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lordievaderGood morning.06:48
sgclarkgood night haha06:49
lordievaderHehe, you were just going to bed?06:51
sgclarkyeah , gnight06:51
rbetzengoing to try to do some testing this cycle.  I take it there still aren't any iso's ready for kubuntu to test?  Haven't found anything at least.06:55
lordievaderSleep well, sgclark 06:55
sgclarkwe are  far from ready, not enough resources, anyway need to sleep.06:56
lordievaderrbetzen: You can allways test the daily iso's (though they might still have a critical bug), or upgrade from 15.10 to test stuff.06:56
rbetzenThanks.  I'll do that.  Just making sure I wasn't missing a release. ;)06:58
lordievaderrbetzen: Kubuntu skipped Alpha 2, you haven't missed a thing ;)07:00
soeei posted feature request on plasma-devel ml, if someone want to comment please do https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/plasma-devel/2016-February/049202.html08:56
sitterclivejo: no10:41
sitterclivejo: last thread I see is sddm breakage10:41
clivejo<clivejo> sitter: can you update discover in KCI to grab from plasma-discover in debian git?10:45
sitterclivejo: will do so later today10:47
clivejothanks :)10:48
BluesKajHey folks11:51
clivejositter Riddell : can anyone tell me why this merge is failing - http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_kwallet-pam/252/console12:11
sitterclivejo: drop that branch remotes/origin/kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update12:14
sitterno intention to pursue12:14
sitteralso it fails because the merge chain failed12:15
sitter[I] merger: Merging remotes/origin/kubuntu_xenial_archive into kubuntu_stable.12:15
sitter[I] merger: Merging kubuntu_stable into kubuntu_unstable.12:15
sitter[I] merger:   kubuntu_unstable -> remotes/origin/kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update12:15
sitterso if you want to find out why exactly it failed you'll have to merge the branches like that locally12:15
bshahwhy am I culprit!!!12:15
sitterbecause jenkins12:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 11one!12:16
clivejobut what is remotes/origin/kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update14:37
clivejoand who put it there14:37
yofelgit log might give a hint14:38
yofelnot about who pushed though14:38
clivejohow do I drop the remote?14:40
yofelwhy would you drop origin?!?14:43
yofelor do you mean delete the branch?14:44
yofel... from the remote14:45
mparilloOn Xenial with the landing PPA,  has anybody noticed that the kwalled migration password dialogue box comes up with every boot?15:07
yofelI remember someone mentioning that before, but I haven't seen it myself15:20
mamarleyIt was happening to me for a while, but then it seemed to resolve itself.15:21
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clivejositter yofel - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/kwallet-pam.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update16:38
clivejocould KCI have created that branch?16:38
sgclarkthat branch is a bane to merges16:38
sgclarkno clue what it is for 16:38
sgclarkbut it should NOT be in the merges16:39
clivejosgclark: know how to remove it?16:39
sgclarkfrom CI? sadly no16:39
clivejoand what does it mean by remotes16:40
clivejo remotes/origin/kubuntu_unstable_pam-auth-update?16:40
clivejocan it be removed with git remote remove?16:42
sgclarkclivejo: probably want to get the ok from yofel, I do not have authority to remove annoying branches16:43
sgclarkAll I know is I am sick of being stalked by CI for a branch I know nothing about and as far as I can tell we do not use.16:44
clivejosgclark: ditto16:44
yofelclivejo: read the manual scarlett pointed to, a remote is a "repository", you're talking about branch deletion16:44
yofelas for the deletion itself, I'm not sure if we can16:45
yofelthere was some discussion about qt-kde policies there...16:45
* clivejo puts hands up16:45
clivejoI have no idea, just want to see it fixed!16:45
yofellisandro: are we allowed to delete branches from the repositories that only affect us?16:45
