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michitrainguards: Could someone assign me a silo please? Ticket 97005:54
robrumichi: you should be able to do it05:55
michiThe build said out of silos05:55
robrumichi: oh there's none left05:56
michiyep :)05:56
robrumichi: i recently lifted the restriction on users assigning the last five silos, hopefully i don't regret that05:56
michiWell, so we are physically out of build machines now?05:57
michiIn other words, I can’t have a silo?05:57
robrumichi: not physically no, just PPAs. I'll have to free one or ten05:57
michiCan’t we just create more PPAs?05:58
robrumichi: that's an option if we are often running low but I'd prefer not to reach for that the first time we run out05:59
michiAh, I see.05:59
michiWell, I’m relaxed about it. But it’s not great if I can’t get a silo when I need it.05:59
michiI don’t mind asking for help here, that’s cool.05:59
michiAnd you are super-responsive each and every time!05:59
michiI’m just pointing out that not getting a silo at all is serious in terms of blocking progress.06:00
michiI did a horse trade of my thumbnailer silo last night with Pawel because he couldn’t get a silo either.06:00
michiRather than bugging train guards, I just gave him mine because I didn’t need it for the moment :)06:00
robrumichi: ok I just freed one, go ahead and assign yours06:03
michiAwesome, thank you!06:03
michiHmmm… Maybe keeping a handful in reserve isn’t such a bad idea?06:03
michiI don’t know.06:03
robrumichi: yeah there's plans to make the system more flexible, creating ppas dynamically as needed, but it's a ways off (lots of prereqs need to get shuffled around first)06:03
michiSounds like you are on top of it :)06:04
michiI’m still in love with the train, BTW. It really works well!06:04
robrumichi: yeah, it's not a bad idea, but the implementation was problematic so I regressed it while cleaning up some code. will probably have to reimplement it soon06:04
michirobru: I noticed that it’s even more clever now.06:05
robrumichi: what's more clever?06:05
michiWhen I hit “Mine”, I no longer have to edit the URL from michihenning to michi to see the results :)06:05
robrumichi: oh right, yeah bdmurray fixed up the IRC names for the ticket creation & Mine link.06:06
michiThat was worth doing.06:06
michiLittle things like that are not a big deal, but the cumulative friction over time is large.06:06
robrumichi: yeah it was on the list for a long time but wasn't a high priority unfortunately06:07
michiHey, I survived quite well until now, even without it. But I really appreciate your attention to detail!06:07
robrumichi: unfortunately there's lots of big architectural shifts that need to happen that aren't very visible to users, so my time for papercut fixing isn't as much as I'd like06:07
michiYes, well, I suspect the big shifts will also provide a much bigger bang, so they are worth doing first.06:08
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jibeltrainguards, on https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/048 tests are marked as still running, but I cannot find them in the running tests, could someone have a look?08:08
robrujibel: in running.html just ctrl f for landing-048, i see 4 different things queued08:10
robrujibel: also the excuses page shows which ones are running08:11
robrujibel: also, "running" is a misnomer, it also includes stuff that didn't even start yet08:12
jibelrobru, I must not be looking at the right running.shtml, which link do you use?08:12
robrujibel: I'm not aware of any others: http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml08:13
robrujibel: on the ticket you can click "excuses" and then click and if the blue "in progress" to get there08:14
jibelrobru, ah it's queued, I was looking at the currently running tests08:14
robrujibel: that's why i said "ctrl f", comes right up08:15
jibelrobru, thanks for the clarification08:15
robruYou're welcome08:15
pstolowskihey trainguards, may i ask for removal of thumbnailer from ppa 24?09:30
sil2100pstolowski: on it09:47
sil2100pstolowski: removed from the PPA09:49
pstolowskisil2100, thanks!09:49
oSoMoNtrainguards: is it true that there’s no silo available?10:18
MirvoSoMoN: it's true :(10:18
oSoMoNbleh :/10:18
Mirvwe're hitting this wall now quite a bit10:18
MirvI'm even building some builds in my other silos just because I can't get a new one10:19
robruMirv: you should check for stale ones to free10:19
Mirvrobru: I did yesterday, there are none that are >3 weeks old and even the oldest was being pinged about when I asked. I managed to get permission to free up 2 "in proposed" SRU:s but they were filled up immediately10:20
