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sskCan anyone please help me with auto volume boost on WebRTC in xubuntu? Thanks.13:59
sskCan anyone please help me with auto volume boost on WebRTC in xubuntu? Thanks.14:00
sskAnyone please?14:00
AtnonDoes anyone here have experience with Abelton Live or Adobe Photoshop on Xubuntu?14:38
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xubuntu705can i just do a sudo apt-get remove abiword to remove? cause last time i did something like this and it wanted to remove xubuntu-desktop or something so i was alarmed and hesitant17:20
flocculantremoving xubunt-desktop isn't an issue :)17:24
G33kDudexubuntu705, This is not directly related to your question (as I don't know the answer to that), but I think it's worth noting that xubuntu 15.10 comes with LibreOffice instead of AbiWord/Gnumeric17:24
flocculantall that means is you've removed something that is part of the default install17:24
G33kDudeoh well17:26
flocculantG33kDude: following up on that point - jfyi - the only supported versions of Xubuntu with Abiword now is 14.0417:26
G33kDudeneat, didn't know that17:26
flocculantyep - 15.04 is now EOL - so people running that need to be updating17:27
RoadRunnerwhat's the best way of keeping python current (default install gives 3.4; latest is 3.5.1)? There seem to be lots of python ppa's (I dough up this one https://launchpad.net/~fkrull/+archive/ubuntu/deadsnakes/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=trusty) but is that the best source? is there a system that rates reliability of similar ppa's?21:16
PiciRoadRunner: deadsnakes is generally the best python PPA21:18
RoadRunnerxangua: "no" to no ppa rating system present?21:19
RoadRunnerxangua: or "no" the source I found isn't the best one as Pici said?21:21
RoadRunnerPici: I recall looking at deadsnakes, but don't remember finding 3.5.121:23
RoadRunnergeneraly speaking, in the case of Python, is it more advisable to stay as current as possible or to go with an older version in favour of greater stability/predictability due to canonical support?21:25
PiciRoadRunner: unless you need something from 3.5.x, I don't see a problem with staying on 3.4.21:27
PiciIf it was 3.3 that was offered in the repos, I'd probably be suggesting to go to 3.4, but thats another story.21:28
RoadRunnerPici: it seems I got confused there regarding deadsnakes, that is the link I gave above, isn't it? I just thought that "deadsnakes" refers to older - not current - versions even if from the same guy (fkrull)21:34
RoadRunnerPici: I don't need any of 3.5 features yet, but the reason why I thought of upgrading, is because I was thinking of installing IDLE, so either I stay with 3.4 and install 3.4 IDLE or get new py with its IDLE, what would be your final rulling on that?21:40
PiciRoadRunner: I'd say that IDLE is terrible and no one should be using it, but I don't think thats the answer you're looking for.21:41
RoadRunnerPici: its just that I started learning with IDLE so its just something familiar, but please feel free to make a suggestion for a better dev environment21:42
PiciRoadRunner: If you want a full IDE, pycharm is nice. Otherwise just use the REPL via python3 or ipython.21:42
PiciAlso feel free to join us in #python if you want (although you'll need to be registered an identified with nickserv to join)21:43
Picisee http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup21:43
tewardPici: i thought PyCharm wasn't free?21:43
tewardoop wait21:43
* teward is used to his pro version21:43
Piciteward: the community edition is free as in beer21:43
tewardyep just realized, though a lot of that company's tools don't have a community edition heh21:44
teward+1 on the PyCharm recommendation though, I use it myself :)21:44
RoadRunnerteward: the community free or the pro version?21:44
PiciI had a pro subscription for a while, but  I just use vim nowadays.  If I did more python stuff I'd probably check it out again.21:45
tewardRoadRunner: I have the pro version.  Benefits of being a University student, and JetBrains giving university students free access so long as one's a student21:45
PiciI was using pro back before they had the community edition availabel.21:45
Picier, and paying for it.21:45
tewardyeah, i did a lot of python at work recently, and needed an IDE for syntax, etc.21:46
teward+1 for PyCharm though21:46
