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neutrinoLooks like private snapps will be supported in 16.04 LTS00:50
qenghoI'm trying to test a new snap on my Ubuntu classic machine. I get an error at snap install that "sc-filtergen executable not found". Is there a Dependency I should fulfill manually? Is that a bug?01:07
Tenacious-TechhuIn what ways is Snappy secure by default, and in what ways is it not?01:51
Tenacious-Techhuneutrino, you keep popping in and out; are you sure you aren't a virtual particle?03:04
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dholbachgood morning08:17
Tenacious-TechhuIn what ways is Snappy secure by default, and in what ways is it not?08:25
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy Doodle Day! 😃09:35
noizerGood morning :D09:55
qwebirc389725In what ways is Snappy secure by default, and in what ways is it not?09:58
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Tenacious-TechhuIn what ways is Snappy secure by default, and in what ways is it not?09:59
Chipacazyga, pedronis, do you know of any reason not to merge mvo's branches? the ones that move things to the overlord10:06
Chipacathey have two +1's and are all green and lurvely10:07
Chipacapedronis, in the list of pull requests, the last four10:08
Chipacaactually all of mvo's branches10:08
Chipaca(there are five of 'em)10:08
pedronisthe SetActive one doesn't seem to have two +110:08
Chipacabut i can provide that :-)10:09
pedronisthe Install one seem to need an added TODO: about w.Sync10:09
Chipacaand the one that drops meta repos has no +1s10:09
pedronisnot a strong reason not to land it, but a small branch to do after or something10:09
pedronisI mean the branch for adding the TODO10:10
pedronisnot solving the problem10:10
Chipacawith him away until tuesday, i'd merge as is and then push a branch with the todo :-)10:10
pedronis395, 397, 398 seems landable10:12
Chipacaok, merging the ones with two +1's, then i'll review the diffs for the last two10:12
pedronisI'm not sure about the rest10:12
Chipacayeah, without the first three merged it's tricky to review the last two :-)10:12
Chipacaooooh, conflicts!10:13
pedronislife is hard10:13
Chipacai guess i'll be fixing those first then :-)10:14
Chipacahmm, how do i merge in a branch from somebody else?10:19
ChipacaI'm on my master, and I want to merge in https://github.com/mvo5/snappy/tree/refactor/remove-details-from-repo10:19
Chipacato then fix the conflicts and propose10:19
pedronisyou fetch it and merge10:19
Chipacai guess i've got to add mvo as a remote first10:20
pedronisyou can do that or not10:20
pedronisnot works too, you get a FETCH_HEAD10:20
pedronisthat you can merge10:20
pedronisif yous setup the proper remote10:20
pedronisyou can pulled down the nicely named branch10:20
Chipacayeah, doing that10:21
Chipacafunny how so many months in these things still trip me up10:21
Chipacastrange, that merged with no conflicts10:23
sergiusensChipaca, morning, did you have a chance to look at the %h thing?10:30
Chipacasergiusens, no10:30
Chipacasergiusens, does the systemd service file have %h in it?10:31
sergiusensChipaca, yes10:31
Chipacapitti, why would a systemd unit not replace %h?10:31
sergiusensChipaca, from the go template we have in snappy10:32
Chipacasergiusens, yep, was wondering if it was us messing things up, or if it was systemd10:32
Chipacaoh, hold on10:32
Chipaca%h doesn't work when systemd is pid 1?10:33
noizerHi, got a short question how can I install python-dev on a snap. it is for installing uwsgi.10:33
Chipacasergiusens, %h doesn't work when systemd is id 110:33
sergiusensChipaca, ah10:33
sergiusensChipaca, "Please note that specifiers "%U", "%h", "%s" are mostly useless when systemd is running in system mode. PID 1"10:34
sergiusenskyrofa, ^10:34
sergiusensChipaca, should we change %h in snappy to /root?10:34
Chipacasergiusens, yes10:35
Chipacasergiusens, if we mean /root, yes :-)10:35
sergiusensChipaca, we do10:38
sergiusensChipaca, for your consideration https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/442/files10:48
Chipacasergiusens, hero10:50
Chipacasergiusens, oops, tests fail10:52
zygaChipaca: no, I don't know but I wasn't really looking at all of mvo's branches lately10:58
dholbachsergiusens, kyrofa: what do you suggest we do about images in snapcraft docs?11:05
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jdstrandChipaca: hey, I'm making review tools updates for snap.yaml and trying to understand which of the 'apps' options can be used together. now that there is no separate structure for services and binaries, the trigger for 'is a service' is app.Daemon, correct? Looking add addPackageServices in click.go, that seems to be the case12:12
Chipacajdstrand, yes12:13
Chipacajdstrand, and binaries have exec=12:13
jdstranddo they?12:13
Chipacadon't they?12:13
jdstrandexec isn't documented in meta.md12:13
Chipacai'm reporting from memory, not from code12:13
jdstrandand addPackageBinaries says !app.Daemon12:13
Chipacaso believe the code12:13
