ChibaPetI'm not seeing tools for manual partitioning from another console when I'm booted into today's Xenial server ISO. I'm curious as to what I'm missing... no fdisk/gdisk/parted or friends.00:39
ChibaPetlordievader: Also just found http://missinglink.xyz/security/tutorial-debianubuntu-full-disk-encryption-luks-fde-including-encrypted-boot/00:55
ChibaPetalthough that still has unencrypted bits00:58
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lordievaderThe Debian cd can drop to a shell through the menu, can't the server iso do that?06:48
lordievaderGood morning, by the by.06:48
ChibaPetGood morning.07:01
ChibaPetThe server ISO can, but it lacks some tools that are on the desktop edition.07:01
ChibaPetFor instance, there appears to be no fdisk/gdisk/parted available from the shell of the server ISO.07:01
lordievaderYou cannot apt-get that?07:02
ChibaPetThe server ISO doesn't present a live image, at least so far as I understand it.07:02
ChibaPetIt's more or less identical to what Debian ships with their net-installers.07:02
ChibaPetEither way, my next hurdle is hand-setup of GRUB, initramfs, and LUKS.07:03
lordievaderHmm, guess it is too long ago for me to have done a server install of Ubuntu.07:03
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just_Hi guys. I have Ubuntu 16.04. when apt-get install -f get:10:58
just_system cant configure udev10:58
just_because group input already exist10:59
just_can anybody help?11:05
just_anybody alive?11:14
lordievaderjust_: Hmm, that sounds nasty. I suppose you could use a live-cd to chroot in and reinstall udev.11:29
just_lordievader: I commented group Input and then apt-get install -f.11:34
just_now i have: update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)11:34
just_insserv: Service mountkernfs has to be enabled to start service udev11:36
just_insserv: exiting now!11:36
just_how, i can reinstall udev?11:37
lordievaderjust_: apt-get remove udev && apt-get install udev; but don't do this from the install itself.11:40
k1l_how did you upgrade to 16.04?11:41
just_I was never updated as this is a new installation11:42
BluesKajHey folks11:51
just_<lordievader>, i go to /var/lib/dpkg/info and rm udev*11:58
just_then apt-get install -f11:58
just_and everything OK11:59
lotus|Xenial4-4!find mpv12:07
ubottuFound: libgmpv4-dev, bumpversion, gnome-mpv, libdevel-dumpvar-perl, libmpv-dbg, libmpv-dev, libmpv1, libnet-frame-layer-icmpv6-perl, mpv, mpv-dbg (and 15 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mpv&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all12:07
lotus|Xenial4-4!info mpv12:08
ubottumpv (source: mpv): video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.14.0-1 (xenial), package size 831 kB, installed size 2067 kB12:08
lotus|Xenial4-4new mpv icon on xenial nice12:08
lordievaderjust_: That sounds like a bad idea... but hey if it works...12:19
BluesKajyeah. but where are the audio settings on mpv ? is it like mplayer cli based?12:20
lordievaderBluesKaj: Yes, the command line switches are extensive.12:27
just__now i have udev ¬Ľabsent; We assume that at the moment the package is not installed files but all works12:33
lordievaderStill sounds like a bad idea...12:34
just_and any suggestions?12:42
lordievaderReinstall the package through a chroot or something.12:43
just__Can you write a list of commands?12:45
BluesKajmpv seems like a decent player, but vlc is so much easier to setup and use12:53
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: well i found smplayer more lightweight on my desktop lately12:54
lotuspsychjeplaying 1080p stuff12:54
BluesKajlotuspsychje, I found that Hi Def on some movies have a lot of errors and the player spends memory and gpu cycles with correction data ...sometimes it's the source material that has the problems13:00
lotuspsychjeyeah could be13:02
BluesKajvlc is mostly fine on my old pc tho13:03
lotuspsychjevlc is rocksteady indeed13:04
lordievadermpv is quite nice imo.13:41
BluesKajyeah,mpv is great for heaphone listening when watching movies on my setup due to the analog audio output to the wireless headphone transmitter. It can't handle digital signals.14:46
zzarrhello! I have installed Ubuntu by bootstraping it to an SD card and I can boot it with the arch arm kernel on my ASUS Chromebook Flip15:29
zzarrbut, there's no connectivity when I have booted it, how do I connect wifi from command line?15:29
zzarrshould I define a wireless network interface?15:31
zzarror is there a "make it all happen" script I can run?15:31
