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AndreeeCZhi! Im trying to test the 4.4.0 kernel on rpi. I have downloaded and flashed ubuntu-embedded-16.04-raspi2.img and now would like to install this: 10:57
AndreeeCZhowever, im not exactly sure of the procedure. Do i just download and install the .debs ?/10:57
AndreeeCZor is it better to add some repository and upgrade from there?10:58
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ppisatiAndreeeCZ: yep11:20
apws/b 411:21
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: or you can add the unstable ppa 11:21
AndreeeCZppisati, thank you12:07
AndreeeCZppisati, whats the alternative to the usual /boot/config.txt ?12:07
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: we don't mount the boot partition in /boot12:07
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: we mount it in /boot/firmware12:07
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: but the rest should be the same12:07
AndreeeCZok i see12:07
AndreeeCZthank you12:09
AndreeeCZppisati, do you know which xserver-xorg-video- driver do i install for the VC4 driver?12:12
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: no idea, sorry12:12
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: i've never used xorg on that board12:12
ppisatiAndreeeCZ: always headless12:12
AndreeeCZok thanks12:26
rtgAndreeeCZ, is that raspi2 kernel working for you ? I still haven't gotten around to testing it.12:27
AndreeeCZrtg, it boots13:54
AndreeeCZrtg, ssh works, apt too13:55
rtgAndreeeCZ, cool.13:55
AndreeeCZthe raspberry pi touchscreen works also13:55
AndreeeCZi mean the screen part of it, dont know about touch yet13:55
AndreeeCZi'm now struggling with how to get the VC4 driver13:55
rtgAndreeeCZ, I'm just happy that it boots :)13:55
AndreeeCZah okay :)13:55
menaceHi, i already asked in #ubuntu-devel, but i found with your newsletter this channel, so i wanted to ask... how big is the chance that kernel 4.5 ist ending up in 16.04? are there any advantages for doing that, or anything i can look for, if the possibility rises? personally i would prefer kernel 4.4 for 16.04, since we want to deploy several thousand desktop machines with the 16.04 stack, but one never knows...16:12
menacethe timeframe seems to be quite narrow. kernel 4.5 can be speculated for the mid of march, you need (from your timetable extrapolated) ~ 2 weeks for testing and 7.4 is the kernel freeze.16:13
menacethere are some news, that 4.4 is *decided*, but i cannot find any substantiation for that claim on your release schedules.16:45
menaceor release notes.16:45
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ckingmenace, 4.4 it will be17:00
smbmenace, as cking said. 4.5 could never get enough testing until release17:00
menaceah, thanks for the information.17:06
menacejust to satisfy my personal curiosity: what's the timeframe, complexity and tasks for testing a new kernel before an ubuntu release (besides running performance tests on several chipset architectures)? i could not find very much documentation about that in the wiki 17:08
ckingmenace, it depends on the many factors, it changes every release depending on the kernel chosen, when it lands, the new features we enable and/or stuff we need to get stable and working well17:14
ckingso, it's hard to say exactly17:14
menaceokay, i can understand that. i just found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging so at least i have some idea what things you have to test, though i'm sure, there are much more things, than on that site :D. thanks! :)17:19
apwmenace, there is also a host of dependant packages which have to pass against the kernel before we can ship it17:34
menaceah, like special 3rd kernel modules or systemtap?17:35
apwright dkms packages and the like, plus we test glibc against the new headers we produce, that kind of thing17:58
jdstrandogasawara: hi! I feel like in a recent xenial update, I started seeing this in my logs every 5 seconds: powercap intel-rapl:0: package locked by BIOS, monitoring only20:58
jdstrandogasawara: have you heard of this?20:59
* jdstrand wonders if it is a thermald change that was made on upgrade20:59
ogasawarajdstrand: well that has to be annoying if it's every 5 secs.  I've not personally heard, but let me send a note to cking and inquire.20:59
jdstrandI can say that stopping thermald makes the messages stop21:01
jdstrandbut changing from QUIET to PERFORMANCE does not21:01
jdstrandogasawara: oh, I was wrong. it is every 4 seconds :)21:01
rtgjdstrand, thermald _was_ just updated, but I think there was also something related to intel-microcode21:17
jdstrandintel-microcode is still from november it seems21:19
ogasawarajdstrand: cking notes he's just recently seen the same issue and will be digging into it first thing on Mon22:42

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