jdstrandChipaca: I'm going to also assert in the tools that ports, bus-name and the socket options all require daemon. any objections? (obviously, this can be changed going forward)12:15
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kyrofaGood morning12:20
noizerkyrofa good morning :D12:21
noizerI have already a question for you12:21
noizerkyrofa i want to install uwsgi with the pip packages. but got all the time an error12:23
noizerthis error means something like that i need python-de12:23
noizerbut when i put python-dev in an other part so i would be sure that it is installed before the other part( the part with the uwsgi)12:24
noizerthis can't work because then I have duplicated files from python :s12:24
noizerI will send you a yaml file12:25
noizerkyrofa http://pastebin.com/u9S3unUD12:29
kyrofanoizer, if you want to use a stage package within a part, it should probably be specified within that part instead of another12:30
noizerok I tried that too but it doesn't work :s12:31
noizerhe needs to get python.h kyrofa12:32
ogra_should that be in "build-packages" then instead of "stage-packages" ?12:37
kyrofaogra_, probably12:38
kyrofanoizer, though linux is case-sensitive-- do you actually mean Python.h, or are you really saying python.h?12:38
kyrofanoizer, because python*-dev only gives the former12:39
noizerexcuse me typo12:39
* ogra_ isnt sure we even copy /usr/include into the snap for stage-packages, might be only /usr/lib|share and /usr/bin|sbin12:40
ogra_(like we rip  out documentation and other unusable stuff)12:40
kyrofaogra_, we unpack the deb... I don't remember seeing code to clean it at all-- though I may be wrong12:41
ogra_well, i know we dont copy over manpages and stuff12:42
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ogra_so perhaps you need an explicit line under "files" in the copy plugin to copy usr/include12:42
ogra_should be easy to check with the installed snap what actually ends up in place12:43
kyrofamatiasb, I uploaded the new version of the owncloud snap (for armhf this time) which also needs the framework fix. Would you mind looking at that when you have a minute?12:46
matiasbkyrofa, sure, checking!12:47
noizerkyrofa if you need more testers i want to test it too if needed xD12:48
kyrofanoizer, hey, feel free! `sudo snappy install owncloud.kyrofa`12:49
noizerkyrofa I will test it tonight when i'm at home (Belgium hour)12:50
kyrofasergiusens, what are your thoughts on dholbach's images?12:56
kyrofanoizer, since you don't really get much of a manual with the .snap, might be worth reading this: https://github.com/kyrofa/owncloud-snap/blob/master/README.md12:58
mvipdidrocks1: Here you go: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/150075513:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1500755 in Snappy "bootloader firmware needs update to get vchiq working with 4.2" [High,Confirmed]13:00
noizerkyrofa ok intresting13:01
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didrocksogra_: hey, do you mind looking at that one? ^ those guys have to roll out their own image due to this13:01
ogra_didrocks, as i'm saying since monday i'm actively working on it, yes13:02
ogra_should land later today13:02
ogra_patience ;)13:02
didrocksogra_: oh, great! we didn't get any info from the bug report or didn't check IRC enough :)13:02
mvipogra_ awesome. :)13:02
mvipogra_ thanks man13:02
ogra_didrocks, well, i commented on the bug on friday ;)13:03
didrocksogra_: a week ago! it's ages in our industry as asac would say! :p13:05
sergiusenskyrofa, your branch idea is good13:05
didrocksanyway, thanks for looking at it! :)13:05
kyrofasergiusens, it leaves them under our control, anyway13:05
kyrofasergiusens, dholbach another option is to upload them on the github wiki and link to them there13:05
kyrofaThen they wouldn't be pulled down in a clone13:06
dholbachhey alecu :-)13:07
alecuhey dholbach! :-)13:07
dholbachkyrofa: I'm happy either way13:07
dholbachkyrofa: I don't expect crazy amounts of images anytime soon :)13:07
kyrofadholbach, ah, it doesn't actually look like you can upload images on the wiki, scratch that13:08
dholbachok... images branch then? or link to rawgit?13:08
kyrofadholbach, well, rawgit needs a branch anyway13:09
dholbachso they could live in the same branch and be part of the same commits, right?13:09
kyrofadholbach, I'm not actually sure what it gives you-- am I missing something?13:09
dholbachkyrofa: I was just wondering if we would actually need a separate branch13:10
kyrofadholbach, perhaps not. We could make an images folder within the docs folder13:10
kyrofadholbach, perhaps that would indeed be easiest13:10
kyrofadholbach, as long as you're not expecting tons and tons of images13:11
dholbachif we just put them in master or 1.x it should be clearer which commit they're part of, etc13:11
dholbachyeah, I don't expect that to happen :)13:11
kyrofadholbach, yeah go for it13:11
kyrofadholbach, just remember, when you change binary files (I'm assuming git will treat images as binary files) they'll conflict every time13:11
