furkantjaalton: any suggestion on how i can debug my keyboard issue?02:56
furkanit is a regression, so any packages that i could downgrade?02:57
furkani tried the kernel and that wasn't it, i'm not sure what else i should try02:57
furkani was going to try unity-settings-daemon but couldn't find out how to get an old package02:58
tjaaltonfurkan: launchpad has them08:44
tjaaltonor the archive08:44
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mamarleyricotz: I uploaded new versions of the 340 and 352 drivers that contain tseliot1's bugfix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-352/+bug/1540896 (along with the new EGL stuff) to https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages.13:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1540896 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-352-updates (Ubuntu Trusty) "Always load all the nvidia modules" [Undecided,In progress]13:56
mamarley(And this time, I compressed all my changes into a single changelog entry and used the "+" in the version number where applicable.)13:56
tseliot1mamarley: well done, I was about to ping you to tell you about that :)14:03
ricotzmamarley, I see14:08
ricotztseliot1, I am wondering why this is not officially uploaded to xenial?14:08
tseliot1ricotz: what do you mean?14:08
ricotzthe EGL related fixes14:09
tseliot1ricotz: they are in my local 361 branch. I was hoping to upload those changes together with the new driver14:09
ricotzso why is there still a delta14:09
tseliot1ricotz, mamarley: I can backport and upload this, if it can make things easier for you guys:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14877693/14:33
tseliot1otherwise it will land directly with the 361 series14:33
mamarleytseliot1: Backport it to the previous drivers versions in Xenial?14:38
tseliot1mamarley: 35214:39
mamarley(Also, do you have the other change that adds the alternative installation commands for EGL stuff?)14:39
mamarleytseliot1: Yes, it probably would make it easier on us so we wouldn't be maintaining different code.  We wouldn't have to re-upload if you uploaded the same version we had already uploaded.14:40
tseliot1mamarley: yes, this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/14877750/14:42
tseliot1ok, I can do that14:43
mamarleytseliot1: The changes in *.in in that patch are specific to the 361 series.14:44
tseliot1mamarley: yes, I would have to separate the library stuff, as I did for the udev rule when I backported that to 35214:45
mamarleyOK.  Also, you may have already noticed, but those symlink changes in 361 only happened for i386 and amd64, which causes the armhf driver to FTBFS.14:46
tseliot1mamarley: I haven't uploaded that yet, so, no, I hadn't noticed. Do you already have a patch for that, or shall I write one?14:48
mamarleytseliot1: I didn't know of a clean way to fix it, so I didn't do anything to it yet.14:48
tseliot1mamarley: ok, I think I dealt with something similar in the past14:49
ricotztseliot1, you mean waving an angry fist to nvidia for not keeping the installation layout in sync ;)14:55
tseliot1ricotz: :D14:56
tseliot1I can do that :P14:56

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