tsimonq2balloons: you around?00:00
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flocculanttsimonq2: congrats06:17
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tsimonq2balloons: you around to talk about Walter's task that he gave to me as well as some general API "difficulties"? :)21:22
balloonstsimonq2, I'm here. I can try to help. However, you likely know more than me if you've been digging into the API :-)21:23
tsimonq2balloons: just why is it written in PHP?!?!?!?!?21:24
tsimonq2balloons: compatibility or preference?21:24
balloonsthe api? it's a python api21:24
tsimonq2balloons: server-end is PHp21:25
balloonsright -- it's drupal you know, the whole thing is php21:25
tsimonq2balloons: aww so no changing that? :P21:26
tewarddrupal is drupal21:26
tsimonq2alright :P21:26
tsimonq2balloons: well I guess I can deal...gonna be stuck looking at source code instead of taking random stabs using the python console21:31
balloonstsimonq2, you're going to have to learn to love php indeed21:31
tsimonq2balloons: is every function of the API also put into the Python module or does it just forward requests21:31
* tsimonq2 isn't learning PHP, I am just going to look at conceptual stuff :D21:31
tsimonq2and with by background knowledge on other programming languages it helps21:31
tsimonq2balloons: because if it's all just in the Python module, that will be MUCH easier to read21:32
balloonstsimonq2, you've hit the limit of my knowlegde, hah!21:33
balloonsthe api is not complete, nor documented as you know21:34
flocculantyou could ask me21:34
balloonsit's a WIP bit of python; it could certainly be added to21:34
flocculantbut it would be even more pointless21:34
flocculantbadum tssh21:34
balloonsas far as what? how? etc, I really have no answers without digging myself21:34
* tsimonq2 will just look into it himself21:35
tsimonq2I thought you guys would be able to give me some quick answers but I guess I'll have to explore a bit :)21:35
tsimonq2balloons: when I get done digging after a few weeks I should train you XD21:37

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