dholbachok, I'll adapt my current PR and do another one to move the image on README.md13:11
kyrofadholbach, if git ever tries to merge them, I mean13:12
dholbachI have no idea about that :-/13:13
dholbachis this something we need to workaround?13:13
kyrofaNah, we can deal with it. We'll only hit it if multiple people try to change the image, etc.13:14
kyrofaBut it's something to keep in mind if you get into that situation13:14
kyrofadholbach, that markdown looks fishy. Have you verified that it works?13:28
dholbachon it13:30
kyrofadholbach, would you mind terribly if I asked you to change the URLs temporarily to your branch so we can see the end result?13:30
dholbachkyrofa: https://github.com/dholbach/snapcraft/blob/1541404/docs/mir-snaps.md13:35
kyrofadholbach, hey, yeah, there we go13:36
kyrofadholbach, I like the foot note style13:38
dholbachupdated :)13:40
kyrofadholbach, ah, so you are going with rawgit?13:40
dholbachhum... isn't that what we wanted :)13:40
kyrofadholbach, well, that's a cache, right? If we upload it into master we can just use the githubusercontent URL, can't we?13:41
kyrofadholbach, actually I suspect we can directly use images/image_name13:42
kyrofadholbach, then it's branch-independent13:42
dholbachcan we maybe go with githugusercontent for now? O:-) the markdown importer of developer.u.c hasn't learned how to import images and store them in swift storage yet :-)13:43
kyrofadholbach, ah! Yeah I can see how that might be _slightly_ problematic13:44
dholbachit's planned, it's just not done yet13:44
kyrofadholbach, tough feature13:44
kyrofadholbach, so yeah, totally. Do you agree that using github directly instead of rawgit is better? Might be more reliable13:45
dholbachI'm happy to change rawgit.com to raw.githubusercontent.com - I haven't worked with github enough yet to be able to say anything about either of the two :)13:45
kyrofadholbach, yeah let's do that.13:46
dholbachok cool, done13:46
sergiusenskyrofa, btw https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snappy/pull/44213:47
kyrofasergiusens, wait wait... what?13:48
* kyrofa goes to read the manpage13:48
sergiusenskyrofa, just search for the second %h13:48
sergiusenskyrofa, at the end of the table13:48
sergiusensthe second %h is at the end of the table13:48
kyrofasergiusens, why has this ever worked?13:50
sergiusenskyrofa, how has it ever worked? I don't think it was ever used13:50
kyrofasergiusens, I've used it in the path. The SNAP_USER_DATA path has always been buggy in services since that directory isn't created, but it was indeed previously valid13:51
kyrofai.e. was replaced with /root13:52
kyrofasergiusens, "so the specifiers only work as shortcuts for things which are already specified in a different way in the unit file"13:52
kyrofasergiusens, I'm still not really up to speed on systemd, but after reading that maybe we had something defined elsewhere that was making this work13:53
kyrofasergiusens, also, things like 'This is the home directory of the user running the service manager instance. In case of the system manager this resolves to "/root".' give me the impression that it should be hard-coded when running in system mode13:54
sergiusenskyrofa, right, that is the case for systemd user sessions13:56
sergiusensroot may indeed be a user of such systemd session13:56
sergiusensthis is the problem of root as a role and root as a user fwiw13:56
kyrofasergiusens, huh, yeah interesting. Thanks for the fix :)13:57
ogra_well, i guess we still export SUDO_USER into the env ... you could indeed mangle the path of SNAP_USER_DATA based on tht13:57
ogra_(in a wrapper script or so)13:58
sergiusensogra_, no, SUDO_USER is not exported in a systemd unit from pid 1 ;-)13:59
p1gmale0nhi all @here14:29
sergiusenskyrofa, i need to reboot, will be there in a sec14:31
kgunnsergiusens: mornin' ....wondering if something else changed in 2.1 i didn't quite catch14:39
kgunnso i can build my snap just fine14:39
kgunnbut on install attempt i get14:39
kgunnmir-server_0.19_amd64.snap failed to install: open /tmp/read-file291427386/unpack/meta/package.yaml: no such file or directory14:39
kgunnwondering if i need to rearrange my files?14:39
kgunnyou can see what i'm pkging here14:39
noizerI'm trying to install uwsgi but now i got following error. Somebody knows how to fix this?14:40
noizererror            :/home/ubuntu/software/stage/usr/include/wchar.h:395:47: error: comparison of unsigned expression >= 0 is always true [-Werror=type-limits]14:41
florent-tengioAccording to https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/snapcraft-packaging-ros-snaps/ , I need the plugin catkin but snapcraft saids that it doesn't exist. Do you know why?14:41
matiasbkyrofa, fyi, owncloud last upload should have been fixed a while ago; and also, we just deployed a fix so there is no manual intervention needed anymore for 15.04 uploads14:50
kyrofamatiasb, 8.2.2kyrofa6-armhf still has no frameworks my myapps, and I can't find it via snappy search14:51
kyrofamatiasb, but great news on the fix, thank you!14:51
matiasbkyrofa, hmm... let me re-check14:52
