alexisbaxw, ping00:04
thumperfwereade_: you working?00:31
alexisbthumper, I just sent him that same question over mail00:34
thumperI saw the push00:35
* thumper stares evily in wallyworld's direction00:42
* thumper mutters something about renames00:42
thumperwallyworld: does the client facade not exist any more?00:43
wallyworldthumper: it does, but has gone on a diet00:43
wallyworldit also is version 100:43
thumperwhere are the broken out facaces?00:43
wallyworldall of the service methods are moved off to the service facade. before only half the methods had been moved across00:43
wallyworldnot all facades are broken out00:44
wallyworldjust the existing service facade had the remaining methods moved00:44
wallyworldnot enough time to do everything else00:44
wallyworldi can ask superman to make the earh spin slower00:44
wallyworldso we get 30 hours in a day00:45
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wallyworldi thought it best to complete the half done work for serivce00:45
wallyworldremaining stuff will just have to wait00:45
thumperwallyworld: can we have a call?00:45
thumperI think talking through what I need will be heaps faster00:46
thumperwallyworld: lets jump in our 1:100:46
axwalexisb: pong, sorry, was doing school stuff01:06
alexisbaxw, nws no rush, I am off for the day I will catch you next week01:07
axwalexisb: okey dokey, have a nice long weekend. ttyl01:07
anastasiamac_alexisb: have fun :D01:07
anastasiamac_axw: did u have a chance to see my msgs?01:08
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anastasiamac_axw: wallyworld: can't bootstrap on FB at the moment - have to specify both controller name and cloud..02:09
axwanastasiamac_: in 1:1, I'll help you later02:10
thumperwallyworld: \o/02:19
thumperwallyworld: the test to check all the read only calls found two that were wrong02:19
mupBug #1542127 opened: CPC sjson triggers failed to parse public key: openpgp: invalid argument: no armored data found <bootstrap> <ci> <simplestreams> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542127>02:20
wallyworldthumper: awesome, yay, i look forward to it landing so i can adjust those apis names02:20
natefinchcherylj: re: min juju version... uh... in theory all it needs is to merge master into the feature branch and run through CI (and fix whatever falls out of that). However, we're also busting our butts to get resources in, so I don't know if I'll have the time.  I'll certainly try.02:23
mupBug #1542127 changed: CPC sjson triggers failed to parse public key: openpgp: invalid argument: no armored data found <bootstrap> <ci> <simplestreams> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542127>02:23
axwanastasiamac_: "juju bootstrap <controller-name> lxd --upload-tools" should just work02:29
anastasiamac_axw: tyvm... i'll look in a sec02:30
mupBug #1542127 opened: CPC sjson triggers failed to parse public key: openpgp: invalid argument: no armored data found <bootstrap> <ci> <simplestreams> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542127>02:32
thumperaxw: do we now create two models when bootstrapping?02:36
thumperaxw: is that bootstrap in master, or a feature branch?02:36
axwthumper: not just yet02:36
axwthumper: feature branch02:36
thumperlooking forward to it though02:36
thumperlooking forward to it though02:36
axwthumper: I'll let you know when it's ready, if you want to play02:36
mupBug #1542131 opened: Juju ignores index2.sjson in favour of index.json <bootstrap> <ci> <simplestreams> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542131>02:50
cheryljnatefinch: it's no problem to move min juju version to beta 1.  Just wanted to check on its status03:06
natefinchcherylj: I don't know when beta 1 is, but I know feature freeze is the 16th and that's what I was talking about as being questionable.03:08
cheryljnatefinch: oic03:08
natefinchcherylj: 12 days from now comes up pretty quick :)  But like I said... I really want it in, so I'll do my best.03:08
cheryljthanks, natefinch03:08
* thumper afk for a bit03:12
* thumper back03:30
thumperI'm  merging master into the model-migration03:30
* thumper sighs03:30
cheryljthat bad?03:30
thumperonly minor conflicts so far03:30
thumperbut I know some other changes are needed in my code03:30
thumperso off to rename all my bits03:30
* menn0 imagine thumper renaming his body parts03:33
cheryljI didn't want to go there...03:33
menn0so is InitiateModelMigrationResults too unwieldy as a type name? :)03:34
menn0thumper: ^^03:36
thumpermenn0: nah03:37
menn0thumper: good. review for http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3745/diff/ then please03:44
