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sil2100Saviq: hey! Any progress on LP: #1535397 ?09:13
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1535397 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[enhancement] Implement support for QWindow::visibility set to Automatic" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153539709:13
Saviqsil2100, yes, we're gearing up a silo09:32
Saviqsil2100, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/96309:32
Saviqsil2100, it's gonna take a few hours still (conflicts, reviews), but I'm hopeful09:32
sil2100Saviq: excellent!09:36
sil2100What about the greeter experience thing?09:36
Saviqsil2100, yeah, will add that, too09:37
sil2100That would be awesome, we'd have almost everything we need then09:38
sil2100Saviq: thanks!09:38
Saviqsil2100, you'll take care of the livecd-rootfs bits?09:38
sil2100Saviq: sure, I suppose in this case I could release those a bit earlier09:38
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mterryltinkl, in kbdLayout, you can drop the test_setKeymap test completely.  It really does just test the mock.  Which means you can drop the spy too.  And you don't need to call killAllRunningApps at the beginning of a test function -- cleanup() does it for you13:38
mzanettimterry, hey, I just installed your branch, still says "phablet"13:38
ltinklmterry, ok, still sorting it out for the silo13:38
mterrymzanetti, you need an image created with https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/livecd-rootfs/ubuntu-real-name/+merge/28463713:39
mzanettiah ok13:39
mterrymzanetti, or change your user's gecos field in /var/lib/extrausers*13:39
mzanettimterry, what does GECOS stand for?13:39
mterrymzanetti, haha I don't know13:40
mterrymzanetti, "General Electric Comprehensive Operating Supervisor"13:40
mterry"Some early Unix systems at Bell Labs used GECOS machines for print spooling and various other services,[3] so this field was added to carry information on a user's GECOS identity."13:41
mzanettimterry, so... how did you pick it as the variable for the user's name then? :D13:41
mterrymzanetti, *I* didn't, that' just the standard13:42
mterrymzanetti, it also holds the users phone number13:42
mterrymzanetti, and their fax :)13:42
mterrymzanetti, all separated by commas.  But if you just put one string in there, it will be the real name13:42
mterrymzanetti, I think you can use chfn to change it?13:42
mterrymzanetti, don't know if that will support extrausers or not13:42
mzanettimterry, ok, understood13:43
mzanettimterry, works now13:43
ltinklmterry, you know we already have this user real name in DBusSesssionService plugin? :)13:45
mterryltinkl, oh nice.  But calling code in one plugin from another is tough.  So I would have had to add a call to DBus directly in our fake liblightdm plugin.  Since gecos is always in sync with AccountsService anyway, seemed fine to grab it from tehre13:46
mterry(or duplicate a DBusSesssionService object in the second plugin)13:46
ltinklmterry, yeah, calling dbus from another dbus service makes me feel uncomfortable :)13:47
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mzanettimterry, 2 more inline comments13:49
mzanettimterry, who deletes the gchar* ?14:02
mterrymzanetti, no one.  It's a string owned by glib.  Looks like glib keeps info on the current user hanging around inside it forever14:02
mterrymzanetti, so I guess it is a leak  :)14:02
mterrymzanetti, but not one via use of the API14:02
mzanettimterry, ok, got it14:03
mzanettimterry, I'm ok with not dropping the demo stuff yet... mind adding a trello card for it?14:03
mterrymzanetti, sure.  I mean, I'm fine with dropping it.  Didn't mean to appear like I was pushing back.  I genuinely am not sure if we care about demo'ing multi user...14:04
mzanettimterry, I don't think we do. But well... you never know... let's just add a reminder to clean it up when we replace it with the real multiuser thing14:04
mterrymzanetti, fair14:05
mterrymaking trello card14:05
mzanettimterry, btw, in that case you might want to do "QString realName = QStringLiteral(g_get_real_name());"14:05
mzanettinot sure if that does with the g tho14:06
mterrymzanetti, but it's not a string literal, right?14:06
mzanettioh well... no prob.. this works and doesn't get called often enough to worry, really :D14:06
ltinklmzanetti, mterry: QString realName = QStringLiteral(g_get_real_name()); wrong!14:07
ltinklmzanetti, mterry: that screws my name already when I look at it :)14:07
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mzanettiltinkl, well, this returns a pointer to a static string14:07
ltinklmzanetti, mterry: QString realName = QString::fromUtf8(g_get_real_name()); is what you want14:08
mterryltinkl, it's not guaranteed to be utf814:08
mzanettifair enough14:08
mterryltinkl, glib gives no guarantee as to encoding...14:08
mterryltinkl, but I guess utf8 is as good a guess as any14:08
ltinklmterry, not guaranteed but that's what all (sane) unix tools do14:08
* mterry makes that change real quick.14:09
mterryltinkl, what is default encoding for QString constructor?14:09
mzanettimterry, hmm... have some unexpected tags on your branch14:12
mterrymzanetti, ugh!14:13