sergiusenskgunn, we kill package.yaml14:57
sergiusenskgunn, as ubuntu-core for devel has too; I sent an ANN email, have you seen it?14:57
sergiusenskgunn, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-app-devel/2016-February/000580.html14:58
kyrofaflorent-tengio, hey there14:58
matiasbkyrofa, ok, there we go, fixed now; and future uploads should just work (TM)14:58
kyrofamatiasb, verified, thank you so much :)14:59
kyrofaflorent-tengio, the catkin plugin should indeed exist in ever remotely recent version of snapcraft. Can you pastebin your YAML and the error you're seeing?14:59
florent-tengiohey kyrofa15:00
sergiusensflorent-tengio, please don't PM general questions which can benefit the greater community ;-)15:00
kgunnsergiusens: you didn't look at my branch did you?15:01
florent-tengiook sorry about that. Apparently I got a too old version of snapcraft15:01
kgunni've a snapcraft yaml15:01
kgunnand documentation still seems to match15:01
kyrofaflorent-tengio, what version are you on?15:01
kgunnunless i am missing something15:01
florent-tengioit is 0.315:02
kyrofakgunn, it's like you're running on an old image of ubuntu core15:02
kyrofakgunn, one that's still expecting the package.yaml, but snapcraft isn't adding it in15:02
kgunnkyrofa: ah crap...15:02
kgunni bet i pulled it the day of 2.115:02
kyrofaflorent-tengio, oh yeah.. update :)15:02
kgunnprolly just before15:03
kyrofakgunn, yeah this week has kinda sucked as far as releasing features at the same time... *cough*15:03
kgunnsergiusens: kyrofa ....apologies, nvmd15:03
kgunn;) kyrofa15:03
kgunntell me brother15:03
sergiusenskgunn, not yet, havne't looked at it15:04
kyrofaflorent-tengio, what version of ubuntu are you running?15:04
kyrofakgunn, no need to apologize by the way. Sorry for the instability :)15:06
florent-tengiokyrofa it is solved now thanks15:07
kyrofaflorent-tengio, excellent. Let us know if you need any more help!15:08
joc_florent-tengio: hi, you have newer snapcraft working now?15:08
kyrofajoc_, are you having troubles?15:09
kgunnkyrofa: so anyone using snapcraft 2.0 (not 2.1) will they really be able to run that anywhere? e.g. are we producing 16.04 core images somewhere...where people can "go back in time" ?15:10
joc_kyrofa: hi, no i was just chatting (in person) to florent, hoping he is sorted now :)15:10
* kgunn just thinking about mir snap on 2.0 post...15:11
florent-tengiojoc_ I have on the virtual machine but apparently it is full now... due to ros install15:11
kgunnprolly irrelevant today :)15:11
qenghoI'm trying to test a new snap on my Ubuntu classic machine. I get an error at snap install that "sc-filtergen executable not found". Is there a Dependency I should fulfill manually? Is that a bug?15:11
kyrofakgunn, no, rolling really just rolls on, you know?15:15
kyrofakgunn, sort of the nature of the beast15:16
kyrofakgunn, once it's actually released though, I doubt such disruptive changes will continue to be made15:16
kyrofaqengho, you're trying to install a .snap on a normal ubuntu desktop?15:16
qenghokyrofa: yes15:17
kgunnjust feels weird, like snapcraft2.0 came out...then immediately (effectively) broke with 2.115:17
sergiusenskgunn, it tries to catch up with the system; 2.0 snaps wouldn't work on the latest core anyways15:18
kyrofaqengho, that will made you sad15:18
kyrofaqengho, it's not supported right now15:18
qengho:(   <- sad15:18
kyrofaqengho, try installing Ubuntu Core in a virtual machine instead15:18
kyrofasergiusens, just got voip working... seems the conference call is over? :(15:24
sergiusenskyrofa, yeah; just just now15:25
kyrofakgunn, yeah, it's a bit of a moving target right now15:25
sergiusenskyrofa, at least you have it working now ;-)15:25
kyrofasergiusens, thanks for the info. Pretty slick, actually15:25
sergiusenskyrofa, well now you can call me over sip :-P15:25
kyrofasergiusens, what, and miss seeing your face?15:26
plarsogra_: what's the current status of dragonboard images? Should I be using yours? mvo's newer one that's currently in obsolete/old? :)15:31
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plarsogra_: with both of them, I can only seem to get it to boot one time, then after that it will only boot to emmc15:31
Guest7789sergiusens I am having an ither isssue with catkin plugin CMake Error: your C compiler: "/home/florent/falcon/snapp/parts/foo/install/usr/bin/gcc" was not found15:32
kyrofabeuno, I've made several uploads since you introduces the multi-arch support. Other than requiring separate versions, it works exactly the way I would expect. Great job :)15:32
beunokyrofa, woooo15:33
beunomatiasb, ^15:33
elopiokyrofa: can you tell me the variables to set to connect to staging?15:34
elopioah, nevermind. Found it in HACKING. I was looking in docs.15:34
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kyrofasergiusens, add gcc to your build-packages15:35
kyrofaOops. I meant florent_tengio ^^15:35
matiasbbeuno, kyrofa, fyi, with the latest rollout (from a few minutes ago), you should be able to reuse version numbers for diff archs :)15:35