RoadRunneris the free version much infrerior to pro?21:46
tewardit might not have all the functions21:47
tewardwas about to link heh21:48
tewardPici: stahp ninjaing >.<21:48
RoadRunnerPici: teward: so to recap, for someone starting to learn to dev in py: stay with 3.4, forget IDLE, get PyCharm free and use Vim for small things?22:09
tewardPici can comment on the first two, PyCharm is nice for bigger things, and for tiny small things, Vim / Vi / Nano / Emacs / EditorOfChoice is useful22:10
* teward came in late, only recognized where Pici suggested PyCharm22:11
RoadRunnerPyCharm isn't in Ubuntu's soft repo; what's the best source for that?22:13
RoadRunneror should I just follow PyCharm's instructions, get their tar.gz and "Run pycharm.sh from the bin subdirectory"?22:21
RoadRunnerPici: teward: ?22:25
tewardRoadRunner: it's not in the repos.  Follow their instructions22:59
tewardyou may also have to chmod +x later23:00
teward(a couple files need executable perms and may not have them by default)23:00
RoadRunnerI am surprised that its the same instructions for all linuxes...23:00
tewardmaking sure you have the deps though is your job :)23:01
RoadRunnerme being a newbie, the more I read about chmod, the more confused I got...23:02
tewardRoadRunner: basically, if you run things and it says something can't be run, poke with the error and we'll help23:06
* teward was unaware about 'newbie' state in this case :)23:06
RoadRunnerthanks for the help, will you be here for a while longer, if I am to attempt it now?23:11
tewardfor a little while anyways23:13
teward(unless the fiancee shows up for dinner sooner)23:13
teward(since she's at work, and we're headed out this evening)23:13
RoadRunnerin my experience, nothing on a computer takes just a little while :)23:13
RoadRunnerfor starters, in which dir should I unzip tar.gz?23:14
tewardwait are you the same person i went on a security rant against a few days ago heh23:14
RoadRunnerI'd have to check the logs, but could be :)23:15
tewardRoadRunner: in my opinion, anywhere you want, I'm specific of wanting /opt/jetbrains/[FOLDER] but as you said you're not familar with chmod / chown as much, just create a folder in your home directory called "JetBrains_Apps", and unzip it inside that directory23:16
tewardas I bet you're the only user on that system ;)23:16
RoadRunnerjust trying to keep things orderly and in line with the convention23:17
knomethere are as many conventions as there are users23:18
teward^ that23:18
knometo prove that, i keep my built apps in /data/store/apps23:19
tewardand i have directory after directory after directory after ... [50 cycles later] ... after directory for differing types of apps, ranging from testing things, to test building packages, etc.23:20
tewardthough system-wide stuff I put into /opt/[COMPANY_OR_AUTHOR]/[PROGRAM_OR_PROJECT_NAME]/...23:21
tewardbut again, that's my convention; create your own :)23:21
RoadRunnerso, if I put my aps in my home folder, no diff what so ever?23:22
knomeif only your user runs them, it doesn't matter where you put them23:23
tewardthough *some* things run better when installed to system dirs23:23
flocculantdepends on something pretty basic - how big did you make / or /home if on a seperate partition23:23
knomebesides, you don't probably even know if you like the app or not, so it would probably be the best choice to just get on with it23:23
tewardbut in the case of PyCharm if it's just you using it, doesn't matter where, unless you have a small / or /home partition23:23
knomeyou can move it later23:23
RoadRunnerI am the only user and I don't know if I'll like the app, but for future time and or for ease of backups, may it be a good idea to have the home dir on a sep partition?23:26
knomei wouldn't say backups are affected; reinstalling is23:26
RoadRunnerwhen is it advantageous to have home on a sep partition?23:30
tewardknome: though reinstalling after system death is always a bad thing anyways23:30
teward(like, drive death, not just the main boards dying)23:31
teward(so BACKUPS ARE IMPORTANT!)23:31
knomebut you can reinstall without any death ;)23:31
RoadRunnerso, looking ahead I would be better off moving home to a new partition now?23:32
knomeRoadRunner, i would proceed with your original question and try out the app you were about to test23:33
teward^ that23:34
tewardbah late23:34

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