squintydesignbybeck,  fwiw, there has been a few rascals in here over the last few days experiencing problems with the "proposed" repo enabled00:00
k1lshibboleth: and you are again offtopic ranting in here.00:00
shibbolethk1l, me previous remarks vis-a-vis slow openssl updates were rants *and* offtopic?00:01
tjhuntznew to ubuntu00:01
k1lshibboleth: and you were plain wrong. and i didnt see you coming back and excusing.00:02
shibbolethk1l, wrong abou?00:02
bazhang!manual | tjhuntz00:02
ubottutjhuntz: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:02
k1lshibboleth: your accusations.00:02
tjhuntzohh i got all that how to install themes from the terminal00:03
usmani am trying to install flash but i am getting this error  nspluginwrapper:i386 : Depends: libglib2.0-0:i386 (>= 2.35.9) but it is not going to be installed00:03
headpool182hello, hoping someone might be able to assist me with something. I need install a custom kernel due to poor foresight in gpu purchase.. running an AMD tonga GPU and i need to install a kernel phoronix compiled that has the correct switches on.00:03
jmaderousman: how did you try to install?00:03
k1lshibboleth: but this is leading nowhere. so just stop that attitude if you want to be able to use this support channel. you have been warned enough times now.00:03
jmaderousman: also note that flash is no longer supported in Linux - it was EOL some time ago00:03
usmanjmadero,  i used a script from this website http://howtoelementaryos.org/how-to-install-flash-for-midori-in-elementary-os00:04
jmaderousman: are you running elementary or Ubuntu?00:04
shibbolethk1l, I don't realize what I might have done to warrant any resent. My mission was to inform "you" that there was an upcoming, critical update and get the ball rolling00:05
usmanyes ele.. OS but its based on ubuntu so it should work00:05
shibbolethk1l, some months ago I had to file a bug for the package maintainer to realize that there was a need to update :)00:05
jmaderousman: that's not true and this isn't the right chat for you00:05
jmaderousman: you need to get elementary specific support00:06
jmaderousman: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/install-adobe-flash-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts/00:06
k1lshibboleth: you have a very malicious attitude and just ranted about ubuntu beeing always 2 weeks late. if that is not what you meant then choose your words _a lot_ wiser next time.00:06
jmaderousman: that's how to install it in Ubuntu - if it fails it's because elementary repos don't have the right dependencies00:06
jmaderoand as far as Midori browser is concerned....that is an elementary question00:07
shibbolethk1l, not what I meant, then. Sorry if I contributed to a different impression00:07
k1lusman: please see the elementary support for help00:07
usmanii will try this but even if it cna work in firefox thats fine too00:07
shibbolethk1l, also, I said those updates come over the weekend and not on thursday/friday when upstream and debian updates were made available. Not two weeks :)00:08
aeg1sHi.  Can anyone help me with an iptables problem?  I have all traffic on a specific interface forwarded to the tun0 interface by this rule "-A FORWARD -i wlan0 -o tun0 -j ACCEPT"  however, I have one website I need to have wlan0 using eth0 to access...  Any suggestions how to set that up?00:08
usmanjmadero, let see if this workss00:08
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jmaderousman: good luck00:08
squintyusman,  might want to consider using chrome/chromium for flash video instead of ff00:08
jmaderoor avoid flash sites entirely :-b00:08
shibbolethsquinty, FF has their own flash emulator now, iirc?00:08
k1lshibboleth: and that was plain wrong, too.00:08
Majora320hello world00:08
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* Majora320 says Hello world.00:09
squintyshibboleth,  not on my current ff version.  unless there is something I am not aware of00:09
usmansquinty, i havee that installed as well, i want to get rid of flash i am preparing this mechain for someone else and he needs flash to play videos on some website00:09
Majora320can u help me? im trying to partition my flash drive for ubuntu installation (from ubuntu; the installer isn't working) how should I partition it?00:10
jmaderoMajora320: use unetbootin and it'll do it for you00:11
k1lMajora320: use the ubuntu disk creator00:11
Majora320it dosnt work00:11
k1lMajora320: or use "dd"00:11
Majora320ill try00:11
jmaderodd wont' trigger flags for bootable00:11
EvilDustgood evening00:12
k1ljmadero: that is wrong. dd works very well with ubuntu hybrid isos00:12
Majora320well what i did was partitioned the device as EFI legacy bootable and wrote the ubuntu iso to it00:12
jmaderok1l: interesting, didn't know dd would trigger the bootable flag00:12
Majora320and it didnt work00:12
jmaderoMajora320: what command did you put?00:12
Majora320i used the GUI disk partitioner00:13
k1lMajora320: you dont partition yourself. that should make the usb creator00:13
jmaderoMajora320: is the drive mounted?00:13
jmaderoMajora320: for disk partitioning it can't be mounted00:13
Majora320well not while partitioning00:13
Majora320it wasnt00:13
Majora320my bios says a file is missing00:14
Majora320'vmlinux.bin' or something simlar00:14
jmaderoMajora320: please give exact errors00:15
jmadero"or something" is entirely unhelpful00:15
Majora320ok but i dont feel like rebooting now00:15
Majora320to get into my bios00:15
shibbolethk1l, clearly I've made assertions vis-a-vis openssl updates which you have found to be false. Am I correct in my understanding?00:16
Majora320is there a 'bios emualtor'?00:17
shibbolethMajora320, seabios00:17
k1lshibboleth: your way of "motivating people to get rolling" is malicious. and your facts were wrong accusations. and the fix you demanded (before the fix was published) was shipped on the same or the next day. so you made a big noise for nothing.00:18
Majora320what site can i get seabios from?00:18
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Majora320oh its a package00:18
designbybeck_squinty, Yep That fixed it! I had to download those files on my laptop and move them over and install them. Thank You Again!00:18
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aeg1sI tried putting "iptables -A FORWARD -i wlan0 -d -o eth0 -j ACCEPT00:19
aeg1s" and it doesn't give an error but doesn't work..00:19
aeg1sIt's causing quite a problem00:19
squintydesignbybeck,   great to hear! :-)00:19
shibbolethk1l, sorry to have offended you. I was referring to for example 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.16 which came three days after upstream fixes. I could list the to other to which I was referring, but can we please just "reset"?00:19
shibbolethwell, four days, but same point00:20
Majora320what are seabios's commands?00:20
aeg1sDoes the iptable I created not have enough priority to ever execute since the previous iptable is already setup?00:21
k1lshibboleth: yes. please stick to technical support in here and stop that offtopic and rantings. then everything is fine.00:21
bazhangshibboleth, take this to an offtopic channel00:21
bazhangMajora320, thats not an ubuntu issue00:23
k1lMajora320: dont make own parititions on that usb. let the usb creator handle it or use dd to burn onto the bare usb.00:24
aeg1sI actually just created a note iptables-restore file and put those forwards higher up...  they are listed first now, but still don't execute.00:28
usmandoes anyone know support IRC channel for elementary OS00:28
bazhang!elementary | usman00:29
ubottuusman: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.00:29
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usmanthanks to everyone00:31
aeg1svery cool00:34
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aeg1sSo which channel has people who can help with iptables?  (#iptables is invite only and non resposive)00:37
aeg1sJust need to get this fixed00:37
shibbolethaeg1s, #netfilter00:37
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aeg1sshibboleth, thank you00:39
Majora320hello world00:40
Majora320'isolinux.bin missing or corrupted'00:40
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Majora320the error i get whenever i try to boot ubuntu from my flash drive00:40
Majora320any1 have a suggestion00:40
shibbolethMajora320, how did you make that flashdrive?00:41
Majora320i manually partitioned it and wrote the iso00:42
LambdaComplexMajora320: perhaps you should use something besides isolinux?00:43
Majora320wat do u mean?00:43
shibbolethMajora320, unetbootin, just write the iso to the flashdrive with dd, etc00:44
Majora320ill try that00:44
squintyMajora320,   good info at http://www.pendrivelinux.com/  too00:46
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Bray90820Can i install unity on ubuntu touch so i can basically have a desktop experience on my tablet00:46
Majora320sudo dd if=ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc1, right?00:47
Bray90820Majora320: were you talking to me?00:47
Majora320i was talking to shibboleth00:48
squintyBray90820,  #ubuntu-touch  might be an option where to ask00:48
shibbolethMajora320, no00:48
shibbolethdd if=file of=/dev/sdX00:48
Majora320+shibboleth sudo dd if=ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc1, right?00:48
Bray90820squinty: I did ask there but that channel is next to dead00:49
squintyMajora320,  make sure you are in the directory where the iso resides before you use that command00:49
shibbolethMajora320, don't write to a part, write to the driver00:49
shibboleth<shibboleth> dd if=file of=/dev/sdX00:49
Majora320so of=/dev/sdc00:50
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Majora320command running...00:50
Majora320and runnning...00:50
Majora320OMG WTF00:50
Majora320ITS STILL RUNNING!!!00:50
shibbolethMajora320, remember "sudo sync" before unplugging it00:50
Majora320sudo sync00:51
shibbolethMajora320, yes, several gigs00:51
Majora320that writes the dd buffer to the drive, right?00:51
shibbolethMajora320, it makes sure that everything has been written, yes00:51
Majora320how long will dd take?00:53
shibbolethMajora320, depends on the flashdrive00:54
Majora320is kingston 'data travler' G200:54
shibbolethkill -SIGUSR1 process will tell you00:54
Majora320shoulda done 'time dd if=ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc'00:56
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Majora320MOST MLG LINK >>> http://bit.ly/1iRMqII00:58
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ubuntu4155I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and it seems that some of the indicators on my status bar such as the network indicator have disappeared. Anyone know how to restore them?01:07
alicefis there a way to get apt-cache show using different language?01:10
alicefi changed locale to different locale but the language is same01:11
alicefecho $LANG ja_JP.UTF-801:11
ubuntuI'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and it seems that some of the indicators on my status bar such as the network indicator have disappeared. Anyone know how to restore them?01:12
squintyubuntu4155,  might want to check the following out.  there has been some problems with users having the "proposed" repository enabled.   http://askubuntu.com/questions/727127/last-upgrade-crashes-network-manager-no-internet-connection-no-applet01:12
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alicefnow apt-cache --help description is in japanese01:13
Guest97202squinrt, thanks, ill give it a try01:13
alicefbut if i do apt-cache show apt01:13
alicefi get english01:13
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jayjoif I run user@ip and I connect, does it mean I'm using my public key that is located in a standard location? I don't have this ip in my config in .ssh01:14
squintyalicef,  might want to check out the command   sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales01:17
alicefsquinty: i did also that01:18
alicef  ja_JP.UTF-8... up-to-date01:19
jayjoI believe I added my relevant keys to ssh-agent with ssh-add, now I'd like to tunnel a postrgres connection through this server, how can I retrieve the information I use to connect?01:19
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stacks88im trying to add a second IP to my ubuntu 14.04 server. my provider told me to add into the interfaces file like this: http://pastebin.com/raw/meZJNBrp so i did, but now when i run service networking restart, i get01:24
stacks88stop: Job failed while stopping01:24
stacks88start: Job is already running: networking01:24
squintyalicef, this page might be worth a read  http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=3050701:25
stacks88so how should i bring pu the new ip? should i just ifdown eth0:1 && ifup eth0:1 ?01:25
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its_a_unixIs there anything I need to be careful of when running an OpenVPN server on my own personal computer?01:32
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alicefsquinty: https://gist.github.com/aliceinwire/dd312d8e22ce5344b73901:46
alicefi did same things yesterday01:47
alicefit dosen't work01:47
alicefi already read that01:47
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SomeDamnBodyHey if someone was implementing an mmap callback on an SMP based linux kernel, can they cause an mmap call to block temporarily while another mmap call completes?02:03
D1kMealGoogle Code-In is complete, correct?02:08
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headpool182hello, i have a gigabyte 970a-D3P motherboard that loses functionality in linux. It used to be fixable with enabling software iommu in grub, but that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know a work around? I'd like to have all my USB and NIC ports02:15
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otto666this the ubuntu channel or ?02:17
Omega_DarkPotatoIt's suprisingly silent02:18
sruligot a problem booting my gnome 15.10, i only get as far as "(initramfs)" i booted livecd and ran "update-initramfs -k all -c" it was complaining about "invalid line in /etc/crypttab for luks" , i checked the crypttab, it seems fine, how can i fix this?02:18
otto666thanks first time on irc , i try a IOS iRC Client name "iRC999"02:18
D1kMealanyone here did ubuntu gci?02:19
tsimonq2D1kMeal: #ubuntu-offtopic02:20
otto666hi i back02:21
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homa_hi my friends02:32
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homa_Guest15053, hi02:36
Guest15053hey what is all this im new lol02:37
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tatshi, i have a problem when trying to write on sdcards on my system. whenever i try to write on a card it says that the file system is readonly. i have verified the hardware lock pin (tried in both positions). i have tried to run "hdparm -r0 /dev/mmcblk0". i have tried with several sdcards: i actually just bought a brand new one thinking maybe the others were fried: but I get the same result.02:47
tatsany hints? i have done a lot of research on the forums online but couldn't find any other suggestions that the ones i already tried.02:48
=== enchilado is now known as aeonchild
tatsrunning ubuntu 15.10 btw (sorry should have mentioned)02:51
raleighhi, how do i disable the right click ("menu") button?02:53
=== breaker313 is now known as dav2
raleighor override the default behavior so i can assign it to something else02:54
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booyahHi, I wonder if there's a problem with Ubuntu's update manager: I've set it to show me LTS updates only, and it's showing me that 16.04 is available. I hope unsuspecting LTS users are not induced to upgrade to an alpha version!03:41
booyahAnybody around?03:42
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ariel_04does anybody know how to use the cd command?03:43
booyahcd <directory_name>03:43
ariel_04it doesnt work03:43
ariel_04it keeps saying no such directory03:43
Majora320Hello, world!03:44
booyahThen you're typing the directory name incorrectly. Note: names are case sensitive and 'spaces' are entered in non-obvious ways03:44
ariel_04oh okay i go it03:44
ariel_04it just didnt need the slashes03:44
booyahI don't quite understand, but so long as it works :-)03:45
Majora320When I try to boot 60-bit ubuntu from a flash drive, it says: "Unable to boot. Please use a kernel as appropriate for your CPU." Any suggestions?03:45
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moonpuntertry 32-bit04:14
moonpunterfirst suggestion04:14
moonpunterand kindly report back04:14
artois& how04:15
moonpunterfor the most part many packages still have 32-bit support04:15
artoisso what if they do04:15
moonpunterin other cases you still have source to compile from, and it's RELATIVELY trivial swapping out libs or w/e04:15
moonpuntereven after more mainstream distros move away from 32-bit altogether, there will be step-children that continue 32-bit support for years to come, i predict04:16
artoisstep children? :p04:18
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justrohuHello everyone I am new to ubuntu ... how do I get the list of all cronjobs running for all users in my machine04:53
artoisjustrohu: for user in $(ls /home/); do crontab -u "$user" -l; done05:00
artoisfor user in $(cut -d ':' -f 1 /etc/passwd); do crontab -u "$user" -l; done05:00
artoisfor user in $(ls /home/) root; do crontab -u "$user" -l; done is probably all I'd concern myself with05:01
justrohuartois, I did check for every user by doing sudo -i and after this sudo crontab -u username -l but found nothing05:02
dylygsi'm working on this laptop for a colleague who screwed it up somehow because he couldn't figure out how to get it to boot unity rather than gnome, since he doesn't know linux really. i'm not sure exactly what he did, but the result is that unity now seems to be including elements from gnome i can't get rid of05:02
artoisjustrohu: yeah can't help with sudo, I don't abuse it the way Ubuntu does05:02
dylygslike, the top bar has the black gnome classic look, as does the right click menu. i've tried reinstalling unity, and i can't find anything else on the internet on how to fix this05:03
artoispresumably sudo foo.sh with foo.sh having contents being what I pasted would work05:03
justrohuartois, ok ... how do I find out if there is any cron job still schedules or to be schedules in my system05:03
artoisjustrohu: just list them and read them05:04
justrohuartois, how?05:04
xanguadylygs: can you make a screen capture? Any PPAs?05:04
dylygsxangua, sure, i can do a screengrab05:04
artoisjustrohu: crontab -u $user -l05:06
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dylygsxangua, https://a.uguu.se/jlqgdt.png05:07
poutinecharge your damn battery dylygs05:07
justrohuartois, ok05:07
dylygspoutine, it's plugged in05:07
xanguadylygs: don't see nothing wrong, it looks like a different theme as well as icons05:08
dylygsxangua, as you can see, i'm not an ubuntu user... i wasn't aware of the whole themes thing05:11
dylygsthat seemed to fix it, though. i just need to check it with this other laptop i have to make sure they're exactly the same05:11
xanguaRight clic, appearance05:12
dylygsxangua, yeah, i got to the settings menu and changed it from adwaita to something else05:13
justrohuartois, I just created the shell and it is working but I could not see any cron scheduled ... if there any another way we can set cron05:13
justrohuartois, *is05:13
artoisjustrohu: how many ways do you need?05:14
artois^rhetorical, you only need one05:14
justrohuatrius, sorry I don't have any knowledge about crons and ubuntu. the issue is on machine a cron is set to shut it down but I could not find it where it is05:15
justrohuartois, I checked every user but could not find it05:16
artoisjustrohu: sudo crontab -l05:18
justrohuartois, I just did it .. sorry same result could not find any cron command scheduled05:19
artoisjustrohu: what makes you think there's a cron job to shut it down?05:20