Mirvsil2100: help welcome in the hunt for freeable silos10:20
sil2100Mirv: let me try hopping on that in a moment10:21
robruMight be time to get forcible10:21
MirvoSoMoN: there are 5 webbrowser-app silos btw, anything that can be considered?10:21
MirvI think I'll move my vivid Qt 5.5 backport somewhere else since there is not much demand for that at the moment. else == my own PPA.10:22
robrusil2100: if this remains a problem all day I'll create some more during my shift tomorrow10:22
oSoMoNMirv, 4 of them are actually webapp-container things, dbarth_ can you provide an update on those? can any of them be freed?10:22
jameshI'm also looking for a silo, but I understand if that's going to be difficult short term10:38
dbarth_oSoMoN: hmm, yes probably, let me have a pass10:59
dbarth_i have only 3 silos on my list, 1 is webbrowser-app10:59
oSoMoNdbarth_, silos 13, 16, 21, 3811:01
oSoMoNindeed 3 of them are property of alex-abreu11:02
dbarth_oSoMoN: 21 could be freed i think11:02
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Mirvdbarth_: oSoMoN: alex-abreu: ok, freeing up silo 21 https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/021 , that is https://code.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/webbrowser-app/container-extension/+merge/278870 - take a note and land it later when it's time for it11:22
Mirvdbarth_: alex-abreu: I meant to link the ticket https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/878 (which stays visible even after silo is freed)11:23
dbarth_Mirv: yup note11:23
oSoMoNhuh, silo 21 was freed, and I got silo 27, looks like we were not completely short of silos after all…11:26
MirvoSoMoN: yeah I noticed there was also 1 other silo freed11:27
MirvI think it was the one that got published by sil2100 2h ago11:27
MirvI'm "working" on freeing up my vivid Qt 5.5 silo but I've a build ongoing in that silo for a few hours still. but I'm moving it to https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ubuntu1504-qt551 for now.11:27
Mirvjamesh was the other lucky one to get a silo :)11:44
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jameshsilo 21 should be up for grabs again shortly: I've combined its contents with another team member's related landing12:09
kgunncjwatson: afternoon, i figure you'll know about this...question, is it normal for queue lengths on http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running.shtml12:48
kgunnto be 0 for most archs/distros, but ~320 tests on ppc64...230 just on ppc64 xenial12:48
cjwatsonkgunn: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/02/05/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t05:3112:49
cjwatsonkgunn: https://rt.admin.canonical.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=8852212:49
* kgunn reads12:50
kgunnoh and jibel ^12:52
kgunntrainguards ^^ since there's an issue with ppc64 autopkg tests running, is there a manual override to the "automated" signoff?12:56
jibelkgunn, okay, there is a workaround12:56
jibelkgunn, ^12:58
kgunnjibel: thanks!12:59
kgunnjibel: all just to help actually find a bug :D12:59
jibelkgunn, it'll block again in xenial-proposed12:59
kgunnjibel: but will migrate to overlay right?13:00
cjwatsonkgunn: they're supposed to be not considered right now13:03
cjwatsonkgunn: at least as I understand pitti's remarks13:04
Mirvkgunn: no packaging changes, I think you could just hit Publish?13:05
kgunncjwatson: yeah no prob, it was knock on effect of bileto looking at the queue....an "automated" signoff was added recently13:05
kgunnMirv: dang it...thanks!13:05
morphissil2100: ping13:13
sil2100morphis: pong13:13
morphissil2100: are we in a freeze for the overlay ppa now with 9.5 being imminent?13:14
morphisor you will just cherry-pick?13:14
sil2100morphis: hm, not really, I will be cherry-picking when needed13:15
sil2100But so far all landings were for 9.513:15
morphissil2100: so I can go ahead and push things for ota 10 timeline?13:15
sil2100morphis: hm, I suppose so, just need to remember to build out of the snapshot13:16
sil2100morphis: remember the silo needs sign-off by QA anyway13:16
morphissil2100: sure13:17
morphisI just don't want to spend that time when we're in a freeze anyway13:17
sil2100kgunn: could you get https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/0.19/+merge/284772 reviewed/approved?13:19
Mirvkgunn: did you notice it failed on no top-approve13:19
Mirvah, :)13:20
