calherI did `bzr remove foo~' and it said it removed foo~ but kept a copy foo~.101:54
calherremoved COPYING~.~1~ (but kept a copy: COPYING~.~1~.~1~)01:56
calherDo people here actually prefer Bazaar?06:05
* fullermd_ would assume :)06:10
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calherfullermd: Cool!  I know it's not too popular and people make fun of it, but I like Bazaar for my personal revisioning.06:11
fullermdIn a world that contains VSS, I can hardly imagine making fun of bzr...06:12
calherfullermd: VSS?06:13
fullermdOh, my.  If you don't already know, don't try to find out.06:14
fullermdYou'll never sleep again.06:14
calher=> bzr sucks06:16
* Peng gasps06:16
fullermdbzr: ERROR: unknown command "sucks"06:16
calherThat is, if I must be scared to learn what "VSS" is.06:17
fullermdThere are many things in the world any sensible person should be scared of   :p06:19
calherohh visual anything is bad06:19
calheri think judging bzr by vss is a low standard tho06:20
fullermdThere're a lot of low standards available in present VCSen, to say nothing of historical   :p06:24
fullermdYou can be _so_ much more pathetic than anything about bzr, and still be in like the top 10%...06:24
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quicksilverI have a conflict in code which the author has 'tidied'16:13
quicksilver(indentation changes)16:13
quicksilverthat is, there is a real honest conflict, but the extent of it is considerably confused by purely formatting changes16:13
quicksilverare there any clever tricks?16:13
quicksilverI tried formatting the two branches identically and committing that before the merge16:14
quicksilverwhilst that makes the diff look simpler (good) it makes the merge conflict worse :(16:14
fmccannHey bzr folks. I’ve been working on packaging some bzr plugins as Homebrew formulas to make installation on OS X much easier. I’ve got bzrtools, qbzr, and bzr-explorer working pretty well. I'm trying to get bzr-bisect, bzr-difftools, and bzr-extmerge set up, but they have no release tarballs in launchpad. Would it be possible to have an official tarball made for these projects? I can't pull direclty from version control in a Homebrew for18:10
fmccannand we'd need to have a release from the authoritative source.18:10
beunovila, ^18:40
beunofmccann, vila's not around, but he might be able to do that18:40
vilafmccann: hello there !18:41
vilafmccann: Please to meet you ;) What osx version are you using ?18:42
fmccannI’m on OS X 10.11.1318:42
fmccannBut I can make the Homebrew formula make easy installs for most any recent versions of OS X18:42
vilafmccann: I have not the fanciest idea about Homebrew ;-) Have you looked at the lp:bzr-mac-installers project ?18:43
fmccannI haven’t looked at that - I assume that’s what creates the dmg packaged installer?18:44
vilayes, is that obsolete for 10.11 ?18:44
fmccannI think the website says the last build was for 10.7 or so18:45
fmccannI’m trying to get packages into OS X’s most popular package manager - I think this is how people are keeping bzr up to date on OS X these days18:45
vilayes, so if you can build one for 10.11 with qbzr only that would already be a huge step forward18:46
fmccannI’m more than happy to throw some time at that as well18:46
fmccanneither way, would it be possible for bzr-bisect, bzr-difftools, and bzr-extmerge to have a formal release tarball?18:47
vilaIf you have a way to install bzr on osx 10.11, there is a 2.7.0 release in the works18:47
fmccannIs that on the horizon? I’m planning on updating http://bzrinit.com when that’s out18:47
* vila blinks18:48
* vila reads18:48
* vila blinks again18:48
beunofmccann, that is a great site, I hadn't heard of before!18:49
vilafmccann: are you subscribed to  the (beuno, stop stealing my words ;-) mailing list ?18:49
fmccannI am18:50
fmccannI did announce the site back in 2011 I think18:50
beunovila, type faster!18:50
fmccannand while I know a bunch of languages, I haven’t bit the bullet and learned python yet, but at some point I’ll get past packages and documentation and seriosuly break trunk one day :D18:50
vilafmccann: it should be referenced on the bzr site, sorry about that oversight :-/18:50
vilafmccann: care to throw a MP at it ?18:51
fmccannwhat’s the lp url for the site?18:51
fmccannNo problem. I’ll get a MP in there18:52
vilafmccann: back to the ML. Would you mind replying to the freeze announcement message describing your status/progress/needs on 10.11 ?18:54
fmccannJust for future reference, is the mailing list or the IRC channel the preferred way of harrasing people? :D18:54
vilaBe careful what you wish for :)18:55
vilaYou just summoned the Daemon of The Channel ;)18:55
vilafmccann: whatever works for you, IRC is higly dependent of time zones18:56
fmccannok. And let me appologize in advance if I get any of the launchpad ettiquite or process wrong. I mean well ;)18:56
vilafmccann: and back to the tarballs. I could create one for bzr-bisect but for bzr-difftools and bzr-extmerge, only the maintainers can18:57
fmccannIs the mailing list the best way to reach out to them? Or filing a bug against the project?18:58
vilafmccann: but even that is not really needed, if you say: this is version revno X 'bzr export' gives you a 100% reproducible tarball18:58
fmccannSo the issue here really is the homebrew guys. They don’t have a mechanism for pulling from VCS oddly enough. They need a staged tarball from the owner of the project. I’m asking them if there’s a way around this, because I don’t see a problem with pulling from bzr directly18:59
vilafmccann: Ideally well defined bugs (scoped) are the best to track progress and organize people around tasks18:59
vilafmccann: I think we can arrange that as part of the bzr release and provide tarballs from https://launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.7.019:01
vilafmccann: i.e. where we provide installers19:01
vilafmccann: do you have a way to test those installations /before/ we provide the tarballs there though ?19:02
vilafmccann: never mind, we can iterate until the release is announced19:05
fmccannfor now I made my own tarbal and built packages19:05
fmccannwhich works, but it’s not good enough to go into the global package repository19:06
fmccannThe last issue I’m working through is getting the python path playing ball on OS X for pyqt and dulwich (working on bzr-git)19:06
fmccannbut that’s all OS X and homebrew specific, not the bzr code19:06
vilaoh, that's good enough to test the tarballs :)19:07
vilafmccann: are you using lp:bzr or lp:bzr/2.7 ?19:07
fmccannRIght now I’m sticking with 2.6 until 2.7 is baked19:08
vilafmccann: 2.7.0 won't change anymore19:08
fmccannso 2.7 is go? I can get the packge for OS X updated and work on the OS X installer once I make sesne of that19:09
vilaif commits have to be done on lp:bzr/2.7 , you will need them19:09
fmccannis 2.7 officially the stable release now?19:09
vilafmccann: yes, the freeze announcement is the 'go' for packagers on the formal announcement is planned for 2016-02-12 iirc19:09
vilafmccann: it *will* be official with whatever installers are available19:10
fmccannWell, I’m glad I popped in today. I’ll get it working on OS X asap19:10
vilafmccann: it would probably sound a bit abusive to call it a rolling release... But the idea is that 2.7.0 is only a new label on the most tested version of bzr since that's what is currently distributed :-}19:11
vilaso we release what has been tested and we don't touch anything ;)19:11
fmccannHey, that’s just software these days. At a minimum bumping the version will keep people from telling me no one is working on this.19:12
vilafmccann:  you get the idea ;-D19:12

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