clivejoI know I have to do the last two changelogs00:00
sgclarkI *hope* it will merge properly next cycle with the fixes.00:01
clivejobut Im trying to merge libkface00:01
clivejoand the changelog isnt being merged properly00:01
clivejomaxy made a new changelog entry for it a few days ago00:02
clivejobut it isnt being displayed at the top00:02
clivejothis is so confusing00:02
sgclarkI just fix them to go in order by date. Why it is messing up, I do not have answers :(00:03
* sgclark curses at kwallet-pam CI stalker00:04
* clivejo kicks KCI00:04
clivejoI didnt break it!!00:04
sgclarkme either lol00:04
clivejoyou are using the wrong f'ing branch00:04
* clivejo goes crazy00:05
* valorie makes so calming tea for the workers00:12
clivejoto have tea or not to have tea00:12
clivejodont make them drink tea!00:14
yofelfor some reason, quassel shows the blame CI messages in my freenode server window, not the actually channel00:17
yofelso I never see those ^^00:18
clivejolucky you!00:18
sgclarklol yeah lucky you00:18
clivejoyofel: could you please help me with libkface00:18
sgclarkno matter what channel I am in it stalks me with blame messages00:18
clivejopretty please00:18
yofelwell, with what exactly?00:19
clivejoI dunno the changelog looks wrong00:19
clivejoits like its not merging it correctly00:19
yofelcan happen00:19
sgclarksort by date.. 00:19
sgclarkcut and paste, no other way.00:20
clivejomaxy's entry should be at the top00:20
yofeldpkg-mergechangelogs should sort by version automatically00:20
clivejobut its not00:20
yofelit sometimes failes though00:20
sgclarkyofel it is not in many cases sadly00:20
clivejodoes it tell you when it fails?00:20
yofelit works in a lot of cases for me, if it fails it usually shows merge conflicts in changelog00:20
sgclarkchangelogs seems to be the biggest problem in these merges. no idea why it is failing so much00:20
clivejoyofel: would you mind doing it and letting me know what wrong?00:21
yofelwell, worst case you can also just take the individual changelogs and feed them into merge-changelogs00:21
clivejoits driving me crazy00:21
sgclarkright and then I cut and paste in correct order, and all is well with the world.00:21
yofelI never had to cut and paste o.O00:22
yofelmaybe a changelog or two didn't play well together and I had a fix something by hand, but I never had ordering issues00:22
yofellike, can you pastebin what you have right now?00:23
sgclarkalright then, congratulations.00:23
sgclarkI am off. laters00:23
clivejoah, I think I know whats wrong00:26
clivejomaxy has forgot the epoch00:26
clivejohes renamed it and dropped it00:27
yofelwe should do the same00:27
yofelbut yeah, the epoch messed things up00:28
clivejodoes that upset dpkg-mergechangelogs?00:28
yofelsure, after all 15.12.0 < 4:15.04.100:29
clivejohow do I merge them?00:30
clivejolibkface (4:14.12.2-2) experimental; urgency=medium isnt in my supposely merged changelog00:30
clivejoif I took maxy's entry out of master locally and merged that would it work?00:31
yofelthe result looks okay already?00:32
yofelah no, the 14.12.3 changelog needs to go one step up00:32
clivejono, my results look very wrong00:32
yofelah well00:33
yofelI don't see that ^^00:33
yofelwhat you could do:00:36
yofelmake a copy of the debian changelog, temporarily add the epoch, feed both changelogs to merge-changelog, then remove the epoch again00:36
yofelthat might give you something sensible00:36
yofelmight also require changing the package name back00:37
yofelclivejo: ^00:37
clivejoIve removed maxy's entry from master00:37
clivejocommited locally00:37
clivejomerged that into xenial archive00:37
clivejoand added his back00:38
clivejohes only on libkf5kface (15.12.0-1) experimental; urgency=medium00:38
clivejoso Ive added a new changelog libkf5kface (15.12.1-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium00:38
yofelthat might mess up git's auto merge tracking with a commit that doesn't really belong in there... but I might worry too much00:38
clivejofor .100:38
clivejodo you want to fix it00:39
clivejoits frying my brain00:39
yofelnah, we can fix that later00:40
yofelnobody reads the git history anyway00:41
clivejoso should I push what Ive done?00:41
clivejomakes sense in my head00:41
yofelgo ahead00:41
clivejoyofel: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/libkface.git/log/?h=kubuntu_xenial_archive00:47
clivejodoes that look ok?00:47
clivejois it how you would do it?00:49
clivejoI wonder why maxy didnt upload 15.12.1 :/00:49
yofelah, remove the changelog for 4:15.12.0-0ubuntu1 please00:50
yofelthat's UNRELEASED00:51
yofeland maybe mention the merge in the new changelog entry00:51
yofeleverything else looks about right00:51
clivejook done and uploaded to LP00:53
clivejois experimental like an archive?00:54
clivejoie maxy wont just bump that to 15.12.1?00:55
yofellatter I don't know, but experimental is a debian series, like unstable00:55
yofelit's used to prepare packages for unstable, either for testing or to gather all packages for a transition00:56
yofelthey use it mostly like we use PPAs00:56
clivejowhen you copy to xenial archive is there a script goes and updated the changelogs from UNRELEASED to xenial?00:56
clivejoany how, time for bed!00:57
clivejonight all00:57
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lordievaderGood morning09:34
