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mappsgood tv night06:05
mappssuits and sunny in philly06:05
mappswatched any good films recently zmoylan-pi/?06:06
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MooDoomorning all08:28
* popey stabs his router09:03
davmor2Morning all09:06
davmor2popey: hey you broke it play nice :P09:08
* popey unstabs router09:21
popeyfinally managed to get openwrt on it!09:21
* popey is happy09:21
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Create a Vacuum Day! 😃09:33
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MooDoomorning everyone in case i missed you earlier09:44
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4NGoS330HE gotcha covered dude09:53
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:00
MooDoomorning brobostigon10:02
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:02
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:07
brobostigonmorning bigcalm10:10
knightwiseHeyzzz everyone10:34
MooDoohay, wow my server is getting smacked by chinese ip's :)10:37
davmor2oh you are popular10:55
MooDoostopped it now though, installed fail2ban :)10:56
davmor2yeah that helps a lot :)10:56
MooDoojust watching the log, seeing it ban things :) lol10:58
davmor2MooDoo: yeah I reckon this is actually what takes out websites now, it's the fail2ban log taking up all the hdd space :)11:01
MooDoolol :)11:05
MooDoodavmor2: I'll tell you in the morning as it only seems to happen at night/early morning11:05
moreatiMorning all, a popularity question: what virtualisation frontend do you use on your desktop? VirtualBox? Gnome Boxes? virt-manager?11:07
MooDoovirt-manager here11:08
davmor2moreati: kvm from the terminal be a man ;)11:12
moreatidavmor2: as a small furry creature from Alpha Centauri I resent that11:13
foobarryaccessing vsphere11:14
foobarryand vagrant for local stuffs11:14
moreatifoobarry: what backend are you using with vagrant?11:14
davmor2moreati: depends what you are doing, if it is just firing up machines or want decent amount of options, kvm/virt-manager are perfect and light weight, if you are just playing about with various desktops then Gnome boxes is perfect and if you want proper access to hardware in the vm then virtualbox still does it slightly better than virt-manager (so ideal for windows for a gameos for example)11:15
foobarryi spin up a vagrant puppet master11:16
foobarrythen spin up test machines that get puppeted by it11:16
moreatidavmor2: ty, does testdrive still get used?11:17
davmor2moreati: also if you are not caring about the startup of the linux environment lxd is really light for linux system no windows available for that though11:17
moreatidavmor2: 'no windows' as in nothing with a GUI, or no MS Windows?11:18
davmor2moreati: ms windows11:19
davmor2moreati: LXD uses the system kernel and install a system in a container on top of that so you can only have linux systems on a linux box11:20
moreatidavmor2: thanks, I've been meaning to take a closer look.11:21
davmor2moreati: https://linuxcontainers.org/11:21
Myrttiwell that's some news there11:23
MyrttiMatt LeBlanc for Top Gear11:24
popeyI thought they were getting some member of the public to do it11:24
popeyThey had a whole application process11:24
davmor2popey: he's public he hasn't acted for years ;)11:27
davmor2see no acting :P11:28
davmor2popey: I like Matt really cause he never really takes himself seriously and is always up for a laugh, I've seen him in a couple of interviews and he is howling with laughter :)11:31
popeyyeah, could work.11:37
MooDoohay all, just a question about the next LTS release, I read some where that you can move the unity bar to the bottom of the screen, is this available now?11:57
davmor2MooDoo: it is see softpedia for instructions there is no gui for it yet11:59
MooDoook thanks mate12:02
MooDoounity 7.2?12:02
MooDoothat's what i meant lol12:04
davmor2MooDoo: Version: 7.4.0+16.04.20151218-0ubuntu2 to be more specific :)12:04
MooDooyeah i'll upgrade and play this evening12:06
awilkinsAnyone know of a way that you can extract the API metadata from e.g. a Ruby REST API ?12:15
awilkinsEssentially looking for an automated way of generating call stubs for a given language wrapper12:15
MooDooany one use a m.2 drive in their laptop?12:25
popeyNo, I have an mSATA which pre-dates m.212:30
popeymuch the same thing though12:30
MooDoojust looking into them, but now can't see the point seeing as I can just get a regular 2.5 ssd for same price12:37
diddledanMooDoo: m.2 is mucho faster12:39
directhexsee, there are three problems with m.212:41
directhex1) capacity. nobody's making m.2 drives >500gb12:41
MooDooyeah i'd have to get one with a 2.5 convertor bay for my lappy12:41
directhex2) cost. an m.2 costs twice as much as a sata, for the same capacity12:42
directhex3) cost. an nvme m.2 stick costs twice as much as an ahci m.2 stick, and you need nvme for m.2 to be actually usefully faster12:42
diploI'd like to just say that systemd is making my head want to explode :)12:44
MyrttiGod I hate the Vistaprint wedding flower advert12:44
diploI expect it'll all sync in soon but blimey :P12:45
diddledandiplo: the problem I have with systemd is discoverability of the services12:46
diddledanlike hth was I supposed to know that openvpn has to be started with the openvpn@<configfilename>.service?12:47