sergiusenskyrofa, me? florent_tengio ^15:35
kyrofamatiasb, oh that was rolled out too? Awesome!15:35
* sergiusens goes for a quick bite15:36
florent_tengiokyrofa How to you do that?15:39
kyrofaflorent_tengio, which version of snapcraft are you on now, then?15:39
ogra_plars, works fine for me with both, mvo's latest only has half a kernel, so no wifi15:40
florent_tengiokyrofa 1.0.115:40
plarsogra_: oh... is there some reason you can think of that it would only boot once to snappy? I have the switch set to sd boot, obviously since it does boot once. But after that, it only boots what's on the emmc, regardless of whether I soft-reboot, or pull the power cord and hard reboot15:41
ogra_plars, sounds liek your bootloader gets messed up somehow on the SD15:41
noizerHi, I want to install uwsgi with pip. when im doing that on the classic one. it works fine for me but when im trying to install it on snappy i got always the same error. (my snapcraft is 2.1)  http://pastebin.com/bqhNGgrs15:42
plarsogra_: it happens every time for me, on both images15:43
plarsogra_: I don't even do anything while I'm booted, just test that it boots15:43
ogra_plars, right, the only thing i can imagine is that the bootloader gets messed up15:43
kyrofaflorent_tengio, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/1.x/docs/snapcraft-syntax.md15:43
ogra_thats a 4G card, nothing bigger,. like described in the README, right ?15:43
kyrofanoizer, have you successfully build this standalone?15:44
ogra_(bigger cards will get messed up, thus the warning to only use 4G)15:44
plarsogra_: hmm.. actually it might be bigger. I need to double check.  So it could be a resize problem?15:44
plarsogra_: I'll check that, I bet that's it. Thanks!15:44
ogra_yes, the resize function needs to be ported to sgdisk15:44
plarsI *think* I still have a 4G card around here somewhere, may have to do some digging15:44
kyrofanoizer, it looks like the build system is setup to treat warnings as errors15:44
noizeronly a snap with just uwsgi on? No I did not tried that before15:44
ogra_(and probably also get a cmdline option we can set to disable it)15:44
kyrofanoizer, no, I mean just by itself, without snappy or snapcraft at all15:45
kyrofanoizer, these are compile errors-- they have nothing to do with snapcraft15:45
noizeryes then it works well15:45
noizerwhen you try pip install uwsgi15:46
noizerthen it works great15:46
kyrofanoizer, can you paste your YAML as well?15:46
noizerkyrofa yes offcourse15:47
kyrofanoizer, and you'r encountering this in the classic dimension, or on regular xenial?15:47
noizerpip install on the classic dimension there works it fine. but when i try to snap it then it gave me this crash15:48
kyrofanoizer, and you're running snapcraft on the classic dimension?15:49
kyrofanoizer, in the future, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ is a little less add-heavy15:49
noizeroooh ok sorry kyrofa15:50
kyrofanoizer, no apologies necessary! Just wanted you to know :)15:50
kyrofanoizer, alright let me give this a shot15:56
kyrofaflorent_tengio, did you get that working?15:56
florent_tengiokyrofa no15:57
kyrofaflorent_tengio, have you tried the build-packages?15:58
florent_tengiokyrofa yes I have added build-packages: - gcc15:58
florent_tengiowith the correct indentation15:58
kyrofaflorent_tengio, and you get the same error?15:59
florent_tengiokyrofa yes16:00
kyrofaflorent_tengio, oh, looking at your error message again, try adding it to stage-packages instead16:01
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elopiopindonga: do you know if there's a way to test getpass with subprocess?16:05
elopioI see there's the pexepect module, but I wouldn't like to add it if there's another way.16:05
pindongaelopio, no idea... but I don't see why not, as long as stdin/stdout are properly captured by the subprocess16:21
elopiopindonga: no, getpass does something different. I can capture the email prompt, but not that one.16:21
elopioI think I could tell get pass to use stdout, not the tty, but that doesn't sound to good. Or get a test tty, but I guess that's what pexpect does for me.16:23
elopioI'm trying...16:23
ogra_... therefore i am16:23
elopioI'm test therefore I am.16:24
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qenghoHi again. Help? How do I get the Snappy Dimension on Classic installed and working?16:32
ogra_sudo snappy enable-classic16:32
ogra_snappy shell classic16:32
qenghoOh man. That's good. Though, the man page and help has all sorts of things that should never be known to a user like "booted" and "grub-migrate", and that's not mentioned.16:34
ogra_if you just run "snappy" without any options it tells you about it though :)16:35
qenghoAh, maybe it's my version of snappy. No option.16:35
ogra_well, thats 16.0416:35
ogra_15.04 didnt have classic iirc16:35
* ogra_ curses16:37
qenghoogra_: 0.3.7-1.1? What does your "apt-cache policy snappy" say?16:38
Sweet5harkso ...16:38
ogra_qengho, there is no apt on snappy16:38
ogra_qengho, you are not trying to use classic on a desktop, do you ?16:39