clivejoyofel: cant seem to upload libkface - Unable to find libkf5kface_15.12.1.orig.tar.xz in upload or distribution.09:54
clivejoFiles specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.09:54
clivejolot of failures today10:20
clivejooh kio is broken again!10:22
clivejomissing files and symbols10:24
clivejoyofel OR sgclark: in kio there are some new files - https://paste.kde.org/pwkjm3rrq  I cant see where they are supposed to go?  maybe a new package kiogui?10:43
clivejoalso https://www.mail-archive.com/kde-frameworks-devel@kde.org/msg30155.html seems to indicate a new package10:53
ovidiu-florinhello humans13:39
ovidiu-florinhow do I add an article to Kubuntu wire?13:40
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ^13:40
soee_mparillo: ^13:50
Riddellhi ovidiu-florin14:22
Riddelllet me see14:22
Riddellovidiu-florin: /msged14:24
clivejoRiddell: do KDE publish packaging guidelines somewhere?14:25
clivejokio has new files for a libKF5KIOGui14:26
BluesKajHiyas all14:37
clivejohi BluesKaj14:37
BluesKajhi clivejo14:38
clivejoanyone able to help me with a broken package issue?14:38
BluesKajclivejo, which package?14:40
clivejoIve confused myself14:41
clivejoneed new set of eyes14:41
BluesKajnever used kolab :/14:42
clivejohave you looked into broken packages before?14:43
BluesKajonly from the pov of fixing dependencies with usual commands , like sudo dpkg --configure -a, and sudo apt -f install or rolling back the system by ppa-purge14:55
clivejooh ok14:55
clivejothis is a problem with a control file, but I cant put my finger on it14:56
BluesKaji have fixed the odd dependency issue by installing the last required dependency listed by apt and moving up the list until they are all installed, but that method was only successful a few times, usually it's more hit and miss 14:59
clivejohow did I manage that!15:33
Riddellclivejo: there's no packaging guidelines except occationally for some projects that chose to add a README like calligra15:41
ScottKyofel: I still get the daily "Kubuntu daily CD health check" mails.  Would you please figure another alternate recipient and ask cjwatson to add them and remove me?15:57
yofeloh, I get those these days, I guess he didn't remove you. I'll ask him15:58
ScottKThanks.  I do think it's good if you have an alternate to receive them.15:58
yofelriiight. I think I even made a todo task for that, but we never decided on one..15:59
clivejoyofel: did you get my message about libkface?16:17
yofelclivejo: missed it, seems like you uploaded without the tarball16:18
clivejodo I have to rename the tarball?16:19
yofelwell, you already did do that, right? Otherwise the upload error makes no sense16:19
clivejoyofel: kio has a new lib16:19
yofelthere's also some watch file magic to rename stuff I believe16:20
clivejoI created a new package in the control file16:20
yofelI'll look at that later, distracted right now16:20
clivejobut Im getting a lintian warning16:20
clivejoW: libkf5kiogui5: non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5KIOGui.so.5.19.0 usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5KIOGui.so16:20
clivejonew package contains these new files - https://paste.kde.org/pwkjm3rrq#line-916:21
blazeclivejo: *.so files are usually symlinks, those should be placed into "*-dev" packages16:23
clivejoI think that whole lib is for dev?16:24
clivejoheader files too16:24
blazeyeah, header files should go to -dev16:25
clivejoso I need a libkf5kiogui5 and a libkf5kiogui5-dev package?16:25
blazeand libkf5kiogui5-dbg I think16:28
* soee_ has to upload 185 MB ... takes 35 min ...17:16
clivejohow come?17:16
soee_upload here in Poland sux :<17:16
blazesoee_: jaki ISP?17:30
soee_blaze: neo/orange17:31
BluesKajsoee_, what are the up and down speeds on your internet package?17:35
BluesKajusually the up speeds aren't paid much attention, but in your case it's important I think17:37
BluesKajusually the up speeds aren't paid much attention17:38
soee_BluesKaj: download is up to 10 Mb/s17:39
soee_uploads something like 960 KB/s17:40
soee_*96 KB17:40
BluesKajsoee_, yeah, that's quite slow ..very similar to miy up speed 100kbs , but i don't pay mch for my inyernet, only $35 Canadian/mos17:54
BluesKajinternet  even :-)17:55
mparilloovidiu-florin: It looks as if Riddell sent you access, but I see nothing new.21:44
ovidiu-florinbecause I'm looking into how to repost21:44
Riddell I did21:44
ovidiu-florinand not copy paste the article21:45
valoriesgclark: when you have a moment, clivejo wants you to look at his merges and give him some feedback23:13
valoriebut he doesn't want to disturb you by asking23:13
* valorie isn't so polite always....23:13
clivejokonsole keeps hanging on me23:22
valorieI use yakuake23:25
clivejoits the paste that crashes it23:27
valoriecan you run that in gdb and figure out why?23:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdb23:28
valoriestupid ubottu23:28
clivejoits doesnt crash, I think its something to do with the focus of that window23:29
valoriehttp://community.kde.org/Amarok/Development/DebuggingHowTo 23:29
valoriegdb should figure out a freeze too23:29
DarinMillerhow are you pasting? ctrl-shift-v, right click mouse, or ?23:31
clivejonow dolphin is crashing23:33
* valorie runs off for a few mins23:36
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