alex-abreuMirv, oSoMoN ack & sorry there have been some delays in the landing13:42
kgunnMirv: gah!14:01
alex-abreuMirv, I dont seem to be able to manually run britney on the excuses pages, ... "You are not allowed" ... for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-038/excuses.html14:02
Mirvkgunn: ok publishing in process now14:02
kgunnwas one of those week14:02
Mirvalex-abreu: yes, it's according to upload rights14:02
Mirvalex-abreu: I've clicked through those now14:03
alex-abreuMirv, thx14:04
MirvNOTE: 1 silo free, first one gets it! :)14:15
Mirvok, now I'm able to free my vivid-overlay-qt-5.5 silo after moving it to canonical-qt5-edgers14:16
MirvNOTE: 2 silos free, the fastest ones win :)14:17
dobeyno silos :(15:35
kenvandinehas anyone else run into a problem with xenial builds?  it's failing to install ofono during the build for all arches15:54
kenvandineSetting up ofono (1.17.bzr6910+16.04.20160115.3-0ubuntu1) ...15:56
kenvandineinvoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/ofono not found.15:56
kenvandinedpkg: error processing package ofono (--configure):15:56
kenvandinebut ofono hasn't changed in a couple weeks15:56
dobeyoh ffs, why can't people consolidate their silos15:58
Mirvdobey: freeing up one of mine that FTBFS:s and waits on other landing too16:01
Mirvdobey: oh btw there are free silos otherwise too now, assigning16:02
dobeyMirv: thanks, but there are still people who have multiple silos for the same project, which could probably be combined into single silos instead16:02
Mirvdobey: please feel free to ping directly people asking whether they could do that. there are various reasons people have, and generally it's ok to have staging silos but overuse is a bit problematic until we lift the limit on the silos.16:04
dobeyMirv: yeah, but for things with the same target and are successfully built, and the MPs are all approved, having multiple silos doesn't make much sense :)16:04
Mirvthe current situation is that all 60 silos are in more or less active use at least judging from when last built - https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/landing is sorted according to last touched, oldest have builds from 3 weeks ago16:05
Mirvdobey: that's very true16:05
dobeydoesn't help that all of QA is stuck on not testing the landings at the moment, too, of course16:06
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Saviqtrainguards, please delete qtubuntu{,-gles} in silo 5716:32
sil2100Saviq: on it16:32
Saviqsil2100, jibel, FYI we're cutting our losses on the visibility thing for now, we have the feature working but there's unstable bits16:33
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Saviqsil2100, jibel, I'm preparing to land 57 with minimal, important, fixes16:55
jibelSaviq, ack16:56
sil2100Saviq: k, does it have the window hint parts?16:56
Saviqsil2100, <Saviq> sil2100, jibel, FYI we're cutting our losses on the visibility thing for now, we have the feature working but there's unstable bits16:56
Saviqthat's the window hint16:56
sil2100Ah, sorry, missed that message after deleting the packages ;)16:57
Saviqso *almost* there, but not stable enough IMO16:57
Saviqsil2100, jibel, FYI, isn't looking good, xenial dependency broken atm https://launchpadlibrarian.net/236411680/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.unity8_8.11+16.04.20160205.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz17:20
Saviqso yeah... looks like Monday17:20
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Wellarksil2100: hi18:38
Wellarkwe want to force xenial-overlay to have the current version of packagekit18:38
Wellarkas main will transition to 1.0 which breaks our .click installation18:38
Wellarkin my opinion this branch should be uploaded manually to the overlay ppa and using the epoch we guarantee that the main version will never override the overlay version18:39
Wellarkwhat do you think?18:39
Wellark(that branch is based on wily, btw)18:40
* ogra_ wouldnt use an epoch ... an epoch should always be the very last resort if nothing else works 18:41
Wellarkogra_: only for the overlay.18:43
Wellarkwhere we can even delete packages if necessary18:43
ogra_still, if peope actually use apt on the phone you add one more breakage18:43
WellarkI don't want to get to the dance of uploading a new (same old) version of packagekit to the overlay every time main gets a new PA 1.0 package18:44
ogra_use the archive version string and attach something like "~but-actually-the-wily-version1" or some such crap18:44
Wellarkogra_: there is breakage already anyway18:44
ogra_thats better than an epoch18:44