diddledanin the past I just started it with openvpn as the service name12:47
diplo:/ I've not come across that yet. Basically trying to get some archaic old start up scripts working and loading them all12:48
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awilkinsWorked out what's causing Firefox to freeze I think13:13
awilkinsIt's the website of The Independent13:13
awilkinsNot visited it today, no freezes13:13
awilkinsVisited it yesterday on purpose to see if freezes happened a lot, they did13:13
zmoylan-pisome javascript blocker and see if that helps?13:14
awilkinsYeah, I might try that if I keep wanting to read things on there13:14
zmoylan-pii did have a nice one that had buttons for javascript, flash and a few other plugins that was on status bar at bottom a while back...13:15
awilkinsOh hahahahah, I wanted to use Mylyn on our internal issue tracker13:20
awilkinsI think the version of JIRA they have is so old that is has no REST API13:20
awilkinsHa, it's from 200813:27
awilkins /o\13:27
foobarrycan firefox do html5 videos on youtube yet?13:52
foobarryyes foobarry , you have to go to youtube.com/html513:55
davmor2foobarry: what foobarry said13:56
popeywell, that's dead then14:15
foobarrycan ubuntu run on the mozphone?14:23
davmor2popey: didn't take long :)14:30
popeyWhich Moz phone? There's a bunch of them14:30
foobarrywhat now then? unsupported bricks?14:31
popeyThey tried to go too big, too fast.14:33
popeyHad high return rates, which kills devices.14:34
foobarrythey are a massive money burning org14:34
diddledan"masked gunmen on the run after drinks company boss shot dead" <-- I'm guessing it was employees who got passed-over for promotion too many times (ref: http://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/masked-gunmen-on-run-after-drinks-company-boss-shot-dead-in-robbery-bid/ar-BBp7hGw)14:39
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foobarryis it possible to password protect a session from being interacted with, but still show the screen content? i'm thinking for a screen on my desk that is tailing logs15:27
foobarrythat locks the screen session15:31
foobarrywhich is handy but i'm after a way to show data on screen but virtually remove keybaord15:32
diploPhysically remove keyboard instead :)15:33
diploSounds like you're trying to fix a problem with staff/students not taking notice of something?15:34
foobarryi want to tail logs but nobody gets to ctrl-c and have root15:34
diploCreate a group and add them to the group perms for logs in question ?15:35
zmoylan-piput it behind perspex and watch as they and use touchscreen that is no longer there... :-)17:10
zmoylan-pi*they try and use17:10
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DJonesCan anybody reommend a cheap mobile sim for a galaxy s2 tab, probably only data use only, so maybe a pay as you go that can be topped up18:10
DJonesJust "won" one through work with LTE support so looking at a mobile data plan18:12
davmor2DJones: for mobile data 3 is about your best option18:13
zmoylan-piyou'd think there would be an up to date graph of all the available options per country listing the various offerings18:15
DJonesdavmor2: Cheers18:15
DJonesDon't even know if it works as a phone as well, or just as a tablet18:15
DJonesdavmor2: Thats nice, 12Gb data valid for 12 months for £3018:16
popeyDJones, agreed on 3 mobile sim18:24
popeyI got one for a month of unlimited 3g while I was in the USA18:24
popeyworked a treat18:24
BullHi, i have problems to adjust network manager, i have nt a eth cable but i have a Cd18:28
diddledanaww, no fair!18:41
zmoylan-piwell if you have your star trek replicator online i can send you the pattern matrix :-)18:43
diddledan:-o AN UBUTAB HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!19:02
diddledanwith BQ19:02
diddledanthe Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition19:02
zmoylan-pii'm just clearing down my 7" android tablet as i use it a lot less19:02
zmoylan-piusing a cheapo 4.5" phone instead for viewing tv/movies and as pedometer when walking19:03
diddledanwait, you're not using a nokia?19:03
zmoylan-pibut a 7" ubuntu tablet might be just what i want19:03
zmoylan-pioh i don't use it as phone, i use nokia for that. and fm radio, and web, and email, and rss, and mp3s...19:04
zmoylan-pithe cheapo is around 70% battery when i get home just using it as pedometer...19:04
zmoylan-piwhereas the nokia will have more juice doing a lot more19:05
diddledanref: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/04/canonical-reinvents-the-personal-mobile-computing-experience/19:05
diddledanpedometer, a device for measuring a person's propensity to being a dirty old man19:05
diddledanactually such a device would be useful for the celebrity witchunt19:06
zmoylan-piexplodes if you approach the bbc building?19:06
zmoylan-pihad to be a pedometer with configuration options as my limp throws off many simpler models19:08
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diddledansounds like norse the security company is fraudulent21:47
diddledanand their site is offline21:48
diddledanoh it loaded now - http://map.norsecorp.com/21:49
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diddledanI'm hungry23:28

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