sgclarkyofel: sitter: or we can just remove the merge from CI? I don't understand why that merge is there16:46
yofelsitter will have to answer that, I have no idea how the merge tooling works16:47
sgclarkyah we should probably e filled in there16:47
yofelI would assume it's some kind of mixed hard-coded/auto branch detection in the ci tooling16:54
lisandroyofel: if everything works as expected you shouldn't be able to do so16:59
lisandrodon't get me wrong: the repos' scripts where meant for another workflow16:59
lisandrofor example we avoided temporary branches17:00
lisandroyofel: forgot to mention, if you need to remove a branch ping me17:19
sgclarkfairly certain that is not what we want. Just removal from CI which requires sitter17:26
yofellordievader: ok thanks. That's about what I remembered, but wasn't certain. We'll fix this in the CI instead.19:30
yofellisandro: ^19:30
yofellordievader: feel yourself unpinged ^^19:30
lisandroyofel: ACK19:31
lordievaderHehe, but I like to be pinged -.-19:35
clivejolordievader: ping19:39
* clivejo waves19:39
clivejoooo syncroton19:40
clivejosounds like a Transformer19:41
clivejoWTF!! 19:42
clivejoIve never seen that before19:43
clivejoWriting more data than expected (1909437 > 1909428) [IP: 80]19:43
soeeyou are on higher level now :D you produce more data than expected19:49
clivejooh good lord19:49
clivejogit init git19:49
clivejooups, wrong window19:50
clivejoRiddell: you worked on packaging kolab?20:04
clivejolibkolab - https://obs.kolabsys.com/package/view_file/Kolab:Winterfell/libkolab/debian.changelog?expand=120:04
sgclarkclivejo: looking at the log sitter and detrout were the last two to package that. sitter did the actual port. What exactly do you need?20:17
clivejodont need anything, just surprised to see Riddell in the changelog and wanted to chat to him about it20:18
sgclarkI think Diane is actually working on it for debian right now, you can find her in the debian-qt-kde channel. I see you in there. She doesn't bite.20:18
sgclarkYOu will see him in many changelogs.. haha20:18
clivejoI chatted with Diane yesterday, she said she doesnt have time to work on Kolab20:19
sgclarkI have packaged it, I don't recall anything crazy about it, although libkolabxml needs to be packaged first20:20
clivejothats the client side stuff?20:20
sgclarkit is a lib20:21
clivejobut we package it beacuse Kontact uses it20:21
clivejo!info libkolabxml xenial20:22
ubottuPackage libkolabxml does not exist in xenial20:22
clivejo!info libkolabxml wily20:22
ubottuPackage libkolabxml does not exist in wily20:22
clivejo!info libkolab wily20:23
ubottuPackage libkolab does not exist in wily20:23
clivejo!info libkolab-dev wily20:23
ubottulibkolab-dev (source: libkolab): Development package for Kolab library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 10 kB, installed size 63 kB20:23
clivejo!info libkolab-dev xenial20:24
ubottulibkolab-dev (source: libkolab): Development package for Kolab library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.0-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 10 kB, installed size 63 kB20:24
sgclark!info libkolabxml1v520:24
ubottulibkolabxml1v5 (source: libkolabxml): Kolab XML format (shared library). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-3 (wily), package size 639 kB, installed size 3641 kB20:24
sgclarkthere it is20:24
sgclarkclivejo: ^20:24
clivejothats quite old :/20:24
clivejov2 now20:25
* clivejo pokes soee_22:02
* soee_ watching at clivejo22:05
clivejome head hurts22:06
soee_i think new frameworks should be released soon22:12
soee_the reaction should be: weeeeeeeeeee :D22:15
sgclarknot enough hours in the day for all this work hahahahah22:15
* sgclark goes a little bit crazy22:15
soee_from what i see only those apps are huge madness22:16
soee_and this is what i would never understand22:17
soee_we should be able to just grab released tars, build them and done...22:17
soee_not some merging and other magic22:17
* clivejo raises eyebrow22:18
clivejoits not magic, its dark black magic22:20
