mrgoodcatsry i didn't make chc tonight01:28
cmaloneymrgoodcat: THat's OK. WE only put it on your permanent record01:31
mrgoodcatwho was it that came last week?01:56
cmaloneyI came01:56
cmaloneyRick and Matt were here01:56
cmaloneyand now it's just me01:56
mrgoodcati was wondering who the guy sitting next to me was02:04
mrgoodcatgithub posted a postmortem of the downtime we were experiencing and I thought he might be interested02:04
ZimdaleIs that the downtime the other night?02:04
ZimdaleWhere it was down for a good 2-4 hours02:05
mrgoodcat2 hours and 6 minutes02:05
mrgoodcatlast wednesday night02:06
ZimdaleWhat caused it becuase it fucked up my night02:06
mrgoodcatpower failure02:06
mrgoodcatand some unexptected cascading failures due to a firmware bug in a certain model of server02:06
mrgoodcatthen their services weren't coming back up because the startup scripts depended on redis being up02:07
mrgoodcatbut the scripts were supposed to be starting redis02:07
cmaloneyAh, the ol' single point of failure bug02:07
ZimdaleIt's a hard bug to prevent02:07
mrgoodcatit's interesting how so many things went wrong though02:08
ZimdaleThat's usually how it works02:08
Zimdaleeverything has to go wrong at once to bring down the world, otherwise nobody notices it02:08
mrgoodcatpower failure, some servers did not recognize their drives after a power cycle, the startup scripts depended on the things they were starting, the frontend servers didn't properly recognize that the backend services were down, and the team chat services were down because they were on the same servers as the github backend (which was difficult to troubleshoot in a coordinated manner without chat)02:10
mrgoodcatthats a LOT of things all at once02:10
Zimdalebad day for the github employees02:14
mrgoodcati've seen a few failures but nothing on that scale02:15
mrgoodcatobviously by scale i don't mean number of users02:15
mrgoodcatwell that too02:15
mrgoodcati have yet to have that hellish failure where services aren't coming back up and people are trying to use them and hardware is failing and and and and and02:16
ZimdaleLeast it's not as bad as when us-east went down on aws, that was a blast02:16
mrgoodcatnobody ever got fired for going with -ibm- amazon02:18
Zimdaleibm amazon?02:18
mrgoodcatwas meant to be a strikethrough02:18
mrgoodcatnobody has ever gotten fired for going with ibm02:19
mrgoodcatyou've never heard anybody say that?02:19
ZimdaleI feel like most should get fired for going with IBM >.>02:19
mrgoodcatwell not at the time that saying became popular02:19
ZimdaleI probably didn't exist when that saying was popular02:20
Zimdalelike in the 80s?02:20
mrgoodcatone of my dad's friends is a regional sales manager for cisco and he was the first person to let me in on that saying02:20
mrgoodcatits ok i didn't exist either02:20
mrgoodcatits a story for old men02:20
mrgoodcati bet cmaloney has heard it02:20
mrgoodcatno offense meant to cmaloney of course02:20
mrgoodcatIBM is also the originating force behind the FUD acronym02:21
mrgoodcatgene amdahl coined the phrase after leaving ibm02:21
mrgoodcatfear uncertainty and doubt02:21
mrgoodcatas in "microsoft is spreading FUD about linux and open source projects in order to promote its own interests"02:22
cmaloneyI haven't heard them put Amazon in there02:23
cmaloneybut I've heard the IBM thing02:23
mrgoodcat"FUD is the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that IBM sales people instill in the minds of potential customers who might be considering Amdahl products." -Gene Amdahl 197502:23
cmaloneyin anecdotes02:23
cmaloneyI'm not that fucking old. :)02:23
mrgoodcati'm 23 so old is >2502:23
cmaloneyOh, how I shall disabuse you of that notion02:24
mrgoodcatanother of my favorites is "youth and speed are no match for old age and treachery"02:25
ZimdaleAren't you like 50 cmaloney?02:25