ltinklmterry, hmm Qt docu says it's utf8 indeed but not sure about QStringLiteral; lemme check for sure14:13
mzanettimterry, not really sure why tho... they don't look that wrong14:13
mterrymzanetti, like a few weeks ago, I started seeing tags on my branches.  Don't know why I have them now.  I haven't visited any direputable bzr servers!14:13
mterrymzanetti, just cleaned them14:13
mzanettimterry, approved14:14
mterrymzanetti, awesome thanks14:15
ltinklmterry,  #define QStringLiteral(str) QString::fromUtf8("" str "", sizeof(str) - 1)14:15
ltinklmterry, all good, sry :) I believe this wasn't the case before14:16
mzanettidednick, what's the issue this branch solves? https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/stagedFullscreen.form-factor/+merge/285053?14:18
ltinklmterry, so I added the test you requested: function test_switchKeymap() in tst_DesktopStage.qml, good enough?14:19
mterryltinkl, I like the new qmltest in your kbdLayout branch yeah14:19
mterryltinkl, you go to pains to avoid actually just comparing against "fr" though  :)14:20
Saviqmzanetti, pad.lv/153539714:20
mterryltinkl, doing stuff like AccountsService.keymaps[0].split("+")[0] instead.  But that's fine14:20
ltinklmterry, I'm not touching that branch again until the silo build has finished :)14:20
mterryltinkl, you can still just delete the other test: test_setKeymap14:20
mterryand the spy14:21
Saviqmzanetti, for now all the logic will live in qtubuntu, but we need to pass formFactor down to it14:21
dednickmzanetti: swtiching between desktop & phone/tablet preserves window state; which we don't want to happen. ie staged apps like camera shouldn't be fullscreen when we switch to desktop.14:21
ltinklmterry, yeah, after the silo, otherwise Saviq kills me if something conflicts there again :)14:21
mterryltinkl, :)14:21
Saviqltinkl, nope, go for it14:21
Saviqltinkl, assuming you don't introduce more conflicts (but if you're working in tests, doubt you would)14:21
mterrySaviq, famous last words14:21
Saviqltinkl, and it's building already, so no point in waiting14:21
dednickmzanetti: the u8 bit is just to get the form factor over to client.14:22
ltinklSaviq, mterry: ok14:22
mzanettiltinkl, Saviq never kills people, he just convinces them it would be the best thing to do14:22
ltinkl<20:48> <Saviq> ltinkl, it's your fault you're still here, so I'm gonna kill you ;P14:22
Saviqthat was later than that, wasn't it? ;)14:23
mzanettidednick, ok, got it.14:23
Saviqthat's UTC or something14:23
ltinklmterry, done, removed14:26
mzanettiSaviq, dednick: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/stagedFullscreen.form-factor/+merge/285053/comments/72485314:30
mzanettiSaviq, dednick, that said, I understand this is temporary.14:30
mzanettiso... maybe a FIXME or TODO comment explaining what's happening?14:30
mzanettiSaviq, will this go to trunk or just the silo?14:31
mterryltinkl, you still have the useless killAllRunningApps call  :)14:32
ltinklmterry, removed14:37
mterryltinkl, awesome, love it14:38
mterryltinkl, oh wait, don't we need debian/control and CMakeLists.txt changes to require latest qtmir / unity-api?14:40
ltinklmterry, they are in https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/packaging/+merge/28481414:41
ltinklmterry, in the same silo14:41
mterryltinkl, oh weird ok14:41
mterryltinkl, what's with CI on your branch?14:41
mterryltinkl, I see build errors, but I don't see why14:41
ltinklmterry, the CI fails because of that14:42
mterryltinkl, ah yeah, I see the error now14:42
mterryltinkl, qtmir indeed14:42
mterryltinkl, ok approved.  that's all the kbdLayout branches, right?14:44
ltinklmterry, yup, I think so (let me check again)14:44
ltinklmterry, yeah, the silo says so14:45
mterryltinkl, cool14:45
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Saviqmzanetti, temporary in the sense that it sets it all to the same value, or?15:05
mzanettiSaviq, yeah15:06
mzanettiSaviq, I mean, right now, the Shell.qml only runs on 1 screen at a time. still this code sets its value to all the screens15:06
Saviqmzanetti, right, if it's easy, we should probably set it for the screen the shell is on15:07
Saviqmzanetti, because yes, we're planning to land this normally15:07
mzanettimhm... not sure if the Screens api allows to know on which screen a certain QML item is on15:08
ltinklmzanetti, each QML item has an attached Screen object with its properties15:20
ltinklmzanetti, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-window-screen.html15:20
mzanettidednick, ^15:21
dednickmzanetti: screen, not "screens" :)15:23
dednicki'll look at trying to get it on only the shell screen.15:23
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aninahey guys :) I am using ubuntu 15.10 and unity 7.3.2. I am facing problems with my bluetooth speaker, the A2DP profile can be selected but it does not really apply it. Then I downloaded the blueman package and with the blueman-manager I can set the profile properly.19:36
aninaSo I would know where to find the sourcecode of the sound settings, because I think there might be a bug?!19:36
aninafirst the sourcecode of the GUI then I can maybe find out why it is not applying the profile properly19:37
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