lordievaderGood morning.06:48
BluesKajHey folks11:51
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daftykinshallo all \o19:37
freeadnamI was just seeing if this really works. kinda new to irc19:57
daftykinsah, plenty of other channels are useful for such testing then19:58
freeadnamsorry, my bad.19:58
DosTuMaiHave you tried #ubuntu for any tech?20:02
DosTuMaiIt's always great to have open just to watch these guys in awe.20:02
daftykinsas long as you can turn a blind eye to me slating the ones that enjoy reinventing the wheel20:03
DosTuMaiI'm just a network & cryptology nerd. >_>20:03
daftykinssudormrf -> well known channel idiot20:09
daftykinsif i could script i would have an auto reply of "what've you broken this time?" on his join20:09
OerHekswait .. i thought i was the channel id... never mind20:37
daftykinsaww sorry OerHeks i've stolen your dream title20:37
OerHeksplease please please20:38
OerHekslet me ruin one server tonight20:38
OerHeks /j #mint-server20:39
daftykinsoh did you guys read about that person who, for fun ran "rm -rf /" on their machine before planning to do a clean install... only to find that due to a bug in their system's EFI, their EFI boot variables were set as read-write... so the whole system was bricked20:41
daftykinsit wouldn't even POST after that20:41
daftykinsseriously nasty :S20:41
OerHekshang the disk in an other machine, non-uefi, and zero it ?20:42
daftykinsnah the rm actually wiped EFI items under /proc - which meant the motherboard was useless after20:42
OerHeksoh, don't know about that20:43
daftykinshere we are20:43
OerHeksbut uefi is nasty indeed, i hesitate buying a fresh machine20:44
daftykinslots of buggy ones out there, indeedy20:44
daftykinsactually i updated the BIOS on a clients' Dell desktop the other day ahead of putting some new RAM in... afterwards i could no longer install Windows 7 in EFI mode, only legacy - ho-hum20:45
daftykinsOerHeks: glad you got there before me, i was going to say "bless you!" to that user ;)22:45
OerHeksi know some dirty turkish .. pardon me22:46
daftykinsgoing here for lunch tomorrow: http://www.rocsalt.gg/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Seagull.jpg23:00
daftykinshoping that guy doesn't turn up23:01
OerHekssmoked seagull is nice23:01
OerHeks.. with lots of sage and garlic23:01
Bashing-omdaftykins: WB ,, ya been gone so long ! Did I miss the party ? Ballons, whistles and lots of cookies ?23:51
daftykinshello there :)23:52
daftykinsjust a good long break really! are you well?23:52
OerHeks... wait, cookies?23:52
Bashing-omdaftykins: Minor interruption in the flow .. Semi-truck took out the lines and power poles, was a bit getting service restored .23:54
daftykinsouch! were you without power for long?23:55
daftykinsand internet too presumably?23:55
Bashing-omdaftykins: Power was on a different grid . The interruption was at the point of presence of our cable provider . Took out the fiber optics also . Ouch !23:58
daftykinsoh no!23:58
daftykinssounds like you might have had a good holiday (albeit forced) from here as well though ;)23:59

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