Wellarkand you have to remember to upload a new version to the overlay each time PA 1.0 gets an update or otherwise phone xenial images break18:46
Wellarkfor the phone, we freeze to 0.x18:46
Wellarkas long as phone components depend on PA to install .clicks18:47
Wellarkand I fail to see how this breaks apt on the phon18:47
Wellarksil2100: we would do the same epoch pinning for click as well19:08
Wellarkboth are in maintenance and we are not expecting changes to them19:09
robruWellark: better would be a version number like '+16.05.YYYYMMDD', that way xenial releases using '+16.04...' will never be higher than that, but once the next release starts the packages from that series will "win" instead of having to have an epoch forever. once you add an epoch you can never remove it19:09
robruWellark: also it's not clear to me that xenial images are even built with the overlay PPA, I thought that was just a vivid thing19:10
Wellarkrobru: the epoch only lives in the overlay19:12
Wellarkand yes, we start building xenial images with the overlay very soon19:12
robruWellark: yeah but eventually, like on xenial+1, you'd want the archive version to override what's in the overlay, and the only way to do that is to put the epoch on it. you'll never get a non-epoch version that installs over an epoch version, which is the whole point of epochs19:13
Wellarkrobru: no, we don't want xenial+1 to override19:13
robruWellark: so the phone will just be stuck on this lower version *forever*19:14
Wellarkrobru: and that is exactly what we want. or we can just delete the packages from the ppa19:15
WellarkPA dropped support for plugins in 1.0 and they are not coming back19:15
robruWellark: that's not how this works.19:15
Wellarkand we depend on those plugins on the phone19:15
alecurobru: yes, we'll be stuck on the old version of PackageKit, until the phone moves to snaps19:15
alecuWellark: s/PA/PK19:16
robruWellark: if you "just delete the version from the ppa", apt doesn't just downgrade to whatever's available. apt only installs higher versions over lower versions19:16
Wellark*PK yes19:16
alecurobru: I guess this is not installed by apt, but instead by the phone image installer.19:17
alecuI mean, the system-image updater.19:17
robrualecu: Wellark: I guess you should talk to barry about how system-image would handle this situation19:17
Wellarkrobru: I don't understand what I should ask19:19
Wellarkrobru: we are not using apt on the phone. we deliver system-images that are freshly build against the overlay + main. dropping a package from the overlay with epoch will then be replaced by whatever is in the main archive19:22
robruWellark: ask what the implications of using an epoch version in the overlay ppa are, what would happen in phone images xenial+1 that don't want those packages anymore, if they can just be deleted or if the archive version will need to take on the epoch version as well in order to be installed over the ppa version19:22
robruWellark: I'm not familiar enough with system-image to know if that would actually work or not19:23
robruWellark: this is the first I've heard anybody say that lower versions can be installed over higher versions19:24
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? Please switch to Jenkins as a service: http://bit.ly/jenkins-docs | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: OTA-9.5 preparation in progress. TWENTY FRESH SILOS, GET EM NOW WHILE THEY'RE HOT
sil2100Wellark: hm, why not just upload the current packagekit and click packages to the overlay and simply not update those?19:26
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Train trouble? ping trainguards | CI problems? Use JenkaaS: http://bit.ly/jenkins-docs | Train: http://bit.ly/1hGZsfS | QA Signoffs: http://bit.ly/1qMAKYd | Known Issues: OTA-9.5 preparation in progress. TWENTY FRESH SILOS, GET EM NOW WHILE THEY'RE HOT
alecusil2100: that sounds like what we want to do19:26
robrusil2100: it's a versioning issue. they want to epoch the version so that the xenial version number will never be higher19:27
Wellarksil2100: don't the never versions from main override them?19:27
sil2100Wellark: we shouldn't need to use an epoch on it, just upload the current version to the overlay and because we use pinning the builders will always use the version that's in the overlay19:27
Wellarkok. that makes it simpler then19:27
sil2100Wellark: that's why we have the PPA pinning19:27
robruheh, I forgot about the ppa pinning19:27
