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PCHi evertyone15:13
PCi newbie on his room15:13
PCanyway Hi everybody15:13
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nordoi want to create my own installer based on ubiquity15:18
nordoor contribute on ubiquity15:18
nordothe important for me is to be good on on programming an installer15:19
cyphermoxnordo: installers are hard. if you want to start contributing, pick some bug you find while testing and try to fix it15:25
nordothe idea behind this choose is i've created my own distro LFS15:44
nordoand im very family with ubuntu and debian15:44
nordoand currently i would to do a good thing in linux by understand the installer15:45
nordoreally i love the design of ubiquity15:45
nordoit's very easy and i know that he hide difficult thing behind this design15:46
nordoi want some advise15:46
nordoor help to continue my way15:46
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nordoare you still here16:02
cyphermoxthere isn't much to say there, just pick something you're interested in and ask specific questions16:02
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nordo<cyphermox> okay16:39
nordonow when i can start16:39
nordoto personalize ubiquity16:39
nordowhere i can start16:40
nordoto personalize ubiquity16:40
nordoand sorry for this question16:40
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