Kilosmorning all and every05:44
mazalMore oom Kilos06:35
Kilosmore mazal 06:42
dlPhreakGood morning06:47
Kiloshi dlPhreak 06:48
dlPhreakAre you well, Kilos ?06:49
Kilosyes ty and you?06:49
dlPhreakTired -__-06:50
inetproguten morge06:57
Kiloshi inetpro 06:58
mazalMorning dlPhreak , inetpro06:59
mazalMaaz define well06:59
Maazmazal: Well \Well\, n. [OE. welle, AS. wella, wylla, from weallan to well up, surge, boil; akin to D. wel a spring or fountain. ????. See {Well}, v. i.] [1913 Webster] 1. An issue of water from the earth; a spring; a fountain. [1913 Webster]  Begin, then, sisters of the sacred well. --Milton. [1913 Webster]  2. A pit or hole sunk into the earth to such a depth as06:59
Maazto reach a supply of water, generally of a cylindrical form, and often walled with stone o…06:59
mazalTrying to see if I am well , but that did not help hahahaha07:00
mazalMaaz it does not work07:00
Maazmazal: I already know stuff about it07:00
mazalMaaz fine , just don't show the pictures07:00
Maazmazal: Sorry...07:00
inetprokmf_: uh, and hello to you as well07:01
inetprowhat's with the tail anyway?07:01
inetproKilos: you still have not figured out about ant?07:01
inetproai, ai, ai!07:02
Kilosi was asked what else id like ibid to answer to07:02
inetprohave you ever looked at your config before?07:02
Kilosi cant remember07:03
inetprogo look07:03
Kiloslooked at lots of ibid stuff when trying to teach it to braai remember07:03
mazalBraai !!!! Nou is ek lus vir steak07:04
inetproI'm sure you still have lots of QA profiles lying around there on your disk07:04
Kilosno that whole pc has gone to ian07:05
inetproso you have no ibid you play around with?07:05
Kilosoh yes on old pc with 12.0407:06
inetprogo look at the ibid.ini07:06
inetprothere's a line there just below [[core]]07:08
inetprostarts with "names ="07:08
Kiloswell done07:11
Kiloshaha i wonder why they put ant in there07:11
Kiloswbb gotta do some work07:12
dlPhreakMaaz: seen cal_py07:41
MaazdlPhreak: cal_py was last seen 2 days, 1 hour, 46 minutes and 40 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-02-02 21:55:12 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-02-03 03:13:52 PST07:41
Kiloshi superfly 08:59
* chesedo forgot his manners09:40
chesedomorning all09:40
Kiloshi chesedo 09:46
* anton_may is hungry, but doesn't know what to get.10:00
KilosMaaz whats for lunch10:01
MaazKilos: Huh?10:01
anton_mayjy klink nou net soos die vrou10:01
KilosMaaz what's for lunch10:01
MaazKilos: Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.10:01
Kiloskentucky is always lekker10:01
anton_maythe kfc here by me is closed for renovations as well as whipme10:02
Kilosno fish places10:03
Kilossomething fishy or something10:03
anton_maymmmm....that's an idea10:03
Kilosfish and chips always lekker10:03
Kilosand fish is very healthy10:03
anton_maywhats that fish place that soccer player is sponsoring?10:04
Kilosno idea10:04
Kilosthere you go10:05
Kilosno good if they 50 ks away though10:05
anton_maytheres also the fish and chips co10:06
Kilosmust be corner cafes as well10:06
Kilosmost places do a good job with fish10:06
anton_mayKilos says thanks for the fish for lunch idea11:27
anton_maythe office says11:28
mazalJulle maak my honger11:35
anton_mayI see MS is forcing the download of Windows 10 on MS pc's11:51
mazalMine I still keep saying no11:59
mazalAre they taking away the no option now anton_may ?12:00
anton_maydon't know but with MS anything is possib;e12:04
* mazal goes and reads12:06
Kilos-windows 10 comes with built in spyware12:06
anton_mayms is spyware12:07
Kilos-when you accept that long agreement think when installing you give them permission to monitor everyhing on your pc12:07