sil2100Wellark: anything that's in the overlay PPA will always override what's in other archives, unless you put a higher pin priority on those19:27
alecusil2100: thanks for pointing it out!!!19:27
robrusil2100: I just made 20 new PPAs btw19:27
WellarkI thought you said yesterday that you indeed want newer versions from the main to override19:27
sil2100alecu: no problem :)19:27
sil2100robru: wooo! 81 silos then? :)19:27
Wellarkbut I misunderstood19:27
robrusil2100: yep!19:28
sil2100Wellark: no no, I just said we would need to remember to update the packages that are in the overlay when some security fixes are released in main19:28
sil2100Wellark: just so that we don't forget about the packages in the xenial-overlay19:29
sil2100Wellark: by 'update' I mean 'cherry-pick'19:29
sil2100And re-release on top of what's in that archive19:29
sil2100robru: excellent, thanks!19:29
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dobeywhat's up with xenial builds? proposed is busted?19:49
Wellarksil2100, robru: could one of you do a manual upload of the current click and packagekit (from and to) stable-phone-overlay for xenial20:09
robruWellark: what do you mean "from and to"?20:14
sil2100robru: from xenial to xenial in the overlay :)20:19
robruok I can do that20:21
robrusil2100: Wellark: here we gooooooo https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/stable-phone-overlay/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=xenial20:23
Wellarkrobru: awesome!20:25
Wellarkalecu: --^20:26
cjwatsonrobru: I've bumped authorized_size and relative_build_score on those new silos.20:39
cjwatsonWellark: when you say "not expecting changes to click", you're aware that there's in fact a change in a silo right now awaiting QA?20:39
robrucjwatson: oh, thanks.20:39
cjwatsonWellark: and it's not that long since we had a critical security fix there :)20:40
cjwatsonWellark: it would be nice to know what the process is there, because now click is going to be out of step with how its uploads were previously managed20:40
robrucjwatson: well, you'd do a dual silo as usual and then after it's done, copy from xenial archive to stable overlay ;-)20:41
dobeyrobru: i don't think it'll be that simple20:50
dobeybecause the point is that xenial is diverging and won't have the packagekit plug-in, while the overlay will keep it20:50
robrudobey: right, there'll be cherry-picking involved for overlay builds.20:51
robrudobey: cjwatson: also train can't be set to release a dual silo into xenial overlay (duals are hard-coded as xenial archive + vivid overlay), so you'd have to build a dual & then do manual copying from the silo ppa to the overlay ppa.20:51
dobeyrobru: i mean, i don't think "dual" will work any more20:52
robrudobey: well it depends, if you're working on a click branch "for the phone" you probably want the same thing released to vivid overlay and xenial overlay, right?20:53
dobeyat least not without changes to click20:53
dobeyrobru: right, the problem is xenial non-overlay20:53
cjwatsonyeah, exactly20:57
cjwatsonI guess that can just be uploaded to the archive in the normal (non-train) way20:57
cjwatsonuntil xenial+1 opens20:58
robrucjwatson: there's no reason you couldn't build it in a silo and publish to the archive.20:58
cjwatsonrobru: is, because that would build against stable-phone-overlay20:58
cjwatsonrobru: and thus link against PK20:58
robrucjwatson: like you could have one xenail (non dual) silo targeting overlay and a different silo targeting archive20:58
robruoh right20:58
cjwatsonrobru: well, it's true that I could manually reconfigure a silo to not do that20:58
robrucjwatson: we can manually remove the overlay from the landing PPAs on a case by case basis ;-)20:59
cjwatsonit's error-prone, but it's possible20:59
cjwatsonrobru: um, you didn't get these new silos configured for all arches ...21:00
* cjwatson goes to do that21:00
dobeysigh, whey did they have to break packagekit21:00
cjwatsonPK plugins were a bit awful in fairness21:00
cjwatsonrobru: (fixed)21:04
robrucjwatson: what? I asked webops to devirt and I then I went through and enabled all the arches already?21:29
robrucjwatson: like I specifically checked that the +edit page had everything checked already. where are you looking?21:31
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dobeyhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/236529470/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.unity-scope-click_0.1.1+16.04.20160205.1-0ubuntu1_BUILDING.txt.gz :(22:22
dobeyi guess this is because of new apt in proposed?22:24

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