andyrockmorning all07:08
pittiGood morning07:39
seb128good morning desktopers08:45
seb128hey andyrock pitti08:46
alexarnaudGood morning andyrock pitti seb128 !08:47
seb128hey alexarnaud08:47
seb128Sweet5hark, hey, in case you didn't notice doko just did a libreoffice upload to xenial for multiarch bits, you might need to rebase your update/include those changes08:53
willcookemorning all08:59
seb128hey willcooke09:01
willcookehey seb128, happy Friday :)09:01
seb128happy friday indeed!09:02
Sweet5harkseb128: urgh ...09:03
willcookemorning Sweet5hark09:03
seb128Sweet5hark, yeah, doko can be annoying like that...09:03
Sweet5harkwillcooke, all: moin!09:03
seb128Sweet5hark, we can also upload your update, reverting his changes and teaching him to work with others ;-)09:03
seb128hey Laney, happy friday!09:05
Laneyhi seb12809:05
Laneyhappy friday to you too!09:05
Sweet5harkseb128: nah, doko did ask me cryptically to meet to talk about $something at FOSDEM and meeting at breakfast, I wrote him a mail suggesting to meet at 8:30-9:00 on monday to have a concrete, but that didnt work out apparently ...09:06
Sweet5hark(was having breakfast with Laney and larsu instead though then ...)09:06
seb128(seems like a better choice ;-)09:06
Laneyahaha it fails to build09:07
seb128go doko!09:07
* Sweet5hark grabs popcorn ...09:07
Sweet5harkLaney: link error in libsc?09:07
Laneyconfigure: error: Package requirements (libcmis-0.5 >= 0.5.0) were not met:09:08
Sweet5harkah, lol.09:09
Sweet5harklibcmis was bumped to the version that comes with LibreOffice 5.1 and LibreOffice 5.0 thus is unhappy ...09:09
seb128we have 0.5.0 since wily09:10
seb128but doko multiarched that lib yesterday :p09:10
seb128maybe something went wrong there09:10
seb128oh well, he does things without talking to others, he gets to debug things by himself then...09:11
Sweet5harkhmm. gotta see if my 5.1 package still builds against that then ...09:12
seb128Laney, hide!09:12
seb128doko is pinging around now ;-)09:12
* Laney trolls09:13
Sweet5harkricotz: thanks for the hint on l10n isos btw, fixed that.09:13
robert_ancellseb128, you don't happen to know if there's any C libraries for accessing dpkg / apt do you? They all seem to be Perl or C++09:24
robert_ancellOr marked as internal / will break at any time09:24
seb128robert_ancell, sorry I don't, that would be a mvo question but he doesn't seem around09:24
hikikoTrevinho, andyrock https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/nux/nux.missing-header-file/+merge/285160 could you top-approve this? (it's just a missing header file unity complains about)09:26
hikiko1 line MP :)09:26
* Sweet5hark build a 1.4GB snap yesterday.09:34
Sweet5hark(lets see if I win another "LibreOffice: based on technology breaking your toolchain since 1985!" t-shirt with that)09:37
willcookeWe have a winner for "The most ridiculous comment on the internet this week"09:49
Sweet5harkwillcooke: heh, the headline already sounded suspiciously like that when it flew by on g+09:53
willcookePeople must read this stuff though09:53
willcookeOh, how about this09:54
willcookeWe set up a website where every time one of us or sil2100 eat a sandwich we write down what was in it09:55
willcookeand then sell advertising on the site09:55
sil2100Oh ooh!09:55
Sweet5harkwillcooke: that said, them spambots start to tweet and share that old ridiculous "Ubuntu causes girl to drop of of college" FUD video again.09:55
willcookeha, I love that video09:56
sil2100There was a video like that? uh09:56
willcookesil2100, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qj8p-PEwbI09:56
Sweet5harkwillcooke: seems someone is nervous about our recent PR. So our marketing is doing something right.09:56
