kais3nOne question. I testing currenlty 16.04. Currently there is a problem with encypted disk on the boot. The function itself works but you don't see the prompt. Where should I report that?09:15
lindolhi all14:35
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guruprasadThough Alpha 2 is out for a lot of Ubuntu flavours, I see that Ubuntu GNOME hasn't been a part of either Alpha 1 or 2. I am looking to installing the in-development version of Ubuntu GNOME to test it and report bugs19:36
guruprasadI am running an up-to-date Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 on my desktop. Is it a good time to bite the bullet and change wily to xenial and dist-upgrade?19:38
guruprasadI can handle a lot of bugs and breakages as long as the system isn't totally unusable.19:38

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