justrohuwell I did this last -x|grep shutdown | head -1 and found out that system what turned off at 1830 and that's the time when cron was suppose to run05:22
justrohuartois,  well I did this last -x|grep shutdown | head -1 and found out that system what turned off at 1830 and that's the time when cron was suppose to run05:22
BlackDalekcan someone help me with installing ubuntu 15.10 on new laptop? It keeps giving me "grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/"05:24
BlackDalekthen it crashess05:25
artoisjustrohu: could maybe try egrep -ir 'shutdown|halt' /etc/cron*05:25
artoismight not be a cron job causing it, though05:25
justrohuartois, ok05:26
justrohuartois, sorry could not find anything05:27
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BlackDalekI am trying to install single boot OS. But installer keeps crashing with "grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/" error. BIOS is set up for non-UEFI booting.05:30
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BlackDalekI am not trying to install from USB. I am installing Ubuntu from DVD drive. How do I get past the error "grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/"?05:37
artoisBlackDalek: usb would be advisable05:37
BlackDalekI am not trying to dual boot OS. I have a blank clean system.05:38
artoisBlackDalek: usb would be advisable, still05:38
=== crt is now known as burcuiela
BlackDalekartois, will install from USB fix the grub-efi-amd64 error?05:40
artoisquite possibly05:40
=== cr5315|away is now known as chem1strydioxide
dylygsalright, new problem, this time with the supposed working reference laptop. it seems to have very slow graphics, with the the only resolution option being 1024x768. it's the same machine as the other one, and they're both using the same drivers and everything05:53
dylygsi would have thought it's a driver issue, but lshw -c video on both machines tells me they're both using fglrx_pci05:54
=== MrHouse_ is now known as MrHouse
dylygsalso, it seems like on both machines, sometimes they boot up and the keyboard and trackpad doesn't work; the usb mouse does though05:58
skweekwhy doesn't my background change06:00
skweekthe only times that it changes is when I press the meta key06:01
dylygsalright, reinstalling fglrx seems to have fixed the graphics06:03
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homa_hi my friends06:17
=== michael__ is now known as Guest26630
in_deep_thoughtis this up to date? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenCV06:22
in_deep_thoughtI assume things on the ubuntu website are. Is that a bad assumption?06:22
Flannelin_deep_thought: the community section of the wiki is just that, a wiki.  Some pages are more ... well trodden, than others.  It looks like that page was last updated for 14.10.  Which isn't too bad, but still is a year old.  (And it mentions that it doesn't work on 14.10 or later)06:25
skweekhi ubuntu folks@06:25
skweekanyone know what malfunctions cause the wallpaper not to show up?06:26
Flannelin_deep_thought: With that said, 15.10 and what will become 16.04 both appear to have openCV in the repositories.06:26
Flannelin_deep_thought: Actually, looking at it further, it looks like a good number of ubuntu versions have openCV in the repository.  I just picked a bad example the first time.06:28
gusparhow do you do? I'm from indonesia06:31
stashb0xlooking for some advise on installing a mail server gateway to scan for spam and viruses. Any ideas?06:32
=== n11820 is now known as Anon216
stashb0xUsing a Windows pop and Exchange server for the actual mail system06:33
satayHello everyone i just tried to install QGifer on Ubuntu 15.04 and had an error  on software center - "cannot install libopencv-core2.4.i386". what's the problem?06:44
OerHekssatay, vivid went EOL yesterday06:44
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid06:44
=== ozkaz is now known as mike3_
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/15.10 - Read the release notes at http://ubottu.com/y/wily06:45
satay<OerHeks> so what should i do? i'm newbie06:45
LonelyDanboany idea why process "tumblerd" {used to generate thumbnails} is accessing my HD so heavily for so long that it locks up other programs, when the only issues I'm finding in search results are due to large video files, but that's not what I'm downloading?06:46
LonelyDanboThe issue I'm finding says it uses large amount of CPU, but mine isn't. The HDD use is enough to freeze the game I run in Wine for the 5 or so minutes it does this for.06:47
LonelyDanbomaybe someone could just give me advice on what search words to use, since I seem to be eternally retarded. Seriously, I grew up on BBSes and the early internet and I've never been able to master web searches.06:49
=== Anon216 is now known as Anon082
LonelyDanboWhat's that? I should eat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies until I'm sick? Well, I don't see how that would help with my COMPUTER, but I guess I'll try it.06:53
* tMH is gone. nsf06:56
homa_good by my friends06:58
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satayGuys i try to update ubuntu 15.04 to 15.10 and when i go to updater he tells me "failed to download repository information. check you internet connection. Help pls07:02
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:05
rwwsecond link07:06
Dylan____How do i install the mint image writer on ubuntu?07:14
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OerHeksDylan____, mint image writer? not in our repos, ask in the mint channel maybe?07:21
OerHeksour disks utility can do image writing too, cd/dvd/usb07:22
Dylan____My usb is not being mounted im running 15.1007:28
Dylan____Its a lexar 3.007:28
coolstar-pcanyone know if the mainline 4.5.0 rc2 kernel has this patch in it? https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/c67566c6a1dc0dd0309a54e63656e57050cbb9fe07:29
Dylan____And it mounted before but now its not been seen07:29
coolstar-pcthat patch is needed for the touch screen on my laptop to work07:29
Dylan____Someone help me?07:33
Maraudergso: Just starting here myself, what do you need?07:33
hateballDylan____: Are you talking about an external drive?07:33
Dylan____Like it appears on the disks thing07:34
hateballDylan____: run "dmesg" in a terminal right after you plug it in. Most likely it will say it was uncleanly unmounted07:34
Dylan____But not on the desktop nor nautilaus07:34
hateballDylan____: Assuming this is a drive with NTFS partition(s)07:34
Dylan____Im formatted with ntfs07:34
Dylan____And still doesnt show up07:35
hateballDylan____: And what does dmesg say?07:35
Dylan____Nvm i got it running again07:35
Dylan____Dont know what happened07:35
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auztyi'm using ubuntu 14.04 , i got notification from sofware updater, so i update it, after that, i restart it, but my lightdm didn't start automatically08:33
auztyi must start it manually by using sudo service lightdm start to see login screen,08:34
auztyhow to solve it?08:34
auztyi already do 1. dpkg-reconfigure lightdm , 2. apt-get install --reinstall lightdm08:35
XATRIXHi guys, i08:42
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ubuntu441Hi, By default my mobile broadband is not enabled in ubuntu 12.0408:53
ubuntu441How to enable it08:53
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ubuntu441Anybody can suggest08:53
XATRIXHi guys, there's a problem with my laptop. I'm using 4.0.0 PF kernel, but i started to have problems with my WLAN adapter (brmcms kernel module). So i installed kernel-image-4.2.0... and after reboot, i have shitty video resolution, my usb mouse initialized but doesn't want to move on screen. touchpad is still functional08:55
XATRIXAlso there's no way to change the current resolution of the display. There's only one option 800x600 in display setting08:55
XATRIXkernel-image-4.2.0 i took from the offical ubuntu repo08:57
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nocontrolis anyone using foreman with upstart for rails projects ? I am exporting to services but I get a message "No such file or directory" when trying to start it08:57
ubuntu441Hi Guys, Mobile broadband is not enabled by default. Any suggestions09:03
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arlekinhello world09:04
Spitfire5Hello! How to always start pcmanfm with duble columns mode?09:05
arlekincould anyone help me with my hibernation issue ? namely i can't achieve proper 'dehibernation' i get resume error on startup - and weirdly enough on EVERY startup :/09:05
Spitfire5no me, excuse09:07
arlekinSpitfire5: no worries, thanks for attention anyway ;)09:08
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SilencedGuys ? Will resetting Windows 10 remove its dual boot ? I mean the ubuntu and data ?09:25
lotuspsychjeSilenced: do you have a dualboot right now?09:26
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Guest67495who change my name as Guest09:27
lotuspsychjeSilenced: depends what you mean by resetting09:27
DJones!cn | Guest6749509:29
ubottuGuest67495: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:29
lotuspsychje!dualboot | Silenced check here mate09:30
ubottuSilenced check here mate: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot09:30
lotuspsychjeSilenced: things can mess up grub, depending what your gonna be doing09:30
lotuspsychjeSilenced: why dont you completely switch over to ubuntu?09:31
arlekinhi there - i don't have .ssh folder in my home and i'd like to have my old key (new install) simple copypasting of old .ssh doesn't work, and i frankly forgot how to set the whole thing up09:31
arlekinand advice ?09:31
k1l_arlekin: just make a .ssh folder and copy the files from the old folder there09:32
Silencedlotuspsychje : I was using ubuntu these days . But I wasn't able to install steam in ubuntu09:32
arlekink1l_: i did, but it doesn't seem to work09:32
SilencedSo I installed windows a week ago09:32
lotuspsychjeSilenced: did you setup the right graphics driver? there is also #steam and #gamingonlinux to help you09:33
lotuspsychje!steam > Silenced09:33
ubottuSilenced, please see my private message09:33
hateballSilenced: Enable partner repo and install Steam that way rather than using deb from valve09:33
Silencedlotuspsychje : tried everything09:33
k1l_arlekin: can you show a "ls -al ~/.ssh" in a pastebin and link it here?09:33
SilencedAlmost spent a week in it09:34
lotuspsychjeSilenced: see what hateball recommends, tried that?09:34
SilencedOkay will try that . First I need to ensure ubuntu is not deleted . This shit windows take a lot of time to load :/09:35
hateballSilenced: The first run of Steam will fetch needed dependencies09:35
hateballOther than that, it should "just work"09:35
SilencedHateball . I guess we spoke about this in the steam channel few days back09:36
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hateballSilenced: Memory is fickle09:37
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SilencedI remember . And tried what you said09:38
arlekink1l_: https://dpaste.de/EWFy09:38
BenSoloHello having an issue getting easytether pro working with 15.10 if you look here it has me add a line to a file. http://www.mobile-stream.com/easytether/android_faq.html#linuxsetup09:38
BenSoloDoes it literally mean to add source-directory ?09:39
lotuspsychjeSilenced: how about you tell us what kind of errors you encountered while trying everything?09:39
BenSoloOr am I to put some directory here?09:39
hateballSilenced: after you've installed it, run steam-launcher which will fetch extra packages. That should be all there is to it09:39
SilencedGive me 10 mins . I will shoot you the errors :)09:39
k1l_arlekin: you copied as root. that is not necessary in your users home.09:40
Silencedhateball : Yes it did fetch . But fails to update09:40
arlekink1l_: so im just stupid, that's what you're saying ?09:40
k1l_arlekin: now your system cant read the files because its only trying as your user.09:40
arlekink1l_: it may well be that, since i forgot about such thing... rookie mistake :/09:40
k1l_arlekin: thats what you said. but dont use everything with root priviledges. that is going to make a mess09:41
BenSoloI would really like to use Linux and  it Windows but until I buy a wireless card for this machine I need to get easytwther working and supposedly it been tested with 15.10 and is supposed to be as simple as installing and running the service and plugging it in.09:41
BenSoloIt shows a connection established..  Just not receiving any packets?09:41
arlekink1l_: just joking, thank you very mjuch for pointing it out :)09:41
lotuspsychjeBenSolo: seems like you need to add this line: source-directory interfaces.d09:42
lotuspsychjeBenSolo: to /etc/network/interfaces09:42
BenSololotuspsychje: yes I did09:42
k1l_arlekin: "chown" that files back to arlekin:arlekin. for that chown command you will need sudo :)09:42
aerofirst time here09:42
BenSoloDoes it mean actually source-directory or is that a variable for something I'm supposed to put?09:43
BenSoloI added the line as is and have rebooted.09:43
arlekink1l_: already done. thank you again!09:43
BenSoloStill shows the connection in ifconfig but wont receive any packets.09:43
hateballSilenced: You mean the steam client fails to update itself once you launch it?09:43
Silencedhateball : It downloads the update . But fails to update in the system09:44
lotuspsychjeaero: welcome, you joined an ubuntu support channel09:44
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lotuspsychjeBenSolo: found something usefull perhaps: http://askubuntu.com/questions/616528/sweethome3d-and-easytether-not-working-on-ubuntu-15-0409:49
BenSoloYeah looked at that lotuspsychje it's for issues pertaining to 15.04.. I tried then anyways to no avail..  I've been in Google for 4 hours Haha.09:50
lotuspsychjeBenSolo: you could try the easy way out= 14.04 :p09:51
BenSoloYeah I'm not reinstalling my entire setup..09:52
BenSoloThat would not be the easy way Haha.09:52
BenSoloOver 2TB of crap all over the place. Plus I like 15.10 I'm sure this is something simple...09:53
Silencedhateball: There ?09:53
BenSoloMaybe "source-directory"  is some actual directory I'm supposed to plug in..  Or else what the hell can it mean? What source directory?09:54
mcphailSilenced: if you are using open source drivers, Steam may not start without a bit of tweaking. It'll go through the update process then just disappear09:55
lotuspsychjeBenSolo: i think dir of interfaces.d but not sure09:56
Silencedmcphail: okay09:56
BenSoloYeah no go09:57
BenSoloErr I know this is a simple solution..09:58
BenSoloJust not a ton of people use this so there isn't much out there to read.09:58
mcphailSilenced: it is the same problem people see with the GL errors and open source drivers. But the GL errors only show if there is not Update pending for the Steam client. Renaming/moving steam's copy of libstdc++ usually lets it start09:58
lotuspsychjeBenSolo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224505909:58
Silencedmcphail: I am able to update steam . I am getting this error called "Fatal error: failed to load steamui.so"09:59
SilencedI mean when i run steam09:59
mcphailSilenced: does it crash just after the update bar goes to completion?09:59
Silencedmcphail: Yes10:00
BenSoloLol lotuspsychje completely unrelated. Thx though.10:00
BenSoloThis is specific to 15.10 and it's hot plugging.10:00
mcphailSilenced: might be worth trying the "renaming libstdc++" fix, as I had the very same symptoms10:00
mcphailSilenced: hold on and I'll find the one-liner to tweak it10:00
Silencedmcphail: okay10:01
mcphailSilenced: find $HOME/.steam/root/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/*/usr/lib/ -name "libstdc++.so.6" -exec mv "{}" "{}.bak" \; -print10:01
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ubuntu441Hi, I  am using ubuntu 12.04 by default my mobile broadband is not enabled, because of this i am not able to access the internet10:01
ubuntu441It is showing in the drop down but it is showing not enabled10:02
mcphailSilenced: you need to rerun that after every update10:02
Silencedmcphail: Can you paste that command again10:02
ubuntu441Anybody can suggest10:03
SilencedI am running tmux. And has a split screen10:03
mcphailSilenced: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14886297/10:05
mcphailSilenced: close any running Steam processes first10:05
Silencedmcphail: Same error :/10:06
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
mcphailSilenced: aargh10:06
SilencedSend me the link to install the experimental driver for steam10:06
Silencedmcphail: ^10:07
mcphailSilenced: no idea what link you are talking about10:07
lotuspsychjeSilenced: could be some missing libs in the steam home dir also10:07
lotuspsychjeSilenced: maybe you should consider what hateball recommended all over from the beginning10:08
=== tempaloo is now known as RoxFox64
SilencedSilenced: okay10:09
mcphailSilenced: there is a way to poke steam to redownload the runtime, but I can't remember the magic10:10
Silencedmcphail: What driver do you use now ?10:11
mcphailSilenced: a mixture of nvidia proprietary drivers and open source radeon drivers on different machines10:11
SilencedWhen i ran steamclient.so manually. I get a error as "could not find shared library to run this application"10:12
=== dmaina is now known as damian
mcphailSilenced: presumably that is a library, and most libraries can't be run directly10:13
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paul98wonder if someone can help,  running xubuntu and do the daily updates, since doing the last one prob yesterday now spoftiy doesn't play any thing, also you tube does the same it loads but doesn't play even clicking play etc10:16
=== Kanon0003 is now known as Anon900
guestpaul98: does the progress bar move as if it's playing?10:20
guestpaul98: or is it stuck at 0:00 ?10:21
sruligot a problem booting my gnome 15.10, it complains "bad password or options"(luks) i booted livecd and mounted the luks vol without an issue, i guess i.mm gonna need to reinstall, what’s the easiest way to mount my home ecryptfs, i need to get my data. also while mounted & chrooted how can i get a list of packages i installed?10:21
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
guestsruli: when you set the password during installation, your keymap was set to US English.10:21
guestsruli: Is it possible you thought you were typing (e.g.) a £ but instead set it as a #10:21
guestsruli: I've been caught by that before10:21
paul98guest: nope it's stuck on 0 but buffers10:22
guestpaul98: Can you install the package "pavucontrol" and then run the program by the same name10:22
haasnNot sure if this is the right place to ask. In https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/04/10/maas-network-layouts-for-the-landscape-autopilot/ I'm looking at https://insights.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/split.png but I don't understand why they're all attached to the same switch10:24
haasnOr is this supposed to be a switch that can distinguish between the two networks (e.g. VLAN)?10:24
haasnWouldn't it make more sense to have the private and public networks be on separate switches, at least conceptually?10:24
sruliGuest: it worked fine for a long time, the reason it happened is complex... its a VM i think my script ran a qemu-img snapshot while the VM was running and that nuked it, i converted the image to raw, was able to start the VM but ran into this, i think the problem is something with UUID and /dev/vdX changing,10:25
=== cpaelzer_afk is now known as cpaelzer
srulii give up trying to fix the issue all i need is what’s the easiest way to mount my home ecryptfs, i need to get my data. also while mounted & chrooted how can i get a list of packages i installed?10:25
slappymcfryCan somebody direct me to Ubuntu Server Documentation for the latest releases? The official page hasn't released any yet, what do Ubuntu administrators use for reference?10:26
paul98guest: managed to fix it for some reason the mode for headset was set to  telephony duplex10:26
k1l_slappymcfry: "manpages"10:27
guestpaul98: grats10:27
paul98thanks! :)10:27
