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alan_ggreyback: can you confirm? Unity8 uses QtCompositor from qtmir, not Mir's MultiThreadedCompositor?10:40
greybackalan_g: confirmed10:41
* alan_g add Compositor to a list of customization points that could be improved10:44
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alf_alan_g: greyback: There have been various talks about changing Unity8 to MTC, but there were always more pressing topics to pursue11:18
greybackalf_: right, kdub_ did work on that, but is blocked until we adopt qt5.511:18
Saviqalf_, hey,so I was trying lp:~afrantzis/jenkins-launchpad-plugin/deb-artifacts-in-any-dir11:30
Saviqalf_, actually, seems to be working fine, yeah11:39
alf_Saviq: good to hear11:41
Saviqalf_, and it seems to work for old s-jenkins format as well, cool11:42
Saviqalf_, one thing though, think it would make sense to order alphabetically?11:43
SaviqI've always felt lost in the list tbh11:43
alf_Saviq: I think builds at the same level were ordered alphabetically by jenkins.11:47
alf_Saviq: not sure that imposing a global alphabetical sort would make things easier to read, since it would mix different levels11:49
Saviqalf_, don't think it is ordered, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14886578/11:50
Saviqalf_, ah wait, it is11:50
Saviqalf_, but the problem is that it's breadth-first instead of depth-first11:50
alf_Saviq: yeah, for example all the build-2-binpkg jobs are ordered11:51
Saviqalf_, right, it'd be better if it would be depth-first IMO11:51
alf_Saviq: well, ok, I can take a look, but perhaps better to leave this for a different MP? Better to have this now I think than no output at all.11:53
Saviqalf_, yeah sure, just talking :)11:53
Saviqalf_, minor comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/jenkins-launchpad-plugin/triggered-builds/+merge/28411712:14
alf_Saviq: thanks, commented and updated12:29
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Saviqalf_, didn't save comments, did you?12:38
alan_galf_: (not urgent) I'd like your thoughts on duflu's suggestion. (The more I think about it the more complex making it work seems - but maybe I'm missing something.) https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/fix-1535894/+merge/28505812:41
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alf_Saviq: I replied inline, did these get lost?12:51
Saviqalf_, need to press "save comments" at the top12:51
Saviqalf_, should still be in your browser12:51
alf_Saviq: ah, closed tab... in any case: using set() directly would arbitrarily rearrange builds, the way it's done now the order is retained12:52
Saviqalf_, regardless if you closed tab ;)12:53
Saviqalf_, they're stored in browser12:54
Saviqalf_, right, I thought that might be the reasoning12:54
Saviqalf_, so you can go to that same URL and press Save and they should be there :012:54
Saviqalf_, approved, let's see if they use autolanding :)13:04
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alf_Saviq: Thanks for the reviews. Unless there are any objections I will trigger the recipe to publish the new version in the ppa15:38
Saviqalf_, +1 from me15:38
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alf_Saviq: tools PPA now contains all the MP message goodies! Enjoy!15:54
Saviqalf_, yay, /me updates15:55
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mariogripkdub_:  AlbertA: hi could one of you help debug this issue? https://github.com/ubports/android/issues/116:43
mariogripandroid 5.1 on fairphone16:44
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AlbertAmariogrip: so it seems then the module open call did not return an error but returned null for the alloc_device_t...17:00
AlbertAthat's in android_buffer_allocator.cpp (AndroidGraphicBufferAllocator constructor)17:01
mariogripdo you know why it does not return? it seems to print correct address17:05
tvossmariogrip, it returns, and let's please keep the conversation in one channel17:05
AlbertAmariogrip: oh just looked at the pastebin...17:05
AlbertAmariogrip: you are missing symbols in the stack trace so could have crashed on the android side17:06
tvossAlbertA, top of the stack is 0x0 ;) unlikely that anything is mapped to that address17:07
tvossmariogrip, do you have a link to the actual libw module implementation handy?17:08
AlbertAnull function pointer?17:08
AlbertAsounds like android side issue :)17:08
tvossAlbertA, yup17:08
tvossAlbertA, https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_display/tree/cm-12.1-caf-897417:09
tvossAlbertA, https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_display/blob/cm-12.1-caf-8974/libgralloc/gpu.cpp#L4617:09
tvossalloc is null after the assignment17:09
tvossl. 39 is funky, too, as alloc_device_t is a direct base of gpu_context_t17:10
mariogriptvoss: libw?17:10
tvossmariogrip, sorry, libhardware :)17:11
AlbertAtvoss: umm treating as pod, but maybe it's not a pod17:11
tvossAlbertA, also assumes default alignment17:16
tvossmariogrip, so I think the gralloc device is initialized here: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_libhardware/blob/cm-12.1/modules/gralloc/gralloc.cpp17:18
mariogriptvoss: it should not, but I can test17:19
tvossmariogrip, ah, no worries, I might be wrong17:20
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tvossmariogrip, I will eat something and read code later on17:22
mariogripokey :)17:22
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coretex__yay mir 0.19.121:13

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