Unit193As far as the LTS thing goes, that's a bit annoying as only Ubuntu and Kubuntu are 5 years, afaik.00:50
Unit193Lubuntu, Xubuntu, and I believe Ubuntu Studio just do 3.00:50
* rww headache04:10
rwwso there are three different support durations then?04:10
Unit1939 month normal release, 3 year LTS, 5 year LTS.05:48
MooDoohello all06:13
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hggdhso perhaps we can change the text to: (...) and from 3 to 5 years (LTS) (...)"14:48
tewardi think that adds an extra layer of complexity to the thing - if we're making it work for all of them, then wouldn't we have to specify which LTSes have which relese?15:54
tewardbecause with hggdh's comment about changing it to 'and from 3 to 5 years (LTS)' there's the ambiguity again15:54
tewardand then that gets misconstrued for all LTSes15:54
tewardand by 'complexity' that includes the effort to reduce ambiguity15:55
tewardif we don't change the text to be more specific, then we need to find authoritative information links which would then point to the difference15:55
tewardunless the Releases wiki page, under its "Support Length" bullet for Long Term Support releases details that difference with other flavors?15:56
tewardactually, if we're going down this path, Unit193, we can't just say "Ubuntu releases..." in the factoid, can we?15:57
tewardhating my keyboard... but even if I'm overanalyzing, the idea would be to reduce ambiguity and confusion, not to exchange one confusing statement for another15:58
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hggdhflavours can decide what length of support they will provide. Ubuntu provides 5 years, but it is based on resources Canonical has to commit. Other flavours, being (mostly) community, may not have the resources.16:37
hggdhthis is part of the game, and expected. The factoid is correct if it points to authoritative documents.16:38
tewardexcept it doesn't if we expand the factoid to include 3 years16:38
tewardnone of those links it has points to other-flavors release terms16:38
teward"3 or 5 years (LTS)" according to what?  Those links?  They don't touch base on the other releases.16:39
tewardAgain, we lead into ambiguity16:39
hggdhit all depends. Again, *Ubuntu* is 5 years. Others are not. The factoid is (being picky) wrong, then. I am not sure this is a big deal, though.16:41

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