thumpernot a shitty review?03:44
natefinchmenn0: IMO, the model part there is probably redundant.  I presume there's no other migrations going on in that section of code.. I'd probably call it InitMigrationResults.03:47
natefinchmenn0: oh, I guess if it's in the API, maybe you do need the model part.03:48
menn0natefinch: yeah, it's based on the API name that returns that result03:48
menn0the API is InitiateModelMigration03:48
natefinchmenn0: yeah, figured that out after I typed it.  I wish our API types were partitioned into a package per facade, so we didn't need java style naming.03:49
menn0natefinch: yep that would be much nicer. instead of having the one params package with all of them thrown together.03:50
menn0thumper: and another one http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3746/04:02
natefinchcherylj: is there a task for someone to rename our various -unstable repos to no longer be called unstable for 2.0?04:24
davecheneythat's a very unwise question to be asking04:25
cheryljnatefinch: not that I'm aware of04:25
natefinchcherylj: I figured04:25
natefinchdavecheney: heh, well, I'd be happy to fix it if I had time.  I never liked using -unstable anyway.04:26
wallyworldthumper: so your branch landed, i can do that rename?04:27
wallyworldi se eone landing, was that the one04:27
mupBug #1287718 changed: jujud on machine 0 stops listening to port 17070/tcp WSS api <cts-cloud-review> <mongodb> <state-server> <sts> <juju-core:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1287718>04:32
mupBug #1469193 changed: juju selects wrong address for API <kvm> <local-provider> <lxc> <network> <sts> <juju-core:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1469193>04:32
davecheneycherylj: 1287718, that's what I am seeing trying to replicate an issue with the manual provider04:43
davecheneywhy does juju use websockets when neither the server, or the client are a browser ?05:02
natefinchdavecheney: just in case?05:06
natefinchdavecheney: to be fair, one of the clients is a browser05:06
davecheneyso we have our own encoding scheme over net/rpc over websockets over https05:08
davecheneynot simple05:08
natefinchJuju: It's Not Simpleā„¢05:09
davecheneywhat a catchcry05:10
wallyworldaxw: a one pager! fixes the recently migrated Service facade method names http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/374905:26
axwwallyworld: looking05:27
wallyworldam looking at yours too05:27
wallyworldgawd, that sounds suss05:28
axwmine's bigger?05:28
wallyworldno mine is! more files05:28
axwwallyworld: LGTM, just one changed method name in a comment needs to be capitalised05:33
wallyworldaxw: looks great05:42
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axwwallyworld: thanks05:50
axwwallyworld: what are you looking for in a feature test? I think the TestRegister checks everything we can at the moment05:51
wallyworldaxw: actualy, yeah, i was thinking add-user, then register, then login but we're not there yet05:52
wallyworldignore me05:52
axwwallyworld: yep. I'll add one when I've finished the register branch05:52
wallyworldta, sorry premature test request :-)05:53
thumperwallyworld: yes, that was the one05:54
wallyworldthumper: ta, i'm about to land my update, got to update romulus dependency first05:55
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=== akhavr1 is now known as akhavr
voidspacedimitern: hey, did you land my branch on controller-space-config?09:28
voidspacedimitern: functional-jes was still failing last night09:28
dimiternvoidspace, yes, your last change is in maas-spaces-controller-config09:29
dimiternvoidspace, and it seems the spaces discovery still blocked during create-model, but not during bootstrap09:30
voidspacedimitern: ok, needs more looking at then09:30
voidspacedimitern: where are you seeing that, it doesn't seem to be in the logs for machine-0/1/209:33
dimiternvoidspace, I'm looking at http://reports.vapour.ws/releases/3574/job/functional-jes/attempt/62609:37
voidspacedimitern: me too09:37
dimiternvoidspace, don't you see the artifacts section with all the logs in the beginning?09:37
voidspacedimitern: yes and I looked through the logs of machine-0, machine-1 and machine-209:38
voidspacedimitern: couldn't see mention of space discovery09:38
voidspaceI may have just missed it09:38
voidspacealso not in the console output09:38
dimiternvoidspace, true.. let me see where I found that..09:39
voidspacenor logsink09:39
dimiternvoidspace, there http://data.vapour.ws/juju-ci/products/version-3574/functional-jes/build-625/consoleText09:41
