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tjaaltonvivid is EOL, so can all the remaining uploads on SRU queue be rejected?13:54
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ogra_tjaalton, it isnt EOL for phone and snappy ... perhaps people want to chrry pick stuf from proposed to their build PPAs first14:16
tjaaltonok, I won't touch it14:18
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* flexiondotorg_ tickles infinity to inquire about Xubuntu Base and Ubuntu MATE Base.16:49
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slangasekutlemming: hi, still working on the raspi2 images and I have some questions about intent of some of the binary hooks that I'm hoping you can shed light on18:56
slangasekutlemming: specifically, 030-root-tarball.binary - this is doing kernel and bootloader removal... this is because it's creating a separate root tarball artifact, I guess?18:57
slangasekwell, I guess I've answered that particular question by reading on in the code18:59
slangasekbut now I need to see what we should do here... AFAICS when building for a subarch we should simply never build the rootfs bits18:59
xnoxslangasek, rootfs.tar.gz has kernel/bootloader bits removed, and the result becomes lxc image and lxd image (after a metadata tarball is built elsewhere)19:07
* slangasek nods19:08
xnoxslangasek, the generated /boot/grub from ec2 emul remains inside it.19:08
xnoxgrub ec2 emul thing19:08
slangasekso for a subarch build, we should just skip the rootfs generation19:08
* slangasek wonders why cloud image livefs builds only list the manifests as artifacts19:11
xnoxslangasek, i wonder why SHA512SUMS file is not generated.19:24
slangasekxnox: maybe it is, but is hidden somewhere?19:27
xnoxslangasek, =)))))))) youd't think that, right.19:27
slangasekbut quite specifically, the actual images are not shown as output artifacts19:28
xnoxslangasek, btw they have to be collected pretty fast, as launchpad agreesively expires / deletes them.19:37
xnoxslangasek, this is why cpc builds in jenkins, poll, download and store artifacts in swift.19:37
slangasekerm ok19:37
xnoxslangasek, oh the irony, if the same swift is used by both.19:38
slangasekpretty sure it is :)19:38
xnoxslangasek, please RM unity-scope-snappy, defunct, unusable, ftbfs (multiple reasons), not supported upstream, change of api & directly.19:39
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1542451 in unity-scope-snappy (Ubuntu) "RM: unity-scope-snappy" [Critical,Triaged]19:39
xnoxslangasek, canonical upstream approved removal.19:39
xnoxnot seeded.19:39
xnoxand it has invalid Built-Using tags =)19:39
slangasekxnox: Task: ubuntu-desktop-next ?19:42
xnoxslangasek, i wonder where you get that idea from19:43
slangasekfrom the Packages file19:43
xnoxwhich is not authoritative, is it?19:43
slangasekxnox: it's not the source, it is authoritative. Are you cheekily suggesting to me that you've already removed it from the seed?19:44
xnoxslangasek, no, i'm suggesting that desktop team has dropped "ubuntu-desktop-next" a few cycles back.19:44
slangaseksounds like they didn't communicate that to the archive admins, then :)19:45
xnoxLaney, is ubuntu-desktop-next a thing?19:45
xnoxslangasek, if I were an AA...19:45
slangasekya ba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dibba dum?19:48
xnoxslangasek, well, meta pacakge did disappear. so an AA was involved.19:48
xnox$ rmadison ubuntu-desktop-next19:48
xnox ubuntu-desktop-next | 1.221 | vivid/universe | amd64, armhf, i38619:48
xnoxone time, and one time only, vivid special.19:49
slangasekremoving the metapackage might well be independent of removing the task19:49
slangasekand the task still exists in ubuntu-touch.xenial19:49
slangasekso, lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.xenial please19:50
slangasekhmm ok19:53
slangasekwell, I assigned the bug to the desktop team, so we can still grab their review to confirm before removing the package19:53
tewardwhen is featurefreeze again?21:13
infinityIn two weeks.21:14
tewardthanks.  i would check but the wiki and my tablet here aren't behaving :/21:14

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