guestsruli: Take a look at the ecryptfs-recover-private utility http://askubuntu.com/a/10225710:28
slappymcfryk1l_: Reading manpages at the moment but there is no overview from a system wide perspective. example, Ubuntu seems to use ifupdown for its default network management. The manpages are great for individual utilities but where's the broader perspective? Like default configurations and management philosophy etc.10:29
sruliguest: what about getting a list of custom installed packages, how would i do that?10:31
guestsruli: you could dpkg -l10:32
guestsruli: and diff it against dpkg -l on a vanilla install10:32
sruliis there no simpler way?10:32
slappymcfryguest: Is there no way to list explicitly installed packages?10:32
jussswhy there's only EFI directory in ubuntu 15.10 iso file? and no other files?10:34
jusssand I try mount this iso file, and get wrong fs10:34
slappymcfryjusss: You're probably looking at the Efi partition10:34
nocontrolI have an issue with foreman/upstart and rails, any help is appreciated http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35221886/export-foreman-workers-from-rails-app-to-upstart10:35
jusssslappymcfry: how I can get the others file in iso file10:35
jusssslappymcfry: how I mount the iso file?10:36
gabrielAtheosHey, I have an hdd that was installed and working fine in another computer, I just tried to install it in my linux machine and it isn't showing up, what could be some likely causes?10:36
slappymcfryjusss: what OS are you on?10:38
jusssslappymcfry: win7 and archlinux10:38
jusssslappymcfry: I just see EFI direcotry of this iso file on win7 via ultraiso, and I can't mount iso file on archlinux, it says wrong fs10:39
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jusssslappymcfry: and the dmesg|tail show nothing about this10:39
slappymcfryjusss: In Arch: sudo mount -o loop,ro /path/to/iso /mount/path10:39
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jusssslappymcfry: yes, it works, my aplogize10:41
jusssslappymcfry: if I would make a usb-stick to install ubuntu, dd is ok?10:42
k1l_jusss: yes10:43
slappymcfryjusss: yep10:43
k1l_ubuntu uses hybrid isos. just make sure to dd to sdb and not sdb110:43
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
jusssk1l_: I see, and can I mount the usb-stick after dd is done?10:44
jusssslappymcfry: does ubuntu provide bootia32.efi?10:45
slappymcfryjusss: have a look under the EFI directory. I'm new here.10:45
ubuntu528how to access the mobile broadband connection,  it is not enabled10:46
jusssslappymcfry: no, it just have bootx64.efi10:46
slappymcfryjusss: the server iso also only has bootx64.efi10:46
slappymcfryjusss: http://askubuntu.com/questions/392719/32-bit-uefi-boot-support10:47
k1l_jusss: you need a 32bit efi? for a tablet?10:47
jusssk1l_: yes10:47
k1l_jusss: i would look out for experieces with that install on that tablet. most times someone made a howto10:48
guestslappymcfry: sruli try zcat -f history.log* | grep "apt-get install"10:48
guestsorry zcat -f /var/log/apt/history.log* | grep "apt-get install"10:48
sruliGuest: i also used synaptic to install10:49
slappymcfryguest: Clever. I'll keep that for future, thanks!10:49
slappymcfrysruli: synaptic is just a front-end.10:49
ubuntu528    10:49
srulislappymcfry: i dont think it leaves a apt-get in the history log10:50
jusssk1l_: it's not complex I think, just get a bootia32.efi and put it in EFI/BOOT, and boot from usb-stick, but drivers are really problems10:51
k1l_jusss: yes. thats why i said: look what you need to do very specific to get that tablet running.10:51
slappymcfrysruli: it's a front-end to apt, so actions should be logged.10:54
just_Hi guys. I have Ubuntu 16.04. when apt-get install -f get:10:54
just_Configured package udev (228-5ubuntu2) ...10:54
just_add group: «input» Group already exists and is the system. Shutdown.10:54
just_update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)10:54
just_insserv: Service mountkernfs has to be enabled to start service udev10:54
just_insserv: exiting now!10:54
jusssk1l_: I got a new tablet today, and I try install ubuntu 15.10 on it. and sound and video cards don't work, but wifi is ok, a little surprise10:54
k1l_just_: #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 please10:55
gabrielAtheosCould anyone help me with a hard drive question?10:55
=== shinao1 is now known as Anon755
slappymcfrygabrielAtheos: Ask away.10:56
gabrielAtheosI have an hdd that was installed and working fine in another computer, I just tried to install it in my linux machine and it isn't showing up, what could be some likely causes?10:56
slappymcfrygabrielAtheos: Is the drive listed by `lsblk`?10:57
slappymcfryBy "showing up" do you mean no showing up in a file manager?10:58
gabrielAtheosMind you, I just am looking for some direction, not necessarily the answer. I like to figure things out.10:58
slappymcfrygabrielAtheos: Try mounting it manually with the `mount` command.11:00
gabrielAtheosIs there a reason that Ubuntu wouldn't automatically mount the drive?11:00
gabrielAtheosLike, why would Ubuntu not mount it, if manually mounting it would work?11:01
srulislappymcfry: will test 1 min11:02
sgo11hi, I meet "Hash Sum mismatch" errors when running "apt-get update". I tried many ways to solved this problem by goolging, but no luck. can anyone please help? thanks a lot. error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14886435/11:02
slappymcfrygabrielAtheos: Mounts are defined in /etc/fstab. I believe Ubuntu uses udisks to allow user mounting, but then it should show up in your file manager.11:02
sruliguest: where is this history file supposed to be ? i get "gzip: history.log*.gz: No such file or directory"11:03
gabrielAtheosslappymcfry: Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into those areas11:04
plop28Hi everyone11:04
jusssauto mounting sounds not a good idea I think :)11:04
plop28need some help for a Ubuntu Desktop, Icon are missing after upgrade and indicator session too11:05
slappymcfryCould anybody recommend resources on Ubuntu? I understand some things have changed since the switch to systemd, so some older documentation might not be valid. I'm a *nix administrator looking for insight. I don't want to rely on trial-and-error. Is it closely aligned to Debian enough so its docs are relevant?11:05
plop28i reinstall ubuntu-desktop and indicator-session package, it works after a reboot, but today the problem is the same11:06
plop28do you know a permanent fix for this issue ?11:06
arlekinhi - i have a problem with hamachi - i installed it, copied my previous config (to avoid tiresome mess with joining networks and such) and now im in a pickle: while i can list networks, and my status says 'logged_in' i can't seem to connect to most of the network members11:06
arlekinsorry since this is probably wrong channel, but i have no idea where to find a solution11:06
slappymcfrysruli: /var/log/...11:08
gfdhjfhi everyone, burn all jews in oven11:08
gfdhjfallahu akhbar11:08
gfdhjfdeath to infidels11:08
gfdhjfonly muslims have a right to live11:08
arlekintrolls ? seriously ?11:09
k1l_dont mind them.11:09
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gabrielAtheosslappy, I don't know how much detail you are looking for, but the book How Linux Works 2nd edition by Brian Ward from No Starch Press has about 10 pages on systemd and it's uses.11:10
srulik1l_: why not let them tell everyone what the media does not want anyone to know, let them show their true colours and enough of political correctness!11:10
arlekink1l_: i don't intend to, but seriously, thats like, soooo 200511:10
gabrielAtheosNot sure if that helps, but it is all I know of11:10
paul__how to set TCP conncetion limit in ubuntu?11:10
k1l_sruli: if you support that trolls statements just leave this channel since that does in no way fit with the ubunut code of conduct. thanks11:11
mrphello, what is the "best" way to get the latest version of GCC installed? I want the very latest releases which takes a few weeks/months to reach the standard Ubuntu update channels.11:11
slappymcfrygabrielAtheos: I'm familiar with the book, thank you for the recommendation. I use systemd everyday, so it's not a problem. I'd like to learn more about Ubuntu. I haven't used it since "netbook edition" became permanent.11:11
mrpI don't want to screw up my system though by removing the default GCC so I want something that allows me to select install different GCC versions11:12
srulik1l_: i support? u did not understand my message!11:12
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srulik1l_: in order to stop another hitler everyone needs to know how big the problem is, by banning them from chat rooms no one will know the severity of the problem!11:13
=== bullgard6_ is now known as bullgard6__
=== lichen is now known as Guest63953
gabrielAtheosslappymcfry: I am not an expert in the matter, but Ubuntu kind of does their own thing and while it may be based on Debian, I think they have distanced themselves from Debian pretty substantially.11:14
srulik1l_: i know its off-topic, just want to make sure u understand i do not agree with the statements made by the troll11:14
gabrielAtheosLooking for a Ubuntu specific book would be a better bet than basing your knowledge on Debian11:15
slappymcfrygabrielAtheos: I was afraid of that. The official documentation is very limited and the wiki is... well... it leaves a lot to be desired.11:15
gabrielAtheosslappymcfry: I agree fully...11:16
slappymcfryWhich is a shame because we are considering using Ubuntu servers due to LXD.11:16
bekksslappymcfry: And whats the problem in using Ubuntu then?11:17
arlekinhow can i check my ssh logs ?11:17
gabrielAtheosslappymcfry: My knowledge is based on the desktop os, I know nothing of the server os. My insight could be completely off in that regard11:17
arlekini mean there are not in /var/logs as i would expect11:17
bekksgabrielAtheos: There is no such things as "desktop OS" or "server OS".11:17
slappymcfrybekks: lack of documentation, at the moment. maybe I'm just not looking in the right places11:18
bekksslappymcfry: I assume the latter.11:18
mcphailslappymcfry: as far as the server side of things is concerned, Ubuntu is close enough to debian that you're rarely going to notice any difference11:18
bekksslappymcfry: PRetty much everything is documented for Ubuntu.11:18
k1l_slappymcfry: help.ubuntu.com and wiki.ubuntu.com11:18
slappymcfrybekks: which brings me here :)11:18
k1l_!documentation | slappymcfry11:18
ubottuslappymcfry: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com11:18
mcphailslappymcfry: Ubuntu follows the debian conventions, with configuration under /etc, docs in /usr/shar/docs/packagename etc11:19
slappymcfryk1l_: Thanks, but as mentioned. Latest documentation is for 14.04. Pre-systemd11:19
bekksslappymcfry: Latest LTS is 14.04.11:19
bekksslappymcfry: For a server, thats your best bet.11:19
k1l_slappymcfry: you dont want to use non LTS as server anyway :)11:19
spearsec-lonnychaps, I have a home server running on my network that temporarily becomes unreachable. I can't visit any web-services, I can't ssh... any idea where I should be looking to find the root cause of this? I haven't the faintest idea where to start11:19
slappymcfrybekks: I don't see us migrating our systemd units to upstart11:20
spearsec-lonnywhat logs should I be looking at11:20
k1l_slappymcfry: or do you want to upgrade every 6months? i dont think so11:20
bekksslappymcfry: which service in particular do you have to migrate?11:20
bekksslappymcfry: Which service without an existing upstart startup script in particular?11:20
uboneis there a command to list show the current active keyboard layout, to put with notify-send for a notification upon layout change11:21
slappymcfryk1l_: We'll probably only switch when 16.04 is released.11:21
k1l_slappymcfry: yes. that makes more sense11:21
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slappymcfrybekks: plenty in-house services. from user-based luks containers to libvirt/lxc sessions.11:23
dcunit3dso i built ffmpeg and a few dependencies, then installed ffmpeg with checkinstall.  i built OBS on top of this. and after several hours i got it to work.11:24
dcunit3dbut i installed VLC with apt-get and it depends on FFMpeg.  so it stomps on my custom build.11:24
=== CedricBeust is now known as eblood
dcunit3di tried making isolated build of ffmpeg, then building OBS with that, but failed and i don't feel like screwing with it bc i don't understand why cmake isn't finding my dependency libs in ~/local.11:25
dcunit3dso, how do i get VLC to not update?11:25
slappymcfrybekks: k1l_: So before the next LTS, I was hoping to get up to speed over the weekend with Ubuntu's inner workings. The server ISO is already much more minimal than the last time I tried it, so picking it apart isn't hard, just tedious.11:27
bekksslappymcfry: Which "inner workings"? It's a linux-based userland, just as debian, etc.11:28
slappymcfrybekks: each distro has its own quirks. I come from a Red Hat and Gentoo background so Debian is strange in many aspects.11:30
slappymcfryIf Ubuntu is closely aligned to Debian, I'm content with Debian's books/resources I have.11:31
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bekksslappymcfry: Most strange thing is the network configuration not being in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ - everything else is almost just the same.11:31
slappymcfrybekks: I'll keep that in mind, thank you.11:32
mcphailslappymcfry: I've administered Ubuntu hobby servers for years, using the Debian docs, and haven't hit any issues. But my usage is as an amateur: I don't do this for a living. But, if anything, Ubuntu and Debian are getting closer again with the switch to systemd11:34
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slappymcfrymcphail: That's great to hear. Much appreciated!11:35
mcphailslappymcfry: debianadministration.org has always been a great resource, although it is quite out of date. But is is good for high-level overviews of the way debian (and Ubuntu) work on the server11:37
ubonein openbox/rc.conf can both shifts execute a command, s-s is interpreted as shift+S, #openbox is invite only11:37
slappymcfrymcphail: thanks. definitely bookmarked. There are some great articles.11:39
WulfI want to use a specific kernel version. Where can I specify which one is used by default, even if later versions are installed?11:44
badpHi guys. I've been getting catastrophic problems with my 15.10 install. Every time I right click something, open a window, open a chrome tab, drag and drop something or otherwise create a window, there is like a 1% chance that Xorg gets completely stuck midway in event hell11:45
badpI've collected some information at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/154055311:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1540553 in xorg (Ubuntu) "task Xorg:1042 blocked for more than 120 seconds in schedule+0x37/0x80" [Undecided,New]11:45
badpI've tried not using compiz (gnome 3/cinnamon), going back to an older kernel version (25), going back to upstart, not using redshift, not using external monitors11:47
badpsometimes I can work without issue for hours on end, sometimes it's like the last hour where I get hung thrice in a row11:47
slappymcfrybadp: which graphics card/driver are you using?11:49
slappymcfrybadp: nevermind, saw the link.11:50
BluesKajHey folks11:51
=== Disat3r is now known as Disat3r_
slappymcfrybadp: do you have a full Xorg log?11:52
kuly-zuhow can i solve is group writable?11:53
=== eblood is now known as northfurr
k1l_kuly-zu: can you explain more?11:53
slappymcfrybadp: consider using dri3 perhaps?11:53
kuly-zuwhenever i use sudo i get this message: /var/lib/sudo/ts is group writable11:54
k1l_kuly-zu: that sounds like you messed with your system11:58
k1l_kuly-zu: sudo chmod 0700 /var/lib/sudo11:59
kuly-zuk1l_, you are scaring me, is it bad?11:59
bekkskuly-zu: maybe you just tell us what you did? :)12:00
kuly-zui wanted to be able to edit /var/www12:02
kuly-zuso i run these commands12:02
k1l_kuly-zu: that is the totally wrong way. just add your user to the www-data group and you can edit stuff in /var/www12:02
bekkskuly-zu: Which commands?12:02
=== Disat3r_ is now known as Brian|D3
=== cpaelzer is now known as cpaelzer_afk
kuly-zui did add a user to www-data12:03
kuly-zubut when i tried to clone a repo into /var/www12:04
bekkskuly-zu: And you did much more, like messing up /var/lib/sudo12:04
kuly-zuit did gives me permission denied12:04
bekkskuly-zu: So please tell us everything you did.12:04
k1l_kuly-zu: you made everything group writeable on your system, iirc.12:04
kuly-zuthese command are from my history, how did i missed with /var/lib/sudo12:04
kuly-zuk1l_, how?12:05
bekkskuly-zu: you have been in / when executing the commands, did you?12:05
kuly-zuno i was in /var12:05
kuly-zuoh shit12:05
kuly-zui see it now12:05
kuly-zuwww is inside /var as well as lib folder12:06
kuly-zuhow can i get it back?12:06
bekkskuly-zu: Restore it from your backup.12:06
bekkskuly-zu: Or reinstall.12:06
kuly-zui don't have a backup, reinstall is not an option12:07
bekkskuly-zu: Reinstall is your inly option when not having a backup.12:07
kuly-zucan anyone send the default permissions for the /var directory12:07
bekkskuly-zu: you need to fix the permissions for every single file under /var ...12:08
bekkskuly-zu: those are thousands of files.12:08
Mathisenoooo the pain....12:09
kuly-zuaren't all have the same permission?12:09
bekkskuly-zu: No.12:09
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barto_buenos dias gente12:17
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guestsruli: /var/log/apt12:28
dzieglergHi, how can i install apache2 via apt without that apt will remove my nginx?12:28
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guestdzieglerg: can you please put the output of the command "apt-get -s install apache2" onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel?12:29
guestdzieglerg: The -s flag means simulate, ie, no actual changes will be made, it will just show what *would* be done12:29
C_minusI am running the Ubuntu LiveUSB. I can't install stuff with apt-get. I want pv to monitor the progress of dd copy. sudo apt-get install pv says "Unable to locate package pv"12:30
EriC^^!info pv12:30
ubottupv (source: pv): Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.0-1 (wily), package size 48 kB, installed size 169 kB12:30
dzieglergguest: yes https://gist.github.com/nook24/939559e82bab85522a2812:30
guestC_minus: you should run "apt-get update" first to refresh the package index12:30
C_minusi did12:31
EriC^^C_minus: sudo add-apt-repository universe12:31
k1l_C_minus: enable universe repo12:31
guestdzieglerg: That's fine then. It is not going to remove nginx. It's safe to install apache212:31
C_minusEriC^^ 'universe' distribution component enabled for all sources.12:31
guestThe following packages will be REMOVED:12:31
guest  openitcockpit openitcockpit-common12:31
k1l_C_minus: then apt-get update12:31
EriC^^C_minus: apt-get update12:31
lotuspsychjehi EriC^^12:31
EriC^^hi lotuspsychje12:31
C_minusthanks - it has now installed pv12:32
dzieglergguest: ah the openitcockpit package conflicts with apache2... ok my fault12:32
C_minussince i am on live usb, i need to mount disks before i can perform a backup (using dd)?12:32
EriC^^C_minus: no, and don't12:33
k1l_C_minus: dont mount and dd.12:33
C_minusk1l Clonezilla doesn't work for me, it says i have mismatched MBR and GPT tables12:33
leonarthanyone knows how to allow VNC access to Ubuntu without the need to SSH port forward first?12:34
EriC^^C_minus: Bashing-OM game you a link12:34
C_minusyeah but for that fix, it suggests backing up first, in case it destroys all your stuff. so i'm in the position of needing to backup before i can backup before i can backup before...12:34
EriC^^C_minus: try sudo fixparts on the disk12:35
EriC^^you might have stray gpt causing the confusion12:35
C_minusEriC^^ yes i definitely do. but that's the point. to fix it with that gdisk thing, they recommend backing up first.12:36