Sweet5harkI have build LibreOffice with debug symbols, threw strace and gdb into the snap for fun, sneaked in an additional disc mounted on /apps to have enough space and then looked at what LibreOffice does.16:41
qenghoogra_: oh, yes. I thought that was it was for. Maybe I have it inside-out.16:41
ogra_qengho, classic is a container that sits on top of the readonly rootfs, adding a writable overlay and re-adding the missing apt bits to make it behave like a "normal" ubuntu16:42
Sweet5hark(with LD_LIBRARY_PATH set and under strace that is)16:42
ogra_so it enables you to use apt in a container (with bind mounts into the relevant dirs ... i.e. ~/ is shared)16:43
qenghoogra_: Ah, yeah, I thought it was backwards. Snappy inside a container running on old-timey Ubuntu.16:43
ogra_yeah, thats different16:43
ogra_isnt that called purtine ?16:43
ogra_(ask bregma, i think his team works on that stuff)16:44
ogra_ah, that uses snappy ?16:44
bregmanot yet16:44
Sweet5harkturns out it hangs with EAGAIN on trying to read/dlopen a libdesktop_detectorlo.so. at least ldd says it finds all libs. any hint what might wrong?16:44
ogra_i thought that was just a wrapper for apt packagews16:45
ChipacaSweet5hark, 'audit' logs do you get?16:49
qenghoogra_: thank you for explaining. I have a snap that hope will display to X. Does "Snappy Dimension on Classic" provide X?16:49
ogra_qengho, no, i doubt you will ever see native Xorg support in snappy ... XMir is the way to go16:50
elopiopitti: is there a way to pass secrets to the autopkgtests ?16:50
elopioI have a test that requires a password. I can run it on travis, but I think I'll have to skip it in autopkg.16:51
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - have a great weekend! :-)16:53
elopiobye dholbach16:53
ogra_ppisati, hulp !16:55
ppisatiogra_: ???16:56
ogra_ppisati, i cant load any dtb from 0x100 on the rpi with the new bootloader firmware tree16:57
ogra_do you know where it moved to ?16:57
ogra_(fdt addr 0x100 throws a "bad magic" error)16:57
ppisatiogra_: what's your version? because i update the fw in Jan and it was ok16:58
ogra_ppisati, i'm on the "next" branch16:58
ppisatiogra_: oh, then you are into the future :)16:58
ppisatiogra_: sorry, don't know16:58
ogra_(default for the 4.4 kernel)16:58
ppisatiogra_: dump the memory from uboot until you find something resembling it16:59
ppisatiogra_: that's what i did16:59
ogra_ppisati, well ... bug 150075517:00
ubottubug 1500755 in Snappy "bootloader firmware needs update to get vchiq working with 4.2" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150075517:00
ogra_apparently someone has it working by just replacing start.elf and fixup.dat17:00
ppisatiogra_: hold on17:00
ogra_(though it might already work in "master" (vs next) ... i see there were some recent changes to their dtb)17:01
ppisatiogra_: try if this helps17:01
ppisatiogra_: https://launchpad.net/~p-pisati/+archive/ubuntu/embedded/+files/raspberrypi2-firmware_4.1.15-b70b451-1_armhf.deb17:01
* ogra_ tries17:01
ppisatiogra_: i don't have my raspi2 hooked up17:01
elopiosergiusens: kyrofa: no planning today?17:02
kyrofaelopio, yeah sorry, baby hugs17:02
code1o6Hello guys, is there a way to add a login screen to webdm?17:05
ogra_ppisati, at least no bad magic error17:05
ogra_but ... [   12.665908] unexpected IRQ trap at vector 0017:06
ogra_(during initrd)17:06
ppisatiogra_: panic?17:06
ogra_nope, just this message in a loop17:07
ppisatiogra_: ah17:07
ogra_let me try with a newer dtb17:07
ppisatiogra_: i'm using it with the 4.3 kernel (and people reported success with 4.4 too)17:07
ogra_ppisati, well, the bug is specifically about missing device support17:07
ppisatiogra_: actually, i got the camera working fine in 4.3 + that firmware17:08
ppisatiogra_: even 4.2 actually17:09
ogra_via /dev/vchiq ?17:09
ppisatiogra_: i used raspistill17:09
ogra_(seems to be a node for some "hat" board)17:09
ppisatiogra_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-raspi2/+bug/153221717:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1532217 in linux-raspi2 (Ubuntu) "Can't modprobe bcm2835-v4l2 to use RPi2 camera module" [Undecided,New]17:10
ogra_yeah, doesnt use that device node17:11
ppisatiogra_: i don't know, my raspi2 is not hooked ATM17:12
ppisatiogra_: if you want we can debug this further17:12
ogra_we surely have to if i dont get it to work :)17:12
ppisatiogra_: k, i'm about to beer'o time17:12
ppisatiogra_: ping me first thing monday and we can have some fun17:13
ogra_yeah, i'll try my luck over the weekend, if i cant get it going i'll sit on your lap on monday17:13
ppisatiogra_: ack17:13
ogra_enjoy the beer and thanks for the help :)17:13
ogra_(btw, the error is gone using the latest dtb file)17:14
ppisatiogra_: updating the dtb ususally helps :)17:14
ogra_(RaspberryPi2)ubuntu@localhost:~$ ls -l /dev/vchiq17:15
ogra_crw------- 1 root root 245, 0 Feb  5 17:13 /dev/vchiq17:15
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sergiusenselopio, oh my, I completely missed the time it is17:47
sergiusenselopio, so sorry17:47