mazalOh hell , as was waiting for this to come , looks like it will defnitely be forced12:08
* anton_may strokes my mint laptop12:10
mazalBig big big trouble on the way with that OS. I still maintain there is a very big hidden agenda. 12:10
anton_mayHuh which Windows 10?12:11
mazalMS has never in thier life given anything for free , now all of a sudden they are desperate to give something away ?????????????12:11
mazalYeah , Win 1012:11
anton_mayAFIAK the upgradeis free, but then when sp comes out you will then need to pay for it or something like that12:12
mazalI also recon monthly fees are gonna come into play12:12
anton_maystill believe 2000 was their best os12:13
mazalNever worked on that one. Our work skipped it completely.12:13
mazalWe are usually 2 behind and then jump ahead12:14
anton_maynope had the pleasure of working on that 1. It rocked as a desktop12:14
mazalOom Kilos , my lazyness will have to stop now at some point hahahaha12:17
superflyLast version of Windows I worked on was XP. I cannot comment about anything else. When I hadn't booted into Windows in over 6 months I decided to reclaim the disk space :-)12:30
mazalWeekend time , have a nice one everyone12:31
Kilos-chesedo waar is jy16:23
chesedoKilos-: on the other side of my screen (for 30min at least)???16:37
Kilos-did you see the name ant is in the ibids config file16:37
chesedoeish just missed that qwebirc16:37
Kilos-aw me too16:38
chesedono Kilos-, have never really went to look at ibid16:38
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
chesedoKilos: do you want to edit it or something?16:44
Kilosnono  was just telling you why it answered to and16:44
chesedohey it also stopped... ok16:45
Kilosoh my16:45
Kilosant hello16:45
MaazSup Kilos16:45
Kilosi have no idea why the crashkid put ant in there, maybe will get to ask him some time16:47
Kilosbut now we know it  can be changed16:47
chesedobye all17:10
Kiloscheers chesedo 17:25
inetproGuten morgen 18:37
Kilosguten abend inetpro 18:40
Kiloshow do you say oops in german18:40
inetprohaha oom Kilos, I've never used it this way in German but apparently it's "Hoppla!" 18:43
inetproaccording to Google Translate 18:43
* inetpro just uses oops for all languages 18:44
* inetpro is a German speaking African 18:57
inetpro... in the south of Africa 18:58
Kilosso inetpro 18:58
inetproso? 18:59
Kilosare you going to edit qa's config and remove ant?18:59
inetprowhy? 18:59
* inetpro likes it 18:59
Kiloswhy not18:59
Kilosoh ok18:59
inetprooh and btw, QA is now running on the Super fly's server 19:00
Kilosoh ya19:00
Kilosoh my19:00
inetproso no way I can edit that at the moment 19:01
Kilosso permissions stuff all over again19:01
inetprowhy? 19:01
inetproyou have the permissions 19:01
Kilosto give peeps eeting rights etc19:01
inetproit's all in the same database 19:02
Kilosoh so its done?19:02
Kilosmaybe i should sleep19:06
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:06
Kilosnag goosie19:06
inetpronight oom... 19:28
inetproai! 19:28
CryterionHe's free now19:36
CryterionWikileaks lives on ;)19:36
MaNIits a trap to get him to come out - and then they nab him, though I think wikileaks anyway lives on without him19:44
=== aquarat_ is now known as aquarat
CryterionI think he'll go straight to Equador itself first, via their transport, is a diplomat 20:18
CryterionAlthough the only thing that concerns my in listening to his speech was that that US wasn't mentioned much20:21
CryterionI.E. they were not included in the UN order20:22
Cryterionand RT releases it, not BBC or CNN20:24
MaNIindeed - the US just disobeys the UN when they want to anyway22:39

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