cmaloneyrick_h__: Still in Rome?14:12
cmaloneyDoing as the Romans14:13
rick_h__yea, will here until next thurs14:13
jrwrenthurs!? why you get to leave early?  :]14:13
rick_h__because I promised my family I'd not be away for 3 straight weekends :P14:13
cmaloneyGood promise.14:13
rick_h__and so the team can rant about me when I leave all day friday14:14
jrwrenno... never...14:15
cmaloneyThat's just an added side effect.14:15
cmaloneylike gravy14:15
brouschAre remote presence tools so bad that you have to meet in person so frequently?14:21
rick_h__heh, just when you're in charge of more teams there's more people meeting more often14:22
greg-gipads on a stick on a roomba for everyone!16:26
greg-geach person gets one in your home, so everyone can stand behind your back and watch you work16:26
cmaloneyjrwren: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RetroConnector?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count17:50
cmaloneymost notably the Apple //e, ///, and Lisa cases17:51
cmaloneyAnd the Apple ][ disk drive Blue-Ray / DVD Drive17:51
jrwrenoh man, cool17:51
jrwrenthat is not what I remember apple /// looking like17:52
jrwrenmy dad found an apple /// on the side of the road, brought it home and it worked, lol17:52
jrwrensure, but almost no media IIRC17:53
jrwrenit booted to basic17:53
cmaloneyIt was kind of a garbage design but so iconic17:53
jrwrenbut the basic was diff enough from 800xl that I knew that I couldn't do much with it.17:53
jrwreni was around 8yo17:53
cmaloneyHe fdound an Apple /// on the side of the road in the 1980s?17:54
cmaloneyI've heard everything now.17:54
cmaloneyThat's hilarious.17:54
jrwrenI think so, yes.17:55
jrwrenI thnk it was '8617:55
jrwrenbecause we got amiga in '8717:55
jrwrenmaybe my dad was lying and he actually bought it from a coworker or soemthing17:55
jrwrenbut the display did look messed up like it fell off a car or something.17:56
cmaloneyProbably from someone trying to drop the thing the required 3 inches to reseat the chips.17:56

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