cmaloneyNo. I'm not that old02:34
cmaloneyI was born in the 1970s02:34
cmaloneysame year that Rush formed.02:34
cmaloneyEr, no... scratch that02:34
cmaloneyThey formed in 196802:34
cmaloneyBut the official first group was the year I was born02:35
cmaloneyRutsey, Lifeson, and Lee02:35
ZimdaleI was born when the simpsons started02:36
jrwren'cept cmaloney02:36
cmaloneySo was my sister-in-law02:36
jrwrencmaloney is a proper age02:36
cmaloneyThat's right02:36
cmaloneyFetch me my proper slippers and my proper glass of port02:37
jrwrenoooooh! I do like port.02:40
cmaloneyYou may have port as well02:40
jrwrenthat is the wierd thing about getting old... is all these young adults running around :p02:40
ZimdaleDepends on the port and if it's aerated02:41
cmaloneyDow's Ruby Red Porto02:41
cmaloneyaccept no inferior substitutes02:41
ZimdaleI definitely lean towards cabernet over port02:41
cmaloneyI prefer Merlots and Shiraz02:41
cmaloneybut Cabernet is OK02:42
jrwrencouldn't you make port with cab?02:42
ZimdaleNo idea02:43
Zimdaledon't know THAT much about wine, must come with age02:43
jrwrenport is wine fortified with brandy02:56
mrgoodcatand yes you can make port with cab02:57
mrgoodcatshiraz is best wine02:57
ZimdaleI like catawba grape wine but they are hard to find =(02:58
cmaloneyGood morning13:40
cmaloneyHow are things on the not-here part of the world?13:41
rick_h__good, chilly here in Rome13:41
cmaloneyWhat's the temps?13:41
cmaloneyCurrent conditions at Detroit City Airport, MI (KDET)13:41
cmaloneyLast updated Feb 04, 2016 - 07:53 AM EST / 2016.02.04 1253 UTC13:41
rick_h__but had a nice photo tour this morning and resting my tired feets13:41
cmaloney   Temperature: 32.0 F (0.0 C)13:41
cmaloney   Relative Humidity: 72%13:41
cmaloney   Wind: from the W (270 degrees) at 5 MPH (4 KT)13:41
cmaloney   Sky conditions: overcast13:41
cmaloney   Precipitation last hour: A trace13:41
cmaloneylooking forward to seeing hte results. :)13:42
rick_h__so it's 50ish with 20-30mph winds13:42
rick_h__but only brought a rain coat because don't need muh of a coat above 40 imo13:42
cmaloneyThat's not too bad13:42
cmaloneyAh, that's no fun13:42
rick_h__but the wind made it chilly at times where I wish I'd had a hat13:42
rick_h__bald heads != insulation :)_13:42
cmaloneyI'm starting to realize that.13:43
cmaloneyI really wish the Ubuntu tablet wasn't named Aquarius17:20
cmaloneyfor probably the dumbest reason imaginable17:20
cmaloneyMattel had an ill-fated computer called the Aquarius17:21
cmaloneyit was under-powered, incompatible with their console, and was widely considered a flop17:21
cmaloneyagain, dumb reason, but that's where my head went17:21
hpuckshuh.  that's interesting.  are they actually producing hardware or just a tablet build?17:23
hpucksThis is relevant to my interests since I run Ubuntu on a Surface Pro 3.17:23
cmaloneyI think they're contracting it out but don't have the details17:23
cmaloneyTaht said I'd be quite surprised if Canonical had enough $$ to fund building a tablet / production from scratch17:25
jrwrenafaik that is all BQ17:28
greg-gBurger Queen?17:29
cmaloneyIt's part of the OMGWTFBBQ alliance17:30
jrwrengreg-g: http://www.bq.com/es/ubuntu.html17:30
cmaloney"We are BQ"17:31
cmaloneyWell, that clears things up17:31
cmaloneyCan't tell if official site or Onion17:31
cmaloneySeriously, someone got the "show some attitude" knob and ratcheted it to absurdity17:32
jrwrenso in the US, i equate them to those $30 cody CVS tablets17:34
cmaloneyThat's... not a ringing endorsement. :)17:35
cmaloneyI'll just be happy if I see an Ubuntu device in my lifetime that isn't in the hands of a Canonical employee17:36
jrwrencmaloney: me too17:37
cmaloneyLike seeing an Apple Lisa in the wild with Twiggy Drives17:38
cmaloneyboy can dream17:38
jrwreni remember when a buddy found a room full of lisa's in a closet at OU. It was 2002 or 200317:41