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goddardwho, or where would I post about the default sound device being selected when a new device is connected?16:36
goddardwhen you connect a bluetooth speaker for example it connects and switches to play sound on that device automatically, but it doesn't switch the device in the sound controls so every time you have to go into the sound settings and set the default device.16:37
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sudormrfello lads20:06
sudormrfwhat's new and cool in 16.0420:07
Picihigher numbers20:08
sudormrfas we have seen with the megapixel race, higher numbers aren't always good ;P20:08
ChibaPetsudormrf: ZFS shipped with the distro. New kernel.20:09
sudormrfChibaPet, how about unity version20:09
ikoniaZFS is shipped ?20:09
ChibaPetsudormrf: Oh, um. I don't know. I don't use Unity on desktops.20:09
ikoniathats the first I've heard of that20:09
sudormrfChibaPet, I typically use Gnome, myself20:09
ChibaPet!info zfsutils-linux20:10
ubottuPackage zfsutils-linux does not exist in xenial20:10
ChibaPetwait, what was it now... hrm20:10
rwwsudormrf: still Unity 7, so...20:10
ikoniaas far as I know, zfs is not part of the kernel still due to oracle licensing20:10
ChibaPet!info zfs-initramfs20:10
ubottuzfs-initramfs (source: zfs-linux): Native OpenZFS root filesystem capabilities for Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version (xenial), package size 3 kB, installed size 21 kB20:10
ikoniaso thats initramfs20:10
ChibaPetikonia: Right, but that ends up being irrelevant. Doesn't need to be linked into the kernel.20:10
ikoniawell it does as the mainteanance of a 3rd part module for your root file system isn't great20:11
ChibaPetikonia: That's why it's great that Canonical is shipping it now.20:11
ikonianot for me20:11
ikoniaI'd prefer they focussed efforts on objects that where open and part of the kernel20:12
ikoniacertainly something as critical as the root file system20:12
ChibaPetCDDL is less restrictive than the GPL while still being copyleft. Hard to call it "not open".20:12
ikoniais that going to come from "main" ?20:12
ChibaPetYou'd have to ask Canonical what their ultimate plans are.20:13
ikonianot really bothered personally20:14
ChibaPetGiven the degree to which it will offer competitive advantage over Red Hat, it's pretty significant.20:14
ikoniais useful to know though, so thank you20:14
ikoniaI'd hardly call that a competative advantage20:14
sudormrfdoes red hat have a longer support cycle for their releases?  IIRC, centOS seems to have a really long support lifecycle.20:15
ChibaPetBut... It fills a couple niches nicely, and it's already used in a couple significant shops. Better support from Canonical will mean that these shops will be more inclined to roll out Ubuntu.20:15
ikoniaCentos Mirrors Red Hats which is 8 years + extended to 12 - compared to ubuntu's of 520:15
ikoniapros/cons to each20:15
ChibaPetsudormrf: Red Hat does ten years to Canonical's five.20:15
sudormrftrue that20:15
ChibaPetsudormrf: That said, Canonical's lifecycle is probably more realistic when you look at hardware aging, and of course all of this is way up in the air in the age of Docker.20:16
sudormrfChibaPet, yep, I agree.  but then it does depend also on enterprises20:16
sudormrfenterprises don't necessarily replace hardware as frequent as your average consumer20:17
sudormrfnot infrastructure stuff, anyway20:17
sudormrfagain, pros/cons to both approaches20:17
ChibaPetsudormrf: Right, but ones that aren't starved for money plan their equipment lifecycles based on warranty coverage and such.20:17
ChibaPetBut yeah, there's something for everyone.20:18
sudormrfChibaPet, true, however there is also hardware that is supported for a long time using extended warranties, etc20:18
sudormrfword up20:18
sudormrfI am going to have to move one of my servers from 12.04 soonish :D.20:18
sudormrfwell not have to20:18
sudormrfbut, ya know20:18
ChibaPetUpgrade or reimplement?20:19
sudormrfa bit of both.  probably upgrade the hardware, merge a couple of devices together, remove some of the functions, etc.20:19
sudormrfit is doing a few duties and I would like to offload some of those duties to something else20:21
ChibaPetI need to upgrade a couple personal servers before long, hence my evaluating Xenial20:21
ikoniaChibaPet: what's your view so far ?20:22
ChibaPetikonia: I haven't gotten into it enough yet, but it seems solidly built so far. I don't have enough to really have an opinion yet.20:22
ChibaPetAsk again in a week or two and I'll have an opinion.20:24

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