AzelphurCan anyone figure out what's wrong with the SSL on https://gitlab.home.azelphur.com/ ? I'm using CloudFlare and LetsEncrypt00:26
diddledanAzelphur: try without cloudflare00:31
Azelphurdiddledan: it works without cloudflare, should have mentioned00:31
diddledando requests show in your logs?00:32
Azelphurdiddledan: actually, they do show up, sorry seems like f5 in the browser doesn't trigger a view but re-opening the tab does00:34
Azelphurwhich is weird, so seems like cloudflare is passing it to my site, but then being unhappy with my cert for some reason00:35
diddledancan you share your config?00:35
Azelphurmy nginx config?00:36
diddledanyup, if that's doing the ssl00:36
Azelphurdiddledan: http://pastebin.com/D8Mq1juM00:37
diddledanwas that a paste fail or have you really got the same config 8 times?00:38
diddledanoh sorry I see the names are different00:38
diddledanignore that00:38
diddledancloudflare works with owncloud00:40
Azelphurdiddledan: indeed it does00:40
diddledanowncloud.azelphur I mean00:40
diddledanI think it might be cloudflare - have you toggled the orange cloud off, waited a minute or so and then back on again?00:41
diddledanjust thinking that might reset things00:41
Azelphurdiddledan: yea, I've turned it off and on a couple times before while trying to debug this00:42
diddledanyour emby server works too, which suggests that cloudflare is fine with multiple.level.domain.names00:42
diddledanoh that's not going via cloudflare00:43
Azelphurah, yea it's not, that streams video so no cloudflare there00:43
diddledanmight be worth trying a hostname one-level instead of two.levels00:46
diddledanleave the two.level and check it tomorrow (sometimes cloudflare takes a while to update it's ssl certs for new hostnames IIRC)00:46
Azelphuryea, maybe leaving it till tomorrow will make it come to life00:49
diddledanalthough IMO if cloudflare hasn't set-up a certificate for a particular domain yet it should bypass it's own servers and point directly to yours00:50
diddledanrather that than just failing00:50
diddledanyeah, this is how I feel: https://twitter.com/shanselman/status/69540889501188506100:50
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MooDoomorning all06:13
mappshi all06:22
MooDoooooo my phone contract runs out in July, hmmm ubuntu phone next?06:57
* zmoylan-pi uses jedi mind trick... ::waves hand:: you want a good solid dumbphone...06:58
knightwisehey peeps07:01
MooDoozmoylan-pi: to be honest, you're right, i only need one that'll make phone calls and text lol07:02
MooDoohowdy knightwise07:03
zmoylan-piand you get to win phone conkers every time :-P07:03
zmoylan-piand no longer need to know were the nearest usb port charger is07:04
zmoylan-pior carry cable for charging07:04
PokeAcerI'd prefer an Android over an Ubuntu phone07:05
MooDoowell it's either ubuntu or a nexus :D07:06
PokeAcerI got the stickers from Peter today07:07
* zmoylan-pi knocks MooDoo out with sharp tap from nokia and super glues a dumbphone in their hand...07:07
PokeAcerNow my laptop has an ubuntu key, and ubuntu stickers07:07
PokeAcerWindows desktop however07:08
PokeAcerBecause I use my laptop for when not at home07:08
DJonesSheesh, that'd be a powerful laptiop/hoverboard/electric hob http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/02/05/eurcom_sky_x9w/08:02
DJonesMaxing out the spec to top of the range everything without an o/s/case etc, comes to over £6K08:05
MooDooDJones: yeah just watched a video on that, RAID 10 SSD :)08:20
DJonesThe amount of heat that must generate would make certain you wouldn't set it on your lap08:22
MooDooit is marketed as a workstation not a laptop08:27
DJonesThats true, although still in a laptop case, weighing 10lbs would certainly make you want to use it on a desk08:29
zmoylan-pii make a lapdesk by using 2 sheets of plywood same size as laptop.  joined by shoelaces they hinge around laptop in bag to protect it and provide a nice comfy platform for laptop to fit on lap08:31
DJonesI've still got my old Dell Inspiron 8100, that wasn't comfortable to have on my lap and that was 8lbs in weight08:31