C_minusi need to remove the GPT table because i boot in legacy mode with MBR12:36
EriC^^i think it won't harm12:36
C_minusEriC^^ See the disclaimer in red at the very end http://drbl.org/faq/fine-print.php?path=./2_System/116_unmatched_partition_table.faq12:37
Kartagiswhat package do I need so that I can get gparted to format to exfat? both exfat-tools and exfat-fuse are installed12:38
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EriC^^C_minus: they mean if it's gpt and you use that command it'll destroy it, use sudo fixparts it does a check i think12:40
EriC^^it'll say it's gpt and just exit, if it sees it's mbr with stray data it'll say it found something that looks like stray data and ask what to do12:41
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C_minusHere's my lsblk output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14886802/ . So would "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc conv=noerror,sync" be what I'm after for a full backup?12:42
leonarthanyone knows how to allow VNC access to Ubuntu without the need to SSH port forward first?12:42
lotuspsychjeleonarth: be carefull with vnc stuff, its a danger to use12:43
lotuspsychjeleonarth: whats your end goal exactly?12:43
leonarthit'll be used only internally12:43
lotuspsychjeleonarth: no internet connected on any boxes?12:43
leonarthgoal: VNC into a Linux box without the need to SSH tunnel12:43
leonarthdirectly on LAN ip12:43
lotuspsychjeleonarth: try teamviewer12:44
lotuspsychje!vnc | leonarth12:44
ubottuleonarth: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX12:44
leonarthwith tightVNC unless I tunnel the connection gets refused12:44
C_minusEriC^^ I thought so but I just wanted to be sure. You mean that I'll be OK using that fix because I know I use MBR for sure?12:44
leagrisif you don't need to share a session, use NXDesktop/FreeNX (better performance, more secure since goes through ssh)12:44
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leonarththe client we use to manage all connections doesn't support NX12:45
EriC^^C_minus: no, well if you do, yeah, but i said use fixparts cause even if you run it on a gpt it checks stuff for you12:45
leonarthmy question is what configuration is limiting the connection to 5901 ?12:45
EriC^^C_minus: you can use that dd if you want straight away, or without noerror if you want to know about errors12:46
lotuspsychjeleonarth: whatever you choose, dont mess with vnc variants, youl get hammered 24/712:46
argyaistai dont know12:46
leonarthI see, thanks lotuspsychje12:47
leagrisCan have freeNX on whatever port you like if it is a port issue. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX12:47
C_minusEriC^^ Thanks and you said I didn't want any drives mounted, so looking at http://paste.ubuntu.com/14886802/ am I in the correct state to execute the dd right now? The laptop's sda is not mounted but the external drive sdc is?12:48
leagrisit has clients for MacOs and Windows12:48
EriC^^C_minus: unmount both12:48
C_minusEriC^^ Thanks. I did "sudo umount /dev/sdc" but the output of lsblk looks the same as before12:50
C_minusi.e. mount point of sdc is given as "/media/ubuntu/My Passport..."12:50
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EriC^^C_minus: try again12:55
=== asdsad is now known as mosene
EriC^^see if it shows up in cat /proc/mounts12:55
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C_minusEriC^^ I ended up just clicking the "eject" icon next to the drive on nautilus. Now it doesn't have amount point listed http://paste.ubuntu.com/14886876/ Now I'm ready to use "sudo pv dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc bs=512 conv=noerror,sync"12:57
C_minusEriC^^ So I'll do this dd backup, then Ill try your fixparts fix, and if that works nicely, I'll backup again (this time using clonezilla hopefully)13:00
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EriC^^C_minus: i dont think you can use pv like that13:02
EriC^^C_minus: i think it's dd if=/dev/sda | pv | dd of=/dev/sdc bs=4M13:03
C_minusEriC^^ Althouhg I think I want a smaller bs than that (in case of errors) right?13:04
C_minusEriC^^ dd Failed with error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14886932/13:09
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C_minusdd failed saying "failed to open 'dev/sdc': Permission denied"13:10
guest!sudo | C_minus13:10
ubottuC_minus: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo13:10
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C_minusguest The command was " sudo dd if=/dev/sda | pv | dd of=/dev/sdc bs=512 conv=noerror,sync"13:10
BluesKajC_minus, unmount /dev/sdc13:11
EriC^^C_minus: you need sudo on both13:11
C_minusEriC^^ Oh like this: "sudo dd if=/dev/sda | pv | sudo of=/dev/sdc bs=512 conv=noerror,sync"13:13
BluesKajC_minus, why the  | pv |  ?13:13
EriC^^i think bs won't affect the error13:13
C_minusBluesKaj to see progress. It's a big copy.13:13
BluesKajbs=1M would be safe as well, but faster13:14
C_minusThanks EriC^^ and everyone. It's now copying away happily. See you all in many hours!13:14
ZoderUch2question, i have ubuntu 14.04 from half year ago, if i want to install curl i get an message it depens a generic linux kernel is it a good idea to do first apt-get -f install   i am afraid lots of packages will break13:16
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agunghello ....13:39
nichlasIs there an updated guide for dualbooting Windows 10 and Ubuntu 15.10? It's failing hard for me.13:42
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ghabitHello guys. I'm looking for total commander analog. Is there something? Thank you.13:45
UbuOneKenobiyes I said so13:48
UbuOneKenobithats how it goes up in there.13:48
OerHeks!info mc13:48
ubottumc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:4.8.13-3 (wily), package size 501 kB, installed size 1586 kB13:48
OerHeksghabit, midnight commander = filemanager for in a terminal ?13:49
gothaggisquestion - I recently setup a system and moved the home directory to an iscsi mount.  worked like a charm.  however, I compared this system to another system (both ubuntu 14.04) and there is one slight difference.  the system i setup, if I look at 'df -h' it shows as the filesystem /dev/sdc1 mounted on /home.  if i look at the existing system, it shows as /dev/mapper/hostname--vg-home mounted13:51
gothaggison /home.  the /etc/fstab file is identical on both systems (aside from the UUID) - and the original home mount in /etc/fstab that was /dev/mapper/hostname--vg-home is commented out on both systems. is this some lvg thing - perhaps I need to setup lv on the new system?13:51
OerHeks!gentoo | ghabit or a filemanager with gui13:52
ubottughabit or a filemanager with gui: Other !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)13:52
OerHeks!info gentoo13:53
ubottugentoo (source: gentoo): fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.20.6-2 (wily), package size 553 kB, installed size 1946 kB13:53
jhinkleyHi, would anyone give me some direction on how to speed up my chronically slow instance of Ubuntu 15.1013:54
jhinkleyThe specs aren't great, but it should not be this slow I do not believe: it's an Intel® Celeron(R) CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz × 213:55
jhinkley1.8 Gig13:55
ghabitThank you13:55
aatwoodfluxbox. 8)13:56
OerHeksjhinkley, open terminal : systemd-analyze blame  ( without sudo) , what is the culprit?13:56
xanguajhinkley: are you using unity? I would try Xfce desktop instead13:57
OerHeksjhinkley, and ' systemd-analyze  ' gives total times13:57
jhinkley  15.664s postgresql@9.4-main.service13:57
jhinkley         13.094s dev-sda2.device13:57
=== Student1 is now known as Anon615
jhinkley         10.262s systemd-sysctl.service13:57
jhinkley          8.123s systemd-udevd.service13:57
jhinkleyhow do I switch to Xfce?13:58
jhinkleyyes using unity13:58
OerHekspostgresql likely, 15 sec.13:58
jhinkleywhat is that13:58
OerHeksSQL database13:58
jhinkleyI also see a tor default service, I am not running tor13:59
ivaliIs there a guideline at using integrated or dedicated graphics on an Ubuntu laptop?14:00
jhinkleyand a virtual box web service, not using virtual box14:00
ivaliwith both options it seems to work the same14:00
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OerHeksjhinkley, that vbox part is preloaded, so if you are sure you don't need it, deinstall vbox then. (i think it is the network part and such)14:04
jhinkleyI have two other questions: how to I remove the Kubuntu graphic that appears on startup? I am not even running Kubunutu14:04
jhinkleyOerHeks: is the SQL service necessary?14:05
jhinkleyxangua: what is better about Xfce? I am installing xubuntu-destop right now..14:06
OerHeksoh, you installed kubuntu desktop and it changed the loader ..14:07
OerHekssudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth ( and choose lib/plymouth/themes/ubuntu-logo/ubuntu-logo.plymouth    auto mode )14:08
OerHeksand to make it stick :  sudo update-initramfs -u14:08
OerHeksold guide, still valid > http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/install-change-boot-screen-theme-ubuntu-13-04/14:08
jayjoI run a command to ssh tunnel a db connection by using ssh and some flags, and it runs in the background. Can I have a script that I can run like ssh-tunnel activate and ssh-tunnel deactivate to switch this on and off?14:09
OerHekserr, so you ask for help, and perform installations in between, very clever14:09
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kimseAnybody here who can help me with this issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/729950/automouting-nfs-share-inside-nated-lxc-container-fails14:15
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tgm4883kimse: I believe the correct way to do that is to mount it on the host and share it with the lxc container14:30
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adacwondering if vzdump can also encrypt the backup14:32
adacor if there is another way to do that14:32
AtnonAnyone here who is running Adobe Photoshop and/or Abelton Live on xubuntu?14:38
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kimsetgm4883: but the disadvantage of that is that the directory is mounted all the time, and automount is working in another setup.14:38
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neredsenvyI create a new user when I switch to that user I cannot use commands like ll nor do I see folders/files colored as I do when I'm on root14:42
neredsenvyI used sudo useradd --system --gid www-data --shell /bin/bash --home /home/tomcat tomcat14:42
Picineredsenvy: useradd doesn't copy things from /etc (and the specific folder name is escaping me right now) the one that holds the default .bashrc, etc. Most of the time you should be using adduser, not useradd.14:45
Picineredsenvy: let me remember that folder name and you can copy the stuff from there manually.14:45
iperchello everyone14:46
anonymous287best way to create usb bootable in ubuntu14:46
anonymous287"bootable usb" :)14:47
Picineredsenvy: they're in /etc/skel/14:47
neredsenvywhere do i copy it to14:47
Picineredsenvy: /home/tomcat/ in this case.14:47
neredsenvyPici: Thanks worked like charm14:50
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homa_hi my friends14:53
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znemzCould use some help getting linux-tools-generic installed on ubuntu 14.04 3.13.0-71 on heroku. Been trying https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-buildpack-apt/ with no such luck.14:55
=== n9200guy is now known as tomku|two
MonkeyDust!find linux-tools14:56
ubottuFound: linux-tools-common, linux-tools-generic, linux-tools-lowlatency, linux-tools-virtual, linux-tools-4.2.0-16, linux-tools-4.2.0-16-generic, linux-tools-4.2.0-16-lowlatency, linux-tools-goldfish, linux-tools-3.4.0-4-goldfish, linux-tools-4.2.0-17 (and 23 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-tools&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all14:56
MonkeyDustznemz  it's in the repos, no need for an external .deb14:57
ipercwho tried to user guitar rig on ubuntu through wine ?14:57
znemzI need the deb url to make that buildpack work.14:57
znemzThere is no access to root in heroku and everything gets installed at boot / buildpack time.14:57
MonkeyDustiperc  try #ubuntustudio, a dedicated multimedia channel14:58
ipercI can't compile wineasio on ubuntu 15.1014:58
MonkeyDustwhat's herolu14:58
MonkeyDustwhat's heroku14:58
ipercthanks !14:58
MonkeyDustznemz  this is ubuntu support14:59
znemzCould use some help getting linux-tools-generic installed on ubuntu 14.04 3.13.0-71 on heroku. Been trying https://github.com/ddollar/heroku-buildpack-apt/ with no such luck.14:59
znemzI just need perf14:59
znemzsorry wrong room; meant that to be in heroku channel15:00
anonymous287wine cannot use my connexion15:02
anonymous287can you help me?15:02
lesslesshey folks! I'm trying to install nginx mainline  on ubuntu 14.04 by following this article http://nginx.org/en/linux_packages.html#mainline15:07
lesslessbut even after apt-get update,  apt-get install nginx still installs 1.8.x instead of 1.9.x15:08
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znemzlessless did you try updating the repos? https://www.nginx.com/resources/wiki/start/topics/tutorials/install/#15:13
znemzsudo -s15:13
znemznginx=stable # use nginx=development for latest development version15:13
znemzadd-apt-repository ppa:nginx/$nginx15:13
znemzapt-get update15:13
znemzapt-get install nginx15:13
bugnutsanyone here figured out how to get the ubuntu template up and running in qubes?15:15
nichlasCan anyone point me towards an up-to-date guide on dualbooting Ubuntu and Win10? Seems i end up with either unbootable ubuntu or win10 when i try it.15:16
bugnutsnichlas, try www.qubes-os.org15:16
bugnutssingle boot, then run all you need in a secured virutlised sandbox15:17
longwuyuanhi, anyone using wily15:17
nichlasbugnuts: so how does it perform graphically?15:17
bekksnichlas: Not sufficient for gaming.15:18
nichlasthen it's out15:18
lesslessznemz, no luck - still 1:1.8.1-
bugnutsnichlas, mostly headless ecept for gui applications then its windowed, you can force full screan, gor gaming your looking at 1gig ram hit for seucirty15:18
omeniusI'm getting some errors while upgrading and installing mumble-server, could someone help?15:18
omeniushere is what I'm getting: http://pastebin.com/rhPi4cC315:18
omeniusseems python related15:18
nichlasbugnuts: that's so not what i'm looking for :)15:18
bekksbugnuts: Can you please rephrase it? Gaming is not a target for virtualization.15:19
omeniuscould it be because I've changed default 2.x python to 3.415:19
bugnutsbekks, its more rather than dual booting run everything you need on xen15:20
longwuyuanhello, anyone using wily15:20
bugnutsnot sure how far along they are with win10 though15:20
nichlasbugnuts: "everything you need" as long as it's not AAA gaming.15:20
bekksbugnuts: that would require the (only) graphics adapter to be passed through to a VM, which I strongly advice against.15:20
nichlasthat's the only thing keeping Win10 on my PC.. that and lightroom15:20
=== tomku|two is now known as kimse
bugnutsnichlas, i havent tried gaming yet been to buisy to install windows lol15:21
=== ian_5426746 is now known as ian_5426746_
nichlasbugnuts: then you really shouldn't try to advice on it.15:22
bugnutsbekks, fair point, not sure how qubes does it exactly i sjould really look that up15:22
MozaiWhich irc channel do I use to ask a question about postfix?15:22
longwuyuanhello, any way to use the backported atheros10k driver on Wily15:22
bekksbugnuts: They do it using xen. The above applies.15:23
bekksMozai: #postfix ? :)15:23
znemzlessless https://gist.github.com/nmccready/d25c0446a586fe6c240715:23
Mozaibekks, "Unfortunately because of attacks on Freenode IRC, we have had to limit participation to  registered users."15:24
=== metal_camp is now known as metalcamp
nichlasMozai: you could just register.15:25
Mozainichlas, working on that now.15:25
ioriaomenius, python --version ?15:25
Mozai... seems NickServ forgot my name.15:26
nichlasMozai: happened to me too. I guess they clean up once in a while.15:27
MozaiIn the meantime, I'll ask here.  Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, postfix. Gotta change the default suffix for outgoing mail to something that isn't the hostname and matches the host's PTR record.  I've set 'myorigin' and 'mydomain' and even 'myhostname' but postfix is still using `hostname -fqdn` and appending that to outgoing mail.  What did I forget to do?15:29
=== ian_5426746_ is now known as iggy19
plop_hi there, is anyone can tell me how can i have my little gear icon back on ubuntu 15.10 ? i try to reset unity with unity-tweak-tool but it's the same15:35
=== kimse is now known as viceroy_jenkins
Mozaiplop_ where is the little gear icon?15:38
Mozaior where did you expect to see it?15:39
ipercwhat is the gear icon ?15:40
plop_top right of the screen, it's where you have shutdown restart etc..15:41
plop_Mozai: top right of the screen, it's where you have shutdown restart etc..15:41
=== iggy19 is now known as \\0x_
plop_Mozai: the button is gone after upgrade to 15.1015:42
cfhowlettplop_, you tweaked it away then15:43
tetawhat's the most boombalistic way to upgrade my ubuntu 14.04 to the latest ubuntu?15:44
OerHeksteta, reinstall15:45
ubuntu082guys i upgrade my ubuntu 14.04 to 15.10 but when i reboot it15:45
cfhowlettteta, download 15.10 and clean intstall15:45
ubuntu082it show failed to load kernel modules15:45
ubuntu082how can i fix it ?15:45
OerHeksteta, else you have issues upgrading 14.04 > 14.10 ( eol) > 15.04 ( eol) > 15.10 ( current)15:45
iperci newer upgrade my ubuntu, because it always crash after upgrade15:46
ubuntu082i just upgrade it directly from 14.04 to 15.1015:46
OerHeks14.04 to 15.10, i have seen that the upgrader gives this option, but fails.15:46
OerHeksno clue how to fix this, backup your data and reinstall15:46
plop_ok i found a solution, its appen only with high contrast theme15:46
plop_thanks guys15:46
ubuntu082is there anybody can help me ?15:47
tetaso looks like 14.04 is still like the main version right15:47
ubuntu082ok have a nice night i will find it myself15:48
cfhowlettubuntu082, we did help you.  you cannot "easily" upgrade to 15.10 from 14.04.  download 15.10 and install it.  OR wait for a few months and direct upgrade to 16.0515:48
OerHeksno, 15.10 is also in that page, 2nd blcok15:48
ubuntu082why i cant ?15:48
EriC^^ubuntu082: hi15:48
OerHeksagain: 14.04 to 15.10, i have seen that the upgrader gives this option, but fails.15:48
EriC^^cfhowlett: he did upgrade, but he got an error after restarting15:48
ubuntu082what is the problem its not like windows move from xp to seven and go on15:49
ubuntu082it just cant load modules15:49
EriC^^ubuntu082: how did you upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10?15:49
cfhowlettit's not like windows because it AIN"T windows.15:49
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
=== \\0x_ is now known as irker348
ubuntu082with do-release-upgrade ithink15:50
MetaconoHi guys15:50
cfhowlettEriC^^, 2nd time I've heard of this.  the first guy did some halfway eolupgrade to force it which broke everything15:50
OerHeksEriC^^, xangua found out that as of december, this upgrade path 14.04 > 15.04 is offered15:51
cfhowlettlink OerHeks ???15:51
EriC^^yeah normal upgrade path15:51
EriC^^14.04 > 15.04 > 15.1015:51
geniiNot more like 14.04->14.10->15.04->15.10 ?15:52
OerHeksi have to loook for that askubuntu page, but this bugreport https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/153489715:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1534374 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1534897 unable to upgrade to 15.04 due to libstdc++6 SRU" [High,Fix committed]15:52
EriC^^oh right15:53
MetaconoI had 15.10 and my SO didn't work15:53
=== viceroy_jenkins is now known as last_staff
Metaconothere's no user15:53
Metaconoafter installation15:53
Metaconohi ciccio15:58
=== irker348 is now known as irker254