kyrofasergiusens, that's alright, this one wasn't huge since we're not releasing on cadence next time around17:48
didrockskgunn: hey, I think you know more on that area than I, do you mind answering this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/729540/can-i-run-any-other-display-server-on-ubuntu-core-except-for-mir?18:16
didrockssergiusens: kyrofa: I would be interested (personally) if you can give an answer on http://askubuntu.com/questions/729762/snapcraft-make-plugin-change-directory :)18:16
kyrofadidrocks, ah, thank you! I don't have the snapcraft tag setup18:17
didrockskyrofa: one more to add to get more badges! :-)18:18
kyrofadidrocks, and yes, answering now18:20
sergiusenskyrofa, ok, I'll +1 if it is good enough ;-)18:24
ogra_elopio, so there is a new pi2 oem snap for 15.04 in the store ... would be nice if that could get some testing on 15.04/edge so we are sure i didnt regress anything before next 15.04 release18:29
ogra_didrocks, ^^ thats your fix for the vhciq device stuff btw18:30
elopioogra_: sure, I was planning to do the testing this evening.18:30
elopioogra_: can you move it to alpha? That makes things easier.18:30
ogra_elopio, it will be used on all 15.04 builds now (thats the oem snap u-d-f pulls from the store at image creation time)18:31
ogra_(this includes alpha as well as edge and stable)18:32
elopiogot it.18:33
kyrofasergiusens, didrocks how's that?18:33
didrockskyrofa: perfect! :)19:24
didrockskgunn: thanks as well19:24
didrocksogra_: wooooo19:24
xnoxogra_, who shall i assign bug about unity-scope-snappy?19:27
xnoxogra_, can i like drop the package from the archive?19:27
ogra_xnox, no idea, never heard of it19:27
kyrofaxnox, ask alecu about that19:27
ogra_is that the store scope ?19:28
kyrofaxnox, what's the problem with it? ogra_ yeah19:28
xnoxkyrofa, alecu, hi! unity-scope-snappy FTBFS in xenial, because of golang-go 1.6 (cgo argument has Go pointer to Go pointer), which has become invalid Go. And it has invalid Built-Suing metadata. It says "Built-Using: golang-go.tools (= )" there must be a version after '='19:29
xnoxkyrofa, alecu: and there are test suite failures.19:29
xnoxsomehow i think it does not work at all with current snappy.19:29
xnoxbug #154237619:30
ubottubug 1542376 in unity-scope-snappy (Ubuntu) "invalid golang-go.tools Built-Using dependency generated" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154237619:30
xnoxbug #153434619:30
ubottubug 1534346 in unity-scope-snappy (Ubuntu) "FTBFS with golang-go 1.6 beta2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153434619:30
xnoxwho shall I assign these bugs to?19:30
kyrofaxnox, yeah it's a bit old nowadays. I would suspect it's okay to drop given the prioritization of Ubuntu Personal, but yeah I'd hear from alecu and maybe kgunn about it first19:31
xnoxkyrofa, $ seeded-in-ubuntu unity-scope-snappy19:33
xnoxunity-scope-snappy's binaries are not seeded.19:33
xnoxi don't think it's in use.19:33
kyrofaxnox, yeah it was only ever seeded in personal19:33
olliogra_, late night Fri ping19:33
alecuxnox: yes, I think it's fine to drop it, since it was coded against an old version of the snappy rest interfaces19:33
ogra_olli, whats up ?19:33
olliogra_, mind checking 1 mail for me pls?19:33
alecuand we are not updating it for now.19:33
ollisorry about the late ping19:34
xnoxalecu, kyrofa - let me file an RM bug, and please comment on it. One moment.19:34
sergiusenselopio, kyrofa http://paste.ubuntu.com/14894403/19:34
elopiosergiusens: :o19:34
sergiusensxnox, Built-Using is generally auto added by dh-golang19:34
kyrofasergiusens, niiice19:35
xnoxsergiusens, sure. but in this case it's borked up. and it's impossible for me to rebuild to see if a rebuild would fix the built using =/19:36
xnoxsergiusens, and this trips up germinate.19:36
xnoxkyrofa, alecu - please comment your approval on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-snappy/+bug/154245119:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542451 in unity-scope-snappy (Ubuntu) "RM: unity-scope-snappy" [Critical,Triaged]19:36
xnoxapproval to remove the package.19:36
sergiusensxnox, k, I'm just saying that maybe other packages have broken Built-Using's ;-)19:37
xnoxsergiusens, =) true. So far this is the only one like that, that i found.19:37
xnoxwell, tripped on.19:38
geniiBTW, may want to increment the copyright year to 2016 soon. I just built from git and still says 201519:40
sergiusensgenii, only for files we changed in 2016 or where is this coming from?20:08
sergiusenskyrofa, elopio if you are feeling it https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/compare/master...sergiusens:feature/1480144/cleanbuild-lxd20:09
sergiusensyou can start looking ;-)20:09
geniisergiusens: Sorry, that was for #quassel20:09
elopiosergiusens: s/2015/201620:11
sergiusenselopio, yeah, done already ;-)20:11
sergiusenssome had some didn't :-p20:11
elopiosergiusens: what's the most simple valid snapcraft.yaml that generages a valid snap?20:16
sergiusenselopio, I think it is the webchat one or gopaste20:20