zmoylan-pialso works when using laptop on soft furnishings like bed not to have it rest on cloth blocking airvents08:31
zmoylan-pialso with netbooks that aren't wide enough to work on lap the placement on lapdesk means it fits more comfortably08:32
knightwiseNot a bad idea08:33
knightwisecould use it for my Surface pro 408:34
DJonesMy wife could do with something like that, she always complains that her laptop shuts down, I keep telling her not to block the vents with a pillow or quilt and it won't overheat08:34
zmoylan-piand plywood is less slippy on lap than smooth bottom of laptop so less likely to slip off and break08:35
zmoylan-pii think i have pics somewhere... ::goes to check::08:35
zmoylan-pipics found from 2009 when i made first one, uploading...08:52
zmoylan-pilapdesk from plywood that folds and protects laptop in transit http://imgur.com/a/lMA4T08:56
davmor2Morning all09:05
MooDoomorning davmor209:09
knightwisezmoylan-pi: looks pretty cool. Love the laces09:10
zmoylan-pii drilled far too many holes on first one.  works well.  the weight of netbook in middle makes it cantilever on lap nicely.  can also use extra space for mini mouse if required09:11
knightwiseThat is cool + i love the extra protection it gives you09:12
zmoylan-pii hate trackpads :-)09:12
knightwiseLove using a mouse too09:12
zmoylan-pisimple ideas are usually best and the plywood cost me <€509:13
zmoylan-pithe one i currently use fits inside netbook softpouch with netbook09:14
davmor2MooDoo: me owld mucka 'ow am ya on this happy happy friday09:15
zmoylan-pijust i have lost 1 laptop on dublin bus when on stairs and emergency braking threw me down stairs and i clipped my backpack with handrail on corner of laptop09:15
knightwiseyep , extra protection never hurts09:24
MooDoodavmor2: crackin mate, just waiting for my friday bacon sarnie, then off home at 11:45 :D09:25
davmor2MooDoo: I don't know these part timers09:27
knightwiseGonna see if I can throw Crouton on my old chromebook and dual boot it into Ubuntu with LXDE09:28
knightwisethat way i'll always have a cheap linux laptop lying around in the car.09:28
knightwisewithout being overly worried of it getting stolen or something09:28
davmor2MooDoo: When I were a lad, You got up 3 hours before you went to bed, You licked the broken glass from the street, Worked down t'mine for 16 hours, then came home to a belt lashin' from your dad, before you started your second job09:29
MooDoodavmor2: luxury :)09:31
knightwiseFor now I just SSH into my pi at home from my Surface pro 4 at work.09:31
knightwisegives me a geeky sandbox in a dready corporate environment :)09:32
MooDooknightwise: ooo I was thinking of a pi for ssh'ing into and having irssi/screen running on it, might be a bit cheaper power wise than the desktop unit I have running currently09:33
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Friday, and happy Doodle Day! 😃09:35
knightwiseMooDoo: that is what I do09:35
knightwisemy pi runs irssi, youtube-dl, rtv and all of my "online presence" apps.09:35
zmoylan-pithere's always the new googleless chromebook os... http://www.nexedi.com/blog/NXD-Document.Blog.Nayu.Os.Introduction/09:36
knightwiseits the only machine in the house that is not powered down between 11pm and 6 am09:36
MooDooknightwise: pi2?09:36
zmoylan-pimy pi runs 24x7 on phone charger in kitchen... great little machine...09:36
zmoylan-piwow apple seem to be trying to kill the 3rd party repair market... http://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/feb/05/error-53-apple-iphone-software-update-handset-worthless-third-party-repair09:40
knightwiseMooDoo: yep09:52
knightwisepretty snappy09:52
knightwisezmoylan-pi: mine too :) plugged into the back of my ISP's router09:54
knightwisevia a usb connector there :)09:54
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:55
davmor2JamesTait: gatcha covered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEjUfu9-W-w09:55
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ujjaincan a landlord alraedy have viewings in my apartment 7 weeks in advance?11:20
LaneyI don't think they can require them at any time really11:31
Laneyunless your agreement says something about it11:31