OerHeksMetacono, what do you mean with "no user afer installation" ??15:58
cfhowlettOerHeks, just tested my 14.04 --- changed update settings to "next release" and it did indeed begin to upgrade to wily.  I halted the process once it changed my sources.list16:00
cfhowlettthat feature seems to have been rather quietly rolled out ...16:00
ciccioil mangiarozzo16:00
OerHekscfhowlett, yes, there should have been an announcement for that :-(16:01
cfhowlett!it | ciccio16:01
ubottuciccio: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:01
OerHeksbut xangua found out it crashes, a lot.16:01
OerHeksso, it is a bug, or buggy16:01
=== mohan1 is now known as mohan
OerHeksbuggy as intended, but with a bug16:02
=== irker254 is now known as Gizmosis350k
Metacono<OerHeks> I mean that theres no user, no root user and nothing16:05
Metacono<OerHeks> I had to run Ubuntu 15.10 in recovery mod to create a user16:05
cfhowlettMetacono, your install is suspect and not to be trusted.16:06
S-USA|PhoneMetacono: you'll have to reinstall due to that whatever it is16:06
cfhowlettubuntu creates the admin user by default.  No admin user on reboot?  your system is funky16:06
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=== last_staff is now known as Velveeta
tewardis there a list of what architectures are supported for which releases?16:08
Metacono<OerHeks> and I couldn't give admin permissions to it16:09
Metaconoscuse me for my bad english xD16:09
S-USA|Phoneteward: Well, we support 32- and 64-bit x86 (including Mac), and a couple of flavours support PowerPC16:10
cfhowlettand arm ...16:10
OerHeksMetacono, without admin user, you cannot give an user admin rights, so you run around in circles.16:10
=== Gizmosis350k is now known as binarypl1
MetaconoI think it could be because i used an netinstall16:11
S-USA|Phonecfhowlett: Well yes, ARM as well, but that's just for Ubuntu Touch, right?16:11
cfhowlettS-USA|Phone, yep16:11
OerHeksbackup your data with live iso, not netinstall iso, and reinstall.16:11
Metacononow I have ubuntu 14.0416:11
MetaconoI installed with the live iso16:11
OerHeksinstalling with netinstall should be fine. ( only wired internet)16:11
Metaconoand works perfectly16:11
S-USA|Phonecfhowlett: I was particularly talking about Ubuntu desktop :)16:12
MetaconoI used wireless :c16:12
tewardS-USA|Phone: not the question, i'm not asking about flavors, i'm asking about individual releases - precise, trusty, etc.16:12
tewardi *know* we support the basics ;)16:12
tewardi need the full list16:12
tewardi just got my answer from Launchpad, now.16:12
OerHeksteward, easy to find https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SupportedArchitectures16:13
* teward goes back into the shadows16:13
tewardthanks OerHeks16:13
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
S-USA|Phoneteward: I don't think you get my point... All supported releases are for 32- and 64-bit x86, except for Ubuntu Touch for ARM platforms and Ubuntu MATE additionally supports PowerPC. (Lubuntu does too, but they are lacking testers ATM)16:14
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=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
S-USA|PhoneAck! Net split!16:14
bugnutssin ack!16:14
OerHeksteward arm 8 is missing on that page :-D16:15
OerHekslike rasp pi216:15
=== sparklyballs_2 is now known as Sparklyballs
bugnutsor is it ack sin16:15
bugnutsor is it ack sin forgot the packet order :S16:15
llutzOerHeks: rpi2 is armv716:15
MozaiI found the answer to my postfix problem.  I assumed `mail` was part of postfix, but it's actually GNU mailutils.  And GNU mailutils appends `hostname` when making the message and before handing it to the local MTA.16:16
=== fuzzybunny69y is now known as greenb09
S-USA|PhoneDing dong, the witch is dead16:19
* OerHeks is alive16:19
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=== Guest53104 is now known as sambrambam
S-USA|PhoneOh Dang it, that was meant for #u-o16:23
k1l_DrUbuntu: please stick to technical ubuntu support in here16:24
asdf-i'm looking into SSD caching on Ubuntu 14.04 and I'm finding all sorts of tutorials for dm-cache, bcache, etc. that are a couple years old... can anyone recommend a HOWTO that is relatively new with what is considered today's best practices?16:24
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=== xubuntu is now known as Guest49602
=== popey_ is now known as popey
sabsomeone knows rsnapshot? I want to rsnapshot from one box to another. but it says permission failed.16:31
asdf-sab, lookup chown and chmod16:32
asdf-change the permissions16:32
MacroManI'm reading about more in depth optimizing of my server. I keep finding references to net.core.somaxconn being set to 128 as default, but mine seems to be 3281300 which just doesn't seem right.16:32
MacroManIs there something I'm missing? I'm using cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max to check16:33
IamTryingUbuntu still did not fixed this issue. 1) sound settings, how can i setup headphone volume and speaker volume? (my endusers have to go to every time in terminal and type alsamixer and then find where is headphone bar.)16:33
the_drowhow do I prevent ubuntu from deleting the apt cache after apt-get install?16:33
llutzsab: if you want to preserve permissions, you need to run rsnapshot as root. destination has to be a filesystem supporting hardlinks16:34
the_drowI just tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/51567/why-does-var-cache-apt-archives-keep-deleting-files and it doesn't really work16:34
MacroManDoh. Wrong command to check. Ignore me16:34
oscar-Hi, how do I find out the services, that need a restart, after I have upgraded my system?16:35
goddardwhen you connect a bluetooth speaker for example it connects and switches to play sound on that device automatically, but it doesn't switch the device in the sound controls so every time you have to go into the sound settings and set the default device.16:38
goddardwho or what is the project to look at for this?16:38
goddardi imagine the sound controller and the the sound settings manager are different systems16:39
=== greenb09_ is now known as Natt01
anonymous287hi, i need help16:41
nicomachusgoddard: pulseaudio. specifically, you may want to look into pavucontrol, which is PulseAudio Volume Control. You can set default devices there easily.16:41
anonymous287i installed duc no-ip  in wine, but i can't access to my account with it, it tell me "Timeout requests"16:43
OerHeksanonymous287, try the wine channel for applicationhelp16:45
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:45
oscar-In other words: How do I map running processes to the name of the service, they result from?16:45
=== speidy is now known as CandyMan887
goddardnicomachus: so you set the devices in priority level or something?16:46
S-USA|PhoneI hate I/O errors in syscalls16:48
XATRIXHi again. Why i can't install linux-headers16:50
OerHeksXATRIX, what ubuntu version, 15.04 ??16:50
=== ilya is now known as Guest17679
OerHeksit is dead, EOL, upgrade.16:50
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid16:50
XATRIXSorry, 15.1016:51
DirtyCajunWorkdat 1 day ago doe16:51
XATRIXI tried stock kernel 4.2.0, but i have messed my laptop with it16:52
OerHeksXATRIX, strange comand >>  sudo dpkg -i Kernel/linux-headers-4.5.0-040500rc2-generic_4.5.0-040500rc2.201601312230_amd64.deb16:52
XATRIXYeap, i did it. currently on this kernel16:52
XATRIXBut i can't install headers16:52
OerHekssudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) # for current running kernel16:53
XATRIXOerHeks: this kernel was downloaded directly from ppa16:53
oscar-XATRIX, install the missing dependency package first ("linux-headers-4.5.0-040500rc2-generic depends on linux-headers-4.5.0-040500rc2"), then try again16:54
=== Natt01 is now known as w4t3r
=== AndChat|622356 is now known as littlebunnyfufu
OerHeksXATRIX, looks like not a kernel from mainline, so i cannot help you16:54
XATRIXOerHeks: i took it here http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.5-rc2-wily/16:54
XATRIXoscar-: kk, let's see16:55
ispHi, i've installed Ubuntu (15.10) and used the windows ESP in the install wizard, i can see an entry for ubuntu in efibootmgr and when i enter windows boot manager itself, but when i try to boot it the machine just reboot and switches to windows16:58
XATRIXcool! seems i've made it16:58
ispdo i have to install grub seperatly or something ?16:59
EriC^^isp: hp laptop?16:59
ispEriC^^: no, an intel nuc17:00
EriC^^isp: paste efibootmgr -v17:00
Charly41I have the ubuntu with the home folder encrypted, is it possible to change it to the normal  version? Some people told me that the encrypted version give some problems and happens that user lose everything.17:03
oscar-Charly41, you should have a recent backup anyway anytime.17:04
OerHeksCharly41, fastest way is to create an new user, add that one to sudoers, and remove the encrypted user.17:04
OerHeksand allways backup indeed17:05
ispEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1488930217:06
Charly41so if I try to create a new user ubuntu will ask me if I want the normal home folder or the encrypted one...17:07
=== wagle_ is now known as wagle
OerHeksuse adduser, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto17:09
=== w4t3r is now known as eipi01
=== CandyMan887 is now known as chris_debian
homa_hi my friends17:16
areskihello, I upgraded to 15.10 and when I go to Ubuntu Dash, it cannot find any applications... any ideas on how to fix this?17:16
R13oseIs there a way to make Mac OS X run on Ubuntu?17:18
OerHeksR13ose, the UELA only allows you to run osx virtualised on osx.17:18
homa_R13ose, install virtualbox17:19
OerHeksapples osx uela17:19
isp*eula ?17:19
homa_install virtualbox from www.oracle.com17:19
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boodllebatwhenever i shut down ubuntu a screen flashes for second which says lightdm [on] how to get that screen ?17:31
boodllebatand it shows other logs too , i want to see those logs17:31
boodllebatanybody up ?17:37
=== Guest87525 is now known as zerozero
HamRadioboodllebat, here17:38
boodllebatwhenever i shut down ubuntu a screen flashes for second which says lightdm [on] how to get that screen ?17:38
boodllebatHamRadio: !17:38
=== chris_debian is now known as albanberg
HamRadioNo idea boodllebat17:38
pastraniWhats up people!17:39
OerHeksboodllebat,  those messages appear in the log for the last session  /var/log/kern1.log or /var/log/messages17:40
boodllebatOerHeks: strange i dont have messages17:41
=== MBD123 is now known as taion809
OerHeksboodllebat, oh correct, /var/log/messages has been deleted from Natty.17:42
OerHeks( 11.04 )17:42
=== frobware_ is now known as frobware
boodllebatOerHeks: no kern1.log is not that screen17:43
=== sandeep is now known as Guest21018
Bassemis there away to make Ubuntu an advanced router that give Internet to specific MAC address on the network17:51
v0r0nweBassem: generally, to build an "advanced router", i made good experiences with ipcop or ipfire, which are distros build exactly for router/firewalls17:55
v0r0nwebut you can do the same with ubuntu, i guess17:55
=== zerozero_ is now known as zerozero
Bassemv0r0nwe, is ipcop or ipfire and applications or what?17:56
v0r0nweno it's a linux distro like ubuntu is17:56
boodllebatdoes anybody know what is onion router in log it says starting onion router but i dont remember setting up Tor relay network17:57
=== taion809 is now known as stanley01
boodllebatOerHeks: do you know18:00
EriC^^isp: have you solved the problem yet?18:02
k1l_boodllebat: onion is tor stuff. so you installed tor for browsing or such? we dont know what you did18:02
=== jack is now known as Guest36793
boodllebatk1l_: i remember last year i just used tor browser , i did not created any relay network do you know how can i remove it ?18:03
=== albanberg is now known as ShaggyInc
=== stanley01 is now known as Film12
nascentmindHi. When I do a systemd-analyze blame I get dev-sda5.service at ~25s. Why is this so slow?18:11
EriC^^nascentmind: what's /etc/fstab  have18:12
nascentmindproc, / and swap, /dev/scd018:13
Bassemv0r0nwe, do you know how can i do it with ubuntu?18:13
ZoderUch2<ZoderUch2> if an asp.net sample application does run with xsp4 --port  how do i enable that in  apache2 with modmono ?18:13
k1l_nascentmind: what is sda5?18:13
nascentmindk1l_, partition mounted as root.18:13
jgiljeSo my Xubuntu install is 5 gigs on my ssd, and i have 16 gb ram. Is it possible to run xubuntu from ramdisk to make it faster?18:14
DaMastahHi, I'm on Ubuntu server 15.10 and I have a problem with aufs : I mount several different directories on several mount points (all rw). All 4 mounts work when I read them but I can only create files on one (others tell "device is busy"). It kinda blows my mind because they are all setup the same. Can someone please help me ? :')18:14
v0r0nweBassem: sorry, no. if you are planning a machine to use only for such thing (router/firewall) i would use a distro specialized for that, which would be ipcop, ipfire or others.18:14
nascentmindEriC^^,  proc, / and swap, /dev/scd018:15
k1l_nascentmind: got it fsckd this boot?18:15
nascentmindk1l_, no18:15
Bassemv0r0nwe, can i run ipcop as VM on ubuntu18:16
PipapopHello! How can I force an upgrade of network-manager to the vivid version when I'm on 14.04 (trusty) ?18:16
BluesKajPipapop, vivid is no longer supported18:17
v0r0nweBassem: sure, you can run any os as vm on ubuntu.18:17
PipapopBluesKaj: ok :/18:17
PipapopI have a network-manager problem and the bug resolution on launchpad was to upgrade to vivid version.18:17
Bassemv0r0nwe, ok what i want to do is allow internet to specific mac address on my network and control it's internet bandwidth,,will ipcop do that18:18
VoidWhispererWhat's the best way to use ubuntu desktop when there is minimal space availiable? I'm installing it into a 15GB partition18:18
BluesKajPipapop, what is your networki NIC /chip?18:19
v0r0nweVoidWhisperer: 15GB is way enough.18:19
PipapopI lost my network on ubuntu (works on Win7). I managed to get it back but now the wifi only works when the ethernet cable is wired. I can't find any help on google18:19
VoidWhispererv0r0nwe, won't it mean i have to store everything on a cloud server or an external drive?18:19
PipapopBluesKaj: Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 [Taylor Peak] (rev 34)18:19
v0r0nweBassem: don't remember, just checkout the ipcop or ipfire distros.18:19
PipapopBluesKaj: from lspci18:19
v0r0nweVoidWhisperer: a sorry that's the whole space? ok there are some lightweight desktop environments like lxde (which is Lubuntu, then) but i don't think they give you more than just 1 GB, but i don't really know.18:20
eelstrebordnscrypt - i downloaded the resolvers list from github but it's html encoded. is there a true .csv file i can download?18:20
ioriaVoidWhisperer, you could install from mini.iso and install openbox18:21
v0r0nweVoidWhisperer: why do you have only 15GB? soon or later, regardless of which lightweight (or not) distro, you will need more space anyway if you start use it productively and "really" work with it18:22
=== Film12 is now known as p0t
VoidWhispererI'm kind of stuck here, tryin to dualboot ubuntu with windows on my surface pro 318:22
VoidWhispererwhich as it turns out, partitioning on windows 10 on a 128GB SSD is a huge pain18:22
v0r0nweVoidWhisperer: or you can install a minimal system and install only the few packages you need18:22
PipapopBluesKaj: my bug was almost exactly this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/141570218:23
=== ShaggyInc is now known as Ellaxe
k1l_VoidWhisperer: install in just one partition. no seperate / and /home partitions. how much ram you got?18:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1416635 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1415702 NetworkManager crashed with signal 5 in ASSERT_VALID_PATH_COMPONENT()" [High,Fix released]18:23
Pipapopnetworkmanager was respawning to fast and it was stopped. I thought it was a kernel problem because I had a upgrade recently and did not reboot from 1 week but the problem was still there with the previous kernel18:25
ispEriC^^: no :(18:31
=== p0t is now known as SpecOdHec341
fscdhello! i have stuff on ~/Maildir/new but running `mail` gives `No mail for USER`. sometime before it showed new mail's correctly. what can i do to understand and fix this?18:39
llutzfscd: does it work, after you set "export MAIL=$HOME/Maildir"18:42
_pashhello i am trying to install linux intel haswell hd graphics18:44
_pashand i canat download the graphics installer from 01.org because there seems to be an error18:44
_pashany tips?18:44
fscdllutz: let me try18:45
=== Ellaxe is now known as Seylerius2
fscdllutz: yes it does. thank you! why didn't I need to set that env var before?18:45
llutzfscd: idk, maybe it was already set somewhere18:46
fscdllutz: okay, ill set that envvar on .bashrc, thanks!18:46
=== SpecOdHec341 is now known as Madskills42001
_pashhow can i install linux intel hd integrated haswell drivers?18:48
Dreamanhow to install win 10 :)18:50
Chris93Hello World, whats*s up?18:50
k1l_Chris93: technical ubuntu support :)18:51
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Chris93okay. How can I help?18:51
_pashChris93: 01.org doesnt work, can i somehow install intel drivers18:53
_pashDreaman: thats funny, have you found a mirror to 01.org?18:54
k1l__pash: what gives you "lsb_release -d" in terminal?18:54
Chris93actually it should work. Have you tried it from other system?18:54
_pashUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS18:54
_pashChris93: i tried it from my phone and it doesnt18:55
_pashit was down18:55
_pashnow they took it down for maintenance18:55
k1l__pash: why do you want to install a driver? its in the kernel already18:55
Dreamannikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ inxi -F18:56
DreamanSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 4.5.0-040500rc2-generic x86_64 (64 bit)18:56
Dreaman           Desktop: Unity Distro: Ubuntu 15.10 wily  k1l_ i just kidding18:56
_pashwell k1l_ i get better performance of MATLAB on Windows, but i mostly work on Linux, so the only different thing are the drivers, currently its using mesa18:56
k1l_!ot | Dreaman18:56
ubottuDreaman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:56
sergiuasdIam using Ubuntu, i Wanted to ask.. I bought NEW harddrive SATA 3, and it died at 3 day. Iam asking myself, maybe my power supply kills hard drivers?18:57
Chris93It is in the Kernel already, but sometimes Intel has new drivers. I think you have to install *.deb.18:57
Dreamanи усе убунту18:57
Dreamani use ubuntu18:57
sergiuasdAlready 2 hard drivers died in last week, maybe power supply is guilty..18:57
_pashk1l_: Chris93: why do you think i get better matlab speed on windows than ubuntu18:57
k1l_Dreaman: enough offtopic now. you were warned enough times. use #ubuntu-offtopic for chat18:57
_pashand the difference is significant18:57
Chris93I don*t think Ubuntu broke your hard drive.18:58
k1l__pash: "uname -a" gives you what?18:58
ZoderUch2<ZoderUch2> if an asp.net sample application does run with xsp4 --port  how do i enable that in  apache2 with modmono ?18:58
_pashk1l_: 3.19.0-49-generic #55~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 22 11:24:31 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:58
sergiuasdChris93, no, i think power supply, can powr supply hard hard driver?:)18:58
Chris93pASH> Because the drivers are mostly newer for windows.18:58
_pashright so what would be a good linux solution?18:59
_pashto improve performance?18:59
k1l__pash: you could test the 4.2 kernel from wily. install the wily lts kernel package18:59
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k1l__pash: linux-generic-lts-wily19:00
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Chris93what do you want to perform with your graphic card?19:00
_pashwhat would that improve?19:00
_pashill try it now19:00
_pashChris93: i am working on a matlab project for uni19:01
_pashand it just runs faster in windows than on ubuntu, but i dont like win. its mostly for rotating and resizing images19:01
