haasnWhat's the default behavior of juju when it has multiple nodes to choose from? Pick the one with the “weakest” hardware that still meets the requirements?00:23
haasnI just noticed that when installing a bundle of multiple charms it seemed to give them all 1G vm instances except for the ones that request at least 2G of mem, those got 2G00:24
haasn(It had 1G, 2G and 4G instances to choose from)00:24
haasnrick_h__: the documentation you linked for constraints includes juju set-constraints --service mysql mem=8G cpu-cores=4 as an example to set constraints “for all future mysql services”00:51
haasnbut running this on my environment gives me “ERROR service "mysql" not found”00:51
haasnAlso for some reason, just doing the whole magic “juju deploy X” sometimes works just like that, and sometimes the machine gets stuck while deploying: it just shuts off after the first step and never turns itself on again..00:59
haasn(the machines are all nearly identical VMs with identical settings, they're all using qemu+ssh to control the power. So I have no idea why one would randomly work and the other would randomly fail. No idea if it's a juju or maas bug)00:59
apuimedojamespage: I have the tunnel zone registration fixed for maas01:26
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lazypower|summitjrwren - they come from the interfaces archive - http://interfaces.juju.solutions  - unless you have it cloned locally in $INTERFACE_PATH08:54
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zdogeHello - I use Juju on a vSphere deployment, I wanted to ask if there is a easy way to select a specific vSwitch during the deployment of charms ? (1 vSwitch = 1 different /16 subnet). Thanks !12:51

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