jrwrenmost of them booted.17:42
cmaloneyI don't think I could have stopped hyperventilating17:42
jrwrenhe was VERY excited.17:42
jrwreni said, "Waht is a lisa?"17:43
jrwrenI had no idea.17:43
jrwrenonce I understood what they were, I was in awe17:43
cmaloneyYeah, its one of the holy grails of computing17:43
cmaloneyA Macintosh without Steve Jobs17:43
jrwrenapple was so different then. ipod has just come out, there was no music store. The story was to rip it yourself.17:44
jrwrenso the apple fables weren't popular back then.17:44
jrwrenno one knew ipod was going to be huge, even a year after its launch17:45
cmaloneyI like to think I knew17:45
cmaloneybut I was softer on Apple back then17:45
jrwreni hated apple back then.17:45
jrwrenthey had no good products IMO17:46
jrwrenOSX was still pretty bad. they still shipped OS917:46
cmaloneyBut once Apple started with the whole "Thermonuclear war" which hearkened back to the "look and feel" lawsuits I knew it was time to move on17:46
jrwrenwait, what?17:46
greg-g<    jrwren> so in the US, i equate them to those $30 cody CVS tablets17:46
greg-gbut their photos are soooo sexy/porn like!17:47
cmaloneyjrwren: The whole "we'll kill android with patents"17:47
jrwrengreg-g: they are more beautiful devices and maybe that is too harsh, but they don't make any higher end models :(17:47
greg-gseriously, some hardware photos, especially phones, look way too much like they were porn inspired17:47
jrwrencmaloney: i didn't know that was ever a thing, nor did I knwo there was ever a patent lawsuit between android and apple17:48
cmaloneygreg-g: They are17:48
greg-g"be sure to get the low angle crotch, I mean usb port shot!"17:48
cmaloneyjrwren: Yeah, Apple flipped my "you are evil" bit with that.19:00
cmaloneyI kind of forgave the look and feel lawsuits of old but that just put them into the "never consider for personal stuff" list.19:01
jrwrencmaloney: so how do you feel about ubuntu's aggressive control of its trademark? :]19:01
cmaloneyTrademarks are one thing19:02
cmaloneyI think the whole "use it or lose it" thing is ridiculous19:02
cmaloneySo I get why they're doing it19:02
cmaloneyHonestly I think the whole thing needs some reform19:03
* greg-g looks in, see's a troll, backs away19:03
cmaloneygreg-g: Join the party. :)19:03
greg-g:) :)19:03
cmaloneyBut yeah, trademark law is insane19:03
cmaloneyI find "intellectual property" (trademark, copyright, patent) infuriating.19:04
cmaloneyAnd I find Disney at the heart of why the system is so completely broken19:05
cmaloneyI have no love for Disney anymore.19:05
jrwrenI never did.19:06
jrwrenI'm of the free Mickey crowd.19:06
jrwrenthe sad part is that a majority of the population is so brainwashed they cannot see that its a removal of liberty.19:07
jrwrenthey don't even understand it is liberty that they have given up.19:07
jrwrenthat part is scary to me19:07
cmaloneyYeah, completely19:08
cmaloneythat part is the most infuriating to me19:09
cmaloney"We're letting one company own our culture. Wake up!"19:09
greg-gnow I have RATM in my head19:18
greg-gthank you cmaloney19:18
cmaloneyThat was completely unintentional19:19
* cmaloney is not a RATM fan19:19
jrwrenhahaha, twitter is down!!! this is 2007 all over again!19:52
greg-gjrwren: loaded for me19:53
jrwrengreg-g: downforeveryone says its not just me.19:53
greg-gLooks like it’s just you. http://twitter.com/ seems to be UP.19:54
jrwrensure NOW it says that.19:54
jrwren4min ago, not so much :p19:54
greg-gpics or it didn't happen19:58
mrgoodcatProblems at Twitter20:16
mrgoodcata few hundred reports in the last hour at downdetector20:17
greg-gI don't normally share these things, but, this made me literal lol for longer than I care to admit: http://trumpdonald.org/20:20
greg-gI mean, just play with it, it's great20:20
jrwrengreg-g: lolling20:22

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