dimiternvoidspace, and in the other later attempt: http://data.vapour.ws/juju-ci/products/version-3574/functional-jes/build-625/consoleText09:41
dimiternvoidspace, but not in the last attempt 62609:41
voidspacethe first two links are the same09:47
voidspacedimitern: so it *isn't* a problem in the most recent build09:47
voidspacewhich is what I would hope09:47
dimiternvoidspace, sorry - 625 and 624 are the jobs I meant09:48
voidspacehmmm... 625 was today09:49
dimiternvoidspace, all 3 runs on functional-jes though - 624, 625, and 626, were all with the most recent build with your fix09:49
voidspaceoh no it wasn't09:49
voidspacedimitern: really, odd09:49
voidspacedimitern: I'm seeing run 3574 on Friday which has build 626 (not discovery)09:53
voidspacedimitern: run 3569, on Thursday and before my fix, build 62009:53
voidspacedimitern: ah, now I see them09:56
voidspacedimitern: so if a test fails with a build it does multiple attempts?09:56
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, I guess it depends on how the job is set up09:56
voidspacedimitern: ok, I'm looking into it - will see if I can reproduce it09:57
dooferladdimitern: hangout?10:00
dimiterndooferlad, omw10:01
rick_h__jam: ping10:35
voidspacerick_h__: jam isn't usually around on Friday10:37
rick_h__voidspace: ah, gotcha10:38
voidspacedimitern: frobware: dooferlad: my connection died11:12
frobwaredimitern, if we're changing how bootstrap space discovery we won't need this (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14886630/) anymore. Preserved should we need it.11:51
dimiternfrobware, yeah, but that's one heuristic less to deal with :)11:54
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anastasiamac_perrito666: \o/12:22
voidspacedimitern: frobware: so, on a naive test I can bootstrap to joyent and create a new model12:38
voidspacedimitern: frobware: digging into what this test does that might be different12:38
voidspaceah, it does a bunch of deployments12:40
voidspaceand it's the deploy that fails with the error12:41
voidspacethat obviously involves starting machine agents12:41
voidspaceit shouldn't involve starting a discovery worker though!12:42
dimiternvoidspace, the discovery worker is in the MA12:42
voidspacedimitern: yes, but only with job ManageEnviron12:42
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, which is true for the bootstrap model, but also for the created model later12:43
voidspacedimitern: but the failure is not during create model, but during deployment afterwards12:43
dimiternvoidspace, not sure if we run jujud per model or 1 instance that handles both12:43
voidspacedimitern: the space discovery error is only a warning12:43
voidspacedimitern: the error  is:12:43
voidspaceERROR cmd supercommand.go:448 model "functional-jes-env2" not found12:43
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, that's troubling12:43
voidspaceERROR Exception while environment "functional-jes-env2" active12:44
dimiternvoidspace, it might be that the model is not yet created when we try to see if it supports networking?12:44
dimiternunlikely, but..12:44
voidspacewith the fix in place an error there should still terminate space discovery12:45
voidspacebut that *could* set a new channel on the agent, if it keeps getting bounced12:45
voidspaceI can add a check not to set a new channel if there's one there12:45
dimiternvoidspace, I was thinking along these lines as well12:45
dimiternbut anyway..12:45
voidspaceso, if we're bounced we don't keep waiting12:45
* dimitern steps out for ~1h btw12:45
voidspaceI think I can test that too12:46
voidspacebasically test for race conditions like that12:46
voidspacealthough then we should protect the channel with a mutex12:46
perrito666I wonder why psus dont come with sensors I can monitor from the pc, it would be very useful in a country such as this that has high temperatures13:06
cheryljtych0: you around?14:32
mupBug #1542336 opened: cannot find package "github.com/gosexy/gettext" <blocker> <ci> <packaging> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542336>14:34
mupBug #1542336 changed: cannot find package "github.com/gosexy/gettext" <blocker> <ci> <packaging> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged by tycho-s> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542336>14:37
mupBug #1542336 opened: cannot find package "github.com/gosexy/gettext" <blocker> <ci> <packaging> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542336>14:40
* dimitern is back14:43