davmor2ujjain: yes, if you have given notice they will want new tenants in the day after you leave basically so they will most likely show it while you are still there as it saves them staging it as long as you aren't too messy :)12:13
Laneydoesn't really matter what they want12:16
Laneyit's about what they have the right to, which is probably not to have viewings unless you agreed different in the contract12:17
ujjainhaha it's very messy13:36
ujjaini dont have anything about viewings in my contract13:36
ujjainbut i'm sure there is something in the law13:36
Laneydon't think so13:53
Laneylet me know if you find it13:53
arseniparent landlords allowed access ot the property? but usually they must provide notice13:56
Laneynot for any reason13:58
foobarrycaught short and need a dump13:59
foobarryand to read the meter13:59
foobarry /replace the fridge13:59
Laney24 hours notice14:00
Laneyeven then can be refused14:00
foobarryi wonder if assange has long hair and big beard by now14:03
foobarryor tunnelled out14:03
awilkinsI wonder what amenities Equador provide for him14:05
awilkinsI'd assume that the Embassy has a pretty good chef14:05
foobarryhas it cost the UK anything?14:05
foobarrydid they put coppers outside?14:05
foobarryhe probably saw just as much daylight as when a basement dweller14:05
awilkinsThe UK spent, what, £13M on the police operations?14:05
foobarrythats what papers say14:05
foobarrybut really?14:05
awilkinsMultiple coppers with overtime?14:06
awilkinsProbably paid some lawyers some money too14:06
awilkinsI'd imagine those aren't insane numbers14:06
awilkinsI like that14:48
awilkinsThere will be people that go "bah! you content fascist pigs, warning people about visiting torrent sites!"14:48
awilkinsBecause that's where I see those ads the most14:48
awilkinsAlthough also on Sourceforge and the like14:49
awilkinsYet more confirmation that SF are scum now is that they allow ads like that to run on their site14:49
foobarrysf got sold14:52
bashrc_I don't think SourceForge will be able to recover whatever reputation they had14:56
diddledanit's annoying that some projects still insist on being hosted there14:56
diddledane.g. filezilla14:57
diddledan(not that I use filezilla, but it's a popular project nontheless)14:57
foobarrybetter than google code14:59
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ali1234oh look, firefox is using 11TB of memory again19:27
diddledanthat's.. a lot19:27
diddledanI haven't even got that much fixed storage19:27
zmoylan-pitime to strap on the sincalir ram pack...19:29
zmoylan-piand hope there's no wobble...19:30
diddledanthat looks fairly normal to me19:30
diddledan(not the 11TB, donno where that is coming from, but the actual usage)19:30
ali1234sadly it looks fairly normal to me too19:31
* foobarry looks around21:31
* m0nkey_ hides21:33
* foobarry waves21:33
daftykinshey folks, hope you're all well21:41
Azelphur<blatant advertising> me and my friends club together and rent a dedi with 7x1.5TB HDDs and use it as offsite backup space, if anyone is interested we have 1TB available for €5.47/mo (Would be a VPS with 1GB RAM), could also potentially get more space if someone wants more22:15
Seeker`my, wife uses, too many commas, in the wrong, places and writes, very long sentences, and it's really hard to get her, to not write them, and I've told her to actually try reading, what she writes out loud, so she will see how stupid it is, but everything I proof read for her, mainly job applications, still have, the same thing22:35
daftykinsthat was painful ;)22:36
Seeker`thought it might be :P22:36
Seeker`It's hard to ignore excess commas22:36
daftykinsi hope the "their/they're/there" are correct22:37
daftykinsthat one always trips something in my head ;)22:37
daftykinsi can only suggest avoiding trying to mark teenagers writing to avoid greater crimes :)22:38
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AzelphurDoes anyone here use borgbackup? I've been trying to migrate from Attic but it has caused me nothing but problems23:29
daftykinssounds like they ought to step up their assimilation23:29
AzelphurIndeed :P23:30

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