k1l__pash: intel drivers are in the kernel.19:01
_pashk1l_: ah yes19:02
_pashk1l_: is that the same as running ubuntu 15?19:02
k1l__pash: no19:02
_pashk1l_: or would that possibly give a boost?19:02
Chris93Possibly. But it would only give a small boost.19:03
liquidSignalHello, people. How do I install MatLab on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine?19:04
pbxliquidSignal, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB19:04
* liquidSignal thanks pbx19:06
deniz946Hello, i have ubuntu server installed with apache2 and my port 80 opened, but when i try to access frm outside of my lan, i can't conenct19:07
deniz946the same way i have another ports opened and for them i can access19:07
deniz946but not for the apache web server19:07
deniz946any help please19:07
_pashk1l_: it gave me a 1s boost :) thanks!19:09
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_pashis there anything else i could do?19:09
CreackerJackk1l_: to nervius my friend19:09
k1l_CreackerJack: really? you rae evading a mute to make even more offtopic?19:10
CreackerJacki say ok19:11
k1l_CreackerJack: join ##chat if you want to talk with others. this channel is _only_ for technical support.19:11
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Chris93send something from your MathLab. If it is possible?19:11
sudormrfhey guys, I am trying to use gparted to move a partition to the right.  the partition is NTFS and this is on a live cd.  gparted is saying it can't read NTFS.19:20
bumpwhat livecd are you using?19:21
sudormrfubuntu 15.0419:21
sudormrfntfs-3g is installed19:21
bumpdoes mounting the partition work?19:21
sudormrfit is ghosted out19:22
bekksuse the mount command.19:22
sudormrfit is saying it can't find /dev/sda or /dev/sda119:23
=== JasonG is now known as Guest51319
bekkssudormrf: I doubt that. What is the command you are using, and what is the exact output?19:23
sudormrfbekks, sudo mount /dev/sda -> mount: can't find /dev/sda in /etc/fstab19:24
sudormrfsame result with sda119:24
sudormrfoh derp19:24
bumpoh that's because you need to give it a mount point19:24
sudormrfneed to point it at a folder19:24
sudormrfhang on19:24
DaMastahHi I'm on 15.10 server and I have a problem with aufs : when I aggregate two cifs mountpoints I can't write to them, I get "device is busy". Please help :)19:24
sudormrfok there we go19:24
=== Rizy is now known as bitx0r
sudormrfdidn't mount19:24
sudormrfmount: /dev/sda is write-protected, mounting read-only19:25
sudormrfmount: wrong fs type, bad option, or other error19:25
llutzsudormrf: mount partitions, not the drive19:25
sudormrfok no errors19:25
bekkswhen doing what?19:25
bekksWe cant see what you are doing so you have to tell us.19:25
sudormrfbekks, mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/temp -> no error.19:26
bumpsudormrf if your partition is write protected that probably means it is "dirty"19:26
bekksbump: he tried to mount the entire drive.19:26
sudormrfbump, will that prevent me from moving the partitions around?19:26
=== suyash911 is now known as suyash911_
bekkssudormrf: yes.19:26
bumpbut if it doesn't give you a dirty error on mount then it isn't dirty19:26
sudormrfbump, go on19:27
bumpokay so you have successfully mounted the partition?19:27
sudormrfbump, yes19:27
ash_workzwhen you get an md5 file along with your file, are you supposed to do something along the lines of `diff <(md5 file) file.md5` ?19:27
sudormrfthe primary OS on this is windows and when the image was deployed it was not done correctly.  the partition table looks like this: c drive - system reserved instead of system reserved - c drive19:28
bumpokay, now unmount it, since we've confirmed that the ntfs-3g drivers are working properly19:28
sudormrfso now, I cloned the drive to something with more capacity and have this c drive - system reserved - unallocated space19:28
bekkssudormrf: PAstebin "sudo fdisk -l".19:28
sudormrfwould like to move the system reserved before the c drive19:28
sudormrfbump, unmounting19:28
bekkssudormrf: that will tell us how the partition table looks like.19:28
bumpyes an fdisk layout would be nice19:28
bumpbut I don't know if you can move a partition in front of another partition19:29
disconnectedhey, I've got 2nd screen connected and I feel some "lags" on it... I've got 2 cards in my laptop - intel one and nvidia, how can I 'debug' this issue?19:29
ph88can i refresh the desktop somehow? everything is black instead of mouse pointer19:29
bumpbut I don't believe it actually matters which order the system reserved is in in windows, as long as everything is pointing to everything correctly19:29
ph88except mouse pointer *19:29
sudormrfinstalling pastebinit19:29
ash_workzmaybe most people ignore the md519:29
bekksbump: correct, it is irrelevant to windows.19:30
sudormrfbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1489433919:30
ash_workzor maybe it uses openssl ? I dunno how to md5 a file in linux19:30
sudormrfthere is unallocated space that isn't showing19:30
sudormrfwould either like to move sda2 before sda1 or move the unallocated space in to sda119:31
ash_workzoh I guess you're supposed to use md5sum19:31
bumpsudormrf you don't actually need to rearrange those, you should just extend the volume to the desired size, and then make sure your BCD (windows boot config) is correct19:32
ash_workzif a file is gzipped, are you supposed to run md5sum on the zip or unzipped file?... zipped right?19:33
bekksash_workz: depends which md5sum you have for comparison.19:33
sudormrfbump, I can't extend the volume because it is not allowing me to select the unallocated space because it is after sda219:34
sudormrfeither that or it is because I am getting the error in gparted about ntfs19:34
Chris93I would definitely use md5sum19:34
bumpoh I see now we're back to the reason for what you said in the beginning19:35
bumpso you can't "drag" the sda2 partition to the right?19:35
sudormrfbump, correct19:35
bekkssudormrf: Which error do you get in gparted?19:35
ash_workzbekks: if I have 2 files file.ext.gz and file.ext.md5 ... does that imply the md5sum is on the uncompressed file?19:35
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bumpI believe so ash_workz19:35
sudormrfbekks, the red ! saying that it is unable to read the contents of the drive19:35
bekksash_workz: look into the file.ext.md5 sum, it will tell you which file was used.19:35
=== suyash911_ is now known as Beth12
sudormrfthe cause might be a missing software package....ntfsprogs/ntfs-3g19:36
geirhaash_workz: Doesn't the md5 file contain the filename?19:36
bekkssudormrf: If that would be the case, you would have been unable to mount it.19:36
ash_workzgeirha: no19:36
bumphey sudormrf, close gparted, then open up a terminal19:37
sudormrfbekks, right.  and I was able to mount it.  so I don't know why gparted is reporting an error19:37
ash_workzjust a hash19:37
bumpand type sudo -i19:37
sudormrfbump, done19:37
bumpand then type gparted19:37
Chris93is there a good program to convert videos?19:37
sudormrfbump, was already running gparted as su19:37
sudormrfsame error19:37
bekksno need for sudo -i :)19:37
geirhaash_workz: Oh well, try both:  gzip -cd file.ext.gz | md5sum - file.ext.gz19:37
bekkssudo gparted would be sufficient.19:37
daftykinsi thought we tended to advise against 'sudo' with GUI utilities19:37
bumpwe do19:38
bumpsudo -i drops you to su19:38
bekksit doesnt.19:38
bekkssudo -i opens an interactive shell using sudo.19:38
sudormrfso are we stuck?19:38
bumpdo you have any other live cd's you could try? all things considered, it should be able to play with the partition since you were able to manually play with it19:39
sudormrfbump, yeah.  one sec19:39
SonikkuAmericaUse [ gparted-pkexec ] instead19:40
=== bitx0r is now known as donga
bumpoh what does that do SonikkuAmerica19:40
daftykinsasks for password on run19:41
daftykinsit often comes up in the dash or run dialogue box when you start typing gparted19:41
SonikkuAmericaIt uses the polkit authentication method instead of the older gksu method19:41
sudormrfdoing about 100 things at once.  trying another live CD now19:41
bekkssudormrf: How about just doing one thin after another then? :)19:42
sudormrfbekks, unfortunately that isn't an option.19:42
daftykinsbekks: sudormrf never was famed for a logical order of tasks ;)19:42
bekksdaftykins: :P19:43
sudormrfbekks, only person in the office today means that I am the only one doing everything.  makes it tough to do only one thing at a time19:43
daftykinswow you're in here asking about a work based thing?19:43
bekkssudormrf: and that windows box your are trying to break with gparted is the main office computer?19:43
sudormrfwas trying parted magic but it was an old version that wasn't booting correctly19:43
sudormrfbekks, nah19:44
bekkssudormrf: Well, then do your job first. :)19:44
sudormrfbekks, this is part of the job19:44
bekkssudormrf: you just said "nah".19:44
sudormrfanyway, booted to ubuntu 15.10 gnome and it is giving me the same issue19:44
sudormrfit is not the main office computer19:44
sudormrfwhich is what the nah was in response to19:44
sudormrfanyways, same error19:44
daftykinsdo i smell LVM?19:45
sudormrfno.  you don't.19:45
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PipapopHi again. Can someone share a basic /etc/networking/interfaces file?19:46
daftykinsah, so then you should backup and re-do from scratch so as to save everyones time19:46
PipapopMy wifi doesn't work without ethernet cable plugged in.19:46
daftykinsbackup, repartition, restore -> done19:46
daftykinsPipapop: typically the file doesn't even refer to the interfaces since network manager needs to take control of them19:46
PipapopI had to manually add two lines in the previous file to enable eth0 connexion but wlan0 doesn't show up until I plug the ethernet cable19:46
=== Beth12 is now known as Anon987
sudormrfbekks, bump any suggestions?19:46
bekkssudormrf: backup, reinstall.19:46
sudormrfbekks, not an option.19:47
ash_workzso the normal way to do this is `md5sum file -c file.md5` ?19:47
sudormrfif the suggestion was going to be nuke it and restart I would have done that without cloning the drive19:47
sudormrfI will figure it out.  thanks anyway.19:47
daftykinsdo what i said, it makes sense19:48
bilb_onohas anyone here used the glances monitor tool?19:48
Pipapopdaftykins: ok, but my network-manager went berserk after a reboot. I had no connection available but the network worked on Win7. I managed to add two lines in the interfaces file to get internet back but I am stuck with the cable now :/19:48
daftykinssudormrf: any particular reason you're fighting with sense again today, or do you just not like me teasing you earlier? :D19:48
bilb_onoim trying to find a way to show the mem usage in kb instead of MB19:48
bekkssudormrf: good luck then, bein on your own.19:48
daftykinsPipapop: ok so your install is probably borked somehow19:48
sudormrfdaftykins, for a variety of reasons.19:48
Pipapopdaftykins: by berserk, I mean that It tried to start and respawn 10 times before being shut down19:48
daftykinssudormrf: ok well have fun with that - you're only making things harder on yourself :)19:49
sudormrfbekks, deleting it and reinstalling is not an option, that is why.19:49
sudormrfdaftykins, enough.19:49
daftykinser no, you don't get to tell me that actually :)19:49
Pipapopdaftykins: yep I think so. How can I reinstall correctly the network-manager package ?19:49
daftykinsit's pretty worrying you work with these systems for a living and yet come in here with the basics so often19:49
bilb_onopls no fight19:49
bekkssudormrf: As I said, you are on your own now.19:50
sudormrfbekks, word.19:51
Pipapopdaftykins: I found an answer on askubuntu, involving a live USB. I'll try that19:51
sudormrfthere we go.  much better.19:51
sudormrfbekks, understood.  I appreciate you and bump trying to help out.  I am sure I can work around it.  going to try it in parted magic.19:52
daftykinsPipapop: ok. i'd have tested from one at least19:52
sudormrfsee if some of the other tools there will help out.19:52
daftykinsmost folks learnt in the win9x era not to trust foolish partitioning tools19:52
bekkssudormrf: Is the data on that disk worth to be kept?19:53
sudormrfbekks, the point is to do this non-destructively if I can.  doing it destructively will add a lot of time to this.  whoever imaged the machine did something incorrectly19:54
bekkssudormrf: So image that machine correctly.19:54
bekkssudormrf: And save our and YOUR time.19:54
sudormrfbekks, that will take more time than fixing the partitions.  believe me.19:54
Pipapopdaftykins: yeah, i'll try if it works with the LiveUSB before trying to reinstall. Safety first19:54
ikoniaI doubt that19:54
sudormrfthat is the last case resort19:54
bekkssudormrf: I strongly doubt that.19:55
sudormrfikonia, if you saw our imaging process you would19:55
sudormrfbekks, see comment to ikonia19:55
ikoniathen fix that19:55
ikoniastop working with broken processes/tools19:55
ikoniastop wasting time maintaining junk19:55
sudormrfikonia, oh, if only life were that easy19:55
ikoniainvest the time fixing the junk then roll out fix19:55
ikoniait is19:55
daftykinsit actually is, you just don't know what you're doing it seems19:55
tgm4883it is19:55
sudormrfikonia, unfortunately carte blanche does not exist here19:55
ikoniathen work within the process19:56
ikoniaand feed back you need X time to fix the image19:56
sudormrfalready am working on that19:56
ikoniahilight the flaw in the process/tool19:56
sudormrfalready have19:56
ikoniajob done then19:56
sudormrfthis is beyond the scope of this chat19:56
sudormrfthanks for your help guys19:56
ikoniatake the time to build the image correctly19:56
ikoniaas you've fed back thats what's going to happen19:56
tgm4883sudormrf: what are you talking about. You work in a company that is small enough that you are the only person that can deal with the computers right now. Grow a pair and tell your dad you are fixing the imaging process19:56
tgm4883I just came in and I'm already tired of hearing about this19:57
ikoniawell, I'd handle it a little better than that19:57
bekkstgm4883: That will end up in having no dinner.19:57
SonikkuAmericaaaaaand he is tired of the snakes on this plane :)19:58
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sudormrftgm4883, ugh.  you really have no idea.  I am already in process of fixing it, however it has been deprioritized by the powers that be.  and again, this is beyond the scope of this room.  if you wish to carry on this discussion in a *rational* manner, it would be better suited for offtopic.20:02
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
bekkssudormrf: Any further continuation of this discussion would be even more time wasted.20:03
tgm4883alright everyone simmer down na20:03
sudormrfwhat's new and cool in 16.04, lads?20:04
daftykinsthat would be off topic here - also lads is sexist20:05
tgm4883you need riddlin20:05
ikoniatgm4883: enough please20:05
daftykinsfeel free to direct any future release chat to #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-discuss20:05
ikonialet it go,20:05
ikoniasudormrf: systemd is the main difference for an LTS release, discussion in #ubuntu+1 please20:05
sudormrfikonia, didn't know that channel existed :D.  thanks!20:06
ikoniano problem20:06
daftykinsah wow i must have been afforded a good /ignore despite stating fact :>20:08
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sergiuasdiam using ubuntu livecd without hdd, on left luncher, it says that there is 1.1GB volume20:17
sergiuasdcan i donwload some file with 1gb size?20:17
akiksergiuasd: ftp://ftp.funet.fi/dev/ look under there20:18
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queskertrying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer but my iso doesn't have a /install/netboot dir20:25
queskerI don't have a usb stick handy so I wanted to install using pxe instead20:26
=== dwat3r_ is now known as dwat3r__
queskeris there a different installer iso I need to download?20:28
daftykinsi think you're just going to make life 100x more painful, just go obtain one :)20:28
ioriaquesker, " (last edited 2010-07-24 )"  i think is old20:31
ioriaquesker,  i used this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto20:31
queskerdoesn't sound like usb installer is much simpler but ok20:31
queskerthat page expects you to have ubuntu already running20:33
queskerif I did I wouldn't be in this predicament  :)20:33
ioriaquesker,  nope, look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto#Creating_your_NFS_installation20:38
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Kartagiscan you help me about my middle button not working anymore?20:46
PenorsaurusI am having an issue with crontabs not working20:49
Penorsaurus* */1 * * * reboot20:49
Penorsaurus@reboot /home/jorged/startup.sh20:49
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Penorsaurusfor some reason, the reboot isn't working20:49
=== step21 is now known as step21_
PenorsaurusI want it to reboot every hour20:50
bekksPenorsaurus: Can you show us the content of that startup.sh?20:50
SeveasPenorsaurus: that would reboot your machine every minute....20:50
PenorsaurusSeveas, this was for testing20:50
PiciPenorsaurus: what Seveas said, assuming you put it in root's crontab.20:50
SeveasPenorsaurus: and whether it works at all depends on which crontab it is in20:50
Penorsaurusit still does not work.20:50
PerpetualWar__hello ppl20:50
PenorsaurusI am logged in as the root user. I am using crontab -e.20:50
PerpetualWar__when I wanna block certain IP using iptables20:51
PerpetualWar__how to restart iptables so change take effect ?20:51
Penorsaurusbekks, startup.sh works fine.20:51
SeveasPenorsaurus: try /sbin/reboot (and try */5 * * * * to give yourself time to login to disable it :))20:51
PerpetualWar__service iptables save20:51
PerpetualWar__iptables: unrecognized service20:51
SeveasPerpetualWar__: there's no such thing as an iptables service, that's a redhatism.20:51
PerpetualWar__ok so how do I make changes take effect ?20:52
SeveasPerpetualWar__: try ufw. (or write your own startup script that populates iptables)20:52
PenorsaurusSeveas, how can I reboot crontab so the chnages I did with crontab -e take effect20:52
llutzPerpetualWar__: iptables-save20:52
SeveasPenorsaurus: crontab changes take effect immediately20:52
Seveasllutz: that just dumps it to stdout20:52
PenorsaurusSeveas, so every 5 minutes, it should reboot, then?20:53
llutzSeveas: redirect to file, iptables-restore <file later20:53
Seveasto save it, iptables-save > /etc/iptables.conf. And in your startup script: iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.conf20:53
Seveasllutz: :)20:53
SeveasPenorsaurus: yup. If it doesn't, check /var/log/syslog for CRON20:53
PenorsaurusSeveas, i am going to change it to /120:54
Penorsaurusso its every minute.20:54
SeveasPenorsaurus: don't. that'll not leace you enough time to log in and remove it if the cronjob works :)20:54
PenorsaurusI'm a local server20:54
PenorsaurusI have direct access to it.20:55
PenorsaurusSeveas, thanks20:55
Penorsaurusthat worked20:55
Seveaswell, do as you please, but don't say you weren't warned :)20:55
PenorsaurusI'll change /1 to /6020:55
Penorsaurusfor every 60 minutes?20:55
Seveashten just do 020:55
cortexmani'm not getting any visible errors, but after i log in the desktop is not rendering20:55
Seveasthen it goes off at the top of the hour20:55
cortexmani don't see any errors in dmesg or Xorg.0.log20:55
cortexmanany ideas/20:55
PerpetualWar__ok I saved to file and did iptables-restore < /etc/iptables.conf20:56
=== sash87_ is now known as sash87__
PenorsaurusSeveas, thank you20:56
PerpetualWar__still I see connection using netstat20:56
lord4163How do you port forward with ufw? I have an application running in a container that I want to expose.20:56
PenorsaurusSeveas,  it says "bad minute"20:56
SeveasPerpetualWar__: iptables rules don't kill existing connections (though when correctly written, no traffic will be allowed on that connection)20:57