mupBug #1542336 changed: cannot find package "github.com/gosexy/gettext" <blocker> <ci> <packaging> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged by tycho-s> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542336>14:46
mupBug #1542336 opened: cannot find package "github.com/gosexy/gettext" <blocker> <ci> <packaging> <regression> <test-failure> <unit-tests> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542336>14:49
cheryljcan someone review my patch to revert the change that broke master?  http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3752/14:52
voidspacecherylj: LGTM14:53
cheryljthanks, voidspace !14:53
dimiterncherylj, +1 from me as well14:53
cheryljtyvm, dimitern!14:54
voidspacedimitern: so, I have a fix and a test that proves it14:55
voidspacedimitern: just factoring out code common to the two agent tests that test discovery14:55
dimiternvoidspace, great! what was the crux of the issue?14:55
voidspacedimitern: restarting the worker no longer replaces the discovery channel14:55
voidspacedimitern: well, that's a fix for what I *think* the error must be14:56
voidspaceI didn't reproduce as such14:56
voidspacebut given the new code it *must* be the problem14:56
voidspaceif discovery is indeed the cause of the error14:56
voidspacedimitern: when this is up for review I will put more time back into getting the deploy to work locally so i can attempt to repro and see if this fixes it14:56
voidspaceit's a good fix *anyway*14:57
voidspaceas the test proves14:57
dimiternvoidspace, right, so was it due to jingling and bouncing workers?14:57
voidspacedimitern: if you bounce the worker and restart, the closed channel was replaced with a new one14:57
voidspacedimitern: so repeatedly bouncing the worker could cause the api to be permanently blocked14:57
dimiternvoidspace, nasty :/14:58
voidspacedimitern: I protected access to the channel with a mutex14:58
voidspaceprobably not strictly necessary as it's only set in one place - but at least it's goroutine safe now14:58
dimiternvoidspace, I doubt that'll help though14:58
dimiternvoidspace, what does the mutex aim to prevent?14:59
voidspacedimitern: *plus* I don't set it if it's already set14:59
voidspacethat's the key thing14:59
voidspacethe mutex makes *that* goroutine safe14:59
dimiternvoidspace, ah! that sounds like closer to it14:59
voidspacelet me show you14:59
voidspacethe test makes it clear what I'm protecting against14:59
dimiternok, I'll have a look when you're readt15:00
dimiternready even15:00
voidspacedimitern: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3753/15:13
voidspaceI have to go pick up my daughter from school15:13
frobwaredimitern, voidspace, dooferlad: did you see the latest maas-spaces CI run?15:14
voidspacedimitern: I have checked - the new test fails with the old code, the API remains blocked15:14
voidspacefrobware: good?15:14
frobwaredimitern, voidspace, dooferlad: foreget it -- it's not final.15:14
voidspacefrobware: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3753/15:15
voidspaceback soon15:15
tych0cherylj: hello15:20
cheryljhey tych0, were you working on lxd to not pull in github.com/gosexy/gettext?15:21
cheryljit seems jam merged your PR into master last night15:21
tych0cherylj: yeah, it's done, just didn't get merged until this morning15:21
tych0i'll send a juju patch shortly15:21
cheryljtych0: cool, thanks. Remember to make it against your feature branch.15:21
tych0even thought the other stuff landed in master?15:22
tych0or did that get reverted?15:22
cheryljI reverted the merge of 4131 from master15:22
cheryljtych0: you may also want to merge master into your feature branch as a lot of stuff landed yesterday.15:23
tych0ah, yes15:23
tych0lots of conflicts.15:23
tych0cherylj: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/431315:31
ericsnownatefinch: oh, and were you going to help tych0?15:41
natefinchericsnow: yes, but it sounds like everything is pretty much under control15:42
ericsnowtych0: ^^^ ?15:42
tych0ericsnow: i'm not sure, cherylj is probably the person who knows best. i don't fully understand the juju process here :)15:43
ericsnowtych0: no problem :)15:43
natefinchcherylj, tych0: let me know if you need any help15:43
tych0natefinch: cool, thanks15:44
ericsnowtych0: for that PR (#4313), it looks like you included the merge from master...the actual change isn't that big or invasive, is it?15:45
tych0ericsnow: yes, cherylj just told me to merge from master above15:45
tych0the actual change is two lines15:45
perrito666does anyone here knows a lot about multiwatcher?15:45
