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chesedomorning all04:45
chesedoinetpro: nope, just observed that it responded to Kilos04:46
Kilosmorning everyone06:04
inetprogood mornings06:56
Kiloshi inetpro 06:56
Kiloshi anton_may 07:00
Kiloshi mazal 07:39
zipperKilos: Hey I'm sorry I missed the meeting08:08
Kilosnp zipper 08:08
zipperKilos: Did Kenyans show up?08:09
zipperGo you :)08:09
Kilosone i think but was nice guy08:09
zipperWell an interesting thing happened. I was interviewing and the interview went well so I totally forgot about everything and celebrated.08:10
zipperKilos: WIN08:10
Kilosits ok, as long as you keep encouraging guys to join the channel08:11
Kilosthere are many linux users in kenya08:11
Kilosand many ubuntu users as well08:12
Kilosthey all welcome08:12
zipperKilos: How did you know that there are many linux users?08:12
zipperThough I guess it's a proper assumption.08:12
zipperDo you even get to hear about Kenya? It's not ever in the media for the right reasons.08:12
Kilosi know some of your network guys remember08:12
zipperKilos: True08:13
KilosSymmetria is there08:13
Kilosand stickyboy was08:13
zipperOh yeah I should totally meet up with Symmetria for drinks sometime or coffee.08:13
zipperKilos: Where did you say I may lurk?08:14
Kilosin the africa channel of course08:15
Kilosyay africa channel is one year old today08:20
Kilosinetpro superfly ^08:20
Kiloshi dlPhreak 08:35
dlPhreakHow are you doing, Kilos ?08:38
Kilosalive and kicking ty dlPhreak and you?09:10
inetprouh oh!12:56
Kiloswat nou inetpro 13:25
inetprobits gone missing13:27
Kiloslook after the lots and the bits will look after themselves13:28
chesedo... sounds more like bits of bytes :P13:29
inetprolost forever in the ether13:29
chesedoand has now become null13:30
Kilosboom booms14:15
Kilosheres hoping14:15
Kilospower returned. 13mm rain and a bit of small hail15:52
squish102if i wanted to give a present to someone (online store) what is a good one?17:30
squish102something like amazon in sa?17:30
Kilossome place in the cape but i forget the name atm17:32
KilosMaaz google south african online stores17:32
MaazKilos: "takealot.com: Online Shopping | SA's Favourite Online Store" http://www.takealot.com/ :: "Buy mobile phones, tablets, SIM cards | Orange online store South ..." http://store.orange.com/za/ :: "Buy Shoes, Clothing & Fashion | Online Shopping at Zando" http://www.zando.co.za/ :: "Online Shopping South Africa - Get the Best Deals at Wantitall"17:32
Maazhttp://www.wantitall.co.za/ :: "Superbalist: Shop Latest Sneakers, Dresses + More Fashion Online" http://…17:32
Kilosya takealot17:33
squish102ok, i'll try them17:33
Kiloshi FusionSparc 17:56
FusionSparcEvening.. :)17:56
FusionSparcWhat did I miss?17:56
Kilosi dunno17:57
FusionSparcHow are you kilos?17:58
Kilosgood ty and you?17:58
FusionSparcGood, had some rain so not complaining..17:58
Kilosyeah we got 13mm earlier17:58
FusionSparcShould rain every afternoon, cool off from the day.. :)17:59
Kiloswas a bit hot today18:00
FusionSparcPretoria highs of 34 apparently..18:00
Kiloswas over 35°c i think18:01
FusionSparcnot surprised..18:01
FusionSparcWinter will probably be mild this year.. :/18:02
Kilosthe weather is so crazy who nows18:02
Kiloswatching voetspore, they just been to a place dollol or something18:03
FusionSparctrue, saw pics of haal ( mind the spelling ) in Afgan region online sometime back..18:03
Kilos50°c in winter18:03
Kilosthey reckon its the hottest place on the planet18:04
Kilossalt mines in ethiopia18:04
FusionSparcwhats the habitat like...desert?18:04
Kilosactually slt lies above ground18:04
Kilosand peeps live and work there18:05
FusionSparcthey will never pay me enough..18:05
FusionSparcgtg...pleasant evening guys...:)18:46
Kilosohi superfly 18:49
Kiloswhen you got nothing to do or find yourself a bit bored can you just look what in ibid makes it respond to the work ant18:50
Kilossame as if you say bot18:50
Kilosant coffee on18:50
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:54
Kilosant ty18:54
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:54
superflyhi Kilos19:01
superflyKilos: what do you want it to respond to?19:02
Kilosto its name or bot19:02
Kilosnot an and typo19:02
Kilosits not a prob, was just intriduing19:03
Kiloshi kmf_ long time no see20:54
superflynag oom Kilos21:32
Kilosnag superfly 21:32
Kiloslekker slaap21:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight22:22

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