Penorsauruswhen I do /020:57
SeveasPenorsaurus: I said 0, not */020:57
Seveasyou don't need to do */anything20:57
Penorsaurusoh, I see20:57
=== arthur is now known as Guest36836
Penorsaurusso its at 0, not divisible by 020:57
PerpetualWar__Seveas, you are saying even though its established conn, it will not allow traffic thru ?20:57
Seveas*/5 -> every 5 minutes, 5 -> 5 minutes passed the hour20:57
SeveasPerpetualWar__: if your rule is correct, yes.20:57
PerpetualWar__how can I just drop connection ?20:58
springirlHi I've ubuntu installed on a 500gigs disk and I want to move that without losing any data to a bigger disk20:58
mate|18745hello im trying to install ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso to my usb stick so i can then instal it to my harddrive . but after doing dd if= of= ; sync  .. the usb says it say an invalid GPT partition that is missing a fake msdos partition. how do i correctly make a usb so i can use ubuntu? please help =(20:58
SeveasPerpetualWar__: restart the service that has it open.20:58
PerpetualWar__remove from established ?20:58
llutzPerpetualWar__: use tcpkill20:58
=== Guest36836 is now known as Arthur__Hact
springirlis there a way to get an image of the current installation and copy it to the new disk?20:58
PerpetualWar__llutz I cannot use that command20:58
PerpetualWar__bash: tcpkill: command not found20:59
llutz!find tcpkill20:59
ubottuFile tcpkill found in bash-completion, dsniff20:59
Seveasspringirl: dd for a bit-by-bit copy (only useful if the disks are of the same size) or rsync for a file by file copy (where you need to be careful with which files to exclude)20:59
llutzPerpetualWar__: sudo apt-get install dsniff20:59
mate|18745how do i go about installing ubuntu then from iso20:59
mate|18745to either usable persistance usb or perferable harddrive and also persist usb21:00
Seveasmate|18745: turn the iso into a dvd or usb disk and install from that21:00
mate|18745i dont have a dvd21:00
Seveasusb stick works just fine21:00
mate|18745but not with dd?21:00
SeveasI haven't installed from DVD in years :)21:00
mate|18745so lost21:00
Seveastry usb-creator-gtk21:01
mate|18745i am only able to boot from porteus atm21:01
Jordan_U_mate|18745: What is the exact dd command you ran?21:01
PerpetualWar__llutz can u help me with usage ?21:01
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
PerpetualWar__tckill <ipaddress> not working21:01
mate|18745dd if=ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync21:01
Seveasmate|18745: I'm not sure if that is supposed to work with Ubuntu's isos21:02
Jordan_USeveas: It is.21:02
llutzPerpetualWar__: tcpkill host ip.ad.re.ss   "man tcpkill"21:02
SeveasJordan_U: thanks! TIL :)21:02
Jordan_Umate|18745: And what happens when you try to boot from this USB drive?21:02
_pash /bye21:02
Seveasbye _pash21:02
mate|18745do i need to setup partitions with fdisk before i do dd?21:02
Jordan_Umate|18745: No.21:03
mate|18745i didnt try to boot it, i just used dd cmd and then ran gparted and gparted said errors with gpt missing fake msdos21:03
PerpetualWar__thanks llutz21:03
PerpetualWar__thanks all21:03
=== Brunost_ is now known as brunost
=== sash87__ is now known as THLEFONIKO19
bekks!br | Arthur__Hact21:04
ubottuArthur__Hact: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:04
PenorsaurusSeveas, thanks for your help.21:04
mate|18745atm i am doing dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb; sync   .. then hoping i can find a solotion to be able to install ubuntu21:04
mate|18745i am running from ram atm and if i reboot i will be without iso21:05
=== gfdhjf is now known as Ogjo
LambdaComplexSeveas: ...Why would dd not work?21:06
dr00p4can anyone recommend a twitter command-line app?21:06
billbillbillHi, I have a laptop with encrypted LVM that is unable to boot into X because it says disk is full ... looking at the error messages in dmesg, it looks like it might have something to do with hibernation image (computer has been off for months, and maybe was hibernated when last shut off?)21:06
billbillbillwhen I run du, it shows plenty of space, but df shows device-mapper drive @ 100% full21:07
billbillbilltrying to boot x shows can't create temp file because disk is full21:07
SeveasLambdaComplex: older isos didn't contain a partition table compatible with usb disks and the right bootloader. Booting from cd is a different process than booting from usb.21:08
_RarityHi. When doing an "cd mydir", which directory is searched for "mydir" first? Is it the working directory or the PATH?21:08
Seveasdr00p4: irssi+bitlbee21:08
LambdaComplexSeveas: Yeah, and I haven't seen a Linux iso in ages that wasn't a hybrid :P21:08
LambdaComplexspringirl: you want rsync btw21:08
SeveasLambdaComplex: that just shows how long ago I actually looked at this :) I feel old.21:09
dr00p4Seveas:  thx, bitlbee - I'll investigate21:09
mate|18745rsync not sync?21:09
LambdaComplexmate|18745: rsync and sync are two very different things21:09
mate|18745how to fix the gparted program saying i have invalid gpt table thats missing fake msdos partion after doing dd from the ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso21:10
Seveasmate|18745: the rsync suggestion was aimed at springirl, who's looking to copy one system to another. sync is what you do to sync filesystems, it's not needed (but harmless) after dd.21:10
billbillbillCan anyone helphelphelp mememe?21:10
billbillbillI needneedneed to be able to boot into my XXX windows.21:11
LambdaComplexspringirl: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Full_system_backup_with_rsync21:11
mate|18745might be able to use the vg cmds from grub resuce bill21:11
Seveasmate|18745: yes, your dd's have overwritten everything, including the partition table. If you want a partition table, create one :)21:11
=== THLEFONIKO19 is now known as THLEFONIKO19_
mate|18745hrm so after i dd copy go into gparted and do add partition table msdos or gpt? and that wont overwrite the disk again?21:12
LambdaComplexSeveas: Shouldn't the iso have a valid partition table? O.o21:12
SeveasLambdaComplex: he then overwrote it from /dev/zero :)21:12
LambdaComplexSeveas: Well, that'd do it :p21:12
mate|18745ya but after the dev/zero is complete id like to put ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso back on it as Round 221:13
mate|18745but correctly this time21:13
Seveasmate|18745: then stop faffing about with gparted21:13
LambdaComplexmate|18745: How'd you do it the first time?21:13
Seveasand just dd the iso onto it21:13
mate|18745dd if=ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M; sync21:13
Seveasyou don't need the sync.21:14
LambdaComplexEr...why didn't that work? O.o21:14
irreleph4ntHi all. I installed isc-dhcp-server yesterday. Was able to start, worked great. After reboot today the service won't start21:14
mate|18745when i plug it in after the dd , it mounts sdb which i cant access , sdb1 with Ubuntu files on it and sdb2 with efi folder21:14
Seveasirreleph4nt: show us the logs please.21:14
Seveasmate|18745: that seems fine. And it doesn't mount sdb, as it's not a filesystem. So that's why you can't access it.21:15
cortexmani can't boot into unity and i'm not getting any useful error messages...21:15
Seveas!pm | irreleph4nt21:15
ubottuirreleph4nt: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.21:15
irreleph4ntSeveas: Which logs would be relevant for you to see in this case?21:16
xanguacortexman: did you do anything before?21:16
Seveasirreleph4nt: the isc-dhcp-server logs that show the startup failure would probably be heplful...21:16
mate|18745so just ignore the gparted bad gpt table messages and try to boot it and then install to harddrive should work fine?21:16
Seveasmate|18745: yes.21:16
mate|18745awesome, thanks peeps21:16
cortexmanxangua, i installed the wrong nvidia drivers, then reinstalled the system on top of the old one and it worked again. now it's not working again.21:16
billbillbillI don't know what to dododo!21:18
anonymous287_i have an error while launching tor21:18
irreleph4ntSeveas: Paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/14896288/  - I also included the service file as I had to rewrite it; stock wasn't working at all21:19
anonymous287_Feb 05 22:19:12.826 [warn] Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to bind one of the listener ports.21:19
anonymous287_Feb 05 22:19:12.826 [err] Reading config failed--see warnings above.21:19
mate|18745will that usb be capable of running persistance after doing the dd copy or do i need to reinstall ubuntu-mate-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso to the usb with usbcreator after installing the hardrive from usb21:19
Seveasirreleph4nt: well, the clue is right there. Your new service file is just as broken (you're passing an empty variable to dirname)21:20
=== THLEFONIKO19_ is now known as t0x
Seveasirreleph4nt: so revert back to the original one. I don't believe for a second that it's as broken as you say it is.21:20
Seveasirreleph4nt: and then edit /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server to match your environment. Then it should start.21:21
Seveasanonymous287_: so kill what's already listening on the tor port or run tor on another port...21:22
irreleph4nt2Seveas: I don't get why, but using the original service file works ...21:24
irreleph4nt2Seveas: I really don't understand that though. When I installed dhcp server yesterday, the stock file always crashed because it was unable to write a -pid file21:24
irreleph4nt2Seveas: Thank you for your help21:25
springirlSeveas: the other disk is bigger it should be 1 TB is there a possibility to do that?21:26
Seveasspringirl: then rsync is your friend.21:29
springirlok thank you so much21:29
=== Ogjo is now known as bhughes_
Seveasspringirl if you have no separate partion for home or something: rsync -avx /olddisk /mnt/newdisk21:29
springirlyes no separate partitions that's what I was looking for thank you so much21:30
Seveaserr, rsync -avx / /mnt/newdisk21:30
springirlok thanks21:31
=== Bray90820_ is now known as Bray90820
Bray90820What's a good replacement or the question mark in the ubuntu file system21:35
=== t0x is now known as net125mp
SeveasBray90820: why would it need replacing?21:36
Bray90820stevens I have some errors when i add a question mark to fiiles and folders21:37
Seveasthat's a bug in the app that processes them...21:38
Seveasspirit:/tmp/bray$ touch "Hello... is it me you're looking for?"21:38
Seveasspirit:/tmp/bray$ ls -la Hello*21:38
Seveas-rw-rw-r-- 1 dennis dennis 0 feb  5 22:37 Hello... is it me you're looking for?21:38
Bray90820springirl: Yes but what could I use instead of the question mark21:39
tgm4883Bray90820: how about the letter W21:39
davidmichaelkarrI have an ubuntu 14.04 vbox vm that I've been using for a while.  Today it seemed to freeze, and when I rebooted it, I was able to get through the graphical login, but after that it just goes black and never gives me a desktop.  I then tried rebooting the host also, but that made no difference.  How can I start diagnosing this?21:39
Bray90820tgm4883: Why the W21:40
tgm4883Bray90820: why not W21:40
SeveasBray90820: take the Z if you don't like the W21:40
Seveasor the question mark!21:40
tgm4883'sed s/?/W/g | sec s/W/?/g'21:41
LambdaComplexext4 supports pretty much every character in filenames except /21:43
streulmahello I found an Ubuntu 14.04 Disks mounting bug, where can I report?21:43
LambdaComplexyou can even have a newline in a filename21:43
LambdaComplexBray90820: so, like Seveas said, that's a problem in whatever program you're using :P21:44
LambdaComplex(also just because you can _have_ a newline in a filename doesn't mean you ever should)21:44
streulmathe problem is on 14.04 Disks program says to mount with x-gvfs-how and x-gvfs-name= but this commands don't exists, Disks app show this as mounting options :-)21:45
Bray90820LambdaComplex: It's a wine app so yea :P21:45
streulmaon 15.10 the problem is solved21:45
SeveasLambdaComplex: I think only \0 can't be used in filenames21:45
Jordan_UBray90820: What errors? When do you see these error messages?21:45
LambdaComplexBray90820: And you're using it to view something on Ubuntu's ext file system?21:46
SeveasBray90820: and you didn't think that would be useful to mention!?21:46
Seveaswindows (and by extension loads of windows apps, including when run with wine) disallow a lot  characters in filenames.21:46
LambdaComplexWindows + ext = probably not good, since Microsoft seems to think case-insensitive file systems are too complicated for most people21:47
Bray90820Seveas: Sorry21:47
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BlackDalekGot a new HP notebook. I am having trouble getting the bluetooth to work. I got it working last night somehow, but when I booted it up this morning it was disabled again and I can't figure out how I got it working again.21:51
BlackDalekI get "bluetooth is disabled" under the bluetooth settings. I can't get it to turn back on. I have posted various terminal output here - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2312613&p=13435002#post1343500221:53
Jamie_1anyone know whats up with steam on linux21:54
SeveasBlackDalek: does the laptop have a switch to disable wifi? Such switches also disable bluetooth on many laptops21:54
Jamie_1i go to install steam and when i do and i launch it, it tells me Couldn't set up Steam data - please contact technical support21:55
=== bhughes_ is now known as gigrise
SeveasJamie_1: hint: they mean steam technical support, not us :)21:55
Jamie_1Seveas: i know... but it has been not working for awhile and steam support doesnt tell me or help me diddly squat21:56
BlackDalekSeveas, there is only the fn key with  picture of an airplane on it. That switches the wifi on and off, but it is not currently switched off as wifi is enabled and I am using that wifi connection to connect with this IRC channel currently.21:59
queskerfyi I got pxe installer working with zero helpful docs and some random guessing22:00
SeveasBlackDalek:then I don't know. Hopefully someone else does :)22:00
Seveasquesker: you mean https://www.debian-administration.org/article/708/Automating_the_Debian_installer_with_PXE_and_preseeding ? :)22:00
Seveashi hh92965522:01
bonzibuddyhello folks22:01
bonzibuddywhen i try to open files downloaded via chrome/firefox, it always opens them in file explorer22:01
Jamie_1quesker: i would if it were giving me any output anywhere... might be able to run it through the console and see if i can figure it out that way22:01
bonzibuddyand similarly, trying "xdg-open" on the files does the same thing22:02
bonzibuddyhow do i un-fuck my xdg-open and browser file opening??22:02
queskerah a link I sure could have used was in that debian page, the link to the netboot tarball22:02
queskerI downloaded it all by hand (wget -r is weird)22:03
Jamie_1well shit... got it22:03
Jamie_1had to remove the /.steam folder... it was trying to remove it but couldnt because it was a dir for some odd reason22:04
Seveas!es | hh92965522:04
=== gunfire007 is now known as Farow|2
ubottuhh929655: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:04
queskeres una lengua buena, para los mojados!22:04
hh929655es una alegria saber que alguien habla español:D22:05
Seveasenglish only in here please22:05
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:06
queskerI told him it is a nice language for umm a perjorative for people of mexico22:06
MonkeyDustalguien is spanish, alguem is portugese22:06
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
queskerand someone is russian too I bet22:08
BlackDalekDoes anyone know anything about getting bluetooth enabled on a HP 15-af104au notebook? Please read my post which has useful (I hope) details from terminal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2312613&p=13435002#post1343500222:11
VelusUniverseSyshello is any able to help me set up a mail system with virtual users?22:12
daftykinsVelusUniverseSys: not relevant here, try #ubuntu-server or find the channel of the mail server you want to use22:12
LambdaComplexdaftykins: how is that not relevant?22:13
LambdaComplexi mean, assuming he's on ubuntu :p22:13
queskerif 14.04 doesn't recognize my usb3-ethernet adapter then no linux probably supports it right?22:13
daftykinsLambdaComplex: desktop channel here, don't fight it - just the way things are.22:14
LambdaComplextil i can't use my desktop computer as a mail server22:14
daftykinsBlackDalek: have you seen https://askubuntu.com/questions/459654/drivers-for-broadcom-bcm43142-on-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr and https://askubuntu.com/questions/533043/bluetooth-not-working-on-ubuntu-14-04-with-dell-inspiron-15-3521 ? i know you're not using 14.04 but they may be helpful nevertheless22:14
queskerlooks like a realtek chip22:15
daftykinsquesker: what kernel are you on?22:16
daftykinsor which, i should say22:16
shockerEXEC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh22:16
daftykinsquesker: so that's pretty old, you could test a live session of a newer release22:17
daftykinsshocker: why are you pasting that here?22:17
queskershould I just take an update?  I don't want to install again, pxe install takes forever22:17
=== Farow|2 is now known as Athena32
queskerhe missed a / shoot him!22:18
daftykinsquesker: well it doesn't look like a very safe command to be throwing around - no need to sensationalise it22:18
=== gigrise is now known as boffle
BlackDalekdaftykins, no. I had not seen that. Looks like something new to try.22:18
daftykinsquesker: oh are you the one that didn't have a flash drive earlier?22:18
queskerhow can I take updates via command line?  I did a minimal install22:19
daftykinswell without a working network connection, you're screwed.22:19
queskerwell I have regular ethernet too22:19
ikoniathe same way you did the minimal insall with apt-get22:19
ikoniawhy do a minimal install ?22:19
queskerI just wanted to do a quick check to see if this cheapo adapter works on linux22:20
ikoniaso a full install would have been a quicker check22:20
queskerhow is that?  net install would take a while22:20
daftykinsquesker: enabling the wily HWE would be the easiest, so that you get a 3.19 kernel to test - but even that's quite old now too22:20
daftykinsi'm afraid i don't extend any patience to those who won't just save an install for a sensible time when they have a flash drive to hand, so i'll have to leave you to someone else who fancies the challenge.22:21
queskerdon't worry I've been disappointed with ubuntu before.  fool me twice shame on me22:23
queskerfor some reason I thought it would have latest drivers since it is supposedly a desktop os22:24
ikoniayou've not done your home work on how linux works22:24
ikoniayou've done a minimal install - which only includes what you tell it to22:24
queskerso I need the gui and some games before I get net/usb drivers?  interesting22:25
daftykinsi think you're just trolling now, but your comments are indeed just highlighting your own inexperience... you're installing an old release and expecting an exotic piece of hardware to work out of the box22:25
ikoniathats not what I said at all22:25
queskeran old release?  go to your own site22:25
queskerit says that version is the suggested download22:25
daftykinswe're volunteers, we're not staff - it's not our site.22:25
daftykinsalso, if you say you have the 3.13 kernel then that means you netinst'd the wrong ISO.22:26
queskerfrom    http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads22:27
quesker14.04 suggested at http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop22:27
daftykins14.04.3 is current.22:27
tgm4883quesker: uh, if you read that page. It clearly says what to download for an updated kernel22:27
ikoniabecause it's the current LTS release22:27
queskerok if you really want to help please tell me how to find the netboot tarball from that page   http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/14.04/?_ga=1.176358246.256937426.145470424822:29