ericsnowtych0: if so, it may make sense to merge master into your feature branch in a separate PR, land it, and then rebase your first PR15:45
ericsnowtych0: otherwise your change gets lost in the noise on reviewboard15:46
tych0lol, ok.15:46
ericsnowtych0: cool, thanks :)15:46
tych0unfortunately there's not a good way to keep this conflict resolution :(15:47
ericsnowtych0: you could use git rebase -i to move your specific changes out of the way to after the merge15:48
ericsnowtych0: maybe?15:48
tych0yeah, that doesn't work so hot15:48
ericsnowtych0: :(15:48
tych0i'll just redo the merge conflicts15:48
ericsnowtych0: ugh, I've been in that situation before too :(15:49
tych0ericsnow: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/431415:50
tych0let me know when you have that one merged15:54
tych0i have the one that goes on top of it as well. i think github is usually smart enough to resolve that in its UI, no idea about reviewboard, so i'll wait to make the PR until it's done so as not to confuse things further15:54
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dimiternvoidspace, hey, sorry - I was in a call, but I've looked at your PR and it LGTM16:37
cheryljdimitern, frobware_ have you guys taken a look at bug 1542206?16:42
mupBug #1542206: space discovery still in progress <ci> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core maas-spaces:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542206>16:42
cheryljSeems to be weird behavior when creating hosted models16:42
cheryljwith space discovery16:42
dimiterncherylj, yeah, and voidspace has a fix for it, which I've just reviewed - it should fix it16:43
cheryljdimitern: awesome, thanks!16:43
mupBug #1287718 opened: jujud on machine 0 stops listening to port 17070/tcp WSS api <cts-cloud-review> <mongodb> <state-server> <sts> <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1287718>16:49
marcoceppi_I need help, questions about storage17:14
marcoceppi_is filesystem supported?17:14
marcoceppi_perrito666 cherylj natefinch ^?17:17
=== marcoceppi_ is now known as marcoceppi
cheryljmarcoceppi: you mean like adding storage as a new filesystem on a host?17:22
cheryljI'm not sure what you're asking (I'm so not familiar with the storage piece)17:23
marcoceppicherylj: I'm going to mail the list17:42
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frobwaredimitern, voidspace: ping17:48
frobwaredimitern, voidspace, dooferlad: IRC has been busted for since around 2pm. :(  anything to be aware of?17:48
dimiternfrobware, pong17:55
dimiternfrobware, I had a chat with fwereade_ about what we discussed and I'll compile a list of use cases updated with some nice suggestions from him to share and discuss the approach on the ML17:56
frobwaredimitern, ack17:57
voidspacefrobware: pong17:57
voidspacedimitern: thanks17:57
frobwarevoidspace, can we / should we cherry-pick your change into dimiter's branch so we get another test of -jes tonight?17:57
voidspacefrobware: yes17:57
dimiternfrobware, and I decided to do something useful as today is not going smoothly as I hoped :/, so I'm preparing a merge of master into maas-spaces (sans my other branch) to get at least closer to upstream, and see what is the simplest thing to do to fix the remaining issues17:58
frobwaredimitern, ahhh. we should co-ordinate. I was doing the same.17:58
frobwaredimitern, any objections if I cherry-pick voidspace's change into your branch and push to upstream?17:59
dimiternfrobware, ah :) ok, well - I'm about 4/5 done, we can compare later?17:59
frobwaredimitern, there's stuff landing in master. depends when you and I started.17:59
dimiternfrobware, is it worth pursuing that branch anymore?17:59
frobwaredimitern, nope. can we merge that back into maas-spaces before tonights CI run?18:00
dimiternfrobware, started when tip was at 1cd7ac8c and I'm about 4/5 done with it18:00
frobwaredimitern, though the timing of the CI run is based on any new changes in that branch18:00
dimiternfrobware, I doubt we need most of it - at least the contoller-space handling stuff18:00
frobwaredimitern, I really wanted to be back on maas-spaces -- reduces confusion.18:01
dimiternfrobware, well, that's also true for maas-spaces itself, so why not get up-to-date with master, and then see what to cherry pick from my other branch?18:01
frobwaredimitern, there's the manual deployer tests which are only fixed in your branch. correct?18:02
dimiternfrobware, well, in master as well18:02
frobwaredimitern, getting confused. what would you like to do? which branch should be tested tonight (over the w/end)?18:02
