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jjfrv8so I got bug 1502732 marked public, now which one do I mark as a dupe?13:50
ubottubug 1502732 in thunar (Ubuntu) "thunar crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_is_fundamentally_a()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150273213:50
jjfrv8That one was for Thunar 1.6.10-1 on wily, mine was 1.6.10-2 on both wily and xenial. but both the same segfault.13:50
dholbachthe CC is catching up with the Xubuntu team in #ubuntu-meeting right now17:04
dholbachcan anyone answer a few questions for the team?17:04
dholbachbluesabre, ochosi, Noskcaj_, ^?17:05
cyphermoxflocculant: ^17:05
dholbachthanks cyphermox - I was sure I was missing the most important people :-)17:05
flocculantcyphermox: seemingly not anymore :)17:16
flocculantentirely possible17:16
* flocculant wanders away from -meeting again 17:17
cyphermoxwonderful. I knew it17:17
flocculantha ha 17:17
flocculantI of course know moo as ermintrude17:17
flocculantbeing old17:17
dholbachflocculant: what?17:18
flocculantdholbach: what what? 17:18
dholbachwe just thought that nobody froom Xubuntu was around17:18
dholbachwhich is why we moved on to somebody from the Ubuntu Studio team17:18
flocculantI wasn't - just got home :)17:18
flocculantyep - I know the score and how it works ;)17:18
dholbachwe can change back to Xubuntu in a bit again, no worries :)17:19
cyphermoxflocculant: ermintrude was over 1400 years ago :)17:19
flocculantdholbach: ok - not sure anyone else is about - but I know more or less what's up for us 17:19
dholbachgreat :)17:20
dholbachlet's chat in a bit then17:20
flocculantcyphermox: well the early 70s seems that long ago :p17:20
dkesselOh, quite some lines about Xubuntu in #ubuntu-meeting ...19:18
flocculantwell yes19:20
flocculantit was our turn :p19:20
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