sgclarkyeah it is the merges that are killing us really22:20
sgclarkbut I do see why, just it is too much work for our small team. I think other flavor maybe sync to debian so don't feel the pain? not sure22:21
clivejoI think you are the only one working on them sgclark22:21
soee_and what about Neon - they don't care about Debian ?22:22
sgclarkI know nothing about Neon sorry, got kicked out of the loop. 22:23
soee_wrr why ubuntu installs xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu while i do not have such gpu :/22:23
sgclarkyeah I never understood the piles of xservers installed22:24
soee_why do it installs libmirclient also ...22:24
soee_does Kubuntu uses enywhere some mir* stuff ?22:24
yofelthere is no driver auto-detect at install time (not very portable, is it?) - so all available drivers get installed22:27
* clivejo waves at yofel22:27
yofelnot in the UI parts, but we share some of the UI core stack22:27
yofelit's not like it has a practical effect22:28
clivejodoes this card still apply - https://trello.com/c/nYFDC2qg ?22:28
yofelwe shop tons of libs that are nearly useless, but we ship them anyway22:28
clivejoincluding some unity stuff *shivers*22:30
yofelsomeone who cares could check if we could manually exclude some recommends in the seeds22:31
clivejoI care, but not just that much22:31
ScottKFor Kf5, I don't think there's much in the way of Ubuntu specific requirements that would prevent syncing most things.23:03
ScottKIf there's things that need to be pushed to the Debian branches to make that possible, feel free to ping me.23:04
sgclarkScottK I have been trying to push the sync path. Makes more sense to me. Not sure where we are on that. yofel?23:05
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sgclarkespecailly these apps23:06
yofelI haven't look at that at all23:06
sgclarkmost of these are no changes23:06
yofela) we're done with frameworks ourselves by now b) when we worked on plasma, debian wasn't done with frameworks23:06
ScottKThat's the usual problem.23:07
yofelso we could sync stuff now, but I don't intend to *keep* waiting on the sycns23:07
ScottKIt'll be a bit different post feature freeze.23:07
sgclarkwasnt that the purpose of ppa-landing?23:07
sgclarkanyway, back to my merge tastic cave. ugh23:08
yofelthe purpose of ppa-landing was a mis-used ppa so people could test stuff while we get things uploaded23:08
yofelthen we got distracted and other stuff and stuff never got uploaded23:08
yofelI only got the e-c-m permissions fixed this week. So now we can actually *try* to upload stuff23:08
sgclarkright, need to go for developer. so much so little time. I have to wear my kde hat next week. Things will be tight.23:09
yofelyou concentrate on what you have to do. We'll figure things out somehow23:09
sgclarkand wehn I get a $ job it will be even tighter lol23:10
sgclarkyeah I know23:10
clivejohas the apps merge trello card gone?23:13
sgclarkit somehow moved to backlog23:14
clivejothere it is23:14
sgclarkhmm kubuntu-ci is being strangely quiet23:23
clivejothink its broken again23:24
clivejoor maybe its caught up23:24
sgclarknope, I have pushed several merges, should have seen a few23:25
sgclarknow I have to manually look /grumble. spoiled by CI links haha23:26
clivejoshould okular not have an unstable and stable branch - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/okular.git/23:26
sgclarkI dont see why it would differ from the rest23:28
clivejodoesnt seem to be in KCI23:28
yofelwasn't it only ported to frameworks now?23:29
yofelwe didn't CI qt4 apps23:29
clivejowill I create a stable and unstable branch while Im here?23:32
clivejoyofel: ^23:36
sgclarkah possibly yeah recent port. makes sense23:40
clivejoyofel: help me please :(23:52
clivejosgclark: why would a git merge not be sorting the changelog right?23:59
sgclarkclivejo: sadly this first run doing merges this way changelogs seems to be the problem point. you will have to manually cut paste the entries in the proper order. :(23:59

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