elopiosergiusens: can't we cut it even further?20:20
sergiusenselopio, something with the copy plugin maybe20:21
tyhickshas anyone gotten the latest all-snaps rpi2 image to work?20:34
tyhicksthe bbb image works for me but not rpi220:34
elopiotyhicks: let me flash and try.20:35
tyhickselopio: thanks - I get 7 blinks of the ACT led20:35
elopiotyhicks: do you have at hand the name of the kernel and gadget?20:36
tyhickselopio: I don't20:36
tyhickselopio: I was trying these images: https://people.canonical.com/~mvo/all-snaps20:36
elopioI wanted to generate it with that u-d-f. but I'll just download it.20:39
elopiopindonga: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/154247620:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542476 in Snapcraft "snapcraft upload forbidden for user without signed agreement" [Undecided,New]20:54
pindongaelopio, right20:54
pindonganot sure if I mentioned it in the docs or not20:54
pindongabut it's a requirement20:54
elopiopindonga: sure, that's clear. We need a better message for when the user doesn't meet the requirement, but I'm not sure what's feasible to ask.20:56
elopiotyhicks: works for me: https://paste.ubuntu.com/14895861/20:56
pindongaI think we should start by showing a link and asking them to login via the web ui20:57
pindongaand sign it there20:57
pindongathat's the minimum we can do20:57
tyhickselopio: ok, thanks for testing - I'll keep trying to hunt down the issue on my end20:58
elopiotyhicks: do you have a serial cable?20:58
elopiowell, THE serial cable.20:58
tyhickselopio: no :/20:58
elopiotyhicks: https://www.adafruit.com/products/95420:59
tyhicksah, nice20:59
tyhicksthat would be helpful20:59
tyhickselopio: do you know if this applies to the rpi2? http://elinux.org/R-Pi_Troubleshooting#Green_LED_blinks_in_a_specific_pattern21:00
elopiotyhicks: I don't know. I know that it wasn't working as expected on the bbb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/151016521:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1510165 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "heartbeat module is not loaded" [Undecided,Fix released]21:03
elopioso I wouldn't trust it too much.21:03
tyhickselopio: ok21:04
elopiopindonga: why is my uploaded snap saying this in the store? (NEEDS REVIEW) squashfs pkg lint_is_squashfs21:05
pindongaelopio, squashfs based snaps don't get automatically approved yet21:06
elopiopindonga: oh, sad, I can't finish my test. Can't we have autoapprove at least for staging, like today? :)21:06
pindongaso they're flagged for manual review21:06
pindongaelopio, nopes21:06
pindongalike, I'm literally EODing right now :)21:07
elopiopindonga: oh well, then lunch time for me :D let's talk on monday.21:07
pindongaelopio, afaiui it's still missing some pieces in click-reviewers-tools21:07
elopiothank you, and enjoy the evening.21:07
pindongaso not something we control in the store21:07
pindongaelopio, as soon as the proper supports lands in click-reviewers-tools we can pull it and get the store to auto-approve those snaps21:08
pindongaanyway... bye!21:08
pindongasee you on monday21:08
elopioack. There will be a test eagerly waiting for that day.21:09
elopiobeuno: just so you put it higher in the queue, for me ;) ^21:09
sergiusenselopio, https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/30321:24
sergiusenskyrofa, too ^21:25
elopiosergiusens: how does this work with two spaces? --output  SNAP21:26
elopioI thought I read on docopt that the two spaces were for the help21:26
sergiusenselopio, I don't know, but it does21:26
sergiusenselopio, I'm fixing it anyways21:26
elopiosergiusens: maybe an integration test with --output, just to be extra safe21:27
sergiusenselopio, sure21:27
sergiusenselopio, ah, can't do subtests21:30
sergiusensAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'result_supports_subtests'21:30
sergiusenselopio, done21:33
elopiosergiusens: interesting. I thought testtools would just support that. Maybe it's an outdated version.21:33
elopiosergiusens: you can do testscenarios.21:33
sergiusenselopio, I split it in two tests for now21:33
elopiobut the duplication is not much. Do it as you wish.21:34
sergiusenselopio, testscenarios are so confusing if you don't know the semantics though21:34
elopiosergiusens: I think you are right. I'm slowly liking subtests.21:34
sergiusensI used to use it, but I it's one of those things that is not straightforward21:34
sergiusenselopio, look at pylxd, it has an interesting scenario based testing using annotations which look super straightforward21:35
elopiowith annotations if I put two, I never get the order right.21:36
elopioI'll kae a look.21:36
sergiusenselopio, so I need a release with this before I can move on with cleanbuild21:36
sergiusenselopio, right that is the problem when using @21:36
elopiowoa, it's late.22:04
elopio<- lunch22:04
sergiusenselopio, I think it is this or to not enable mvn testing for adt https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/pull/30523:16

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