes it's down05:14
xnoxtsimonq2, balloons - reported to #is, they fixed it.05:39
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tsimonq2thank you so much xnox :)11:27
flocculanttsimonq2: bug 1185953 tells me there's code linked - but not seen a mp for that code12:54
ubot5`bug 1185953 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed: Gdebi" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118595312:54
tsimonq2flocculant: you'll get a merge proposal when I'm done :P12:56
flocculantoh right12:57
flocculantwondered where it;d gone if it was linked :)12:57
tsimonq2flocculant: ahh okay :)12:57
tsimonq2flocculant: and either way I would have marked it Fix Committed :)12:57
flocculantI take no notice of testcase bug statuses unless I've marked them personally ;)12:58
flocculantI've seen too many in progress for years to do that ...12:58
tsimonq2flocculant: well just know my habits ;)12:59
tsimonq2well off to school, then membership meeting, thanks flocculant :D12:59
flocculantI have enough trouble with my own to take much notice of anyone else's :)12:59
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flocculantwxl: http://pastebin.com/JqVvqwrS fix released tracker bugs17:35
flocculantI've ignored those fix because a prior fix broke something17:36
flocculantthere might be other things happened that I don't know about17:36
flocculantballoons: ^^17:36
balloonswhat's the pastebin for?17:52
flocculantto read?18:01
flocculantlist of fixed bugs - but the ^^ was the "there might be other things happened that I don't know about" mostly :)18:01
balloonssorry -- I missed the context18:09
flocculantthat's ok :)18:10
flocculantI think I caught them all18:11
balloonsso the rollout last night had to be rolled back18:20
flocculantoh dear18:21
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balloonsok, redeployed and everything is fine21:12
balloonsit seems flocculant has passed nskaggs on the top list now, heh21:12
flocculantbe a while before either of us catch up :p21:20
flocculantwxl: LTS upgrades added to your 64/32 bit builds now21:43
wxlflocculant: thx sir21:43
* balloons notes wxl now has the same power21:43
* wxl flexes21:43
balloonstsimonq2, a little over 1 hour to go!21:45
wxlyou mean less than an hour to go balloons21:45
balloonsohh? I thought it was in 1.25 hours?21:46
balloonsis it not?21:46
wxlThu Feb  4 21:46:17 UTC 201621:46
wxlmeeting is at 220021:46
balloonsyikes.. I guess I better be quick then21:46
balloonsback in a minute21:46
flocculantI'll not be there - but I left something on his wiki21:46
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wxlballoons: fwiw we're gathering up now21:57

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