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linux1456Hello. Does XUbuntu allows to connect to internet via 3G Dongle (PPP Connection)?07:26
Chronos_Masterhi there09:32
Chronos_Mastercan anybody help09:33
Chronos_MasterI use xubuntu 15.10 x64. and I can't open libre office files from smb share09:33
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FlandersI’m having some odd troubles. In the past, I was unable to install Xubuntu 15.10, and thus kept to Linux Mint (14.04 LTS). The live-usb for Xubuntu worked today, and I installed it. Yet, whereas the Live-USB worked fine, I was only able to boot the installed Xubuntu through recovery mode, and now14:15
FlandersI can’t configure my two monitors.14:15
FlandersIt only recognizes one “default” monitor, which it mirrors.14:16
FlandersI have updated all packages, and it prompts me to reboot, so I wonder if it will boot properly now.14:18
FlandersHmm, yes, It boots now. The no-signal time is only temporary this time.14:19
uflaighello everyone14:19
uflaigI just installed xubuntu 15.10 and apparently the autologin feature is not working14:19
uflaigcan anyone help me out?14:20
FlandersErr, how do I install the AMD Radeon drivers again. Been ages since I last did that, and I remenber a lot of trouble.14:29
pngl_Hi! Is there a way to install open-vm-tools >= 10.0.0 on Ubuntu 15.10? VMWare Tools requires it to install the vmhgfs driver, but the latest I get from apt-get is open-vm-tools 9.1014:46
FlandersIs it normal that my fan is running very loudly the whole time? I did not have that issue on Mint. Is there anything I can do about that?15:01
FlandersI get a segfault when trying to run the software center from the terminal (since running it normally does not do anything)15:10
FlandersAnyone here?15:15
FlandersCan someone help me? Both Software Center and Synaptic give "Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped)"15:22
krytarikFlanders: Run "sudo apt-get update", then try again.15:24
FlandersI’ve tried that, and upgrade too.15:24
bekksFlanders: And?15:30
bekksFlanders: Do both commands work fine?15:30
leonardo_hello, i need help16:50
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ubuntu621can someone help me17:57
sphraseshello, can someone help?18:00
sphrases when I add a launcher in the desktop panel and try to assign an application to it it crashes the panel18:00
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xubuntu36wHello everyone!22:00
xubuntu36wCan someone tell me how can i exclude conky to be updated?22:00
xubuntu36wNever mind. I found out.22:05
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