C_minus_I just made a dd copy backup of my entire hard drive. Or at least I thought I did. When I plug it in, it only appears with the Windows partiton (I have both win7 and ubuntu). And it says the size of the external hard drive is only 209GB (the size of my win7 partition)22:29
ikoniayou don't use a tarball22:29
ikoniaquesker: you'll find it a more valid test if you just download and install a desktop setup22:29
daftykinsagain, i think assistance is just enabling your self-imposed restriction of not obtaining a flash drive and doing things properly.22:29
queskerno dvd22:29
ikoniause a usb22:30
C_minus_dd definitely copied the entire 500GB hard drive (it took all day)22:30
queskerand usb install looks like a crapshoot22:30
queskeralready tried one22:30
queskerthe machine doesn't recognize it but it will recognize the next one right?22:30
daftykinsC_minus_: i would bet you screwed up, and used /dev/sdx1 instead of /dev/sdx as input22:30
=== Athena32 is now known as Goldman60
Jordan_UC_minus_: What is "it"? Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l".22:30
tgm4883quesker: well you should be using the ISO, however if you go down to "Select an architecture to install 14.04 with wily's 4.2 HWE kernel (supported until August 2016)" then click the link for your architecture (I'm assuming amd64) the tarball is right on the freaking page22:30
queskerok I am blind I see it now thanks22:31
C_minus_daftykins no i used dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc22:31
=== Goldman60 is now known as Guest81650
daftykinsC_minus_: checking the output of "sudo parted -l" would double check what happened22:31
daftykinsbut why are you cloning an entire disk?22:31
C_minus_Jordan_U "it" would be nautilus22:32
daftykinslooks like it's all there, to me.22:33
C_minus_daftykins cloning the entire disk so as to have a simple 1-line backup procedure.22:33
daftykinssimple, but wildly wasteful22:34
C_minus_daftykins yeah i guess it is all listed there in the "my passport" (the brand of external hdd i have). i was just thrown off because only the win7 section displayed itself in nautilus22:34
daftykinsyes a WD drive22:34
C_minus_i don't care about waste, i need fast easy simple22:34
Jordan_UC_minus_: That's probably a reasult of two fileystems having the same UUID. When supposedly Univerally Unique IDentifiers aren't Universally Unique you tend to get problems. You can either change the UUID of your filesystems or just ensure that you never have two copies of the same FS (with the same UUID) in the same machine at the same time.22:34
C_minus_i was going to use clonezilla but it gave me some stupid error. Jordan_U how did i set that? was it when I chose user account names at os install?22:35
Jordan_UC_minus_: The UUID is a random number generated when the FS is created.22:36
C_minus_yeah well ok thanks fellas22:36
daftykinsah the stuff users do.22:36
MeXTuXI plugged my USB flash drive into a Windows 7 machine and the "Error Checking" window popped up. I clicked on "Repair drive" option to fix it. Is there a way to do this with Ubuntu using the command line. This is what I see when I type "sudo fdisk -l": W95 FAT32 (LBA) Tnx in advance22:37
daftykinsMeXTuX: err, i'm not sure if fsck works on FAT... it might do, but really it's best handled by Windows i think - depends if you care what's on there22:40
Jordan_UMeXTuX: sudo fsck.fat /dev/sdXY22:41
Jordan_Udaftykins: Fixing ntfs filesystems should definitely be left to Windows, but fsck.fat is perfectly good at its job.22:41
daftykinsfair enough22:42
daftykinsi knew that much for sure :)22:42
=== boffle is now known as kevireilly_
daftykinshow about exFAT? i'd imagine that one is still somewhat proprietary to Microsoft22:42
xxxs.a iyi akşamlar22:43
=== Guest81650 is now known as hh4a
OerHeks!tr | xxx i wouldn say that in turkish channel, if i were you22:45
ubottuxxx i wouldn say that in turkish channel, if i were you: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.22:45
Cihangeyik? :)22:47
Cihani don't think so OerHeks22:47
daftykinsCihan: if you're saying it's a bad translation someone made, feel free to suggest a correction to #ubuntu-ops22:48
Cihannot a bad22:48
Cihanit's ok :)22:48
Cihandaftykins: he just invited Turkish people in the chatroom, that's all :)22:49
giljeMy Xubuntu install on my SSD is 6 gigs, and I have 16 gb ram. Is there any way I can boot Xubuntu to ramdisk to make it faster?22:49
Cihan16GB ram <322:49
giljeCheap these days. :P22:49
snp13r16 GB normally22:50
ikoniagilje: it really doens't work like that22:50
snp13rbut i used to 20 gb22:50
daftykinsi think such an action would be frivolous22:50
k1l_gilje: ubuntu uses the ram automatically22:50
CihanI'm gonna build 64GB, when intel released 10nm cpu :)22:50
Cihanafter skylake and cannonlake22:50
snp13ri use the ubuntu with win722:50
CihanESXi :)22:51
Cihanvm <322:51
giljeMy system takes 15 secs to boot. But systemd-analyze gives 4 secs for kernel + userspace. Is there any way to improve boot speeds?22:52
daftykinsbootchart gives clues does it not?22:52
giljesorry, haven't checked that yet22:52
snp13ryou should research the new version of bios system22:53
OerHekssystemd-analyze plot > filename.svg22:53
OerHeksfrom http://askubuntu.com/questions/710127/how-can-i-set-up-bootchart-in-ubuntu-15-1022:53
daftykinsfunky! good work OerHeks :D that resulting image would be useful22:54
giljeyep. that gives the same result. 3.8 secs (2.4+1.4)22:54
k1l_gilje: you can look at the image and see what exactly is taking "that long"22:55
giljeI was more concerned about the stuff that happens before kernel22:55
giljehow to speed up grub22:55
dbilovdHi all, have a little problem with running my js scope.22:56
queskerso ikonia in addition to the base install which of these packages should I also install to see if a driver for my usb3 ethernet exists?  perhaps openssh server or 2d/3d creation and editing suite22:56
dbilovdThis is the problem I have >> This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb".22:56
Jordan_Ugilje: Do you have reason to believe that grub is taking a long time, as opposed to POST taking a long time?22:57
dbilovdPlease can anyone help out?22:57
Jordan_Udbilovd: What application are you trying to start?22:57
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giljeyeah, might be that. trouble is I can't see the splash screen. Is it possible bios settings will speed up boot? Thanks.22:58
dbilovdJordan_U: I'm going through one of the scopes tutorial, using qt22:58
OerHeksgilje, if you don't even see splash, your system is awfully fast22:58
giljeNah, my monitor takes ages (about 5 secs) to wake from sleep22:59
dbilovdSo I just hit run in the Ubuntu SDK IDE and the problem comes up.22:59
dbilovdIt worked y'day22:59
Jordan_Ugilje: Is this a UEFI based system?23:00
giljeI think so. Just formatted win8 ssd23:00
snp13rhow  hack to website???23:02
snp13rcan you help me??23:02
daftykinssnp13r: not on topic here, wrong network.23:02
OerHekssnp13r, that is beyond the scope of this channel23:03
snp13rok im sorry23:03
giljeAnyways, thanks for help. gtg now23:03
Jordan_Ugilje: Then grub is waiting 3 seconds at boot.23:03
queskerso even with the 4.2 kernel it still doesn't see the usb3 ethernet.  thanks for the help getting pxe installs going23:04
queskermuch easier than dealing with usb sticks23:04
Jordan_Uquesker: Still worth trying Ubuntu 15.10.23:04
OerHekssnp13r, go look for backbox/kali channels for pentesting, don't say hacking23:05
queskeryou think23:05
Jordan_Uquesker: Actually, no. Just realized that 15.10 is on a 4.2 kernel as well.23:05
snp13rok thanks23:05
queskeryeah.  no big I can order one that actually works23:05
tgm4883quesker: you could test 16.04 though23:05
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daftykinsquesker: nice try ;)23:06
ali_I've installed laptop-mode which enables me to adjust the default screen brightness when my laptop is running on battery. This works fine when I'm switching between battery and power-supply. The only problem I get with the laptop-mode is that the screen brightness is not been adjusted to the default configured value when Im booting the laptop with battery as it's power source.23:06
ali_But after my system is booted, witching between battery and power-supply will adjust the screen brightness accordingly to the configuration that I've done23:08
daftykinsthat's pretty common, set it with a boot script maybe23:08
ali_daftykins: I don't get it, I see that laptop-mode is u and running after booting the system23:10
daftykinstoo late probably.23:10
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C2CNLhey people23:21
C2CNLi'm in a kind of bend when it comes to using my SSD and HDD optimally23:21
C2CNLhow should i partition my system?23:21
ikoniaup to you23:21
C2CNLwell, i'd want /home on my HDD23:22
ikoniado it then23:22
minas114Can I upgrade my ubuntu 15.04 to 16.04? (it's on a VM)23:22
k1l_C2CNL: put / and home onto the ssd and all data to the hdd23:22
ikoniaminas114: yes23:22
C2CNLbut i want fast boots, fast loading of applications, but store all data on the hdd23:22
minas114ikonia, How?23:22
k1l_minas114: first to 15.10, then to 16.04 (when its released in april)23:22
ikoniaC2CNL: hoe doesn't store the applications23:22
ikoniaminas114: what for the release23:22
C2CNLso i'm wondering how i would partition it in the installer, e.g. what to do?23:22
ikoniaminas114: then follow the upgrade instructions23:22
ali_please tell me if anyone of you guys managed to get the configuration you've made in laptop-mode for screen brightness to kick in when booting your system23:23
minas114k1l_, sorry, It's 15.10 that I have23:23
ikoniaali_: the what ?23:23
C2CNLi think /etc should be on the hdd, /usr on the ssd?23:23
ikoniaC2CNL: /etc can't be a partition23:23
ikoniaC2CNL: you don't neeed /usr as a seperate partition23:23
k1l_minas114: then use the -d for developer. be aware 16.04 is still in development. it will break and you need to help yourself23:23
C2CNLikonia: so, what should i do then?23:24
ikoniaC2CNL: just put / on the ssd and /home on the hard disk if you're low on space on the ssd23:24
minas114k1l_, sudo apt-get upgrade -d ??23:24
k1l_minas114: no23:24
ikoniaC2CNL: you've got to lay it out how you feel best, use your space23:24
ikoniaminas114: what for the release23:24
k1l_minas114: ubuntu doesnt use apt-get to update the releases23:24
C2CNLikonia: i want it optimized for speed, but store everything that's space-hungry on the hdd23:24
ikoniaC2CNL: dp that then23:24
minas114ikonia, I'm sorry, I don't understand you...23:24
C2CNLnot only /home holds a lot of data23:24
ikoniaminas114: what for 16.04 to be released23:24
ikoniaC2CNL: where else holds a lot of data23:25
minas114k1l_, Ah, ok. Do you know the command?23:25
C2CNLi don't know, that's why i'm here.23:25
ikoniaC2CNL: how big is your SSD23:25
C2CNLi want as least as possible on the ssd23:25
C2CNLHDD is 500GB23:25
k1l_minas114: ubuntu uses do-release-upgrade on CLI to upgrade. but 16.04 is not ready. it will break. and then you will need to fix the issues yourself. are you aware of that?23:25
ikoniaC2CNL: how big is your personal data ?23:25
suryoi want to asking23:25
C2CNLnot sure yet, i'm starting fresh23:25
ikoniaC2CNL: ok, so make / on the SSD and /home on the SSD, if your personal data gets too big move /home to the HD23:26
suryohow to install software in ubuntu?23:26
ikoniasuryo: https://help.ubuntu.com23:26
daftykins!manual | suryo23:26
ubottusuryo: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/23:26
minas114k1l_, Yes. It's only for testing on a VM. Okay I tried it but "no new release found". (By the way I have enabled pre-released updates in "software and updates" application, but I geuss that is for 15.10)23:27
suryoi will read it23:27
ali_ikonia: the configuration that Ive made for screen brightness values only works when Im switching between battery/power-supply when my system is up and running. The configuration is not read when Im booting my system with the battery as it power source...23:27
k1l_minas114: what is "lsb_release -d" ?23:27
suryoohhh noooo newbie cant use anything23:27
k1l_suryo: use the software center23:28
ikoniaali_: you'd need to change the boot order to make sure apm is earlier in the boot chain23:28
C2CNLikonia: so, installing applications won't fill up the ssd?23:28
minas114k1l_, Ubuntu 15.1023:28
ikoniaali_: but to be honest - why bother23:28
ikoniaC2CNL: no23:28
suryosoftware center install or from web?23:28
ikoniaC2CNL: you'd have to try very hard to fill up a 120GB disk with ubuntu applications23:28
k1l_minas114: so that should work23:28
LambdaComplexsteam games23:28
C2CNLSteam games will be installed where?23:29
daftykins/home/username/.steam/ probably23:29
daftykinsread their help :)23:29
minas114k1l_, it should, but it doesn't :) Let me see what I can find. Thanks for the help.23:30
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LambdaComplexi think it's ~/.local/share/Steam23:30
k1l_!paste | minas114 put all the command and output there23:30
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ubottuminas114 put all the command and output there: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:30
C2CNLbut only /home on the hdd is enough to be as space conservative as possible?23:30
C2CNLi also have major issues with my internal discrete graphics card, just can't get it to work seamlessly23:31
ali_ikonia: it's a nice configuration to save battery life, and you don't need to worry about forgetting it...23:31
C2CNLalways having to optirun stuff23:32
minas114k1l_, ohhh, I did "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" and now it is fetching new packages. I didn;t realize you told me to use -d with that command!23:32
OerHeksC2CNL, you can move steam folders to an other hdd within steam, http://askubuntu.com/a/22688523:32
daftykinsC2CNL: welcome to hybrid graphics under Linux23:32
C2CNLcoolbeans, just like steam on windows23:32
k1l_minas114: -d is for developer. that is to make sure no beginners update to developer releases.23:33
minas114k1l_, I understand.23:33
C2CNLdaftykins: it's rather annoying, especially when trying to get the Blizzard.net launcher to work under linux23:33
minas114k1l_, Thanks :)23:33
C2CNLfucked it up, now have to reinstall, gonna curb windows in the process23:33
daftykinsC2CNL: yeah if you want to game i think Linux is a mistake on such a laptop. Easy on the language by the way...23:33
C2CNLdaftykins: it's a Asus N750JK23:33
daftykinsthat doesn't really change much23:34
C2CNLi7-4710HQ and GTX 850M23:34
minas114suryo, it's preffered from software center because it gets updated automatically that way. However, it might be or two versions behind... You must check this, if possible.23:35
C2CNLjust wanna be able to play WoW on linux, it should work23:35
OerHeksfor WoW, check out playonlinux23:35
C2CNLthat should work aswell, tried debugging, some d3d shit23:36
C2CNLbut it crashes almost immediately23:37
C2CNLupon that i tried updating intel drivers, this completely killed X and it just wouldn't budge23:37
C2CNLso i've decided i'd reinstall23:37
C2CNLand just start fresh, with ubuntu on the SSD, and all data on the HDD23:38
daftykinsto be honest buying a gaming laptop then installing Linux is very backwards imo23:38
C2CNLit's not a gaming laptop, multimedia laptop that just packs a punch23:38
daftykinsthat's splitting hairs23:39
C2CNLbut i enjoy linux more than windows to be honest23:39
C2CNLand wanting to play WoW is just something i wouldn't ordinarily do on the laptop23:39
C2CNLi'm more home in things as Android Studio and PHPStorm23:39
daftykinssounds like a dualboot would make more sense, but up to you anyway23:42
C2CNLlast time i tried that, windows took my ssd completely23:43
n0tYeah, I second dual-booting. Good way to have a work environment and a gaming environment23:44
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daftykinsyou need to pay some attention to the installer and not rush through it.23:46
C2CNLso, / => ssd, /home => hdd, anything else i can do while partitioning?23:47
daftykinshow big is the storage in that thing?23:47
C2CNLdaftykins: 449GB free23:47
C2CNLmore than enough space23:47
daftykinsso 512GB SSD and there's a mechanical too, or?23:47
C2CNLit starts the launcher, and then i get a blizzard crash error23:47
C2CNLoh, 120GB SSD, 500GB HDD23:47
C2CNLi'm used to windows filling it up real fast23:48
daftykinshmm not really a lot of either to do anything well23:48
daftykinsyeah i don't think i would bother without an upgrade23:48
C2CNLupgrade as in, bigger SSD, bigger HDD23:49
daftykinsany combination23:49
C2CNLlol yeah, guess so23:49
k1l_C2CNL: 512GB ssd? and you worry about ubuntu filling that?23:49
k1l_even 120 is enough.23:49
k1l_the bare system is something <10GB. with nearly all programs installed.23:50
C2CNLbut it's about partitioning, and to put what on which partition23:50
k1l_that makes 110GB for stuff in your /home.23:50
daftykinsk1l_: we're talking about a dualboot with Windows as it happens23:50
C2CNLhoping i could split it optimized over the two23:50
C2CNLi'm not too keen on DB'ing windows tbh23:50
daftykinsi mean even 100GB for Windows, then 20GB odd for ubuntu... games partition on the 500GB for Windows, maybe a /home for ubuntu... something like that23:51
C2CNLi'd rather dig in and get it to work on linux23:51
daftykinsi don't think it's ideal still.23:51
k1l_C2CNL: put / and /home on your ssd. then put your data onto that big hdd and mount that big hdd to your ubuntu system.23:51
C2CNLk1l_: might, 100GB for windows?23:52
C2CNLi hate this so much right now, lol, means i have to reinstall the desktop aswell23:53
daftykinsi dunno if k1l_ knows we were talking about dualbooting23:53
daftykinserr what? why touch the desktop? that's an insane claim23:53
eelstreborfrom zdnet: Here comes the first Ubuntu Linux tablet - http://www.zdnet.com/article/here-comes-the-first-ubuntu-linux-tablet/?tag=nl.e539&s_cid=e539&ttag=e539&ftag=TRE17cfd6123:53
daftykinseelstrebor: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic please23:53
k1l_well, windows is very space hungry and its a pain when it filled up.23:54
eelstreborthis is ubuntu isn't it?23:54
C2CNLdaftykins: two pc's, both need to run WoW, one is this laptop, the other is a desktop running only ubuntu23:54
daftykinseelstrebor: support only, not general chat.23:54
C2CNLk1l_: exactly23:54
k1l_eelstrebor: this channel is support only. please read the guidelines23:54
C2CNLit's even in the topic =P "#ubuntu: Official Ubuntu Suppot Channel"23:55
eelstrebori was gonna ask a question about it but if you're gonna be jerks then i'll see you in about a year - bye!23:55
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C2CNLwoah, sorry for my humor o_O23:55
gevshey there, having problems with sound (USB loudspeakers) + bluetooth mouse (HP).. when i have nothing running producing audio output, i hear this "bzzzzz" sound, which is getting louder whenever i scroll (when i click a mouse button it make the sound louder too) ; so i'm thinking there is some kind of frequence problem between the two... but could there be a driver update or so using ubuntu that fixes this ?23:56
C2CNLgevs: lol, had that issue aswell a long time ago23:56
gevsdamn disturbing ..23:56
gevsbeen two months now23:56
C2CNLstill don't know what the umpf it was23:56
gevsand today i am getting rid of it :P23:56
C_minusI followed the fix in this site (for mismatched mbr gpt) and now my laptop doesn't boot. no grub. just blinking cursor on black screen.23:57
daftykinsyeah following obscure forums advice isn't always too great23:57
C_minusso i assume i've gotta use my new fresh new backup!23:57
Jordan_UC_minus: You said that you had that error on a USB drive. Did you repair your USB drive or your internal drive?23:57
OerHeksgdisk is oke, choose 2: gpt23:58
C_minusno i didn't have that error on a usb drive. this is my laptop's hard drive23:58
Jordan_UC_minus: (Though I now realize that I may be confusing you with someone else).23:58
C_minusso i assume my fix is now to take my external hard drive backup and use dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sda23:59
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