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srenatushi there. question from ancient history -- how would you check if a service is enabled without `show-config`? (upstart 0.6.5)07:48
srenatushmm a grep on `initctl list` might be way to go08:04
JanCdefine "enabled"10:53
JanCI guess anything that has a 'start on' stanza could be considered "enabled"10:55
srenatusknown to the system and "to be started on boot/should be running".   yes, this is kind of what I settled with: https://github.com/chef/inspec/pull/419 (oops all my tests are red)10:55
JanCbut even that would be muddy, as some services might have an on/off switch in /etc/default/*10:56
JanCetc.  :)10:56
JanCand some that have a 'start on' stanza could possibly only be triggered by a manually issued event10:57
srenatusI'm not a huge fan of "enabled"10:57
srenatuswhat does it tell you? the important question is if it's running. if you reboot the machine, your test run will tell you if it's running or not ;)10:58
JanCwell, depending on your configuration, services might run only on certain conditions10:59
JanChopefully those conditions are defined correctly  :)10:59
JanCinit systems can be quite complicated, be it sysvinit, upstart or systemd11:01
JanCor bsd init, really11:01
srenatusmhm yup11:02

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