Sweet5harkwillcooke: I like the first comment: "I installed Linux on my machine and my life also went to shit.  My  computer now boots way too fast,  I can't manage to get any adware or  viruses installed, I have too much available ram, the package manager  makes it way to easy to install software, I never have to deal with my  computer taking an hour to do automatic updates and I didn't even get to  pay for anything."09:57
seb128willcooke, that's going to teach me to open a bug with the rational of the revert... ;-)10:28
seb128I also got upstream pinging me this morning saying they could provide a patch to fix the zoom level issues for us and that the new version auto-open the copy dialog which fixes some of the usability issues10:29
seb128trying to loby a bit for us to do the update...10:30
willcookeoh, that's good news, thanks seb12810:34
willcookeand thanks u/s10:34
seb128willcooke, you think we should go back at updating then? ;-)10:35
seb128(probably not because headerbar/lack of menus/some bugs in the new code that would require more work)10:35
seb128but it's good for next cycle10:35
willcookeyeah, probably not10:35
willcookeIts good that u/s still care enough10:36
willcooketo want to help us get up to date10:36
seb128willcooke, I might upload the new nautilus has a nautilus3.18 source so users who want it/ubuntu GNOME can get it easily10:42
Sweet5harkgreat libreoffice 5.1 breaks against libcmis ...10:47
Sweet5hark(against the multiarched in proposed that is)10:48
Laneydoko's going to have to fix that10:49
willcookeseb128, thanks10:50
Sweet5harkseb128: so suggested timeline: 1/ wait for libcmis to be unfoobared b/ bump to libreoffice 5.1.0~rc3 in xenial as-is without multiarch c/ look into whatever multiarch options we have afterwards?10:58
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Laneyjust discovered the "storage" charm11:35
Laneytotally could have used that for appstream :)11:35
=== hikiko|ln is now known as hikiko
seb128Laney, :-/12:33
seb128Sweet5hark, those are options? I would go for the "do without multiarch"12:33
Sweet5harkseb128: k12:36
Laneyseb128: future opportunities for improvement ;-)12:45
seb128k, I think I managed to make nautilus upstream happy enough with what we are doing ;-)12:46
willcookethx seb12812:46
seb128seems like they share some of the concerns about 3.18 and they are likely to need/have patches similar to some we want (like for more zoom options)12:47
seb128but 7.3 is at the end of the year12:47
seb128they understand that our timing for the LTS is more tight and the decision we take then12:48
seb128willcooke, yw!12:48
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pittibon week-end tout le monde ! je m'en vais13:02
seb128pitti, oh, bon w.e à toi également !13:03
seb128tu parts en w.e ?13:03
pittiseb128: oui, les derniers jours (et nuits) étaient trop longues13:03
pittiseb128: on va à Salzburg, pour un concert (Les Tambours du Bronx) et visiter la ville13:04
pittiseb128: tu les connais ?13:04
seb128pitti, je voulais dire "est-ce que vous allez quelque part pour le w.e"13:04
seb128oui je connais ;-)13:04
pittisome 15 guys drumming on oil barrels, it's awesome13:04
seb128ils sont français13:04
seb128pitti, have fun there!13:04
pittioui, merci !13:04
* pitti m'enfuis à la gare13:05
dokoSweet5hark, if you join common irc channels you don't have to write emails for short question ;p13:05
seb128pitti, bon voyage en train ;-)13:05
Sweet5harkdoko: it is all a secret ploy to make you join #ubuntu-desktop!13:06
Sweet5harkdoko: anyway, whats your suggestion to go ahead?13:07
dokowait until the next publisher run13:08
* Sweet5hark goes back to his 1.4GB snap package then...13:16
Laneyjust had a bloke round to confirm that the water meter is indeed broken13:34
Laneyturn tap on, numbers don't change - yep, it's broken13:34
Laneynow I get to wait another $MANY_WEEKS for the real person to come round13:34
Laneyyay for companies13:34
seb128does it mean you don't get to pay for the water you use? ;-)13:37
LaneyI guess so!13:37
* ogra_ wouldnt complain13:37
Laneypool party anyone?13:37