dimiternfrobware, I'm not saying all of that other branch of mine needs to go, some things are still useful, but the approach around controller spaces will most likely change18:02
dimiternfrobware, sorry, let me restate: I'd prefer to get maas-spaces up-to-date with latest master and get a CI run of maas-spaces with it18:03
frobwaredimitern, voidspace: I'm thinking the simplest thing for today is to cherry-pick the additional -jes fix18:04
frobwaredimitern, voidspace: without additional churn we can validate whether we're better/worse18:04
voidspacedimitern: is there any way your work can be parallelised?18:04
dimiternvoidspace, it is, I just need to write down a rough set of steps18:05
dimiternvoidspace, considering the discussions etc.18:05
frobwaredimitern, voidspace: so let's take the -jes change into maas-spaces-controller-space-config and we can also move forward with master -> maas-spaces18:06
dimiternfrobware, voidspace, but I believe we can get maas-spaces (with master merged in it) to a bless with a handful of changes only18:06
voidspacedimitern: great18:06
voidspacedimitern: that should be priority #118:06
dimiternvoidspace, frobware, agreed - those changes will bring back the compatible behavior (no controller-space to care about, no default space in bindings to cause issues)18:07
dimiternso we can then do those (rather invasive changes I must say) in a simpler step-wise manner18:09
dimiternfrobware, ok, so as soon as I finish with merge conflicts will c-p the jes fix into the -config branch and push18:09
voidspaceright, EOW19:07
voidspacehave a good weekend everyone19:07
tych0cherylj: ericsnow: i'm not sure i understand the failure here: http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/github-merge-juju/6249/console19:33
tych0it builds fine on my machine, but sine i added that directory in the previous feature branch, perhaps i need to add it to some other listing somewhere so that whatever is building the tarball picks it up?19:34
natefinchtych0: the landing bot runs go 1.2, which means we have to mark all LXD code as // +build go1.3  so it only builds with 1.3 or higher19:36
ericsnowtych0: perhaps "container/lxd/instance.go" imports "github.com/juju/juju/tools/lxdclient" and the lxdclient package isn't in the repo?19:37
natefinchtych0: looks like you need to add that builds tag to container/lxd/instance.go19:37
ericsnowtych0, natefinch: or that :)19:37
tych0oh, hm19:37
tych0cool, thanks guys19:37
ericsnownatefinch: nice catch19:37
natefinchericsnow: went through all this rigamarole before, so I remember getting that dumb error19:38
natefinchI wish the error were just a little bit smarter and would tell you "all go code in the directory is excluded by build tags"19:38
natefinchbut that probably breaks layers19:39
ericsnownatefinch: I have my "drop ModelResource" patch up: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3759/19:51
natefinchericsnow: cool19:51
perrito666omg that merge was painful20:00
tych0cherylj: bah. it looks like i forgot one. one more time please? sorry about that :(20:18
* tych0 can't computer today20:18
cheryljtych0: np :)  You can also use $$fixes-1542336$$20:20
cheryljbut I am also going to remove the blocker tag on that bug20:21
cheryljso thank you for reminding me :)20:21
tych0cherylj: oh, can i merge my own stuff?20:21
cheryljtych0: yeah, that one is going into your feature branch, so merge away (once you get a ship it, generally)20:22
cheryljit was blocking because of that bug, which was a critical blocker20:22
natefinchericsnow: added the upload code - http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3699/20:26
natefinchgotta go snowblow before it gets dark.20:26
=== natefinch is now known as natefinch-afk
ericsnownatefinch: k20:26
perrito666aghhh I spent half a day merging master into my branch and now is not compatible, how can that possibly be?????21:02
mupBug #1542488 opened: 'juju storage pool create' has no useful help and a generic error message  <docteam> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542488>21:29
mupBug #1542510 opened: aws-deploy-trusty-amd64-on-xenial-amd64 hooks not firing <ci> <ec2-provider> <hooks> <regression> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542510>22:26
mupBug #1542518 opened: TestListAllEmpty <ci> <go1.5> <intermittent-failure> <unit-tests> <wily> <xenial> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542518>22:56
mupBug #1542520 opened: TestDestroyRemovesContainers fails on centos <centos> <test-failure> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542520>22:56

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