Laneynot that I have a pool13:37
Laneybut that doesn't matter13:37
ogra_free showers !13:37
seb128but you have the sun and some sand right?13:38
seb128and 30°C?13:38
Laneymmm, maybe the gas meter is broken too13:38
Laneyfree heating13:38
Laneythere will totally be some way to get money back from me13:39
Laneylike "we assume you used this much"13:39
seb128tell them there is no way13:39
seb128you were in Brussels13:39
seb128didn't use anything!13:39
LaneyI don't even have showers, can't you smell me?!?!?1?!13:40
GunnarHjLaney: Not that I want to be a PITA, but you didn't forget bug #1539885, did you? ;)13:42
ubot5`bug 1539885 in trusty-backports "Please backport svtplay-dl 0.30.2016.01.10-1 (universe) from xenial" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153988513:42
LaneyGunnarHj: I built it earlier13:42
Laneyand then my terminal crashed(!!!!)13:42
Laneyso I did actually forget because the tab got lost13:42
GunnarHjLaney: Ah, shit!13:43
GunnarHjLaney: Btw, it was built in a PPA. Does that help?13:45
Laneykind of, but it's easy for me to build it anyway13:45
LaneyI got it, no worries13:46
GunnarHjLaney: Ok.13:46
willcookewellll shit14:34
willcookeI've just tried inserting an SD card14:34
willcookein to where I /thought/ the SD card reader was14:34
willcookein fact is the pcmcia slot14:34
willcookeand now I can't get the card back out14:34
willcookewhat a genius14:34
Sweet5harkricotz: in case you still care for that on the 12.04 backports and if you are extremely bored, please see https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=83710  ...14:55
ubot5`bugs.documentfoundation.org bug 83710 in Impress "Insert Movie dialog appears and disappears [Hard to repro]" [Normal,Unconfirmed]14:56
qenghowillcooke: that might as well be a stone-tablet cuneform deciphering slot.15:10
willcookeqengho, ha!!!15:12
ricotzSweet5hark, I see :\15:12
alexarnaudRe all!15:47
Sweet5hark"no space left on device"15:47
* Sweet5hark exploded snappy.15:48
alexarnaudI've follow the advices of robert_ancell about environment variable "DESKTOP_SESSION" and "$XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP" but I don't understand what it is do in Ubuntu to have "mate" as a value whereas on my Debian Sid system I've always lightdm15:50
alexarnaudWhat's is done in Ubuntu different than in Debian?15:51
alexarnaudIn the mate.desktop I've the line "DesktopNames=MATE"15:52
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tjaaltonwillcooke: sent the xserver CFT email.. -> EOW! :)16:30
=== popey_ is now known as popey
willcooke\m/ thanks tjaalton16:31
willcookehappy weekend16:31
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seb128Laney, I had almost forgotten about it, but what's the status of the webkit2 transition? still on your list for this cycle?17:08
Laneyyes I was looking at it today17:08
Laneyevolution is unseeded now17:08
seb128did we check with corporate service or whoever want it that it's ok to demote it?17:08
seb128great :-)17:09
seb128was there any remaining blockers?17:09
Laneytesting s-c17:09
Laneynothing serious17:09
seb128I'm going to try to do a few reviews next week then17:09
Laneytry ubiquity if you want17:10
seb128it's probably the less easy to test, but fine, for you I can do it ;-)17:10
seb128it's only used for the slides?17:10
Laneyyou should be able to just dpkg -i in a live iso17:10
Laneygoing to rebase all the stuff on monday17:11
seb128have a good w.e everyone17:45
willcookecya seb12817:45
* Laney tosses some patches at ximion 17:51
willcookeI'm off too17:55
willcookegnight all17:55
* Laney cries17:56
Laneylatest commit just made conflicts17:56
Laneyfixed pushed PRed18:01
ogra_there is nothing like good diplomacy to fix conflicts :)18:02
ximionLaney: I made some comments - sorry for not merging the patches right away18:35
* ximion needs some more information on both18:35
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